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Faithful to Nature Castor Oil

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Faithful to Nature Castor Oil

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Faithful to Nature Castor Oil
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  • 250ml
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Why Faithful to Nature loves it:
Faithful to Nature Castor Oil is pure castor oil that’s unrefined, cold-pressed and hexane-free to preserve the natural goodness within. Use this multipurpose carrier oil as a natural cleanser and to soothe inflammation, redness & acne. Add a few drops to your bath or apply directly to the skin for nourishing hydration. Castor oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that promote the growth of lashes, brows and hair. Embrace your natural abundance with Faithful to Nature Castor Oil.

Our strict ingredient policy means that you can always shop according to your values. Every item on FtN is checked to be better for the environment, socially responsible, good for you and free from toxic ingredients.
  • Cold-pressed castor oil
  • 100% pure & natural
  • Contains ricinoleic acid & omega-6 fatty acids
  • Anti-inflammatory properties reduce skin redness
  • Gently removes dirt & sebum from skin
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Can help inhibit acne-causing bacteria
  • May help to improve circulation in scalp & hair growth
  • Use to nourish skin, hair & nails
  • Hexane-free
  • Free from added chemicals, preservatives & fillers
  • Certified cruelty-free by Beauty Without Cruelty South Africa
  • Made in South Africa


  • For topical use only.
  • Can be applied directly to hair or skin.
  • Use to moisturise or as a massage or bath oil.

Care Instructions:

  • Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.


  • For external use only.
  • Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Avoid contact with eyes and broken skin.
  • Patch test before use.
  • Discontinue immediately should irritation occur.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


  • Nett Volume: 250 ml.



  • Recyclable amber glass bottle with a paper label.

Country of Origin:

  • Made in South Africa
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Overall Rating
4.9 out of 5 stars from 165 reviews

164 out of 165 people would recommend this product

29/02/2024, By Sabrina
Best pure Castor oil. Miracle product.. have been using on my body with thyroid pack and the body pack to detox and draw out heavy metals and toxins. Definite results when used frequently I feel so much better and for pain it’s amazing I just rub it on the sore muscle or joint and it really brings relief. I’m a ‘fan’ of castor oil the age old natural staple in the ‘first aid box’.
20/02/2024, By dandy
I bought this product for my face and dark circles, but it has worked better than I expected for my eyes, I no longer have headaches from the blue light effect on my eyes and since I started using it I haven’t won my glasses
19/02/2024, By Simunay
I lve been using it for my lower back couple a days now and its just does wonders with the muscle pains
15/02/2024, By Kisha
I love the oil. I am allergic to most stuff but I am happy to say that I can use this oil on my face and body and no reaction. I cannot do without so I will order in bulk for the rest of the family
14/02/2024, By Nolimits311
The best out there. Use it all over can see an improvement in skin condition and elasticity.
13/02/2024, By Mimi
I use it on my face,hair and tummy I love it
13/02/2024, By Chrissy
Highly recommend product, very well priced!
12/02/2024, By Candys
Miracles Castor oil. It works wonders. I have 3 days using it. I am loving it. Constipation thing of the past
12/02/2024, By Candys
Miracles Castor oil. It works wonders. I have 3 days using it. I am loving it. Constipation thing of the past
10/02/2024, By Nonku
This is a good product, now all my cycle is using it. It good in skin, take aways pains as I have fibroid. I don't feel pain any more. It even good in hair growth. I love it.
10/02/2024, By Nonku
This is a good product, now all my cycle is using it. It good in skin, take aways pains as I have fibroid. I don't feel pain any more. It even good in hair growth. I love it.
10/02/2024, By Tebo
I'm loving the castor oil, it's quality. I love the service. Definitely would recommend!!!
10/02/2024, By Justine
I like that it's affordable. I'm using it with other ingredients as a face serum & already feeling a difference.
09/02/2024, By Connie
I was so impressed with my 1st bottle of Castor oil. My insomnia is something of the past and I feel absolutely good. My foot calluses is busy going away, all pains and aches are something of the past. I highly recommend this product. I convinced 2 of my friends to invest in this product. ALSO I JUST LOVE THE PACKAGING
06/02/2024, By Monalisa Tatenda
Its brilliant stuff, Bottle is made of glass and dark brown, and was delivered really quick. good value.
05/02/2024, By LEE
I have a a chemical use outbreak on my hands and therefore can not use a creams, started using this castor oil since last Thursday and its gone after going to dermatologists using cortisone creams for over 1 year, finally I do not have to cover my hands anymore, Thank you to Faithful to nature for source the best.
05/02/2024, By Lele
Love this product, I apply it everywhere. It has helped to improve my skin. I was struggling with dry skin before. My hair is also thick and healthy ever since I started applying the oil to it... It was a good buy.
05/02/2024, By Lele
Love this product, the oil is a nice, chick consistency. I have recently bought a second bottle. It has helped with my skin which was extremely dry and my hair is fuller and thicker.
01/02/2024, By Boitumelo
Been using this for 2 days and I'm loving it , it doesn't smell and its doing the things :) :) I suffer from constipation and after day 2 of just using it on my tummy and navel I'm happy to report that it has done the things.
29/01/2024, By Bekkie08
First time using Castor Oil. Have been using it for a month now, and can definitely feel the difference.
28/01/2024, By Wendels
Best online experience This product gives my face a glow i never had.
16/01/2024, By J
Great product! advice from Web - getting castor oil in the eye can cause eye irritation, a reduced tear quality, blurred vision and allergic reactions. It can also block lubricating glands in the eyelid resulting in dry eye.
07/01/2024, By Landi
When I initially started using this product I didn't react well. I think I used too much too soon. So, I left it for a while, and will introduce it slowly this time to experience the health benefits
29/11/2023, By Virginia M
I bought the castor oil yesterday, and it was delivered the same day.

