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Ecomil, almond milk pioneer!

Ecomil was one of the first manufacturers to market powdered and liquid almond milk in Tetra Pak. The idea of improving the almond milk recipe, a traditional drink in Spain, which was usually prepared with almond paste mixed with water and heated in a saucepan. The founders of Nutriops developed an innovative drying process to transform the paste into almond powder which can be easily dissolved in hot or cold water to make an instant almond milk. The immediate success of this new almond milk defined the Ecomil brand principles, being also the pioneer of almond market in Tetra choosing to develop 100% vegan products from organic farming as an alternative to cow’s milk and also covering the specific needs of vegetarian or vegan diets. Today, our sunglass-wearing logo has conquered over 60 countries.

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Ecological Commitment

Our almond drinks are made where the almond trees are grown, in the heart of the Mediterranean in Southeast Spain. Our almonds come from organic farming, free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides or GMO. There is no human intervention with pollinating insects, the bees gather pollen freely.

Your health is our concern

We make sure to satisfy all consumers by meeting their specific needs. Ecomil products are healthy and nutritious, organic, lactose-free and vegan which is a good alternative to cow’s milk so suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets. They can be also gluten-free and with added calcium and protein.

The strength of sugar-free

We offer a range with over 10 different flavours to focus on products naturally sweetened. Sugar-free, no added sugars and sweeteners with a GI inferior to 50, we give this opportunity to people who wish to opt for a healthier diet.

A wide range of healthy cooking creams

Our cooking creams are 100% vegan with distinct and original flavours. Especially suitable for sauces as well as ingredients in recipes and healthier: they contain up to 75% less fat than liquid creams.


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