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Boody Bamboo Ecowear Bra - Black

Boody Bamboo Ecowear Bra - Black
Boody Bamboo Ecowear Bra - Black
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Price From: R225.00

A seam free sporty bra from Boody, featuring soft ribbing that provides contour to enhance your natural shape. This will be your new favourite bra, in a crop shaped scoop neckline design which pulls on with ease and stays comfortably in place all day. Boody designed a supportive bra that has done way with all the nasty things – the straps that dig in, the tricky fastenings, the wires. The design is great for all day wear.

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PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PURCHASING: We will not accept returns of any feminine hygiene, menstrual or intimate products such as reusable pads, menstrual cups and sponges, yoni eggs or underwear.

Boody Bra in black, available in sizes small/medium (30-32), medium/large (34/36) and large (38)..

80% organic bamboo, 13% nylon, 7 % elastane

The miracle fabric- Boody use the finest quality yarn spun from bamboo, which is one of the fastest growing, renewable and sustainable plants on earth does not require any fertilizers or pesticides and requires much less water than Cotton-based fabrics. They created a fabric that’s superbly soft, stretchy and wrinkle-free. Boody is seam free: the perfect fit for you – and the planet.

Superbly soft- Boody clothing is seam free and silky soft on the skin, washes and wears beautifully, lasting much longer than your Cotton fabrics.

Breathable and Hypoallergenic- A wonderful feature of bamboo is that its fibre is naturally hypoallergenic. Bamboo fibre naturally contains many micro-gaps, which provide substantial ventilation and moisture absorption. Bamboo fibre is hydroscopic – moisture is shunted away from the body and evaporated rapidly allowing your skin to breathe more easily. Particularly suitable for eczema suffers and those with extra sensitive skin.

Antibacterial and Antifungal- Bamboo contains a super antifungal and antibacterial bio agent named Bamboo Kun, these properties were maintained even after 50 washings of Bamboo fabric in a study. Bamboo cloth is odour free will keep you fresh all day every day.

Anti-static and thermo-regulating- The structure of the bamboo fibres contains micro-gaps, which provide ventilation and pull moisture away from the body, allowing the skin to breathe. Static free, perfect temperature

Size Guide

Small – 30-32 (S/M)

To Fit: Bust- 82-87cm; Waist- 63-68cm; Hips- 88-93cm

Medium – 34-36 (M/L)

To Fit: Bust- 92-97cm; Waist- 73-78cm; Hips- 98-103cm

Large- 38 (L)

To Fit: Bust- 102cm; Waist- 83cm; Hips- 108cm


To tumble dry - use the lowest setting or delicate drying. Do not iron, do not dry clean.

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Overall Rating
4.4 out of 5 stars from 69 reviews

64 out of 69 people would recommend this product

19/10/2021, By Cheryl
The most comfortable bra to wear in hot climates.
22/05/2021, By Eilidh
I haven't worn a conventional bra since I got these. It took a little bit of adjusting to less support but my body feels better.
19/04/2021, By Joy
I have purchased all three colors and remain impressed with the overall comfort and design.
27/03/2021, By Joy
Most comfortable and does allow for some support.

