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Ginger Root Family


Other Name(s):

Curcuma longa (Turmeric) Root Powder; Curcuma longa (Turmeric) Root Extract; Curcumin; ‎E 100

A bright yellow aromatic powder obtained from the rhizome of a plant of the ginger family, used for flavouring and colouring in Asian cooking and formerly as a fabric dye.

- Oxford English Dictionary, UK

Is Turmeric Faithful to Nature?


Turmeric is a natural ingredient with a rich history of traditional use in Ayurvedic practice, a prized cooking ingredient, health supplement, and remarkable personal care ingredient. It can be farmed sustainably using organic farming techniques and represents a vital source of income for rural families.

Benefits: Why is Turmeric Used?

Aids Digestion

Turmeric can play an important role in digesting food.

Culinary Art's Favourite

Turmeric is a highly versatile spice in baking & cooking.

Natural Colourant

Turmeric is a natural, safe colourant used in cosmetics and foods.

Immune Booster

The medicinal properties in turmeric may be able to boost the immune system.

Turmeric can be found as a single ingredient spice in either whole-root or powdered form. It is also used extensively in natural supplement ranges, skin soothing lotions and cosmetics.

Turmeric is native Southern India and Indonesia where it grows well in rich soils, with a good moisture content and warm temperature. Luckily, agricultural experts say that it grows best when natural fertilizers like cow manure is used.

Turmeric powder starts its journey as freshly harvested turmeric rhizomes (technically not a root), plucked from the earth. The rhizomes are allowed to dry out in the sun and then ‘polished’ using a large spinning drum machine to remove the skins. It is then ground into a fine dust using specialised machinery.

Interesting Fact: Enhancing Turmeric

The effects of turmeric are enhanced when used in conjunction with black pepper. Scientists have been able to isolate the naturally occurring compound responsible for this - pipeline. Many health supplement brands now take full advantage of this knowledge and the inclusion of piperine is the hallmark of a high quality turmeric supplement. One of the most common trade names for this ingredient is BioPerine®.

Turmeric is used as a natural, yellow food colourant. If a food item contains E 100 in the ingredients list, it is using turmeric to give it a yellow colour. It’s a great alternative to tartrazine used in artificial factory foods...

Notice: The information provided here is not intended as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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