I got home and applied it to my belly for period cramps, and they are completely gone!

I cannot wait to try it out on my face and hair.
23/11/2023, By Suhavna
Amazing Castor oil. So affordable and works wonders!
21/11/2023, By Jolie.
This is the best castor oil ..
I had a ward on my shoulder and decided to put the castor on for one week morning and night after a week it came more ward...
21/11/2023, By Jolie.
This is the best castor oil ..
I had a ward on my shoulder and decided to put the castor on for one week morning and night after a week it came more ward...
09/11/2023, By Tam
Love this product! High quality oil and just what I was looking for but I do wish it had a medicine dropper attached to it… that would help with application.
08/11/2023, By Shireen
Oil really helps with cramps during menstruation. For years now my mom has been battling with the aches and pains of osteoarthritis. Since she has been rubbing her legs and lower back with the cold pressed castor oil before bed time at night, she’s been sleeping well and experiencing much less pain during the night
08/11/2023, By Sanu
Ordering was so simple, delivery was so quick! Packaged perfectly and sent with love and care. Cannot wait to start using my cold pressed castor oil. I know I'm gonna be a regular customer if their service is this amazing! Faithful to Nature we need more businesses like you!!
08/11/2023, By Bomza
Good Quality, I applied on my under eyes and i notice difference on the second day.
06/11/2023, By Kay
Love the quality of this product
06/11/2023, By Sue
I insert a drop of Castor Oil into my eyes when aching. It's soothing and eye is better within minutes.
06/11/2023, By Sue
I use Castor Oil to sooth my aching joints and muscles by massaging it into my muscles/joints.
05/11/2023, By Lizzy
I bought this for my mom because she had eye problem, so after 2days of applying it on the eye she was happy with the outcome now her eyes are fine she can now see clearly, so I'm very happy with the product
05/11/2023, By Sharné
Love the packaging en quality of the product
04/11/2023, By Olivia
I've suffered from horrible period pains for years, and a friend recommended cold pressed castor oil and I tried this one. Firstly, the delivery service was impeccable and the product itself was amazing. In 14 years I didn't have awful period pains as I usually do. I'm not sure what science is behind the cold pressed castor oil. Thank you Faithful to Nature.
03/11/2023, By Dine
Helped me allot
31/10/2023, By Chrizane
Great value for money!
28/10/2023, By fatima
excellent service..quality of castor oil is excellent .
28/10/2023, By Coreen
28/10/2023, By Ceciel
This has become my go-to pain reliever. It works really well. Thank you FTN for a great product.
28/10/2023, By Sne
It is a real great product, I was initially hesitant about the smell but oil did not have an overpowering scent
27/10/2023, By Bafedile
Good product
26/10/2023, By Kgaugelo
Wow am so thankful for faithful to nature ❤️
I started to use this product and so far am feeling a lot of change..
24/10/2023, By Shriya
Absolutely love this oil, makes my skin brighter and smoother.
24/10/2023, By Shri
Leaves my skin looking brighter and smoother. Absolutely love it!
24/10/2023, By Tshepiiey
I bought it two weeks ago, it has my skin looking good.
24/10/2023, By NES
Fantastic product, will recommend it for multaple use.
24/10/2023, By Zaza
Love this product, received my order in 24 hours

