Faithful to Nature Product Page Content Orders

Welcome to the product page content orders for Faithful To Nature. Some quick tips before the guide:

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2. The orders have SEO options enabled. Please try to stick to them. If you feel that something can’t be achieved, inbox us via Text Broker.

3. We love great writing – good grammar, spelling, etc. Please ensure that British English spelling is applied. I.e. ‘Colour’ not ‘Color’ and so on.

4. You’ll see the required amount of text is 100 words. Don’t, however, feel that this an exact amount. A few words over or under is just as acceptable.



The Faithful to Nature tone is friendly and warm but also well-informed and knowledgeable. We want to let our customers know what the product can do for them and why they should choose it over others like it. There is always a strong emphasis on what makes this product better for the environment and for the user. We focus on problem-solving, giving shoppers healthy natural solutions to everyday issues. We also talk directly to our customers – eg. instead of saying “we’re offering our customers this wonderful product”, we would say “we’re offering you this wonderful product”.

Please have a read through some of our current onsite products before writing content:

NB: Please ensure your copy is unique.

Some key points to consider about each product:

  • Is it natural, organic or eco-friendly?
  • Is it sustainably or ethically produced?
  • What are the most important benefits of using this product? Think about what makes this product better for the environment and better for you. The benefits need to be very clear in the introduction.
  • Are there any specific factors that make it superior to other products on the market?
  • What are the key ingredients used and what makes them good for you?
  • How can this product improve a customer’s day-to-day life (convenience, wellness, age-defying etc)?


Introduce the product & tell customers briefly what it can do for them, keeping the benefits clear. By the end of reading the introduction, a customer must know what differentiates this product from others in the category. They are clear on why they would buy this product.

  • Please keep the intro to 100 words or less
  • Use UK/ South African spelling conventions
  • Talk directly to the customer
  • Mention the brand name and product name at least twice
  • Keep your sentences short & “punchy”
  • Please ensure grammar & spelling is correct

Product Details

  • Explain the uses & benefits of the product in greater detail
  • Stick to short, punchy sentences & bullet points that are easy to skim
  • If possible, include a fun or interesting fact about at least one key ingredient
  • When writing content for a book, please include the number of pages, format (hardcover or paperback), and a brief “about the author” section

Directions & Warnings

  • Please include basic instructions on how to use the product (if applicable)
  • Please include any health warnings or allergy advice ((if applicable)


  • Please include an ingredient list if applicable (if applicable)
  • Please include typical nutritional values if applicable (if applicable)


Examples of existing product content:

Asoka Eco Yoga Mat:

Nairns Organic Oatcakes:

Universal Vision Sacha Inchi Seeds:

Tissue Salts for Children – Margaret Roberts:

Hey Gorgeous Mineral Mud Face & Body Mask: