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Femina™ Cranberry Probiotic Capsules

Femina™ Cranberry Probiotic Capsules
Femina™ Cranberry Probiotic Capsules
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Price From: R215.00
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Velobiotics Femina™ is a powerful probiotic supplement enriched with cranberry extract, to support feminine intimate health. The formula helps to balance levels of yeast and bacteria, to keep your body in balance, helping to reduce susceptibility to UTIs and yeast infections. The patented Velobiotics™ microencapsulation technology delivers 1000 times more probiotics than ordinary supplements.

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  • A potent natural probiotic supplement for women
  • Balances yeast & bacteria to support feminine intimate health
  • Helps to reduce the risk of candida & urinary tract infections
  • A total of 10 probiotic strains for vaginal health, providing 5 billion CFUs
  • Enriched with 500mg cranberry extract
  • Convenient once-daily dosage
  • Lactose-free, soy-free, gluten-free
  • Resistant to stomach acid
  • No added preservatives or yeast
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Made using globally patented Velobiotics™ technology (delivers 1000 x more probiotics to the gut)
  • Microencapsulated for slow, controlled release
  • Packaging is biodegradable & compostable
  • No refrigeration required

Why Faithful to Nature loves this product:

  • Velobiotics Femina™ is locally made using patented microencapsulation technology, to deliver 1000 times more probiotics than those that are not encapsulated. This is a highly effective probiotic supplement for women’s health, packed with the power of 10 beneficial bacteria strains and packaged in eco-friendly cardboard.


  • Take 1 capsule per day, preferably with breakfast.


  • Do not Take Femina™ if you are allergic to any of the Ingredients in the formulation.
  • Consult your healthcare professional if you have any medical conditions or are taking any other medicines (including complementary or traditional medicine).
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your healthcare professional before use.

Care Instructions:

  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Can be stored at room temperature without degradation.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


  • 60 capsules



  • Cardboard container

Country of Origin:

  • Product of South Africa
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Overall Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars from 78 reviews