Thank you.
23/10/2023, By Sha
I simply love this product. I have been buying them for friends and family members...absolutely happy. As for the service delivery, packaging etc...Faithful to word...Amazing.
Thank you.
23/10/2023, By Ree
Love this product. Great for skin and for inflammation and helps with constipation.
Great value for money and efficient service from FTN.
Thanks Guys.
23/10/2023, By Chalaine
Exactly what I was looking for
22/10/2023, By Keri
I love the products. my order arrived within 24hours ,the packaging a 10
22/10/2023, By Keri
I love the products. my order arrived within 24hours ,the packaging a 10
22/10/2023, By Keri
I love the products. my order arrived within 24hours ,the packaging a 10
22/10/2023, By Keri
I love the fact that it comes in darkened glass, and I have confidence in the quality of the oil because of this
18/10/2023, By Nads
I am so happy that I got this. I use it on my face and neck, and I noticed a difference within days - I'm absolutely thrilled!!! My skin is softer, smoother and it is helping heal small pimples faster. I read using it at night by rubbing some into your belly button, and I am stunned, it is helping so much with constipation - wow!
17/10/2023, By IngridB
Fantastic product and in a glass bottle
16/10/2023, By Trisha
I'm using it on my body and I couldn't be happier. I also apply on my face. Highly recommend
15/10/2023, By Sally
Have been applying this castor oil on my basal thumb joint. My pain has reduced drastically.
15/10/2023, By Nicolette
highly recommended
15/10/2023, By Nicky
Great product been searching for the correct castor oil for some time, was so happy to find here
15/10/2023, By Wilma
Started using this for my skin and I couldn't be happier.
14/10/2023, By Wilma
I have tried other castor oil brands, but this one is by far the best
13/10/2023, By Gail
Excellent product which is trending currently for it's anti-inflamatory properties, liver and digestion aid as well as skin hydration and use in compresses.
13/10/2023, By Marietjie
My skin feels super soft
12/10/2023, By Es
Use Castor Oil on my Pelvic Pack its superb.
11/10/2023, By Christine
very good for scalp massage I use it weekly and it stimulates re growth
11/10/2023, By Nate
♡ it
09/10/2023, By Lotta
Luv Luv Luv
09/10/2023, By Sihle_B
This Castor oil is thick I am currently using it for my hair and skin, and I can see the difference.My skin is much smoother now
08/10/2023, By Vee
07/10/2023, By Collina
Absolutely love this castor oil. The thickness and the fact that it comes in a glass bottle. 12/10 recommend
07/10/2023, By Inbal
great stuff
06/10/2023, By Ami
I Love this castor oil. I use it for my daily castor oil packs and to hydrate my skin.
06/10/2023, By Jordyn
Castor oil has many benefits. It has cleared my skin and has removed fine lines. I put it on my stomach which helps with cramps and bloating. It has also cleared up my eczema which I have been struggling with for YEARS. This product is absolutely incredible and I will never stop using it. I bought a bottle for my mom to help with her wrinkles and am so excited to see it work for her.
03/10/2023, By beautiful
Feels great on my skin. it is amazing
03/10/2023, By Zee
Excellent, absolutely the best I found in SA, ordered for many friends and will be ordering much more next order ..thank you for your excellent products
03/10/2023, By Karen
This is such great quality Castor oil and is huge bottle for cold pressed hexane free oil.
03/10/2023, By Zie
All great!
01/10/2023, By Cindy
Great product, great knowing it is natural. Love what it does for my skin.
01/10/2023, By Kitten
Thick consistency is perfect for applying to my knees for my knee injury.
30/09/2023, By Lindie
Love this brand of castor oil it is reasonably priced, and cold pressed hexane free. I use it for my liver and thyroid packs. Sleep like a baby after!
29/09/2023, By Rochelle
Definitely a good quality oil. Skin absorbs very well. Wish it would come with a dropper for less easier application.
28/09/2023, By pearl
its a very good product.
28/09/2023, By Kesh
A great product.
28/09/2023, By Ilse
Just what I expected it to be.
24/09/2023, By Nats
Great product, works well for the pain in my hands and for dry skin
23/09/2023, By Val
I love the product and packaging.
18/09/2023, By Vivi
I've used the Castor oil fro 03 days and its amazing on my skin, it works like magic, even on belly button.
16/09/2023, By Nolliebee
