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Earthsap Fabric Softener

Earthsap Fabric Softener
Earthsap Fabric Softener
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Earthsap fabric softener is formulated and tested together with our micro-biologists, and is based on pure simple ingredients including soybean, palm, lavender and other plant oils. Only pure essential oils are used for fragrance and theraputic benefits. They are safe for our family, pets and the environment and are completely bio-degradable. They do not harm aquatic life or affect marine plant growth.

Our strict ingredient policy means that you can always shop according to your values. Every item on FtN is checked to be better for the environment, socially responsible, good for you and free from toxic ingredients.

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  • No optical brighteners
  • No petrochemicals
  • No artificial fragrances
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No testing on animals
  • No phosphates


Pour 100ml into machine dispenser drawer.


Purified water, Soybean based softener, Lavender & Eucalyptus oils.

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Overall Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars from 115 reviews

109 out of 115 people would recommend this product

07/11/2023, By Giselle
I’ve been a fan of this product for quite long now. So sad to see how they’ve changed it! It used to be a thick liquid. You didn’t need a lot and it made the washing smell great. Now it’s like water, barely lasts and it has no smell effect on the clothing at all. Literally watered down product but the same price. So disappointed.
02/07/2023, By Paula
It works well. The fragrance is pleasant without being overwhelmingly like the chemical softeners are. My only criticism/strong suggestion is that Earthsap should sell in larger quantities so as to reduce the use of single use plastic bottles. The eco monies if scale could also reduce the cost of the product.
22/05/2021, By Bea
I’ll never go back to chemical softeners - this product has smell that lasts (granted, not as long as synthetic softeners) and I can feel the difference in my clothes vs using no softener. Been using for years
24/03/2021, By Ina
I have no desire to use anything else
03/02/2021, By Pam
Great on the skin and doesn't trigger allergies either. Smell is subtle, which I like.
19/01/2021, By Kelly
Didn't like the smell and found it really expensive for the very little amount of washes you get out of it. I think we used up the whole bottle in a week!
13/12/2020, By Roche
We started using this because our washing machine water runs onto grass and Comfort was killing it. It's only been a few weeks, but the grass hasn't died any further at least. I really enjoy the smell! It smells nice but still "natural", unlike other softeners. It softens towels and bedding as well as conventional softeners do.
14/11/2020, By Sonja
25/10/2020, By Mien
Works so well
24/10/2020, By Amy
absolutely love the smell!
21/10/2020, By June
The only fabric softener I will use from now on. Takes away the static, without leaving a residue. Smells great.
17/10/2020, By Anna
Makes a difference - washing is softer and a pleasant aroma
10/10/2020, By Jolene
Very good
07/10/2020, By Kirsten
Does work and smells lovely.
30/09/2020, By Maggie
I love it.Doesnt clog my washer.Nice smell
03/09/2020, By Hayley
really lovely, could compete with ordinary softeners.
03/09/2020, By Ina
Love the smell, even though I think that it is a bit expensive, I always get back to this product
28/08/2020, By Simone
Leaves clothes soft and fresh, should make a larger quantity option!
25/08/2020, By Jean
Just love this product ????
10/08/2020, By Maggy
Love this product as does my clothing
29/07/2020, By Ocean
17/07/2020, By Jenny
I don't like the scent at all. No hint of a lavender smell.
15/07/2020, By Nomfundo
lovely fabric softener my clothes are silky soft and i suffer from ezcema and dry skin so this really does wonders to ease irritation from clothing.
29/06/2020, By Rehaanah
I've only just discovered this product, and I want to tell literally anyone who will listen about Earthsap. Not only has it left my laundry soft in a way that other fabric softeners haven't done for a WHILE, but it also smells luxurious in the same way a spa does. Just, WOW.
19/06/2020, By Katrin
It's really effective and smells amazing!
09/06/2020, By Goodness
Value for money
08/06/2020, By J
Smells great too.
02/06/2020, By camille
Smell really good, soften well. I will buy it again. You don't need to use as much as they recommend.
28/05/2020, By Rock
Using this instead of washing liquid
27/05/2020, By Taz
Beautiful clean floral notes but not overpowering like conventional softeners.
16/05/2020, By Lisa
Love! Leaves clothes squeaky clean without all the toxins.
09/05/2020, By Michael
Blown away by the fact that laundry doesn't have a chemical smell
28/04/2020, By Happy
Friendly for the whole family
27/04/2020, By Candy
Use this all washes
04/04/2020, By Blue
Real softener
01/04/2020, By Katrin
Really awesome product!
31/03/2020, By Winner
Good quality product
30/03/2020, By Larisa
Wonderful smell. Still leaves clothes a bit hard but a good alternative
22/03/2020, By Anzet
Leaves clothes soft without being greasy. Hasn’t caused any spots or stains as Other brands do.

Really lovely smell.
02/03/2020, By Anzet
Nice clean smell - not too overwhelming.

