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Nominate and Stand a Chance to win R10 000!

Faithful to Nature is proud to introduce our first Eco Awards!


Trying to make a positive change in the world and choosing to take the ethical path instead of what’s easy comes with many challenges. Those who are working hard to make a positive impact on our planet and its people deserve to be celebrated, and we intend to do exactly that with The South African Eco Awards 2018.


Your Eco Champions

and Stand a Chance

To Win R10 000 Cash!

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Below are six categories where producers, brands, individuals, and grassroots initiatives can be recognized and awarded for their efforts. Follow the link to nominate the brands or people who you feel fit the bill for each category, then share with your friends to make sure everyone gets involved. For adding your voice, you stand a chance to with R10 000 in cash.

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Are you a brand or individual that would like to be nominated?
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Eco Awards Categories
Eco Awards Categories

Best Eco Product Innovation

Companies or individuals who are leading thinking around creating more eco-conscious products for consumers. Eco-consciousness is being more aware about the environment in the manufacturing and use of a product - anything from reducing plastic in the production process to enabling consumers to reduce their negative environmental impact by using the product.

Eco-Conscious Hospitality

Restaurants, cafes, hotels and any hospitality providers who are leading thinking around creating more eco-conscious experiences for consumers. Eco-consciousness is providing consumers with products that don’t negatively impact the environment - from refusing to provide plastic straws and cutlery, to supplying glass instead of plastic bottles, to their own initiatives/campaigns done to help clean the planet, it is the small things that these providers do that enables us to change our purchasing decisions for the better.

Active Eco Warrior

An individual who is actively and consciously living the environmentally-friendly lifestyle - from the noise they create around being kinder to the planet and all its creatures, to the way they live their lives behind closed doors . This eco warrior lives the ideals they preach, as well as spreading the messaging and inspiring positive change in others.

Best Plastic Free Brand

Brand that is leading the market in completely removing plastic from their products. Plastic free needs to be recognised in its own right, as the task of achieving this 100% plastic free goal is such a difficult one in the world we live in today. Striving towards this goal of zero plastic needs to given spotlight and reward.

Best Grassroots Eco Initiative / Group

Start-ups and “the smaller guys” who work tirelessly to improve the condition of the planet through their active campaigns and activities that involve the participation of the public. From beach clean-ups to online campaigns that generate awareness, these are the guys who stop at nothing to bring attention to the real issues we now see impacting the Earth due to human action.

Best Vegan Product

When it comes to conscious consumption the vegan category has grown beyond the realms of food only. This category is dedicated to producers and suppliers who are applying the vegan ethos to their products from beginning to end.


Judges’ decisions will be made in good faith and their decision is final. If brands/individuals are nominated for the incorrect category, judges will do their best to move them to the correct one - if nomination is not relevant for any, votes will be discarded. Judges reserve the right to extend any deadlines based on operational requirements.


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