77 out of 78 people would recommend this product

03/02/2024, By Inbal
one of my favorite probiotic.
01/02/2024, By Zukiswa
I love the fact that the name Strawberry is on the original label unlike other companies where a sticker is just stuck on the container which gives doubt if it really is strawberry.
With your product one is sure
05/11/2023, By Healthy Lady
Been using this product a few weeks now, can feel the difference in gut health, prebiotic is essential for us women, happy that it's Vegan friendly.
26/10/2023, By Lisa
Best probiotic on the market as far as I can tell. Cardboard container and veg caps makes it even more great.
09/10/2023, By Chanel
These are great. Live the addition of cranberry. I'm a repeat buyer.
26/09/2023, By Gabby
This is the best product that came to my rescue when everything else couldnt help. I cannot do without it, been using it for the past 3 years. I highly recommend it for every women suffering from yeast infection.
24/09/2023, By MaryJane
Excellent. Definately a must for ladies to take.
22/09/2023, By D
I started taking this after radiation treatment was finished. I’ve not had any issues with or symptoms of thrush. One daily.
18/09/2023, By Chanél
Great product.
26/08/2023, By Candice
Amazing product. I've used a range of 9-strain to 'extreme' probiotics all very expensive or just did not have the immediate and lasting effect this one has. If you suffer from any digestive, stomach, or stress-related gastro issues, as well as just being female and needing a more specific probiotic, this is the right product. I've never felt better.
14/08/2023, By Zukiswa
I haven't felt the effect, could be that it's a chronic condition
07/08/2023, By Janice
Take it every day and really calms the stomach and bloating
07/05/2023, By Fifi
I’ve been taking 2 pills a day for the past 3weeks and I have noticed a significant improvement. I had BV and uti symptoms that wouldn’t go away.
30/03/2023, By A
Absolutely love this product. Almost instant results after taking it.
15/02/2023, By Talita
This product is so well priced and I haven't had one bladder infection since I have been using it. Would definitely recommend it!
16/12/2022, By L
Great for my vaginal health as well as my tummy.
12/12/2022, By Bino
Reduced my intimate area odour but I also experienced lower abdominal pain
13/09/2022, By Valerie K
A great probiotic, easy to use. And the bonus is that the packaging is not plastic! I really like it.
25/08/2022, By B
Wonderful and helps prevent thrush! Very happy with this product!
12/08/2022, By Gwen
This is a great product. With other probiotics one can't be sure they make it through to the place where they are needed. The micro-encapsulation ensures that it does. The added cranberry is a real added bonus.
23/07/2022, By Sasha
I used the product for a few days. About a week. Unfortunately it caused me to feel the need to urinate frequently. Only afterwards was I informed by my dr that the cranberry is the cause of this. So U have stopped using it.
12/07/2022, By Kina
One of the best probiotics.
04/07/2022, By Kasturi
An old favourite that I regularly order
16/06/2022, By Amanda
Good supplement
04/05/2022, By Gen
Been using it for nearly two months. I've noticed a difference to my candida within the first month...I've had it bad for 2 months prior to using this product. I had a set back again but I think if not for this product I would not felt any relieve at all. I'll keep using it.
27/04/2022, By Nats
The reviews helped with my decision. I am so glad I decided to purchase this product. So good!!
20/04/2022, By Nomthi
I have been struggling with severe yeast infection for years such that l wished l could trade in my...????????????, until l came across this miracle product. Ever since l started using it, its been a great relief. I cannot go another day without it. I am more than happy about it.
27/03/2022, By MaMoyo originally
Cleared my yeast infection within days.
After combining it with my Good Heath Multivitamin and The Real Thing Supreme Omega, I've never felt this fantastic. in a long time.Will never go without it.
24/03/2022, By Lwazi
I'm absolutely happy with this product. Within 3 days of taking the pills I felt a tremendous relief after having suffered from recurrent Candida for months. Doctor kept on prescribing antibiotics and fungicides to no avail. I took 3 pills and I knew I was on my way to better vaginal health. I would recommend this product to anyone with any issue vaginally. You will not regret it.
21/03/2022, By Kathryn
Excellent product - really effective
09/03/2022, By Rori
I just finished my first month of using this product and I can say that I'm really impressed. I noticed a significant improvement in the first week of using it and it only got better. I definitely would recommend it.
07/03/2022, By Nosi
This product has been great for my feminine health. Amazing for keeping everything balanced
28/02/2022, By Lori
Easy to swallow, no aftertaste. Have not had an UTI since starting these 2 months ago. Bottle lasts 60 days. Keeps me regular and less bloated. Will continue using!
13/10/2021, By Mimi
Amazing. Used it for several months and when I stopped I noticed the difference immediately. Clears candida within a day.
13/10/2021, By Happy
This product is AMAZING. Cannot recommend it enough. Super affordable and clears candida symptoms within a day. I used it for several months and when I stopped, I noticed the difference immediately. Definitely works for me!!
27/09/2021, By fely
wonderful products
21/09/2021, By Nuraan
