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Back 2 Nature Witch Hazel & Rose Water Toner

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Back 2 Nature Witch Hazel & Rose Water Toner
Back 2 Nature Witch Hazel & Rose Water Toner
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  • 200ml
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This delightfully fresh toner will soothe and rejuvenate your skin with every splash. Back 2 Nature has blended healing witch hazel with replenishing rose water, to treat irritated, flushed or blotchy skin. The rose water works wonders for redness and is a natural, non-drying toner. Another delightful botanical beauty-booster from the Back 2 Nature range. Use as a refreshing cleanser, toner or gentle makeup remover.

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  • Cleanses and freshens your skin
  • Balances skin tone and complexion
  • Thoroughly removes makeup
  • Excellent for soothing razor burn
  • pH balanced for your skin’s natural acidity
  • Handmade with 100% natural, botanical Ingredients
  • Paraben-free
  • Alcohol-free
  • Palm Oil-free
  • Bottled in 100% recyclable and reusable glass
  • Approved by the South African Vegan Society
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan


  • Shake well before use.
  • Apply to a Cotton pad, and gently swab onto your skin before moisturising.

Care Instructions:

  • Store in a cool place, out of direct sunlight.


  • 200 ml


Ingredient Spotlight:

  • Witch Hazel is a natural astringent which tightens pores, smoothens skin tone, and reduces the appearance of large pores.
  • Rose water helps to restore, and balance your skin’s naturally acidic pH level.
  • Rose water has natural antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties which help to prevent breakouts, reduce redness, and promote circulation.

Allergens: Made in an environment where soy is used.

Country of Origin:

  • Made in South Africa
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Overall Rating
4.6 out of 5 stars from 346 reviews

337 out of 346 people would recommend this product

19/10/2021, By Jacqui W
Back 2 Nature Witch Hazel and Rose water toner is a great product. Cools the face and even helps with puffiness. It also helps with taking hair colour off one's face. Does not dry my skin
11/10/2021, By Berlinda
This toner has a pleasant smell and works well. It has none of the harmful ingredients that other similar commercially available products contain. I have searched for a long time for a product like this.
09/10/2021, By Twinkle
Love this product - gentle, effective and invigorating for skin
20/09/2021, By Fiona
Not good for my sensitive skin, caused redness & dryness
13/09/2021, By Ashley
I Love This Toner. Its Not Harsh On My Skin And My Pimples Have Vanished In 2 Weeks. It’s My First Time Trying It Out And I Must Say I Am Impressed And I Would Like To Carry On My Journey Using This On My Face Onwards.
13/08/2021, By F
I really love how light this is, feels very soft on the skin. With a truly lovely smell, subtle and not overwhelming.
09/08/2021, By Sam
Just love this as a toner. I have been using it for over a year now, and have stuck with it. I have such difficult skin and this is so soothing and refreshing. Its smell is heavenly. Really love the Rose Water fragrance in here, it is fresh and subtle.
01/07/2021, By Leen
So far so good, doesn't dry out my skin like those other "big name brands"
26/06/2021, By Nics90
I’m so happy to have discovered Back2Nature! My favourite part is the plastic-free packaging. So far the toner is working great in conjuction with the clay-based face wash. I can’t wait to see if my skin loves this brand in the longrun. Fingers crossed!
01/06/2021, By Refilwe
This toner is amazing for my dry skin. Ive been using it for 6 months now and my skin feels and looks amazing.
20/05/2021, By Christie
Fantastic product. Refreshing and moisturizing! I have put it in a spray bottle. Will definitely reorder.
13/05/2021, By Clair
Lovely to have a toner which leaves my skin moisturized, not dried out. My second bottle, and I'm sure it's helping to tighten my pores
12/05/2021, By te
20/04/2021, By Grant
I got it for my wife after overhearing her talking to a friend about RoseWater.... wanted to make her own....
Loves it and this is the third order.
22/03/2021, By Honey-Moon
Love it. It smells amazing and the product is kind to your skin and the planet. Very refreshing
20/03/2021, By Tam
I have combination skin and this products works very well for me!
11/03/2021, By Mj
This is the best toner I’ve ever used. Better than expensive toners I’ve bought. It smells amazing, has reduced my pores significantly, helps with acne and just leaves you feeling so refreshed. I will never go back to another toner!!
09/03/2021, By Gina
Works wonders! I added a spray cap for a waste-free experience.
23/02/2021, By Lynn
Smells so divine. But I find that it works as well as others
19/02/2021, By Coral-Lee
Highly moisturizing, perfect for if you get sunburnt on your nose, it will make 100% sure you don't peel. Also leaves skin radiant and soft.
12/02/2021, By Claudia
Love it!!! A little goes a looooong way! Doesn't leave your skin oily. Really a good product...and you can reuse the container. Bonus!
10/02/2021, By C
Feels good on the skin and smells really nice. Haven't noticed any remarkable difference but it is still early days.
04/02/2021, By B
I love this toner. It smells great and my skin appreciates it!
02/02/2021, By Bianca
Works best for oily skin. Witch hazel can be too strong for sensitive skin. This product did what it promised.
02/02/2021, By Nusayba
This toner did an excellent job at removing that excess sebum that stores bacteria and causes acne, and it wasn't drying in the least. I've seen a wonderful difference in the appearance of pores, as well as it's significantly cut down breakouts.
Definitely will be repurchasing this.
29/01/2021, By Susan
I’ll be purchasing again!
27/01/2021, By Sasha
hell yes! love this thang
26/01/2021, By Lize
This is my second purchase of this toner. So soothing for harsh summers.
20/01/2021, By Deanne
I highly recommend this toner! I am not that young anymore and have used countless numbers of different toners from the most expensive brands to supermarket products and I am very happy with the product. (I'm already on my third bottle.) It is lovely and fresh and I even use it as a quick fix during the day if I see that my face is looking a bit shiny in the summer heat. If you have very sensitive skin it might burn a little (I've heard Witchhazel can have this effect), but I have had absolutely no adverse reactions and I love the fragrance. Good price too!
19/01/2021, By Nikki
08/01/2021, By Leandi
I love this, got it as a gift for a friend and she loves it too :)
04/01/2021, By Duané
Would def buy it again, thanks!
09/12/2020, By Samantha
Gentle on my skin, clears breakouts & moisturises my skin. Feels and smells great.
07/12/2020, By Chanel
Too much of an astringent. Probably best for very oily skin
05/12/2020, By Taryn
I use this product as a toner and a mist. I threw it in a spray bottle. This product is great for people with enlarged pores. Toner should be applied to the face with cotton pads and if you going to use it as a mist dilute it with filtered water. I will buy this product again and again.
26/11/2020, By Bronwin
Love this product, my skin has never felt better
26/11/2020, By Mich
The best makeup remover.
25/11/2020, By Johan W
Great toner for both skin and hair. By accident I realised it smooth my hair, without making it look oily or gelled. And I do have easily oiled hair, but it makes it manageable and I can run my fingers through it and it still looks great
19/11/2020, By Chloë
My sister loves this stuff
18/11/2020, By Jolanda
Love the smell and very gentle on the skin
14/11/2020, By Naledi
14/11/2020, By Jessica
12/11/2020, By Athenkosi
10/11/2020, By Zoe
I ordered this toner after reading all the great reviews. However, my skin had a negative reaction towards it. My skin broke out and became dry.
09/11/2020, By Jessica
Great Product my skin loves it
05/11/2020, By Valerie
My very sensitive skin loves this toner. It also has the added benefit of smelling wonderfully fresh and botanical.
25/10/2020, By Christien
25/10/2020, By Vernice
23/10/2020, By Strawberry
I have used this product for a couple months and ever since changing over I love it. It works well on my face, I use the back to nature clay face wash and together they work really well.

