Welcome to the Textbroker writers’ guide. In this guide we’ll briefly give you an overview of how to write your order.

Please follow the steps outlined here:

1. Navigate to our ‘About Us’ section and familiarise yourself with the Faithful to Nature brand.

F2N is an organic, free trade, and cruelty free company. Our products and associates are carefully selected to comply with our philosophy of providing the best products.

Your writing needs to always communicate this with a language and style befitting our principles.

2. Your content order’s name is the URL (webpage) where the text will be displayed. Use the order name to navigate to the category and take a careful look at the products in that category.

Open a few products, read the description and familiarise yourself with the language  used, the product description and the overall feel of the product.

3. Writing your order; as you’ll see the required amount of text is 100 words. Don’t, however, feel that this an exact amount. A few words over or under is just as acceptable.

4. When writing your piece, please try to include the terms ‘Online’, ‘Buy’ and ‘(in) South Africa’. These keywords won’t be in the SEO settings, but they do help convey the point of the site; selling organic/cruelty free products online.

Also, please notice on the category page (your order’s name) the left hand sidebar. In it, you will see a few headers; ‘Organic’, ‘Vegan’, ‘Accreditation’. These headers give a count of the amount of products in that category that fall into those classifications.

Notice here, for example, that there are 42 Day Creams that are ‘Vegan’ – therefore it’s probably a good idea to mention the term ‘Vegan’ because there are so many products in this category tagged as Vegan.

5. Fast, accurate, well written pieces will be rewarded with swift payment from our side. 🙂 We like keeping good writers happy. 🙂

6. Final point; in your writing, include one headline; Your headline will summarise your piece and include one of the SEO keywords specified. Your headline will be wrapped in <h2> tags. Don’t worry, it’s simple 😉

For example:

http://www.faithful-to-nature.co.za/Eyes-p-1-c-88.html  (Order Name & URL)
Organic Eye Makeup
Organic Mascara
Natural Eyeshadow (SEO Keywords via TextBroker System)

Your piece may look like:

<h2>Natural and Organic Mascara and Eye Makeup at Faithful To Nature</h2>
Faithful to Nature’s selection of makeup includes Mascaras that are[…]

Thank you for taking part!
Faithful to Nature Team.