Clothes are soft without any residue, despite using less than the recommended amount. Haven't tried it on white loads, but haven't seen any 'oil' spots that you tend to get when using traditional softeners, negating the need to dilute with cold water.
14/02/2020, By Concerned
Good for children
14/02/2020, By Ben
It works well
14/01/2020, By Support
Well done
12/01/2020, By Mianca
All my clothes remain smelling fresh and clean. The lavender has such a calming effect on my and the babies I look after. It is also so gentle on the skin that if I swear after exercising, my skin doesn’t get small bumps/rashes from harsh chemicals anymore.
05/01/2020, By Monia
Works very well.. Good clean smell... Will purchase again
21/11/2019, By Lizette
I love the gentle clean fresh fragrance and clothes don't scratch or make me itch any more.
08/11/2019, By Lara
Doesn’t me me itchy. Love the subtle smell
22/10/2019, By Kay
Effective & gentle
13/08/2019, By Shane
Loved the sample I received. I'd recommend and purchase it
14/07/2019, By JD
Seems to do the job just fine and lasts pretty long.
07/07/2019, By DD
Love the fragrance. Works well on my towels and linen but seems to dissipate on my training clothes (maybe I need something stronger, lol). Must be honest, I haven't tried any other natural softeners for comparison sake. This one always seem to be the best value for money.
01/07/2019, By Bern
Happy with the product, I only use a capful for a full load and it works just fine for me. Seems compatible with my eco egg.
02/06/2019, By Meagan
Love this product. Smells great freshly washed, but the smell dissipates quickly. Wish it came in a bigger container
25/05/2019, By Teresa
Smells great and I use it with a grey water system so perfect eco product.
20/05/2019, By R
Use it everyday
14/05/2019, By Junette
Lovely product, great smell!
08/05/2019, By KJ
Love the smell and softening power of this natural product. We recycle all of our washing water into our garden and are very conscious of what's feeding our plants and the delicate balance of the natural ecosystem.
11/03/2019, By Maureen
Great product
01/03/2019, By Christine
Very happy with this product, I missed having a lasting fragrance on my clothing when using homemade eco friendly softener so thought I'd try this and it delivers, beautiful clean fresh fragrance.
18/02/2019, By Nicola
Love love love the smell of this product. It's a natural but very clean smell. Never buy anything else.
05/02/2019, By Tania
I love the smell of this and that it really makes the clothes so soft
28/01/2019, By Rob
I love the scent of this product. It is very effective yet gentle with no artificial scent. The commercial fabric softeners are horrible so you will love this one.
02/01/2019, By Lizette
This is the best fabric softener I've used. Leaves no residue on clothing, only a fresh clean smell and is good for the environment!
12/12/2018, By Lucy
No residue on clothes
07/12/2018, By Lisa
Works very well! I find I only need to use 50ml instead of 100ml. Eucalyptus smell quite strong, but not a problem at all.
04/12/2018, By Landé
Makes a huge difference to our washing! Great product!
03/12/2018, By Organic_love
Good product. Just a bit pricey
27/11/2018, By Jo
really the nicest softener I have ever used and I love love love the fragrance
25/10/2018, By Kem
17/10/2018, By Lorraine
I love the smell of this natural fabric softener, and my fur kids love how soft it makes their blankies!
02/10/2018, By Meeg
I Love how soft this makes our clothes, and it smells great too
29/08/2018, By Organic_love
Great natural product.
13/08/2018, By Gabi
I found the smell of this product extremely overpowering. Also, at 100mls recommended per wash, the bottle only lasts for 10 washes.
09/08/2018, By DeeH
This works great. The clothes are left smelling amazing and soft. I will be using this again and again!
07/08/2018, By Carol
03/08/2018, By Janine
The best! It works really well with earth sap washing powder and it lasts a long time. Smells great too!
21/07/2018, By Lana
This fabric softener is great, it smells amazing and I won't use anything else on my little ones clothes:) A must try!
11/07/2018, By KAREN
This is a really good softener, with a gorgeous lavender smell that is not overpowering. I use less than the recommended amount and it still does the job. LOVE earthsap products !!!
26/06/2018, By Sandy
Wasn't sure about the eucalyptus fragrance but the laundry has a lovely, subtle smell.
22/06/2018, By Ria
My laundry feels so soft and smells great
14/06/2018, By Ina
I even got my mom on this product - love the smell!!! Does not leave a build up in the machine like some other products do.
07/06/2018, By Biancca
a good product and leaves a nice gentle smell on clothes. use it for baby clothes
03/06/2018, By KJ
Does a great job, leaves laundry smelling fresh and feeling soft as well as allowing washing water to be used in the garden.
14/05/2018, By Tracy
Softens washing and leaves a lovely lavender scent on your clothes. Worth using
20/12/2017, By Nikita
Clothes smell amazing after the wash, while using a fraction of the suggested amount on the bottle. Best fabric softener ever, never using commercial products again.
08/12/2017, By Charlotte
Works well. The smell is nice and fresh.
07/12/2017, By Wilma
I normally don't like the smell of lavender in any toiletries or cleaning agent, but I love this softener. I like the consistency, and it is easy to pour just a little bit from the bottle. Works really well.
