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Amipro Digestizyme

Amipro Digestizyme
Amipro Digestizyme
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Prevent bloating and gas, and stop indigestion in its tracks with this natural digestive enzyme formula. Amipro Digestizyme helps your body to digest food more easily, and absorb nutrients more readily, so you can enjoy a happy tummy and better nutritional benefits with every meal. If you’re prone to indigestion, wind or cramps, struggle with food intolerance or simply want to give your system a little extra support, these digestive enzyme capsules have everything you need for digestive health. Helps your body to digest and absorb protein, carbohydrates, fats and fibre.

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Digestive enzymes occur naturally in your body and in the food you eat. By taking an enzyme supplement like Digestizyme, you can give your body extra support and help the digestive process along, while also ensuring that your system is absorbing more of those important vitamins and minerals in your food.

Here’s a look at the science behind the Amipro Digestizyme formula:

  • Proteases: Break down long complex protein chains into amino acids.
  • Amylases: Break carbohydrates down into sugars.
  • Lipases: Break down fats into fatty acids and glycerol.
  • Invertase: Breaks down refined sugar (sucrose) into fructose and glucose.
  • Cellulases: Break down fibre.
  • Alpha-Galactosidase: Breaks down complex sugars found in some vegetables, grains and legumes; these sugars aren’t easy to digest, and often cause gas or bloating.

You’ll also find some helpful botanical Ingredients in Amipro Digestizyme:

  • Papaya leaf: Full of proteolytic enzymes, which break long protein chains into amino acids.
  • Fenugreek: Stimulates the liver and the pancreas for easier digestion, and acts as an antispasmodic to ease stomach pain. It even helps to stimulate the appetite.

These digestive enzyme capsules also include Amipro’s unique CereCalase™ formula, a mix of enzymes that help to digest fruits, vegetables and herbs.


Take one to two capsules with a meal.


Proteases, amylases, lipases, cellulases, invertase, alpha-galactosidase, papaya leaf, fenugreek, CereCalase™ (phytase, hemicellulose, beta-gluconase).

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Overall Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars from 36 reviews

33 out of 36 people would recommend this product

26/05/2024, By Kornel
Ordering more. Definitely works!
14/12/2023, By Roms
Great product!
14/12/2023, By Roms
Great product!
12/10/2023, By Lizette
I used a different Digestive enzyme for a few years, until I realised it contained an ingredient I am allergic to. Once I tried Amipro Digestizyme, my problems were gone! Will continue using this one!
25/09/2023, By Aaminah
Great product! Allows me to include pulses and legumes into my diet hassle free.
27/08/2023, By Chrisy
Great vegetarian option for digestive enzymes! Works well for me, I just find myself going through them a lot quicker then I thought.
07/03/2023, By Noeks
I bought these digestive enzymes mainly so that my body can absorb and get more nutritional value from food. After taking the very first capsule, it has regulated my tummy and I feel so much better. Hopefully I will start putting on a little weight now. Fortunately I don't suffer from bloating. I'm impressed with this product!
30/01/2023, By Meas
I suffer from bloating and indigestion. Did not work for me.
27/09/2022, By aggro chic
I experience gluten sensitivity but can't escape gluten (I'm told that I shouldn't cut it out completely or the few bacteria that work on breaking it down will completely die out, shame). I also really like gluten. Every time I eat something containing gluten, I pop one of these capsules, and I haven't experienced any stomach pain/inflammation lately, which is nice. As a disclaimer, please note that I have only been using this product for about two weeks.
08/04/2022, By SJM
My new oncology meds causes severe IBS- this is a huge help even though I have taken it for a short while.
16/10/2021, By Jocelyn
Great product! Highly recommend. Cruciferous veg tends to give me gas and bloating. If I take one just before the meal I don't get any gas or bloating.
20/07/2021, By Valerie
I use it for IBS. It really helps.
26/03/2021, By Valerie
Good Product can't do without it for IBS
18/01/2021, By Julienne
Haven't been using this product for too long - only about two weeks. It definitely seems to assist in regulating my tummy. I only take one tablet with meals but I'll definitely recommend it for those struggling with IBS.
05/01/2021, By Monique
Helped with bloating. Great product.
26/11/2020, By Jeannie
The very best digestive enzymes
15/09/2020, By Tammy
I found this didn't help my digestion and I actually got a stomach ache and more Bloating unfortunately.
06/08/2020, By NP
Having suffered for a while with IBS and other digestive issues I have found that this helps. I mainly use it when I know I'm eating something that is going to upset my tummy - wheat, too much dairy, or a big meal. It works fast to ease the stress of bloating, really useful to keep on hand if you are sensitive to some foods
08/06/2020, By Courtney
Best digestive enzyme I have ever used, definitely worth the money. It has helped so much with my bloating
01/06/2020, By Talent
This is the right product
16/05/2020, By MM
It really aids digestion. Very good as a daily supplement for your stomach without fear of having too much medication in your stomach.
13/05/2020, By Laurie
As I have no colon this is a MUST HAVE for me. My doctor recommended it as it aids my poor digestion.
27/04/2020, By K
Really aids digestion.
17/02/2020, By Naadira
I love this spray, love the smell, love how it cleans. It's an absolute household necessity
27/11/2019, By Kulthum
This product helps with my digestive health
25/08/2019, By Veganshmegan
I've been taking these for years now and no other brand works like this
09/07/2019, By Barbara
Having struggled with lots of digestive issues, these digestive enzymes have allowed me to start eating some foods that were previously off limits.
08/06/2019, By megan
Great results with this
08/11/2018, By selinka
It’s stops the bloat when eating foods like beans and legumes... but left me with a metallic taste in my mouth the whole of the next day. (That might just be my unique experience, hate to waste but I’m afraid to try again and only used one capsule out the bottle.)
19/10/2018, By Struan
Best on the market
17/09/2018, By L
We've been taking these for years and would recommend them to everyone.
09/08/2018, By A
Been using these for a few years now, tried others , but always came back to this one. Am now currently on them for the last year
31/07/2018, By Ron
Been on the product for a month now. Does what it is supposed to do in stopping the bloating and assisting with food digestion. Will continue using the product even after my diverticulosis inflammation clears up
24/03/2018, By Annelies
One of the better digestive enzymes available in SA. I used to suffer from major bloating and indigestion, taking these digestive enzymes in the beginning with every meal has given me such a relief. Don't need to take as much anymore as I did in the beginning. I think it really improved my digestion, together with taking good probiotics.
15/09/2017, By Susanne
I love these enzymes. Been taking them on and off for ages now. I even give it to people that come to visit that suffers with acid reflux and food just sitting in their gut and sluggish digestive systems. If u eat a big meal it helps and just maintaining ur enzymes.
19/06/2017, By Lara
This is a very helpful product for those of us with food intolerances. It aids the body in coping with some of the "naughty" things we eat from time to time (we do try behave, but...).
PS: Please consider stocking it in the larger size - more affordable.

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