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Woman-Kind Menstrual Sponges Pack of 2 (Small & Medium)

Woman-Kind Menstrual Sponges Pack of 2 (Small & Medium)
Woman-Kind Menstrual Sponges Pack of 2 (Small & Medium)
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This is a truly natural, Earth-friendly and affordable personal care choice for green-minded ladies. Woman-Kind menstrual sponges are 100% natural, reusable sea sponges that become super-soft and absorbent when wet, acting like an ordinary tampon – but without the toxic chemicals. Woman-Kind sponges are reusable too, saving you money and helping to prevent unnecessary waste. Absorbent sea sponges have been used by ladies over the centuries to ensure clean, convenient and natural internal protection – it’s said that even Cleopatra herself used sea sponges. These sustainably harvested Mediterranean sponges bring this ancient personal care secret into the modern era with ease.

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  • Pack of 2 menstrual sponges; 1 small & 1 medium
  • Each sponge can be used for 3-6 menstrual cycles
  • Packaged in a biodegradable eco-plastic bag
  • Includes a detailed information leaflet with all the info you need

All Woman-Kind products are hygienically packaged in biodegradable eco-plastic packets from Green Home. 

Why choose a sponge as an alternative to conventional tampons?

  • Ultra-soft & gentle on delicate vaginal skin
  • Comfortable & absorbent
  • They don’t dry & abrade the skin as tampons often do
  • Easy to clean, dry & care for
  • Easy to dispose of at the end of the life-cycle
  • Truly green-friendly; 100% biodegradable
  • No synthetic fibres, bleaches, chlorine or pesticides
  • Affordable & can be used multiple times, reducing monthly costs
  • These sponges are a sustainably harvested natural resource
  • They break down naturally and will nor pollute the water supply or landfills

Did You Know? Tampons can take up to 5 years to biodegrade; and most commercial brands contain harsh synthetic chemicals and bleaching agents. Menstrual sponges on the other hand break down quickly and harmlessly.

All Woman-Kind products include an informative leaflet, and are hygienically packaged in biodegradable eco-plastic packets from Green Home. 

Sustainability and regrowth:

Sea sponges have the ability to regenerate from fragments left from the original sponge. When a sponge is correctly harvested, the base of the sponge remains intact, so that it has the ability to regrow, and can be harvested again and again.

Sea sponges and veganism:

By definition, sea sponges are classified as animals and not plants; however, sponges have no organs, brains or nervous systems, meaning that they do not feel any pain. When they are correctly harvested, sea sponges are not injured or damaged; they grow back stronger, and also release spores to form new sponges. This process is similar to pruning a plant in order to keep it healthy. Some vegans might feel that using a natural sea sponge contradicts the vegan belief system or lifestyle; while some others may not. The choice is yours to make.

Sea sponges and TSS:

Always be aware of the symptoms of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome); this is a rare condition associated with internal menstrual products. Because sea sponges are natural and do not cause dryness or abrasion, they are less likely than ordinary tampons to trigger TSS.


Before first use:

  • Check and clean your sponges before the first time you use them. You may find small particles of shells and coral in the sponges; simply rinse and rub these out of the sponge.
  • Like tampons, sea sponges are not sterile. Soak your sponge in a cup of warm water with a little vinegar to disinfect it, then allow it to air-dry.


  • Wet your sponge with warm water until soft. Squeeze out the excess water.
  • Squash the sponge and gently insert it as you would a tampon, until it feels secure.
  • You can also trim the perimeter of your sponge a little at a time, until you are comfortable with the size.


  • Feel for the perimeter of the sponge, grasp it and pull gently; sponges are delicate and can tear quite easily.


  • During your cycle, simply remove and rinse your menstrual sponge with warm water, with every trip to the toilet, or when the sponge is full.
  • Gently squeeze out the excess water before re-inserting the sponge.


  • Between each cycle, disinfect your sponge.
  • Do NOT use soap or detergent.
  • Soak the sponge in warm water and vinegar for 10 minutes, then leave to air-dry.
  • You can also add a few drops of Lavender or Tea Tree Oil to the water when disinfecting your sponges.
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Overall Rating
4.4 out of 5 stars from 30 reviews

