MetaRock- Volcanic Rock Dust

MetaRock- Volcanic Rock Dust
MetaRock- Volcanic Rock Dust
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The method in the madness of past generations settling at the feet of volcanic mountains is now clear as we realise the value of the quality of our soil. MetaRock Volcanic Rock Dust is a broad spectrum element fertiliser, made from powdered volcanic rock, composed of 70+ essential minerals and trace elements required for successful plant growth. It contains nearly all the major and minor minerals soil and plants require for optimal functioning, and is even effective in regions with sandy and poor quality soil such as the Western Cape region of South Africa to improve soil structure and soil fertility.

  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • Made Overseas

A Broad Spectrum Element Fertiliser for Nutrient Deficient Plants and Soils.

The forests and farms located around volcanoes such as Mt. Vesuvius in the fertile Naples region of Italy reap enormous benefits from the nutrient rich soil, which is that way thanks to the volcanic matter that enriches the soil.

  • Pioneering the way forward into commercially viable organic farming and home gardening.
  • Perfect for facilitating and easing the process for farmers and gardeners who are shifting towards organic farming and gardening
  • Contains nearly all the major and minor minerals our soils and plants require for optimal functioning
  • 100 % pulverised volcanic rocks
  • Contains a Broad element spectrum range which is not present in other rock powders such as granite since most rock powders contain high proportions of SiO2 and fewer trace elements.
  • Conventional fertilisers are known and defined by their narrow element spectrum range of macro minerals such as N, P and K.
  • Decreases the need to apply synthetic fertilizers and mineral additives
  • The minerals and trace elements in Basalt rock dust is made available to the plants through the action of the billions of microbes present in soil, activating a process of a sustained and slow release of vital minerals and elements. Therefore, we recommend that basalt rock dust be used in soils with favourable biological activity as this can increase the nutrient availability by up to 400%. Mixing basalt rock dust with compost does just that, essentially increasing the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of the soil.
  • Volcanic rock dust is effectively utilized in regions with sandy and poor quality soils thus areas like the Western Cape region of South Africa will greatly benefit from the addition of Basalt rock dust to improve soil structure and soil fertility.

The following are a few but not all of the key elements and their benefits which are provided by the MetaRock volcanic rock dust:

Sulphur - the 4th most important plant nutrient; facilitates the creation of key amino acids and proteins as well as vitamins; sulphur aids in the production of chlorophyll and assists the plant in its resistance to stress caused by weather, pests; encourages organic and natural plant growth.

Calcium - available in generous amounts; significant in functional apical growth, particularly in the root tips of plants.

Magnesium - a major element that is generously provided by MetaRock Volcanic Rock Dust and aids the uptake of phosphorus in plants.

Potassium - a key element in cell wall development; essential for flowering processes and seed production; regulates the water uptake by plants, assists in nutrient transport, aids nitrogen fixing in legumes and is key in resistance against drought, pests and pathogens.

Phosphorus - a major element that can be found in much needed abundance in MetaRock Volcanic Rock Dust; important in energy transfer as well as storage is essential for optimal physiological growth processes; aids nodulation of rhizobia bacteria for nitrogen fixation and a lack thereof affects yield size quite dramatically.

Soluble silicon - plentiful in MetaRock volcanic Rock Dust; recognised as a functional nutrient; can be found in all soil grown plants; increases the plants resistance against pathogens and pests; aids the plant during droughts and in heavy metal tolerance.

Lithium - a trace element that humans need for proper physiological functioning; a deficiency in lithium, may lead to ADD, depression, infertility, severe mood swings and ultimately a shortened life span; applying MetaRock Volcanic Rock Dust re-mineralises lithium in soil; ensures an adequate supply for plants enabling the transfer to humans by consumption of food crops.

Selenium -another trace element essential in human health and a lack thereof may lead to Alzheimer’s, an increase in the risk of cancer, impaired immunity and anaemia; can be found in MetaRock Volcanic Rock Dust and ensures selenium rich crops which ideal for organic growers.

Manganese - an essential trace element found in MetaRock Volcanic Rock Dust that drives new growth in plants; allows for rapid germination; carries out enzymatic functions in both new tissue and seeds.

Iron - a trace element provided by MetaRock volcanic Rock Dust; ensures the transport of oxygen in the plant and also aids chlorophyll production.

Molybdenum - a trace element that occurs in some of the lowest amounts in soils; ensures the maintenance of rhizobia bacteria health thus promoting nitrogen fixation by legumes; essential for the proper functioning of the plants nitrogen metabolism and electron transfer system

Zinc - another element occurring in abundance in MetaRock Volcanic Rock Dust; has an important role in regulating the water intake as well as water use by plants.

Copper - an element that assists in the formation of enzymes for the production of chlorophyll; aids the plant in its ability to exchange water and oxygen for carbon dioxide; a vital component in nutrient processing.

Cobalt - required to ensure that coleoptile elongation and plant stem growth reach full potential; essential in overall plant growth and necessary for adequate CO2 uptake; a constituent in the formation of vitamin B12 which is required for cell division to occur

Nickel - a trace element needed in the nitrogen cycle, as it is a functional element in the formation of the urease enzyme needed for the conversion of urea to ammonia in the nitrogen metabolism of plants.


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