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Delicious and incredibly simple, tahini is nothing more than crushed sesame seeds! This tasty paste or spread is an amazing addition to many foods, from sauces and desserts to hummus and baba ganoush (an eggplant spread). Not only is it a perfect snack, but the sesame seeds that make up this paste are packed with amino acids and are good for your heart health and overall energy levels.


Tahini is a traditional ingredient in many classical Middle Eastern dishes. It makes a wonderful addition to your smoothie, or spreading it on a piece of toast with honey is absolutely addictive. It also makes a great based for any sandwich. The recipes for this versatile and nutrient dense nutty spread are endless. If you are allergic to nuts, tahini can be a perfect alternative spread.


This star ingredient is protein-rich, containing even more protein even than nuts or milk. It is notably high in vitamin B, vitamin E, magnesium, lecithin, iron, calcium and phosphorous, and is a good source of healthy unsaturated fats. Since it has a high alkaline mineral content, tahini is easy to digest.


Tahini comes in two main forms – hulled and unhulled. The hulled product is lighter in color, and the unhulled, darker product retains the full nutritional value but is slightly bitter. One other version is available – roasted vs. raw. Let your tastebuds decide for you!


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-Proudly South African


-100% pure organic crushed sesame seeds


-Cholesterol reducing food


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