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We’re coming up on our fourth week of lockdown. For those who strategically stocked up on what is now considered to be contraband, your initial 21-day provisions might be thinning out. Rather than lamenting your situation, why not use this as an opportunity to kick...

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COVID-19 has affected us all in a multitude of ways. Since the lockdown began on Thursday, 26 March 2020, students have been forced out of school; medical professionals are working themselves to the bone, exposing themselves to a dangerous virus; we’ve swapped out conventional offices for makeshift stations at home while non-essential wage workers have lost their financial security completely. On a macro scale, our economy is really taking a knock.

One of the industries suffering from the stay-home order is the hospitality field. Restaurants and hotels all over the country have had to shut their doors. Not only has that put a financial strain on the owners of these establishments, the staff members who rely on that income are having a tough time too.

How can we help them without violating the lockdown rules?

A number of local restaurateurs and SMMEs are getting creative with generating income during this time. Here are a few ways you can support them and their employees.


We have just launched a fresh food delivery service on top of our normal offering. At the moment we are running in Cape Town and surrounds. This is another way that we’re making healthy living accessible, as well as support local farms who's normal export and revenue streams have been stopped during lockdown. The fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered directly to your doorstep!

UCOOK essentials box

Meet the Ucook Farmers Market Box! Ucook has partnered with a few local suppliers to bring you the best produce across all different types of industries. From fruit and veg to farm-fresh eggs to free-range meat and milk and yogurts across diet, they really have been able to source everything you could ever dream to include in your own pantry. Choose between: Medium Farmers Market Box, Large Farmers Market BoxLarge Farmers Market BoxRegular price, Vegetarian Farmers Market Box, and Plant-Based Farmers Market Box.


These guys have done an incredible job in connecting local businesses to local customers in this online marketplace. The idea is that you can find your most-loved local hang out and purchase a voucher that contains a unique code (numerical/alphabetical code or QR code) that can be used for redemption once everything starts to open up again.


Similarly, this urban farm is also creating and distributing produce parcels put together by agronomists in the area. If you’d prefer to do your shopping at a grocery store, consider that these social entrepreneurs are offering you a chance to win dinners at participating farms and restaurants once the lockdown has been lifted.


There are still a number of artisanal food distributors that have remained open. Durban’s go-to butchery still stocks the best meat, as well as essential goods including bread, milk, eggs and vegetables. They deliver it all straight to your door.


Some people have taken to lockdown better than others. This is the greatest food delivery service for you. If you’re not going stir crazy from being indoors, you can do your shopping from the comfort of your couch, and have all your groceries sent right to your doorstep.


You’re not going to find bone broth on any grocery delivery app; the same can be said for olive and chilli marmalade, bacon jam, organic feta cheese, and challah loaf. This site is catered for consumers who like artisanal goods and organic produce.

Take this as a chance to support local producers who don’t stand a chance against the brands stocked by national food conglomerates.


"We all need to work together and help each other to get through this difficult time as best we can, and consumers can make a difference by supporting their favourite restaurants, cafés and small businesses in this way," said Greg Whitfield, Dineplan director.

What the reservations management software company is doing is giving diners something to look forward to. You can purchase restaurant vouchers now for when the national lockdown is lifted. As an incentive, most eateries have beefed up their voucher with an added favour. You can purchase the vouchers via the mobile app, and they are valid for three years.


Cape Town-based beachwear brand Granadilla Swim have taken a break from selling stylish swimsuits and trunks, to service a more pressing need. The owners, Joshua Meltz and Adam Duxbury, are keeping the transaction between local farmers and consumers flowing by delivering fruit and veggie parcels all across Cape Town.
Follow the brand via Instagram to order your own package.


Their Instagram intro: “North East Asian flavours with extra sprinkle of something. Keep well and miss us a lot.” This little Asian eatery in Salt River has VERY strict rules around how they are delivering, and only a total of 12 orders are taken every week to maintain the quality of the delivery. Order on Thursday, delivery on Friday, and the menu changes every week. Definitely the most authentic restaurant-quality food we’ve come across. 


Order frozen meals to your door online (Cape Town). These guys are having been running for a while so they’ve ramped up their services since the start of lockdown. Their menu is comprehensive so there’s something for everyone.


Delivery to Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Strand, Kuilsriver, Paarl, Brackenfell, Durbanville, Cape Town and the southern suburbs (check their site for the exact details). Everything from fresh produce to freshly baked things from Skoon and dried fruits and nuts. 


Although not functioning at full capacity they are still running, and they’ve just teamed up with gourmet guys The Wild Peacock. These extravagant boxes feature some seriously delicious items to jazz up your fridge, boxes starting at R629. 

Confronting the grim reality of the novel COVID-19 epidemic: some people don’t enjoy the privilege of job security, there is anxiety surrounding finances, cabin fever has the potential to stir up a whole host of mental health issues, and it is enough to put pressure...