This has helped my skin in many ways.
Love that it is vegan and that it is packaged in glass !
23/10/2020, By Tess
Worked well on my problematic skin.
23/10/2020, By SOPHY
Excellent product
15/10/2020, By Bryan
Great for cleaning and cleansing oily skin. Leaves it feeling fresh.
15/10/2020, By Alia
This toner is ideal for sensitive skin and leaves your skin feeling refreshed.
11/10/2020, By Clair
Good for removing oily cleansers without drying skin.
Removes organic eye make up too
08/10/2020, By Renee
Ideal for sensitive skin
08/10/2020, By Heidi
Amazing product for sensitive skin and eyes. Removes eye make up easily with no burning or irritation. Makes my skin look and feel firmer and more refreshed and less dry.
22/09/2020, By Carlene
Will definately get it again. I prefer to use in a spray bottle. Not a fan of toners and cotton wool application but love this one and just spray on after washing my face. Soothes and refreshes my skin. Love the smell
22/09/2020, By Fifi
After using this toner for 2 weeks my skins feels and looks amazing
17/09/2020, By Faith
I've been using this toner for the last 3 weeks.I love that it doesn't sting or burn my skin.My skin also doesnt feel dry.I still haven't noticed much of the redness going away.Or maybe it has??Time will tell but I would recommend.
16/09/2020, By Katlego
Terrible product, left a stinging burning sensation on my skin, is there a refund system once a customer is unsatisfied with a product especially if I reacted after four uses so the product is still full, I feel like I wasted my energy, money and time
16/09/2020, By Katlego
Terrible product, left a stinging burning sensation on my skin, is there a refund system once a customer is unsatisfied with a product especially if I reacted after four uses so the product is still full, I feel like I wasted my energy, money and time
15/09/2020, By Gretch
Really is a great product. Smells lovely. Definetly worth the buy
13/09/2020, By Jade
I cannot fault this product. Lovely packaging, wonderful smell and just great overall. My pores are virtually non-existent. I do put it in a spray bottle though, but that's just how I prefer to use my toners.
28/08/2020, By Viola
25/08/2020, By Nika
23/08/2020, By Rosanne
Excellent toner.... skin feels cool and refreshed
19/08/2020, By Mel
Lovely aroma and feels good on my skin. Very reasonably priced.
I prefer a spray application so you don't need to bother with cottonwool so have decanted into a different bottle. I'd would buy again :-)
14/08/2020, By Lucy
Love this toner, I love the smell too????????
06/08/2020, By Kalita
Ah man, this works so well. I almost wish it didn't because I don't like the smell.
01/08/2020, By nomsa
Love this toner
19/07/2020, By Clair
Gentle and moisturising.
Removes anything cleanser has missed.
Does not remove my organic makeup
17/07/2020, By Amy
Good product.
A little underwhelming considering all the good reviews.

