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Eating raw is a real adventure – you’ll discover a whole world of truly wholesome, tasty recipes that are surprisingly easy to make, plus new ways to enjoy your old favourites. Once you follow a largely raw food diet, your body is sure to thank you. Check out our scrumptious raw recipes, and our essential raw food shopping list.

You’ve got to admit the Tim Noakes Diet sounds appealing – plenty of filling foods, plenty of flavour and the chance to enjoy a leaner, fitter, healthier lifestyle! However, cutting out those carbs and sugar can be tougher than it sounds. So to simplify things, we’ve found you a few fab Paleo-friendly recipes, plus our own essential shopping list for aspiring “Banters”.

The 5:2 Diet, also known as The Fast Diet or Intermittent Fasting, is fast gaining popularity not just as a weight loss plan, but as a healthier way of life. This eating plan can take some getting used to though, as you’ll have to keep your calorie intake very low for 2 days every week. Luckily, there are plenty of low-calorie recipes you’ll find delicious, and easy to make. The Faithful team has put together some handy 5:2 recipes you’ll love; each one is under 200 calories a serving, so you can enjoy them on fast days and “normal” days. Plus we’ve included a fab shopping list to get you started.
Looking at the natural sweetener alternatives over the refined sugars that we see on the shelves of so many shopping malls. There are a number of fairly new natural sweeteners on the block that are dubbed calorie-free and carbohydrate-free. These plant derivatives and sugar alcohols taste as good as sugar, but due to the way they have been absorbed, they result in a much slower and smaller rise in blood sugar and insulin. Do be careful though when choosing foods containing these substitutes – the actual sweeteners may be better for you, but they are often added to food high in saturated fats, which defeats the benefits of using these sweeteners.
If you’re thinking of trying the Alkaline Diet, you might find yourself feeling intimidated by all the rules involved. So to help you get started, we’ve put together a must-have Alkaline Diet shopping list – plus a choice of delicious and wholesome recipes to make alkaline eating a pleasure.

“Fad diets” may come and go according to the latest weight loss trends, but there have always been a few eating plans that stand out above the rest and become long-term, trusted healthy lifestyle changes. Whether you’re looking to lose weight naturally, improve your energy levels or boost your immune system, there’s a healthy diet out there that will suit your nutritional needs. Our green team gives you the low-down on the four top diets making headlines at the moment – plus you can follow the links our favourite recipes and must-have shopping lists for each one.
Father’s Day is coming up, and we’ve got a great selection of gifts to help you show that special gent how much he means to you! Check out the list below for snacks, gadgets and goodies to spoil Dad:

In order to keep your bacteria levels in balance with diet alone, you have to commit to eating fermented and cultured foods every day. This is why it is a good idea to keep your gut healthy by keeping your lifestyle healthy as when your...

Hailed as the new vitamin, probiotics are getting a lot of attention these days. Recent studies are showing that good gut health can help with immunity and even obesity. The root of the word probiotic comes from the Greek word pro, meaning "promoting" and biotic,...