Biogrow Pyrol (Insecticide)

Biogrow Pyrol (Insecticide)
Biogrow Pyrol (Insecticide)
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Price From: R145.00
  • 250ml & 500ml

This product provides broad-spectrum control. It can be used as a dormant and growing season insect spray and kills all stages of insects, including eggs, on contact. It is a proprietary formulation consisting only of naturally occurring plant oils as active ingredients. It is truly an insecticide from plants for plants. It does not contain piperonyl butoxide as a synergist, and the active ingredients do not persist in the environment.

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Price From: R145.00
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Vegan
  • Made Overseas

Please Note: The 10L Pyrol is ordered subject to demand, and may take a few extra days to arrive. We apologise for any delays or inconvenience this may cause.

Pyrol will control insect pests such as aphids; beetles (e.g., Colorado potato beetle, Flea beetle, Japanese beetle, asparagus beetle) ;caterpillars (e.g.gypsy moth caterpillars, tent caterpillar, diamondback moth larvae, leaf rollers);ants; mealy bugs; mites; leafhoppers; scale; whitefly; adelgids; plant bugs; fungus gnats; thrips; sawfly larvae; psyllids; spittlebugs; and phylloxera.

Application Rates: 1L – 2L per 100L water, use the lower rate against soft bodied insects.

Ingredients: Canola oil, natural pyrethrum, emulsifier.

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01/02/2016, By Joanna
Brilliant product for red spider mite and works quickly on any infestations - eg. aphids. use with care to avoid spraying bees and other beneficial insects. Best to spray early morning or late at evening. I wet plants first to check there are no ladybugs or other beneficial insects on plants and only spray infected plants.
04/02/2015, By Eloise
I use this on my own organic veggies and herbs. Works like a charm. Great to know I don have to worry about poisonous residue. :)

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