31/10/2017, By Ina
I will never return to other commercial products, the smell is not overwhelming, but still very fresh and I have not found a residue in the machine. We are recycling our grey water in the garden and the plants are happy with this product.
26/10/2017, By Anish
Clothes come out fresh and smell good too
21/10/2017, By Leeanne
I LOVE this! It smells divine, and my laundry feels wonderfully soft and cared for after using this product. I will buy this again.
10/10/2017, By Yaz
I've ordered this for the 2nd time and it's quite economical. 2 months later and I'm just about to finish the bottle
20/09/2017, By Gillian
Love this product!!
09/09/2017, By Shannon
Leaves my clothes smelling good, but not really any softer- could just add a few drops of essential oil to my laundry to get the same effect. Wouldn't buy again as it seems like a waste, but still a great brand in general. Don't generally need fabric softener anyway.
03/09/2017, By Barbara
One of the better softeners. I only use a small amount for each wash load - you really do not need as much as the bottle says you do.
31/08/2017, By Anel
I only use this fabric softener, but you definitely do not have to add as much as it states on the bottle (otherwise the bottle will only last a couple of washes).
I use a lot less and a bottle lasts me approx 20 washes. Great smell.
21/08/2017, By Baj
Good product, definitely a must if you have family members with sensitive skin conditions.
19/06/2017, By Platjie
Clothes are clean and soft and nobody scratch and itch any longer - fabrics are soft and smells good
15/06/2017, By Patti
First natural fabric softener I have tried where I actually found a very noticeable difference. Clothes and towels are very soft after using this. The scent is fresh and subtle. I do not use as much as recommended, so I do find it economical enough for the price. Would highly recommend!
13/06/2017, By Ina
Ek sal baie moeilik weer 'n ander produk oorweeg, die geur is verfrissend, maar glad nie oorweldigend nie en vind dat geen residu oppak in wasmasjien nie.
10/06/2017, By Chloe
Good enough I suppose but not really worth the price as you have to use so much of it so it hardly lasts a month.
19/08/2016, By Christa
Have been using this for some years and is the very best on the market - not going without ever again! Clothes are soft and smells of something good, not sweets or flowers!
11/08/2016, By Correne
Its a great product but at 1 litre per bottle (and considering its a lot more expensive than regular softener) you only get 10 washes out of it which means I will be spending over R400 a month on softener?!!
29/06/2016, By LIZELL
Definitely a great option for people suffering with Atopic skin problems, so gentle , lightly scented. I use much less than recommended per washing load and still the same good results - also a bonus - no softener marks left on clothes
21/04/2016, By Yaksha
Nothing fantastic
24/02/2016, By Heike
I love this softener! I initially washed my clothes only using Earthsap laundry liquid without softener, and was amazed by how much nicer the clothes smelt and felt after using the softener. Definitely highly recommended!
24/12/2015, By Barbara
I am very happy with the way this product works. I have tried a variety of softeners and this is definitely one of my favourites.
11/10/2015, By Varsha
this is the 2nd earth friendly fabric softener i have used, i prefer this one as i can dilute it for handwashing and will get moreout of the product. good scent. clothes smell good and are soft. waiting for it to go on special!
05/10/2015, By zahraa
I have very sensitive skin and purchased this product after reading the rave reviews about it. Needless to say, I am more than delighted, although I must admit that the wonderful smell does not last as long as I had hoped! :( Otherwise, it does a beautiful job in handling my clothes, especially my towels which usually harden with using normal fabric softener.
08/03/2015, By DrKnow
This is an excellent product! It smells divine! The smell lasts and lasts. Makes clothes soft and easy to iron. Does not cause itching/no allergies! Dont use more than the recommended dose otherwise you will be wasting it. You will not go back to commercial brands ever again!-believe me! Well done Earthsap!
28/02/2015, By Tiffany
My washing smells so lovely and items are soft and fresh.
14/03/2014, By Anli
This is the first softener Ive been able to use in 20 years, and I love it! Leaves my clothes static-free and smelling wonderful.
12/02/2014, By Gillian
This product is used to wash my delicates in the hand basin and it works wonders and leaves the items super soft with no strong fragrant smells. Plus I have peace of mind knowing this is natural eco-friendly cleaning product.
05/05/2011, By Alexa
Very effective, and a lovely smell. I agree - what about a 2 litre bottle, as it runs out before the laundry liquid does !
06/03/2011, By Jolene
This fabric softener smells fantastic. My whole house smells of lavender and eucalyptus long after the washing has been done! It also makes laundry soft and static free!!
30/01/2011, By Nat
Divine smell! I have not used a softener for ages because I couldnt find one I liked. This is really lovely! Could you do a 2litre bottle too??

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