28 out of 30 people would recommend this product

01/03/2023, By Shan
Smaller than I thought
02/08/2021, By Dade
I’ve been using these for 3 years now. Best decision I’ve ever made.
25/03/2021, By Arai
These are my go-to. They last for a few cycle and completely foregoes the need for commercial - or even earth-friendly tampons. The only issue is you can only use these when you know you'll have a sink in the bathroom where you can rinse them without stressing. It would be really great if these could come with a satchel or some kind of container.
11/12/2020, By Penny
Looking forward to being more environmentally friendly. Beats having a cup and you can bury it when its finished.
27/10/2020, By Aliyah
Great Product
15/10/2020, By Ruthie
I did some research on the product before purchasing and there are some articles that do not recommend using sponges as they may contain sand or shell particles as well as bacteria from being in a natural sea environment. Personally, i found the articles very one sided like they were written by a commercial mentsrual product company that was afraid of losing business. I figured women who have lived by the sea have used this method for centuries and they are perfectly fine and rather a bit of sea sand than chemicals and bleach from commercial tampons. So i went ahead and bought the sponges, and they are the best menstrual product i have tried. They are soft, absorbent and fit to your body. Easy to insert and clean. I got the small and medium sponge, they work best for medium to light flow. I think i will try the large sponge next for heavy days. Thank you for this product.
26/07/2020, By Rebecca
It was absolutely brilliant, I’m 14 and started my period a few months ago, and wanted to find a organic tampon. You can’t feel a thing! Of course it was very sore the first time I ever used it, but after that it got so easy to put it in and take it out. It does stain a little, but who cares since you're the only person who’s going to see it. I definitely recommend it to anyone. Thanks so much
09/05/2020, By Kendra
Works pretty well
17/04/2020, By Marisa
I used this at the end of my period because I only received them then, but they were very comfortable and did the job. Easy to rinse out and clean.
05/04/2020, By Beverley
I tried these on my heaviest day and it didn't work at all. So I tried it on the next day and it still leaked initially (having to rinse it out every hour or so). And then as the flow subsided it seemed to work. I also found that it started to hurt towards the end of the day and I really just had to remove it. The sponge has also stained from the menstrual fluids and I can't get it cleaner. Maybe it's only best for those lighter days. I'm not a fan.
31/03/2020, By Sne
I enjoyed using these. Just like a tampon without the drying sensation and rigid shape.
20/02/2020, By Martine
I'm not sure If I used it in the wrong way, but I found them extremely uncomfortable. I love the idea of the product and I'm sure they work wonders for others, but I still prefer the menstrual cup to these.
03/01/2020, By Ching
I love the product after taking a few days to get a grip on how to insert it properly. It's easy to clean and comfy to insert compared to the dry tampons. The small one is certainly for light days only, the medium one can also only be used for medium flow. You will end up in trouble if you think you can do frequent wash with the medium size on heavy flow days.
20/01/2019, By Celeste
These menstrual sponges are definitely not what I have been used to. But I LOVE it! It's convenient for me since I only menstruate for 2-3 days at the most. I actually prefer that it's stringless as well. Best of all? It's 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable! Ladies, give it a try and feel for yourself.
11/01/2019, By Varity
a little bit of leakage so still had to wear a pad
22/12/2018, By Stephane
Practical but hard to clean thoroughly n my opinion... Maybe I need more practice! I prefer these to cups and use them with pads
28/08/2018, By Sian
I prefer using a cup and washable pads, but this does the job. As with a cup, you need to remember to clean it thoroughly and often. Unfortunately I had a little leakage with mine, so I'd recommend using a pad too!
20/08/2018, By Noodle
A handy back-up if you are out of organic tampons. I alternate between the two especially if I am suffering with thrush which usually comes at the end of my cycle.
12/07/2018, By Elaine
I have used a cup for years and tried these sponges as a plan B for the cup. They are extremely comfortable and super absorbent and have not leaked at all. They are fab for use at home however I dont find them very convenient if I'm out all day long due to the emptying/cleaning aspect.
09/08/2017, By Kim
I stopped using tampons about 5 years ago as they always gave me bad period pains and back ache. I switched to pads. But then i tried the sponges and I'm really happy. I also tried the woman kind pads. The sponges are easy to use, easy to clean.
01/08/2017, By Linda
I buy these for my daughter, who uses the large sponge for heavy flow, and the smaller towards the end of her period. She says she will never use bleached tampons again.
31/07/2017, By Lelanie
Works much better for me than the mooncup - easier to remove and it works really well.
17/08/2016, By Chanell
I love these little sponges! Very comfy and easy to use. To me, easier than the menstrual cup, which sometimes would not open immediately or properly. And since the birth of my son, I never really felt comfortable with the menstrual cup, so these are my new favourite products!
13/06/2016, By Bianca
Took a while to get used to, but after using these I will never go back to regular bleached tampons ever again. Super comfortable and does not leak. Best used in combination with the Woman-kind washable pads, just in case.
07/05/2016, By Heather
These little sponges are comfortable, body and earth friendly. Wish I had known about such alternatives years ago! You do need access to a basin (or carry a second sponge and a small container) but once you have negotiated the learning curve you won wnat to go back to disposable options. They aren leak proof but then I haven found any options that are.
25/02/2016, By Liz
I guess its a bit like contact lenses, takes a bit getting used to it (removing, inserting and cleaning) - especially if youve only used tampons and pads, but I am really impressed. I will definitely continue using this as long as I have access to a private washing basin at work. :)
28/01/2016, By Janet
Now that Ive started using these, I actually prefer them to my menstrual cup!! They
e comfy and very easy to use.
08/12/2015, By Juliet
These sponges are amazingly comfortable, I can feel them at all. They work exceptionally well with no leaks. I highly recommend this product.
17/10/2015, By Sally
These work well for me as I have a sink close at hand to the loo at home work. Going out in public, you would need something to put the used one in to rinse out later at home. I also use a pantyliner at the same time as the sponge for peace of mind, just in case there is a small leak.
28/05/2015, By Tracy
These little sponges work like a charm. They are super soft and gentle and very absorbent. They don leak and don move around like menstrual cups which I found very difficult to fit properly. They are easy to clean and I sterilized mine with a few drops of tea tree oil and lavender oil. My only regret is that I didn find this product sooner! Thank you for stocking this product :)

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