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We recently published “The Natural Glamour Edition” of our popular weekly newsletter – and while this beauty product spotlight covered all the usual goodies like lipstick, nail lacquer and foundation, it included a few surprises as well. One of these was castor oil – the undisputed underdog of the natural beauty world! Castor oil is a thick gloopy plant oil best-known for its use as a natural constipation remedy; you’ve got to admit it’s not something that springs to mind when you’re talking glamour and beauty. However, castor oil is loaded with nourishing fatty acids, making it an amazing natural beauty-booster for your hair, skin and nails.

This post is especially for the ladies; a super-simple DIY home recipe for giving your “bosom buddies” some TLC. Breast Cancer Awareness month is coming up soon – a time when we all become more aware of our feminine health care needs – but of course, we all know how important it is to take proper care of our “girls” all year round. This ultra-nourishing natural masque helps to strengthen and firm your breast area, combating sagging and leaving your skin beautifully supple and soft.


Whether you rock bouncy curls or super-straight tresses, bangs, braids, a perky pixie cut or a gorgeous natural afro – your “crowning glory” needs gentle natural care to stay in tip-top condition. Our green team has put together some “magnificent mane management” tips and tricks – including five fab hair care recipes you can use at home.

After a few months of snuggly gloves and woolly socks, we bet your toes are tapping and your fingers are fidgeting to get out in some sunny summer weather! Of course, that means you’ll want your nails to look their best. So while you’re breaking out the flip flops and the beach bags, here are some of our top natural nail care tips for beautiful, healthy fingernails and toenails.

They say true beauty is on the inside – and by eating the right foods, you can really bring those words to life by nourishing your hair, skin and nails from the inside out. Sometimes the most powerful beauty treatments are found not in the bathroom cabinet, but in the pantry or fridge! Here’s a list of some tasty, filling and versatile foods that should be a part of your regular “inner beauty regime”.


Colour is a complex language in its own right, communicating with us on a visual, symbolic and cultural level. From the red and green of city traffic lights, to the rainbow plumage of a peacock’s tail, colour in the natural and man-made world is loaded with meaning. In fact, colour plays such a powerful role in our lives that concepts like colour psychology and colour therapy have become increasingly popular. Colour can have a big impact on your emotions and state of mind; this in turn affects your physical state and your overall wellbeing. That means that simply by surrounding yourself with particular colour on the spectrum, you can give your mood – and overall health – a real boost! Whether you’re decorating your home, beautifying your workspace or simply choosing what to wear, certain colour palettes can work wonders for the atmosphere you create. Let’s take a look at the secret language of the rainbow – what colours mean to us, and how to harness their positive effects.

If you've ever experienced the itching, irritation and swelling that comes with eczema, you'll know just how unpleasant it can be, and how important it is to take proper care of yourself to prevent future flare-ups. the answers lie in all aspects of your lifestyle; from the cosmetics you use, to the clothing you wear, the food you eat and even the air you breathe! Treating eczema (and other nasty skin complaints) requires a holistic approach, so you can make sure your skin is safe from the allergens and chemicals most likely to trigger a reaction. So read on to learn more about caring for eczema-prone skin, discover Faithful to Nature's top natural eczema products, and find out what our customers have to say.

Pamper yourself the affordable, easy way with a luxury natural face mask, whipped up in minutes using ingredients straight from your kitchen. Faithful to Nature brings you two fab natural face pack recipes – plus the science behind why they work! Want to find out what avocado, strawberries, honey, yoghurt and oats can do for your complexion? Here’s the scoop:

Green, delicious and full of goodness, this beauty-boosting salad is loaded with goodies that are great for your skin. Get ready for Spring (yes folks, it’s not far off) by eating this luscious chickpea-and-spinach salad regularly; giving your skin a healthy glow from the inside out. This skin-beautifying salad is affordable and easy to make. Check it out!