I have purchased three .
17/03/2021, By Sunny
Black is definitely the better quality fabric. But I take objection to it being tougher than cotton unless they have changed something. I have worn these bras for the last 3 years and they last on average a year, sometimes less with frequent wearing. The woven elastic starts to perish and I always wash them in a bag, no higher than 40 and dry them in the shade.
Saying that they are super comfy, but if you have large boobs go for the padded option (chuck the pads) as they have a wider bad and more support.
14/03/2021, By Sonja
Support not that great, better for small breasts. But like it overall.
04/03/2021, By Jacky
Super comfy but I had to buy a large whereas I usually wear a small. The small was much too small, I didn't dare get the medium and went straight for L which is PERFECT.
26/02/2021, By Haley
So comfortable I will definitely be buying more of this range
05/01/2021, By Glenda
Has indeed become my favourite bra! As I am also trying to move over more and more to natural, sustainable items the comment by one user is concerning as it is stipulated that the material is not as described; i,e. more polyester than bamboo? I am giving it 5 stars though as it works well for me.
16/12/2020, By Valerie
Fabulously comfortable.
30/11/2020, By Glenda
A really good buy, it has indeed become my favourite bra to wear!!
24/10/2020, By Thasmine
Unbelievably comfortable
11/08/2020, By Tall
Premium quality
25/06/2020, By Allen
Comfy don`t even know you are wearing anything
19/02/2020, By Helen
Very breathable, not much support, but I have small boobies :) The perfect thing for this HOT summer!
08/02/2020, By Carrie
Comfortable and soft and doesn’t move around or lift.
05/02/2020, By Margaret
This is my 4th Boody Bamboo Ecowear Bra I am purchasing. For such a long time I hardly worn bras because it was just so uncomfortable. I also ended up just taking the bras off and going without it. Until I purchased my first Boody Bra. So comfortable and the support is great. I definitely would love to buy the rest of their range.
31/01/2020, By Organic
10/12/2019, By Kristina
Very comfortable and breathable, making it great for daily use as well as for exercising.
13/11/2019, By Lets loose the plastic.
Its comfortable - and it's meant to be made of bamboo - but mainly polyester. I have been trying to source natural fabrics - its really difficult. I'm not sure this should accurately be called Bamboo Ecowear.
13/10/2019, By EmmaH
My go to bra. Super comfy, good support, amazing breath ability. I have thought several times. My things is they wear out quite quickly and loose support.
05/10/2019, By Sharifa
I love the feel & fabric of this bra. This is my third purchase. I’ve bought the nude previously. You forget that you’re wearing it!
26/08/2019, By Sonja
Beautifully soft and very comfortable. it behaves like cotton underwear so I wouldn't wear this under cotton as it sticks.
22/07/2019, By Tdk
Underwires and uncomfortable but little flimsy bralettes never seem to support what needs to be supported. Moved on to wearing sports bras but unless you're doing sports, they can get a bit restrictive during a normal day. Enter the Boody Bra and I am HOOKED! Perfect for normal AND active life. I even wear them as a bikini or under my wetsuit. Added bonus of being waste free and sustainable? 100% would recommend.
03/07/2019, By Brooke
I love this bra! It's super comfy, great material and I love the style. It's not very supportive though.
26/06/2019, By MJ
This is the best most soft most comfy bra ever. Its worth way more than the actual price. Love this product!
10/06/2019, By Court's
This bra is super comfortable and the material is soft and breathable. I am a B cup size so it has just the right amount of support for me throughout the day but I can see how women with a bigger bust might not think so.
31/05/2019, By Lucille
Although this bra is made from lovely soft material, there is absolutely zero support. Would probably only work for a size A cup
30/05/2019, By Janine
The ultimate comfort bra! I can not wear any other bra again. This is so comfortable that you forgot you're wearing anything. Breathable and soft too!
17/05/2019, By Meisie
What a wonderful bra. Fits perfectly and I am going to order more of them!
10/04/2019, By Lindsey
Couldn't be happier with the quality, texture and feel! Super comfort and I love the shape and cut!
15/02/2019, By Arlene
Extremely comfortable but not great support. Good sleeping bra... You extra large should be made available
06/02/2019, By Esmare
This bra is very comfortable and the fabric feels amazing on your skin!
24/01/2019, By Lorette
It is really my own fault that I bought it, because it looked like a really low cut on the picture. I took a medium which is the right size, but the cut is so low that it hardly covers the necessities.
07/01/2019, By Roxy
Love the material and low cut, very comfortable!
12/12/2018, By Karien
I have nerve damage on my left side, exactly where bras runs. Can now wear a bra for a whole day again! I like that it is low cut as I can wear it with all my clothes. I have all three colours, the white and black just looks like a cami if you shift in a way that it sticks out. Very happy and well priced!
24/08/2018, By Suzi
great bra!
11/08/2018, By Sugesi
Feels awesome against your skin. The product does not cup the entire breast.
25/07/2018, By Lily
Great product. Slightly tight around the shoulders/arms (armpits?) but I am often running into this issue with clothing. Bought small even though I usually wear medium and has stretched just enough to be a good fit. Less sweaty than the picknpay version!
06/07/2018, By Meg
Really comfy and soft.
06/06/2018, By Christine
Very comfortable, fits well, low support
28/05/2018, By Retha
The best bra i have ever owned. Wish i had ten of them.
25/05/2018, By Ingrid
Bought in black and white. I think this 'sporty' booby bra is meant for XS and S and perhaps M only.
There is absolutely no support, will only be wearing this while watching TV. First disappointment with a F2N product.
24/05/2018, By Ru
I bought one for me and one for my mum. We both love them!!! So soft, comfy... I might need to get padded one next time for my huge badonkadonks though. I will definitely be buying Boody again.
27/03/2018, By Elichia
Absolutely love!!
04/03/2018, By Jeannie
I bought one as a tester and now own three, fabulously soft and comfy. Love them!
26/02/2018, By Monique
Really soft and comfy, way more comfy than underwire bra's. They don't hold everything in place as well as an underwire obviously, but for me this is perfect for at home or with really casual wear like t-shirts - unfortunately i still feel i need a normal bra for when going out and for wearing with any tighter shirts.
29/01/2018, By Lady Bug
This is just so breathable. Like a second skin. If you want extra support, perhaps this isn't for you. I wear this at night for a comfortable sleep.
22/01/2018, By Dot
A lovely comfortable bra. Compared to the nude bamboo ecowear bra is a little courser, possibly due to the dyeing process.
27/11/2017, By Lucille
Great bra, think I should have gone for a smaller size though
14/11/2017, By Jodi
Amazing comfort, so soft you hardly notice you are wearing anything. Like a 2nd skin. So impressed with all the bamboo clothing products I have purchased.
10/10/2017, By TRISHLYNN
Fabric is soft and comfortable to wear all day and also great to sleep in if you need a little support. However for bigger breasted women it is not the most supportive bra, I still love it, gives my boobs a break from the constraining underwire bra's. I am 34D and bought a large thinking it would be perfect but the medium is the way to go. It stretches so it fits comfortably. Don't think I can go back to using conventional bra's everyday.
23/08/2017, By Emma-Lisa
Love love love this bra! It is my absolute favourite and the first one I look for in my cupboard
01/08/2017, By Bee
Great. Makes you feel dry and comfy all day. I'm in love with Boody Bamboo.
09/07/2017, By Emma-Lisa
Will definitely be buying more in future
22/06/2017, By Amber
Very comfy, soft and supportive. When I first saw it I was worried it was too tiny, but surprisingly looks are deceiving, it supports more than it seem
19/06/2017, By Estea
One of my best buys! Comfortable and supportive!
26/05/2017, By Ilse
It is soooooo comfy!! I used to wear underwire bras and have been set free with this product! It breathes well and gives support (without being uncomfortable).
10/02/2017, By Kelley
Not much to say other than this is hella comfy! I hate wearing bras and only do so when absolutely necessary, but this one is the exception. The only thing is that it has no padding (i.e its just one layer of material)
29/01/2017, By Nina
I was so happy when i got this bra for myself. It was so soft. Exactly what i needed in a very casual at home bra.
I was disappointed that only a few weeks after i got it it started unraveling.
16/01/2017, By Adele
Comfortable, cool and easy to care for. Complete confidence and support all day long. Never buying any other bra...
26/10/2016, By Beverley
Im quite small (between an A B! :) ), and it didn do anything flattering for me. I don find it has much support. And doesn help to gather the girls together! haha!
10/04/2016, By hassana
the bra is very comfortable and I love wearing it but I think it needs more support

I love these sporty bras from boody .they are so comfy.
08/04/2016, By Maud
Hello, I am 3 months pregnant and was looking for a comfortable bra as I am starting to feel a little tight in my usual ones. Also my breast can be sore so this bra is perfect. The fabric is so nice on the skin, its very light, i often forget i have it on and its not tight at all. PERFECT! Too bad they don do them for breastfeeding... but I will look for them :)
16/02/2016, By Cheri
Firstly let me say that this fabric really is lovely. Its soft and you really don even feel it on your skin. I bought this as a bra for night - which it is fine for. However I think I would feel uncomfortable during the day. Its very much light support - maybe a bigger size would have been better. Hopefully you will be bringing them in soon!
16/12/2015, By Elsabe
I started doing Pilates this year and have been keeping an eye out for a sports bra, but boy are they expensive! So when I came across this I decided to give it a try and I am thrilled with my decision. I love the comfort, style and feel of these bras, so much so that Ive ordered the leggings and tank top for my Pilates classes as well!
04/12/2015, By nicole
Really comfy, I dont even bother with my wire padded bras any more. incredibly soft fabric. sizes are really accurate.
26/11/2015, By Lindy
This is such a lovely bra. Comfy and soft, looks great too ;)
Loved it so much that I have now ordered matching underthings from the same range (Booby).

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