I wouldn’t buy it again because it is nothing special. But it is a good toner, and it did work well on my sensitive skin.
17/07/2020, By Monica
I have tried quite a few toner and it dries out my skin after applying. But not this! It is moisturing and the smell is beautiful. I add a little oil to the mix of the tone and spray it on my face.
15/07/2020, By Heidi
A lovely toner. I like the smell and my skin feels lovely thereafter.
11/07/2020, By ember
Love it! Very cleansing
09/07/2020, By Candy
Your skin feels refreshed after using it. However after a couple of days of use, i noticed my skin started to feel a little sensative after applying it. So i will rather just use it once a week for now.
22/06/2020, By M.H
Next to apple cider vinegar, best toner tjar i have tried.
19/06/2020, By Morgan
Really great toner. Helps reduce pimple redness and swelling overnight. However, the rose geranium smell is very strong (personally its not my favourite) but you get used to it!
17/06/2020, By Tracy
take it allllll, this stuff is amazing
17/06/2020, By Karen
I love the smell and the packaging... very refreshing toner.
16/06/2020, By Laura
Ideal toner. Great addition to your daily skincare routine and the smell isn't overbearing.
15/06/2020, By Ghumayra
Love the packaging, love the contents even more!
11/06/2020, By Bernice
I really really, really do not like the smell of this toner...but it works so well. My skin took about a week to adjust, but now it's glowing. I just wish it had a more neutral smell, especially with it being for use on one's face.
11/06/2020, By Jenny
Very happy with this classic, old fashioned natural toner.
Makes my skin feel fresh, clean and comfortable.
So glad to have rediscovered it.
10/06/2020, By Palesa
beautiful, fresh scent. leaves my skin looking more even and toned. i just wish the bottle was bigger
10/06/2020, By Amie
it was good but didn't do anything for my skin
04/06/2020, By T
:) :) :) puuurrrfectly balanced and subtle and strong
02/06/2020, By Nthabiseng
Back to nature never disappoint
26/05/2020, By Tarryn
It has an amazing smell that made me enjoy using it. What I like about it the most is that it helped with the redness of my skin after washing my face and didn't dry out my skin.
26/05/2020, By Tarryn
It has an amazing smell that made me enjoy using it. What I like about it the most is that it helped with the redness of my skin after washing my face and didn't dry out my skin.
26/05/2020, By Madeline
I love the smell!. Since usong this product my skin has been a lot softer. It also leafes a refreshing feeling after applying it to my skin.
23/05/2020, By Palesa
Beautiful smell. Makes my skin soft and even. It's the best
23/05/2020, By Punam
Refreshing and has an amazing smell. Love it. My face felt dry initially but after a week my skin adjusted and it’s been good.
22/05/2020, By Anneline Jeanette
Incredible smell
22/05/2020, By First born
Good ingredients
16/05/2020, By
Trying it for the first time, Lovely smell!
15/05/2020, By Lesley-Ann
10/05/2020, By Sarah
10/05/2020, By Eagle Eye Ruth
Smells really good.
09/05/2020, By Molebo
Excellent blend
08/05/2020, By Guinevere
Witch hazel to the rescue lol
06/05/2020, By Nicola
Lovely and refreshing
05/05/2020, By Monique
This toner is light on the skin and refreshes the skin.
04/05/2020, By Taryn
This toner has a beautiful and calming scent and seems to tighten pores. I have loved incorporating this into my skincare routine.
29/04/2020, By Maxine
cant wait to try this product
28/04/2020, By zakiyah
What a toner
26/04/2020, By Candy
Fantastic toner
23/04/2020, By Lee
I adore the smell of this toner! It works wonders for my skin and has helped dramatically reduce my blackhead on my nose and forehead.
23/04/2020, By Kailyn
This toner is amazing! It is so gentle on my sensitive skin. My skin looks rejuvenated and iv only been using it for a week! So glad I listened to the reviews and tried it!!
21/04/2020, By Richal
Gentle on my skin and smells really good. Helps to dry up breakouts.
20/04/2020, By Teron
20/04/2020, By Cara
Definitely something I would purchase again. Leaves my face feeling super refreshed.
15/04/2020, By Jarel
the best toner in world.
07/04/2020, By Sally
This is the best toner I have used in ages! Not only is it a great low waste option but it really works! It is amazing at shrinking pores, leaves the skin feeling fresh and it smells great! My skin feels tight and refreshed!
03/04/2020, By Jarel
The gentlist toner I ever used. Love the smell
03/04/2020, By Carli
Gives you that fresh feeling. Love using it and it smells wonderful.
02/04/2020, By Natalie
Love, love, loooooove this product! I had a sudden problem with breakouts and this worked womders in helping it cleae up. Does not dry out skin and the smell is wonderfully rosy. It is a must have!
31/03/2020, By Candice
My face feels clean and fresh and I have noticed an improvement in my complexion ( less blemishes)
27/03/2020, By Sanet
I use this mixed with some aloe gel as a setting spray before and after make-up. I like the glass bottle and my skin feels fresh and moisturised.
24/03/2020, By Mash
There's a slight burning sensation but it's not unbearable. It smells absolutely great, my skin loves it and my pores actually look smaller. It's also quite affordable. Would I recommend it? Heck yeah.
23/03/2020, By Kelly
I absolutely love this facial toner. I have very sensitive skin and have eczema, and although this does burn slightly when you use it, it's a 'feel good' burn! I would 100% recommend this to anyone who struggles to find affordable and natural face products! Will definitely keep buying again and again. 10/10.
23/03/2020, By Ella
Definitely use this sparingly around the delicate skin of the face, but it smells delicious, and there's a visible difference in pore size.
14/03/2020, By Rolo 007
Smell is ok but it burns my skin, think it might be to strong, have to dilute it with water.
11/03/2020, By BEEFwithROSES
It's a great toner and make'up remover. However I wouldn't reccomend using it around your eyes, as it burns. Dries out acne spots.
11/03/2020, By Koala
I love this and don't need anything else, smell is addictively good.

The packaging glass is great, I prefer a white sticker to the colors something more clean and less busy.