These capsules are a bit big to swallow but that could just be be. Its a small price to pay for a very effective product. I won't use any other probiotic now that I've found this one. Good value for money and you feel it's effectiveness almost immediately.
13/08/2021, By Rene
I suffer from chronic UTIs and within 5 days I noticed a difference. My kidneys seemed to flushed and urine was passing as clear.
06/08/2021, By Maria
After covid 19, my immune system was terribly weak. I kept getting recurring candida and BV. I tried prescription medication which helped me for 3 days, they flared up again, and was worse than ever. The irritation and itchiness would not go away. I tried another brand of probiotics but it did not help. The only thing it did was give me gas. I tried this product and noticed a difference within 5 days. My symptoms improved slowly. After 14 days, my immune system felt stronger, my vaginal health improved and the candida and BV weren't as bad as it was before. I even noticed that when I get my period, I do not have bad pms, I do not experience cramping nor do I get any foul odors during the time of the month. I have ordered my second bottle and opted for the 60 day pack. I will definitely recommend this product. However you need to take it consistently or you will end up with these issues again.
06/08/2021, By Vicky
Amazing product!!! I used to suffer from chronic UTI's, once on a course of anti biotics its followed by thrush but no more. I'm on honeymoon and not a single infection. Really didn't expect this little pill to change my life the way it has. Highly recommend this to all women. What an absolute blessing.
26/07/2021, By Nita
I am currently pregnant and have been using this product for extra gut & immune support. I am very happy with this great product.
25/06/2021, By VR
Been using this for nearly two weeks now and already feel a difference. My intimate health and comfort has improved and my general gut health has also felt much better.
22/05/2021, By Luci
These probiotics work extremely well. I 100% recommend. And the price for 60 is very good.
18/05/2021, By Rachel
Good supplement. Will reorder when finished.
07/05/2021, By Ocean
So far so good, already feel a big difference! I will definitely repurchase this????????
15/04/2021, By AndyL
So far so good. Easy enough to remember to take daily in the mornings and have noticed a difference within 2 weeks. Definitely recommend to women!
13/04/2021, By Erica
Working brilliantly so far! It's early days, but a big and immediate improvement to my chronic reflux and feminine health issues. Would definitely recommend to anyone who struggles with Candida and associated issues
29/03/2021, By Lee-Ann
Works really well.
Possibly the best I've used and keeps me regular - Win!
18/03/2021, By Mapre
I haven't seen any UTI since I started using this product. I am still on my first bottle. Will give more reviews once it's done. But am sure I'll order more.
13/03/2021, By Khosi
Used it for 2 weeks now. So far so good.
07/03/2021, By Emma
I’m really enjoying this product! Feel the difference already.
06/03/2021, By Jennifer
Great probiotic. Could feel the difference within a few days of taking them. Highly recommended.
04/03/2021, By Debi
Great product to use, I only take 2 a day and it helps keeping UTI and other yeast infections at bay.
27/02/2021, By Adri
Bought Femina Cranberry Probiotic several times now. Effective. Keeps me regular and healthy from the inside.
19/02/2021, By Sibu
After a week of use, I gradually felt a difference in my intimate area. Healthier discharge, no odd/strong odour during my period. So far so good
09/02/2021, By Rachelle
Going off hormonal BC this is a must to help keep your feminine health while your body restores order
07/02/2021, By Belinda
Didn't expect it to work quite as well as it does. Love this product
27/01/2021, By Liza
If you only take one supplement as a woman, then this is it. Works within a few days and you won't look back. I have put both my daughters on it as well.
25/01/2021, By Laila
Tried it and felt a difference. Reasonable price and I would recommend it to every female.
01/01/2021, By Liza
Every lady should be taken these. Saw a difference quickly. It just workd
11/12/2020, By Anellia
So far soo good
27/11/2020, By AnnaD
Great probiotic! No need to refrigerate it. Effective and convenient!
25/11/2020, By Anna
Works well for me
22/11/2020, By Kay
These pills have been extremely helpful for me, highly recommended!
12/11/2020, By Tumi
01/11/2020, By Goldy
Very great for thrush and infection. This helps the body heal and cleanse out yeast and bacteria.
14/10/2020, By Anna
Good value for money
12/10/2020, By Resend
Affordable and works absolutely well
12/10/2020, By Thereaa
Brilliant, a must have
09/10/2020, By Chantal
You have to use them on-going for an extended while to know if they benefit you, but so far so good!
05/10/2020, By Tracey
Worked within two days of drinking the first capsule and no more itching or burning.
10/09/2020, By Monique
10/09/2020, By Jackie
Great product and really works well in protecting my vagina, as well as my gut.
23/08/2020, By Zama
Perfect product with a variety of strains needed if you love your vag!
22/08/2020, By Barbara
One of the best probiotics I have used. Will continue using it.
14/08/2020, By Sabz
My Mum loves this; it is now a staple addition to her supplement cabinet.
07/08/2020, By Isabel
Love this product. I constantly struggle with UTI and this is really helping.
06/08/2020, By Greenie
Sounds good

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