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Cocomi Bio Organic

Our family has been practising organic farming for generations and was the first to export organic certified products from Sri Lanka. We respect and protect the cycle of life. Our farms are rich in biodiversity, every human, plant and animal has their role in balancing our ecosystem. Our farmers only use natural inputs, like rice and plants for nitrogen fixing; we intercrop our coconut palms to enrich and maintain the soil's stability; animals are welcome onto farms, from strutting peacocks and lazy iguanas. We make sure everything that can be returned to nature is given back: Our factories run on the energy produced from coconut shells; the coconut husks, the nutritive outer layer, are buried at the base of the palms, enriching the roots with nutrients; our waste water is biologically treated and recycled, while rainwater is harvested and stored to be used in times of drought.

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Hand Harvested

Like fine wine is appreciated we treat our coconuts with love. Our experienced coconut pluckers know which tree and bunch has the best nut for picking through years of experience and skill. Thereafter, our quality supervisors go through the selection and approve the best to move into production.

Family Owned

In our family we say “everything starts with the coconut” and our love story with coconut is 100 years old: it all started when our great grandmother began farming the rich Sri Lankan lands for tea, spices and coconuts. Today we are a thriving community of over 2000 traditional farming families.

Organic Farms

We’re the only organic Sri Lankan coconut brand that grows our own coconuts and manufactures our own products. This gives us control over quality at every stage of production, direct traceability from farm to shelf, and the consumer, peace of mind.

Love for Nature

Our philosophy in preserving and sustaining our surroundings is an utmost priority. Mother Nature is the core of our organic products and it's our turn to take care of her in whatever ways possible by ensuring that we are not part of unwanted environmental destruction.


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