09/03/2020, By Bhavash
Best toner I've used by far. Works well, took about 2 weeks before I started seeing results with my pores.
08/03/2020, By Robin
Love it! My pores have never looked smaller. Will buy again.
08/03/2020, By Robin
Love it! My pores have never looked smaller. Will buy again.
27/02/2020, By Nur
Helped with the redness on my cheeks
27/02/2020, By fluffpot
I use this as a make up remover. It's fresh and light, and I just love the smell!
24/02/2020, By Dalton
Super refreshing, smells great, leaves my skin feeling nourished and soft, plus it helped with break outs really quickly!
12/02/2020, By Ruth
Excellent product that does not dry out skin. Leaves skin feeling fresh.
05/02/2020, By Michaela
My favourite toner of all time! The bottle goes a long way, the scent is beautiful and I'm almost certain that it actually improves the state of my reactive, sensitive skin.
28/01/2020, By Lauryl
I love the Back 2 Nature range. My skin loves this rose water toner as well as their teatree and apple cider vinegar toner. Helps soothe my skin and tones down any redness.
25/01/2020, By Jolanda
I love the pleasant smell. My skin feels smooth and pores look more refined.
15/01/2020, By georgia
This has been my go-to toner for over a year now. It is gentle on your skin (won't dry it out), and easily gets rid of any make up residue. Bonus - it smells divine :)
14/01/2020, By Shannon
My absolute favorite toner. I will never use anything else again. Lovely smell and makes me skin feel so refreshed. Also helped with break outs.
13/01/2020, By Noksy
Such a great product! Smells great and leaves your skin feeling fresh and hydrated
08/01/2020, By Amanda
Not impressed with the smell, but it makes my skin feel refreshed and I have noticed that my skin are improving. I have also used this toner for other areas that are prone to breakouts or irritations. Also doesn't make my skin feel like it's stretched tight across my skull like other toners.
04/01/2020, By Tay
This toner is everything!
It smells amazing. It hydrates and leaves your skin looking clean and fresh. All natural. Doesn’t dry out my skin. I also love that it comes in a dark glass bottle. I use it as a setting spray after applying makeup too. A spray bottle alternative would be awesome
16/12/2019, By Carli
Smells great and leaves skin feeling refreshed.
15/12/2019, By Jozie
Skin feels awake and clean!
14/12/2019, By Jenn
I have only started learning about rose water recently and I must say I am really impressed. The smell is amazing and it has helped calm my red skin!
05/12/2019, By Samantha B
Best toner I have ever used. Makes my skin feel fresh and clean and definitely helps it look better. Recommended.
03/12/2019, By Angel
Heaven sent
27/11/2019, By Lize
Fantastic toner - I live in Oudtshoorn where the weather in summer is normal 40 degrees plus. Extremely soothing and was surprised at the mattifying effect it had in these conditions. Will def use again.
31/10/2019, By Lize Oudtshoorn
Lovely smell. Battle with my combination skin and this is incredibly soothing. Been using since September and satisfied.
30/10/2019, By Lucia
Its not harsh on skin. Great product
29/10/2019, By Shamel
This product has become my holy grail! Such a great toner that isn't harsh and doesn't dry out your skin. Love it!
27/10/2019, By Kate
Smells good, does the job!
25/10/2019, By Momo
This toner is the truth!!! I don't even know what to say! I've been using it for almost two months now and WOW! My skin looks alive and my breakouts aren't as horrible as they used to be. I have very sensitive, dry skin and was sceptical about trying it out because new products always agitate my skin but this one didn't! Thank you for bringing my dead skin back to life
24/10/2019, By Rebecca
tried this month's ago and never looked back. Will keep using it going forward.

However, my child with sensitive skin tried it and it was too harsh for them.
21/10/2019, By Roz
Smells lovely and it is refreshing but I can't comment yet on my skin reaction to it as it is inconsistent after one month
14/10/2019, By Mae
The best product to ever touch my skin. Highly recommend.
29/09/2019, By Noni
The toner smells amazing. Noticed a change in my skin within a week of using it. It stung at first though, but all in all, I love it.
29/09/2019, By Sina
Smells great! Not sure what it's doing for my skin though, but will definitley keep using it!
28/09/2019, By Dolly
Very refreshing toner. Gives my face a clean wipe and leaves skin feeling fresh yet hydrated. The price is also friendly to my pocket compared to my previous toner. I see myself buying another bottle. Works for summer skin. Not sure how it will fate in the winter
21/09/2019, By Gill
Fabulous toner, love the smell! It is mild for my mature skin, highly recommend it
20/09/2019, By Nadia
Great toner! I like that it doesn't dry out your skin and I can use it around my eyes to clean residual make up.
09/09/2019, By Joleen
The best toner I ever used will definitely purchase again , made my skin clean and soft.Its and amazing toner for acne skin.
08/09/2019, By Simone
I love this toner. It doesn't dry my skin out and it smells amazing.
02/09/2019, By Tegan
It's very soothing on my skin and smells amazing.
02/09/2019, By Danielle
My skin has never been happier with the combination of face-wash, toner and moisturiser from Back2 Nature. This toner really smells amazing. I highly recommend it!
22/08/2019, By Claire
I've reordered this product. It reduces my pores and smells great
30/07/2019, By Jo
I’ve been using this for over a year and LOVED IT! The scent, the feel, everything. But I recently bought a new bottle and it has a really unpleasant smell. The rose water scent is still there but there’s an additional scent that sort of overpowers it. Seems there is a new ingredient added. Not happy that I can’t return it either as I’ve already opened it, what a waste of money. I wish they’d go back to the old formula :((( will not be buying it again.
18/07/2019, By Claire
I love the toner. It helped minimized my pores and the difference was noticeable immediately.
17/07/2019, By Tari
Where have you been all my life?! My toner was delivered yesterday and I tried it last night for the first time. Oh my goodness!! I am so so happy with this toner. It's so gentle on my skin, absolutely no redness or irritation. I had a bump on my cheek, and this morning it was gone. And it smells divine. I am switching my entire skincare range to Back 2 Nature.
16/07/2019, By Tegs22
Works well. I had to dilute this per application by adding some water to the cotton face round first, little strong for my VERY sensitive skin. But does make pores appear smaller!
15/07/2019, By Rose delight
It smells delightful. It works well as a make up remover. I even add it to my home made face masks.
15/07/2019, By Charné
This is a good toner that calms my dried-out skin from the winter. Lasts ages and soothes skin.
15/07/2019, By Bianca
My skin feels great. I’ve been using this toner for the past 3 months and very happy with the results. Smells great too!
15/07/2019, By Nomvula
Wonderful value for money and absolutely great as a facial toner
11/07/2019, By Jennifer
Second time buying this toner. Love it! i can literally see my pores are so much smaller. Love the smell, refreshing feeling and gentleness on my skin! A definite thumbs up! Pairs well with the back to nature day cream.
07/07/2019, By Cindy
I really enjoyed using this, works great as a toner and make up remover!
04/07/2019, By N
I queried the changes and was told that addition of the plant based emulsifier makes the product cloudy instead of colourless and the scent commonly changes due to different harvest batches of the botanicals, time of year, season etc.
03/07/2019, By Bongeka
Would prefer to have it in a spray bottle, I'm currently using it with one. Love the smell, love how it just refreshes my skin, I'm happy.
24/06/2019, By Nancy
Not sure yet but the product changed it was colourless before now is milky like,I will see how I react to this batch. Last batch was nice, smelled nice too and it was calming on my sensitive skin.
14/06/2019, By Khanyisa
I used to love this product until I got the last batch. It's as if the formulation changed, the product is milky in colour, the smell is totally different from what I'm used to, the packaging even changed. The product burns when I apply it on and increases my hyperpigmentation! i am so disappointed !
14/06/2019, By Alex
11/06/2019, By Lizanne
I love this. It smells amazing, feels amazing on the skin, and is plastic free, vegan and cruelty free. This will become a staple.
06/06/2019, By Samantha
I fell in love with this from the get go and there are no nasty ingredients. The packaging and display are absolutely lovely.
As for my skin, I won't use any other toner.
I had a bit of sun burn and for the first time I could use something that actually soothed my skin. Wouldn't mind a slightly bigger bottle.
04/06/2019, By Mariska
I am so amazed at this product and so happy I have discovered it. I use it to remove my makeup and a little goes a long way. I then tone with it and my skin would feel super clean and refreshed. I love that it comes in dark glass too to protect the properties. It makes my skin feel silky soft!
17/05/2019, By Janine
This is amazing. Makes my skin feel clean and soft before I use the Back2Nature face food. It's made a huge difference in the softness of my skin.
16/05/2019, By Jennifer
Lovely!!smells great, great as a toner and freshen up with.
11/05/2019, By Erika
I do really like this toner. It's soothing and refreshing. I've learned that a little goes a long way and to just lightly dab my face with a bit of this toner, otherwise it can be drying. The rosehip smell doesn't cling to your face and fades quickly. I find the fragrance relaxing especially in the morning before work. Will buy again. I've only had this toner for two weeks, that's way I'm giving 4 stars but it probably deserves 5. Plus, it's well priced for an all-natural toner.
07/05/2019, By AG
I liked this toner, though I find it can be drying if used often, even on oily skin. Hate the fragrance - for heaven's sake, can skincare companies please leave out the blimming rose geranium oil?
07/05/2019, By Mpumi
I finally understand the rave about this product. Because of my sensitive and dry skin, I always have to cautious with the kind of toner I can use and this one is perfect. It smells great and does not leave my skin dry. The packaging is also great.
06/05/2019, By Megan
After trying this I will never need another toner. The product works perfectly and I love that it's plastic free! It has really reduced the redness of my skin
26/04/2019, By Anonymous
Smells amazing! After continued use I've noticed pigmentation start to fade. Fingers crossed
24/04/2019, By Evgenia
Great refreshing toner, skin feels clean and not tight.
21/04/2019, By Dee
It soothes my dry skin and reduces redness due to pimples and sunburn. I really love this toner. I use it in the morning and evening.
20/04/2019, By Nina
My skin is screaming because it looooooves this toner so freaking much. So soothing and calming my skin feels like it just came back from a 3 week spa retreat.