The fact that the product is packaged in an amber glass bottle is a huge plus. There are so many uses for this product. Personally with my first order, I found relief from itchy skin, dandruff, blocked sinuses and even improvement of my "popping" finger (arthritis). Very pleased with the product, price and delivery time.
15/09/2023, By Vurns
Very thick and luxurious with a hint of an odor. I think it is the best product
15/09/2023, By Natalie
I have been using this product for about a week or 2, I love it. I use it in my navel, my face, especially the eye area, then also after moisturizing on these cold winter days if I feel I need more moisture I would just add a few drops to my face.
13/09/2023, By Ruth
Very good product.
13/09/2023, By Resend
Great product.
12/09/2023, By Bella
Love this product. I sue it on my face every night and my skin is smoother and not dry. Very good quality.
11/09/2023, By Khaleel
I love the quality and packaging.
08/09/2023, By RK
I buy my Castor oil from FTN only. Because I like the quality. THE BEST
07/09/2023, By Jo
Love the castor oil, I am very excited to be using this product for my eye lashes, wrinkles and nails. It is a must have in every womans home
07/09/2023, By Chum
This Castor oil is the best
07/09/2023, By Liz
Love the feel of this oil on my skin
Cant wait to see the results
However - I think it should come with an option to use a dropper
Easier to use than pouring
07/09/2023, By Mish
Glass bottle, pure Castor oil, this is a wonderful product and very affordable
06/09/2023, By Dina
I have enjoyed using this castor oil to help with my monthly period pains.
31/08/2023, By Gabrielle
Beautiful packaging and high quality oil. Using this for a gentle liver cleanse with a castor oil pack, as well as on my skin for fine lines and inflammation.
30/08/2023, By Nisa
good pure castor oil
29/08/2023, By Zaza
love this product can already see a difference ,will recommend it to anyone
28/08/2023, By Muslima
Absolutely love this
28/08/2023, By Alicia
Use it on my face, eyebrows and eyelashes. A lovely product! It's only been a week of use now, can't wait to see my eyelashes grow!
28/08/2023, By Lulu
Love it on my face and hair!
26/08/2023, By Connie
I have been looking for an organic castor oil I have to say this is great
25/08/2023, By Kefilwe
Reasonably priced and wonderful to use.
25/08/2023, By Chantal
Excellent quality and price
25/08/2023, By Nurah
Excellent product, well-priced!
25/08/2023, By Leda
Castor oil is very good oil that every household should have.
25/08/2023, By Amahlemajobe
Good quality castor oil, I recommend specialty for people with chronic constipation and it’s also good my skin and hair.
24/08/2023, By ESOR
I use this product for almost my hair and skin… loving it soo much
22/08/2023, By laura1zn
I have been using this product for just over a week and can already notice a difference on my overall wellbeing. Will definitely order again and post results after using for a longer period. By the way I am quite impressed with their customer service and delivery. Fastest I have received with regards to online orders.
22/08/2023, By Shay
love the product - well priced.
22/08/2023, By Vee
Great service. Ready to try out my Castor Oil. X
22/08/2023, By Alicia
First time buying this and definitely loving it. Highly recommend
21/08/2023, By Zaza
This product has helped so much with my moms knee problems and the quality is amazing thick consistency of the oil.
21/08/2023, By Salsa
Good quality and beneficial for many things. This is something one should have in the house. You can smell the originality of the castor oil.
21/08/2023, By zakiya
good quality oil. hexane free and in a dark bottle. great benefits. many many uses. I recommend.
20/08/2023, By Satisfied Buyer
I have been using this product for a few months now. I would buy it again. Castor Oil should be in a dark glass bottle and this product tick all the right boxes.
20/08/2023, By Candice
Amazing product and so good for you in many ways.
19/08/2023, By Vhee
I have been using this oil for a week, and I love how well it is working for me already. I still need to consult with my doctor in order to know my actual results.
17/08/2023, By Ursula
Excellent product
17/08/2023, By Gail
Castor oil is super versatile for anti inflamatory, hydration and anti ageing properties. You sould always use cold-pressed, hexane-free castor oil such as the FTN one
17/08/2023, By Chrisjan
I would truely recommend this Castor Oil. It is Hexane-free, cold pressed. Exactly what I was looking for, and the best it is in a Glass bottle - that is what you want.
16/08/2023, By IngridB
Great product with many uses! Love it. I am very happy with it.
15/08/2023, By Sonia
