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Those common aches, pains and irritations might be a bother, but did you know they’re actually allies in the fight against illness? Your body has an amazingly complex “alarm system”, a way of sending early warning signals to alert you to common ailments. The key to good health is listening to your body, and treating the underlying cause of these common symptoms. Here's a list of the most common signs your body might be sending you - plus our top product picks for treating those common ailments.


Nothing beats a hot stack of fluffy pancakes or a freshly-baked waffle, topped with a golden drizzle of maple syrup – and while most of us think of it as a guilty indulgence, you might be surprised to know it’s actually one of the healthiest sugar substitutes out there. Find out more about this remarkable natural nectar, and what makes it so good for you! We’ll also fill you in on what makes “grade B” maple syrup the best of the bunch.


The indigenous aloe plant really is one of Africa’s green gems; this spiky succulent is just loaded with more than 200 vitamins, minerals and enzymes, making it a head-to-toe healing gift from nature. Whether you use it as a skin care treatment or enjoy it in your favourite refreshing drinks, aloe is truly amazing. The most commonly used aloe species are aloe vera and aloe ferox; you’ll find plenty of healing goodies at our online store made with both these ingredients. Here’s a look at just what makes aloe so incredible:

Gluten-Free Chickpea Flour & Chocolate Chip Cookies These baked goodies are the perfect treat to enjoy with a hot cup of tea, coffee or hot cocoa this winter! Made with our fab chickpea flour (also known as besan), these are naturally gluten-free cookies with added protein and fibre. Indulgent, wholesome and easy to make – ideal for baking on a winter day.


If you’ve got a case of the “Winter Blues”, feeling sleepy, sluggish and depressed, you may be feeling the effects of “Kapha Season”. The three Ayurvedic types, or Doshas, each relate to a certain combination of the five elements; Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Ether. The Kapha Dosha is ruled by the elements Water and Earth. Winter, so often characterised by damp soil, moist air and heavy rain, is therefore associated with Kapha. We’ve been focusing on Ayurvedic healing recently, with a wealth of advice on the best diet, health care and beauty tips for your Dosha. The seasonal shifts and changes around you also play a big role in Ayurvedic wellbeing. As winter transitions into spring, we experience what is known in Ayurveda as Kapha Season; this is a time where the Kapha Dosha can easily become unbalanced, excessive or aggravated.

The ancient healing practice of Ayurveda is creating waves in the modern world of natural skin care. Natural oils play a big role in Ayurvedic healing, whether you take them internally or apply them on your skin. Because you absorb everything that you put onto your skin into your tissues and bloodstream, topical oils can lubricate your organs, soothe your nervous system and promote better overall health. Along with this, oils can be used to rebalance your skin and heal damaged tissue.  But like every practice in Ayurveda, your skin care choices must be tailored to your own unique constitution – known as your “Dosha”.  Each Dosha is characterised by an elemental energy, and each one has specific skin care requirements. Here, you’ll find a quick and easy guide to choosing the best oil for your complexion, based on the science of Ayurvedic medicine.


Ayurveda, the ancient study of life and wellness, provides you with all the tools to keep your body and mind in healthy harmony. As you already know, diet plays a huge role in your wellbeing; following Ayurvedic principles when it comes to food will help you nourish yourself with the right kind of fuel to enjoy better health and balance. Depending on your Ayurvedic type, or Dosha, you’ll have a specific set of dietary requirements to stay healthy. (Pssst… Wondering what your dominant Dosha is? Check out our Ayurvedic Type blog post and take the quiz to find out!) Did You Know? You possess a blend of all three Doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha – but you’ll usually find that one is more dominant than the others. Those with an even balance of two Doshas are bidoshic, and those with an equal blend of all three are tridoshic.

Most of us think of ordinary laxatives as the quickest, easiest way to relieve constipation - however, there are some disadvantages to laxatives you might not know about. Firstly, conventional laxatives can irritate the lining of your intestines, and secondly, they're often habit-forming and can lead to a dependence on them. Natural constipation remedies on the other hand, give you a much gentler solution. They help to stimulate your body's natural digestive processes, and bulk up waste to make elimination easier. What a relief to know Faithful to Nature has a whole selection of natural constipation remedies to leave you feeling lighter and full of renewed energy!

With rising stress levels and modern diets, high blood pressure has become a common health complaint. The good news is, there are so many natural ways to manage high blood pressure or hypertension quickly and effectively, without the need for medications.