I find this product works best without applying it with a cotton round, for me i enjoyed the product best when pouring less than a teaspoon of the product into my hand and then directly applying to my skin.
17/04/2019, By Kelly
I love this product. I've only been using it for a few days, and I feel confident going makeup free every day. It smells great, it's gentle on my skin and I see the brightness in my skin immediately after use!
15/04/2019, By Ashleigh
I love this. I have recently switched over to natural products and read the reviews about this Toner. I am extremely happy with the results so far.
10/04/2019, By Zandri
THIS SMELLS SO GOOD! I keep mine in the fridge to prolong shelf life, and its so soothing putting some on a cotton round against my skin. I saw they had a 30% of sale on this brand so i decided to order another one because my other one is almost finished. Great quality. Love what it does for my skin.
09/04/2019, By Maninie
This toner is the BOMB
09/04/2019, By Carmen
Wow, this really is a great toner! Gentle on the skin and I find it really helps reduce redness and calm the skin!
05/04/2019, By Ulfah
Really good product. If you have sensitive skin, its perfect. Lovely fresh smell and gentle on your skin. A little goes a long way.
02/04/2019, By Ms. Blue
Refreshing, nourishing and cleansing and smells sooo good. Also good value for money- it lasts quite long.
29/03/2019, By Semakane
This! Smells! Divine! I thought I would only use it to remove make-up whenever I wore some, but I find it such a treat that I use it every morning and evening as a good refreshing face cleaner. Will TOTALLY buy again and again.
27/03/2019, By Bianca
Works really great for me, help so reduce redness and my skin feels so soft.
25/03/2019, By Stella
Great for treating acne-prone skin.
22/03/2019, By Tee
Good product. Leaves your face feeling soft and fresh and it smells great too
13/03/2019, By Kristlee
LOVE! this smells so good and is so good on my skin. I truly love and recommend all Back2Nature products!
13/03/2019, By Chanel
This toner does not leave the skin dry. It has a great smell. Significantly reduced the inflammation on my face. Would recommend!
11/03/2019, By Nancy
Love love this toner. Does not leave my skin dry. So far I'm loving it.
08/03/2019, By Danike
I've been using this toner for about a month now and my breakout has completely cleared. I have also noticed that the redness in my skin has been soothed and decreased drastically.
Plus it smells amazing!!
26/02/2019, By lungi
Great toner, leaves skin feeling fresh without any dryness. Definitely a staple for me.
19/02/2019, By Joy
It has a lovely rosy fragrance and it leaves your skin cool and refreshed.
18/02/2019, By Nerisee
I love the smell of this product and the gentle way it tones my skin. My skin feels fantastic afterwards!
14/02/2019, By Ayanda
I've been using this everyday since I bought this. I'm almost out, and I am considering getting another. I'm honestly slowly noticing a balance point approaching with my skin tone, since using this product.

Since I'm not so clued up about face care, I can only just say, I like what I'm getting from this witch hazel.
14/02/2019, By Caroline
First time I've tried the product, I love the smell and it leaves my skin feeling great
12/02/2019, By Claire
Really great smell and I love that it comes in a glass bottle.
11/02/2019, By Shiks
Must have in any beauty regimen. Cooling and soothing on the skin. Perfect for the hot summer months!
06/02/2019, By Catherine
I've been looking for an alcohol-free witch hazel and rose water blend toner for ages, and am super chuffed with this one. I decant it into a spray bottle and use it as a mist toner (rather than applying it with a cotton pad), and I love it. Smells divine, and it is gentle on sensitive skin.
30/01/2019, By Hayley
Adore this toner. Smells great, feels so refreshing on the skin. And at a great price point.
21/01/2019, By Claire
Love the way it makes my skin and my brain feel really rejuvenated. I love the smell sooooo much
12/01/2019, By Megan
Quite strong smelling but works wonderfully. A little goes a long way. Very refreshing.
12/01/2019, By Kgai
I dont even want to talk much - talk is cheap!!! This is a must. Thats all I can say. Thank me later with a generous gift!!!
12/01/2019, By Nthabi
Great product,improved my dark marks and is not drying. Smells amazing aswell
07/01/2019, By Stha
This is a great product, especially when you put it in the fridge and use it cold. It refreshens and soothes skin, and an excellent make up remover.
02/01/2019, By Jo
Love this product! I use it as a makeup remover and toner. It smells amazing and I love that it is in s glass bottle.
29/12/2018, By Michaela
Beautiful scent and feels oh so refreshing after I dispensed it into a spray bottle. My favourite toner yet and real value for money
19/12/2018, By Kim
I simply love this toner. It's soothing and has an absolutely divine fragrance. I'm already on my third bottle.
13/12/2018, By Chemelle
It's okay. I didn't see a difference in my skin (even with using the day and night cream in the same range) but it does have a nice soothing effect.
29/11/2018, By Ayanda
I am using it everyday since purchased. I don't know if it's me or it's working... but my facial skin has been feeling really nice.
26/11/2018, By ZakhoLina
The first time I bought it, it was actually good.
The second time however, it was weak and Meh.
19/11/2018, By Melissa
This toner smells amazing. Second time buying it. Soothes the skin and removes any leftover makeup after cleansing. Doesn't clear my acne but it makes it less red.
16/11/2018, By Gabrielle
Smells good, makes my skin feel soft
07/11/2018, By Jo
Smells great, gentle on the skin and feels really great on. Definitely will buy again!
06/11/2018, By Anks
Best ever! An absolute must-have. Smells amazing and makes my face feel great and clean!
06/11/2018, By Rachel
I absolutely love this product!
I have never been a fan of using toner in my facial cleansing regime, but this toner has changed the game completely. It's very light and refreshing, and unlike the other chemical filled toners I've used in the past this leaves my skin feeling fresh and nourished.
I'd recommend for all sensitive, acne prone skin types - this toner will completely change the way you look at your skin.
01/11/2018, By Penny
A staple in my beauty routine.
31/10/2018, By Fatima
I place it in a spray bottle and mix a few drops sweet almond oil as a moisturizer. Does wonders for my blotchy and acne prone skin.
31/10/2018, By Meli
Very light feeling toner on your skin.
Love the smell!
30/10/2018, By Caitlin B
This product has really helped me with my skin issues! I suffer from hot flushes and it definitely helps calm down my skin and reduce redness. It has also helped to reduce breakouts. I would 10/10 recommend this product!
26/10/2018, By anonymous
Helps with scaring. Makes skin feel refreshed. It balances your ph level. It's very necessary especially with water crisis. You can see the dirt it removes on the cotton wool. It also smells really good. Gentle yet effective
25/10/2018, By The good stuff
I love this toner. Love the the way it makes my skin feel.
22/10/2018, By Ree
Glad to have found a plastic-free toner
19/10/2018, By Sonja
This toner burnt my skin & has created a red rash on my face. I will never use it again!
14/10/2018, By Janine
It calms down the redness and is a great toner. Smells nice too. Also helps with dry skin. I buy this often. Cannot go without it
12/10/2018, By J
Tried this out for the last couple of months and sold on it now. I have definitely far less breakouts. Very economical too.
10/10/2018, By Nicole
Have been using it for about a week now. The smell is divine. No complaints so far, it is working very well with my skin. Pimples are less and my skin is healthy and glowing
10/10/2018, By Helen
My daughter is using this, and she loves it. The smell is divine. Wouldn't use it for sensitive skin or rosacea though.
08/10/2018, By Suné
I'm not 100% in love with the smell but it's not so bad that I can't use it. It doesn't do much for me in the redness area. My face is always red but I haven't seen a change. But not bad as an extra step to remove my foundation.
02/10/2018, By Thaveshnee
Good toner
27/09/2018, By Jen
I absolutely love this. Really evened out my complexion and reduced redness. Smells amazing and feels so fresh after, without drying my skin out.
20/09/2018, By Ntaoleng
Smells amazing , didn't cause any breakouts as my skin is quite sensitive. I will be buying again. in terms of packing I would prefer a spray top head.
20/09/2018, By Jenna-leigh
love rosewater
18/09/2018, By TSL
Obsessed with this toner. It is so gentle but really cleanses my skin. It has helped clear/prevent breakouts.
16/09/2018, By Bianca
Great toner. Love the gentleness of the rosewater and witch hazel combination. Great for reducing redness and leaves my skin feeling fresh
16/09/2018, By Cass
This is a great toner with a lovely delicate scent. It works well to soothe mild bacterial infections and improves skin texture without drying the skin.
13/09/2018, By LW
I can already see a difference in my skin after using only 10 days. I have extremely sensitive combination skin and this toner clarifies my skin without drying it out or causing any reaction.
11/09/2018, By Rebecca
This product had turned my skin care around! Lovely cleat feeling without drying skin out!
11/09/2018, By Janine
Excellent product range! A little goes a long way. Pure, no added nasties!
07/09/2018, By Aneesa
After reading all the amazing reviews I was so excited to try this toner. Unfortunately it was horrible. I don’t have sensitive skin but it burned my skin badly and now my skin is peeling all over my face. I can’t even describe how disappointed I am. I have to throw it away. What a waste of money !
02/09/2018, By Chelsea
I love this product, I have sensitive skin and its non-irritating and has faded my acne scars considerably.
31/08/2018, By Ncami
I am in love with this toner/cleanser, it literally removes dirt from my skin leaving it clean and fresh. I don't see myself using any other toner ever. Am totally sold!
31/08/2018, By Emily
Smells like heaven! I really like this, very gentle.
28/08/2018, By Neesh
I used the Back 2 Nature Witch Hazel Toner and it made my skin feel fresh, smelling fabulous and clean. I enjoyed how lightweight and easy to apply it is and my skin felt less oily.
26/08/2018, By N
I mixed this with jojobo oil to make a toning lotion. Fresh and hydrating
21/08/2018, By Lebs
This is a really great product. I've got really sensitive skin but this product does wonders!
19/08/2018, By Tegan
Wonderful toner! It smells amazing. I have acne prone skin and it helps with inflammation. I do need to moisturise after I've used it otherwise my skin feels dry. A big pro for me is that is natural I will keep using it.
16/08/2018, By Joy Christine
Such a lovely rose smell from the Toner. I like that it helps redness of the skin, since I do have an acne prone skin. It's natural and non-toxic, definitely recommend this!
15/08/2018, By Claire Michelle
Smells divine and is very effective.
14/08/2018, By Alisjia
I Freakin love this, my husband calls it the 'Turkish delight' toner because of the rose water!! It feels light on my skin and really fresh :)
13/08/2018, By Lynn
Love the toner, the smell and how it makes my skin feel. Just wish the bottle was better as I have spilt it so many times:(
12/08/2018, By Sabrina
This is the second or third bottle that I have bought. Though it has increased in price quite a bit (I previously remember it being R99 less than two months ago) it's still an amazing product that I will carrying on using. I feel like the smell gets better every time, HOWEVER, online it says it has lavender and grapefruit in it, but on the bottle it does not.
12/08/2018, By Sabrina
This is the second or third bottle that I have bought. Though it has increased in price quite a bit (I previously remember it being R99 less than two months ago) it's still an amazing product that I will carrying on using. I feel like the smell gets better every time, HOWEVER, online it says it has lavender and grapefruit in it, but on the bottle it does not.
12/08/2018, By Yash
Skin feels so fresh and clean after using this. Love the smell as well. Huge thumbs up
09/08/2018, By Lindsey
Smells so lovely and plastic free which is a bonus!
06/08/2018, By Ethne
Plastic free packaging, smells and feels divine, LOVE.
03/08/2018, By Sally
Wonderful toner, great value and price. And it comes in glass bottle
02/08/2018, By Nina
Love Love love! Really such a great feeling on your skin!! smells great!
31/07/2018, By N
I added Jojobo oil to the product and used it as a light moisturiser.
27/07/2018, By Yush
Makes my skin feel soft. BUT i would suggest they add some sort of filter/lid thing so that a little toner comes out at a time when using.
24/07/2018, By Teeks
Really good. Leaves face nice and refreshed.
24/07/2018, By Estelle
Refreshing! I can't imagine using anything else after trying this toner.
My make-up is easily removed with a dab of toner but cos it smells so good, I wanna use more of it. My skin feels so taut after, ready for a rich moisturizer.
24/07/2018, By Adele
Love the smell and makes my skin very receptive to my serum and moisturizer. A bit drying, but still worth using on my combination skin. I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the packaging.
18/07/2018, By Dahne
Love the smell and the natural ingredients, although natural you can feel it working.
09/07/2018, By Rebecca
seems a great toner and definitely a great price
05/07/2018, By jenna
smells amaaazing
30/06/2018, By Getruida
I like this brand a lot. i use this toner along with goats milk soap and the african black soap
25/06/2018, By alessiamaria
Good toner for combination skin. Has a pleasant smell too considering it is all natural. Does what it says but nothing super special.
22/06/2018, By Bee
Works like magic! Just remember to use daily.
22/06/2018, By Nicki
The best toner I have used. Smells great, super refreshing and my skin feels clean and healthy.
20/06/2018, By Briggi-Babes
This is a great toner and perfect for a sensitive skin!
18/06/2018, By Debbie
Loving this toner! Smells great and feels really good. My skin is definitely looking more even and glowy :)
17/06/2018, By Samantha Jayne
This toner is AMAZING. I absolutely love it and it's really done wonders for my skin in a very short amount of time. Will be buying again for sure. Love it
04/06/2018, By Chels
My best toner yet! Soothes my skin and has helped to minimize redness and keep it fresh and glowy! Best part is it’s 100% natural and smells divine.
31/05/2018, By Tara
I love this toner.
Laves the skin feels refreshed and does not dry the skin.

The smell of rose water is incredible.
25/05/2018, By Ashley
This toner is absolutely amazing! I would highly recommend it to anyone. I have very sensitive skin but this is gentle and moisturizing.
22/05/2018, By Uriah
Can we just talk about how the smell of it just heals your soul? Lol... I love love love this product the rose water just makes my skin glow while the witchazel gets rid of my ugly scars. Though it takes some time....
21/05/2018, By Nicci
Really great product - soothes skin irritations and the smell is divine too:)
20/05/2018, By Noma
Really great for reducing the dark appearance of marks or scarring on the face. Extremely soothing on the skin.
20/05/2018, By Noma_v
Fantastic product for reducing the dark appearance of marks and scars. Loved it.
19/05/2018, By Sadie
Helps a lot with inflammation on my acne prone skin. I'm in the process of reducing my cystic acne through diet, but this product has definitely been helping a lot as well. It also smells amazing!
16/05/2018, By Charné
The toner smells great, and it is very invigorating. It comes environmentally-friendly packaged too (glass) and there's no plastic involved.
A great toner all in all :)
08/05/2018, By Sabrina
I was going through the ingredients of this product and noticed that the ingredients on the bottle don't match that on the website... so now I'm confused; the physical bottle does not include Lavender and Grapefruit in their ingredient box!
06/05/2018, By Kay
It’s a nice toner for times when my skin is super dry and itchy so especially in the seasonal transitions. Mild enough but still very effective. Also affordable so a keeper.
02/05/2018, By Melani
This product not only smells divine but works well! it has really helped my acne prone skin. I would highly recomend it
01/05/2018, By Sabrina
Really, really great toner! So nice and refreshing on oily sink and has an absolutely beautiful scent. Will be buying again!!
30/04/2018, By Ness
So far I am thrilled with this product! My skin has never felt more relaxed and soft - it has really helped with acne too. I would definitely recommend this toner.
26/04/2018, By tess
love it
24/04/2018, By B
I have really oily skin and have been through many products.
I have been using this product just over 2 weeks now and it is amazing. My skin is not stripped from its moisture and the oil production is noticeably less than before. I love this toner and will be buying more!
23/04/2018, By Noxolo
Witch hazel toner is a must have if you have acne prone skin I definitely enjoyed using this product, but the ingredients on the site are a bit deceiving the ingredients on my bottle were did not include lavender and grapefruit instead they were witch hazel, Rosewater, spring water and rose geranium but I wasn't disappointed with the quality and effect of the product.
18/04/2018, By Katie
I love this toner! I’ve only used it for a few weeks but it’s fantastic. Calming and gentle and such a lovely smell!
And it’s a definite winner for me because it comes in a glass bottle, not plastic!
10/04/2018, By Elmari
My skin has calmed down since I started using back2nature products. The first week, it was a bit red when using the toner but now it great. No more eczema!
05/04/2018, By Bedevilled
I love this product. The smell is stunning and it really works well with controlling my oily/problematic skin especially in a sub-tropical/humid environment.. I would highly recommend.
04/04/2018, By Nick
It has a strong rose water smell compared to other witch hazel & rose water mixes ive bought
29/03/2018, By CDF
The toner smells amazing and it very gentle on my sensitive skin.