I am a second time buyer of this product and recommending this to everyone I know - love it!
14/08/2023, By Zukiswa
It is so thick, I use it on my skin and hair. I'm sure by the time I remove my cornrows my hear will be hralthy
14/08/2023, By Jos
Very happy with product. Have only started using product, so have not yet seen a difference. But have high hopes.
14/08/2023, By Benita
I love this castor oil, it feels rich and luxurious, and the smell is not to intense. Great that its is cold pressed that all the goodness remains. Also fantastic for the quality that it comes in a glass bottle. Highly recommend this product.
14/08/2023, By Cassy
Love this 250ml size bottle. Hexane free and in a dark glass bottle <3
13/08/2023, By Naz
Very good and quick delivery
Still using the product, have not seen a difference yet, as I have noy been consistent
12/08/2023, By Nadia
Excellent product. Bought multiple times.
12/08/2023, By S
Love the packaging and the product. Thick, but absorbs so well. Love what it has been doing for my skin thus far.
11/08/2023, By lau
Love this castor oil. It's a very thick consistency, but love the dark glass bottle and that it's cold pressed.
11/08/2023, By Nicky
So disappointed in this product - the oil is so sticky, like glue. Very difficult to apply to hair and a mission to wash out.
11/08/2023, By Beulah
I use it for my face, the eye area and brows and can already notice a difference. Will definitely order some products again.
08/08/2023, By Zoey
I love this product! 3 days of use and already my skin is glowing, I’m also using it for fibroids I’ll come back to share on how it’s going. Money well spent ♥️
07/08/2023, By B
I love the packaging. I have only started using the products but my goodness I am a happy girl. Helps me a lot with ovarian cysts.
06/08/2023, By Neecy
Very good product. Satisfied with results so far
06/08/2023, By Mel
Excellent quality product and great value. Will buy it again.
06/08/2023, By Soniap
Love the texture and quality. Already seeing results on face, body and hair.
05/08/2023, By Mabatho
Excellent quality and thick consistency. Probably the best castor oil I've ever used.
02/08/2023, By Trish
Seen that this company was selling this CAstor oil on Tiktok so bought it and never looking back, great product love the glass bottle and super quality.
30/07/2023, By Nicky
Great value and well packaged. Thanks FtN
24/07/2023, By Jabs
its thicker than the over-the-counter oils
14/07/2023, By Gadieja
This oil is amazing I've seen results in 2 days my marks on my face are gone and my pimples no more, I recommend this to my sister as she has fibroid problem let's hope and keep thumbs
05/07/2023, By Loving it!!!!
Well priced and love the big bottle. Will be ordering my next one soon. Perfect for Castor oil packs. Would be even better if you could stock the wrap that's used for CO packs. Keep up the good work guys!
05/07/2023, By Mezaro
Its castor oil and it does what it needs to depending on your needs...I would like to see an unbleached castor oil pack.
24/06/2023, By Beulah
Love this Castor oil as it is nature's anti inflammatory, so soothes my achey joints. An added benefit is that it makes my skin silky smooth!
15/06/2023, By Ricky
Awesome bought 3 in total for my grandma and she loved it bought a castor pack as well since it's effective according to her. Keep up this affordable high quality oil. We love to see it
14/06/2023, By Phili
I ordered on Monday, today it’s Wednesday i received my nicely packaged, high quality cold pressed castor oil. Im looking forward to the positive results. Thank you for an excellent service.
14/06/2023, By Phili
I ordered on Monday, today it’s Wednesday i received my nicely packaged, high quality cold pressed castor oil. Im looking forward to the positive results. Thank you for an excellent service.
11/06/2023, By Sash M
Great product ! Ticks all the correct boxes, works perfectly for castor oil packs. Sells out really quickly so stick up
06/06/2023, By Renuka
This is an awesome product. Use it nightly and it will leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed in the morning.
23/02/2023, By Jenny
I was seen this trend on TikTok and purchased this product and it works wonder. Amazing, highly recommend it for detox
12/09/2022, By Adriel
Effective, and we'll priced! Was grateful to get a bigger bottle, as I use it for castor oil packs, so need a lot.
12/05/2022, By Shelley
Haven't been using it long enough to comment on long-term use. But what i can say is that it seems just as effective as other brands

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