I am very prone to painful hormonal acne and the toner soothed and relieved breakouts. Although I still get pimples they do not last as long and there is significantly less scarring.

Love the fact that is is organic, plastic free and great for the environment. Loving this brand in general
25/03/2018, By Anne
Got this as a present, and love the product. Gentle on the skin, will definitely buy with my next order!
05/03/2018, By Alto.
Took a little while but my skin started clearing up once I started using a powerbrush, black soap, rose water and this toner daily - it smells great and definitely helps with toning and protecting the skin. Definitely try integrating it into you skincare routine.
05/03/2018, By Olivia
Gentle, smells AMAZING - I will definitely repurchase!
20/02/2018, By Kathleen
On my 2nd bottle, love this stuff. It's fantastic as a pre make up remover as well as toner. Doesn't dry out my skin and smells lovely.
10/02/2018, By Gabs
Day 2 and my skin is feeling fresh and smooth already , worth every penny !
08/02/2018, By Chantz
This product does exactly what it says and I love it!
06/02/2018, By Eva
Amazing, gentle smell. And it takes away the redness in my face! Calms my skin. No irritation or stifness of the skin. Tones nicely
05/02/2018, By Shandre
Love the smell, I use it after using my african black soap face wash, this combination works well for acne prone skin and pigmentation marks.My skin definitely feels softer. I like that this toner doesn't dry out your skin. Good value for money.
26/01/2018, By Dima
This toner is BAE as a makeup remover. U name it, it will remove it with ease. It didn't work as well on my acne prone skin as a toner but it is still gentle and the smell is divine.
06/01/2018, By Sarah
LOVE this product!
30/12/2017, By Candice
Only been using a couple of weeks and I feel like my skin tone has improved. There is no stinging and it doesn't leave my normally dry skin feeling drier at all. And I love the smell. I think it'll last ages so I feel it's good value.
30/11/2017, By Nadia
Nice gentle toner. No stinging. I would use this again.
18/11/2017, By Mercy
It smells great. I only just started using it and so far it hasn't caused any damaged. The white heads on my nose and chin are disappearing! I look forward to the long term benefits this toner has in store for me.
07/11/2017, By Jenna
This toner smells amazing, unfortunately the first time I used it, it burnt my skin which left it very dry. I really do love it and want to continue using it, but too scared to try again!
03/11/2017, By Bindie
My husband has commented on how my skin texture has improved since using this product. Will definitely use this again.
25/10/2017, By Maxine
have been using this, nice non astringent toner, even on sunburned skin.
25/10/2017, By Maxine
have been using this, nice non astringent toner, even on sunburned skin.
17/10/2017, By Trish
Absolutely loving this toner, I love trying new products all the time but always disappointed. This is what i call my breakthrough, i'm definitely sticking with this one ...loving it :)
13/10/2017, By Verena
This appears under the heading of "make-up removers" and it certainly isn't a make-up remover..especially not mascara!
That being said, its a beautiful toner with a divine smell
11/10/2017, By Janet
What a wonderful product. It smells great and after only one week of use my skin is so soft and silky and honest to goodness radiant.
10/10/2017, By busi
smells great and refreshing ,love this one im definateli adding it to my monthly skin regime
09/10/2017, By Obi
This product helps my face as it is very oily, gives me an extra clean feeling and has a nice calm cleansing as i suffer from acne.
09/10/2017, By Clara
Love it. My skin feels great and its a great trio using it with the day and night cream.
08/10/2017, By T
Smells divine! I've only been using it for a week now but I can definitely see and feel the difference!
11/09/2017, By Michelle Gray
Just love it! Smells great and feels great on my skin!
24/08/2017, By Mpho
I have been using this product for a lil over 2 months now and my skin is clear of dark marks and its even brighter.
23/08/2017, By Savvy
I absolutely LOVE this toner! It has the most wonderful smell and is gentle on my sensitive skin. It removes excess makeup after cleansing without my skin feeling dry or stripped afterwards.
31/07/2017, By Tamlyn
Love this toner, am so glad I've found it. Been a long look trying different products. This is the keeper!
28/07/2017, By Carrie
Absolutely love this toner. The best product ever. Will not be changing to any other toner as I have found the one that suits my skin. Very happy!
19/07/2017, By Emma
This is a great Toner. It makes my skin feel refreshed and soft after the first use, and it smells amazing!
12/06/2017, By Elzane
This is the best product I have ever used on my face. Tightens pores and leaves your skin with a glow.
31/05/2017, By Niz
I was struggling with a very sensitive, scaly skin that reacted to everything i used on my face. This toner is just soothed the itching and dryness of my skin and left it supple and soothed.It didnt leave my skin dry or tight. Love it will definitely recommend it
30/05/2017, By Rachel
Love this toner! Smells fresh and natural and leaves skin feeling clean without drying you out. Just wish it came in a larger size.
31/03/2017, By AJ
Love this toner - leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. Feels gentle on the skin and smells amazing!
22/03/2017, By Priya
I love this toner. It makes my skin smooth, clear and feels refreshed the whole day. However its so pricey... So You really have to use it sparingly.

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