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We’re so excited about our beauty-full company blog, and the opportunities it gives us to connect with greenies around South Africa. Our editorial team is on the lookout for guest writers to add value and diversity to our blog; if you think you’ve got what it takes to contribute, we would love to hear from you.

By getting a post published on the Faithful to Nature blog, you’ll get the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with a nationwide audience of green-minded, health-focused folks; if we decide to publish your piece, we’ll promote it and ensure that it reaches as much of our audience as possible via our social media channels.

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Down to business then; here are some basic guidelines to follow when submitting a post to the Faithful to Nature blog.


In a nutshell, we’re looking for posts that will inform and inspire our Faithful fans. If you look at the list of categories on our blog, you’ll see we cover a range of topics, including natural beauty, eco living, home and garden tips, healthy recipes and natural wellbeing. We’re looking for writers who care about these topics, and have knowledge or inspiration to share with our readers. Do you have a favourite natural cleaning hack that keeps your home sparkling clean and toxin-free? A delicious family recipe that’s loaded with health-giving nutrients? Maybe you recently started yoga and meditation, or made a new discovery that’s really helped you to take charge of your health and wellness? These are all topics we’d be interested in featuring – and if you have a fresh new suggestion, as long as it’s focused on healthy natural living, we’d love to hear it.


Please keep your posts between 300 and 700 words (not including your author bio).


Your tone of writing should be well-informed, knowledgeable, friendly, inspiring and of course passionate about all things green. Check out our previous posts to get a better idea of our tone.


We require all posts to be original and unique to Faithful to Nature. That means we won’t accept articles that have already been published elsewhere online (including on your personal blog), or content that you’re planning to submit to other websites.


We do not want SEO-driven content, and we’re not looking to promote businesses or services that don’t fit with our green philosophy. Please do not submit articles written for the sole purpose of linking keywords to an unrelated product or brand for SEO purposes.


We don’t pay guest writers for their blog posts, but we are more than happy to include a brief author bio linking to your website and social media accounts. Please keep your bio short and concise (2-3 sentences). Writing for Faithful to Nature is a great way for your blogs to reach South Africa’s green, Earth-loving and health-conscious community!


It’s important to back up any health claims you make in your post. If your blog includes statistics and/ or studies, please include a link to a reliable source. This gives readers the opportunity to explore the topic


If possible, please submit at least one photograph with your post. Photos should be in landscape format, at least 1000px wide by 660px high (larger dimensions are also acceptable). We’re looking for original, good quality photos that are relevant to your topic (eg. if you are submitting a recipe, please include an attractive shot of the finished dish on a neutral background). NB: Please ONLY submit images that are your own to distribute.


Please only submit one post at a time, so that other contributors have an opportunity to get published as well.


When submitting a blog post to Faithful to Nature, please be aware that our editorial team will be proofing your post and may edit it before publication. This may include changes to the title or the body of your post.

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If you’ve got the basics down, here are some tips to make sure your post wows our team (and our readers):


At Faithful to Nature we’re all about empowerment, positivity and spreading the green love. Rather than “scare” our readers off chemical-laden products, we focus on educating them about why natural alternatives are healthier and safer. Keep it positive and focus on solutions rather than problems. We love problem-solvers!


We’re looking for variety and diversity from our guest writers. If you read through our blog, you’ll see that some of our topics have been covered more extensively than others – what we’d really love to see is a writer who can bring something new, fresh and exciting to the mix. Remember, the more interesting and unique your topic is, the more attention it will get from our community.


When writing for an online audience, the more succinct you can be the better. Stick to short, punchy paragraphs, make use of bulleted lists and make it easy for readers to pick up key points by skimming your article.


Put some thought into your title; if it’s strong, simple and catchy, it will be more likely to grab the readers’ attention.


Online audiences are also very visual audiences. We’d love to see posts that include beautiful, colourful and good-quality photographs that will capture the attention of our readers. If you have a suggestion for an infographic to accompany your post, even better – send us a mock-up and we’ll work a little design magic on it!


Avoid using excessive jargon; keep your writing accessible and easy to understand. Many of our readers may be new to subjects like yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic medicine. That means any information about topics like these should be explained in a plain, accessible way.

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Think you’ve got it nailed? Great! Once you’re ready to submit your post, please send us the following elements:

  • Your full post, including a working title.
  • Any relevant images for your post. Please send these as separate files, ie not pasted into a Word document. Please only submit images that you own.
  • A short writer bio (2-3 lines) with links to your website and social media pages (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram etc.)
  • A photo of yourself, to use for your writer bio.

NB: Put any relevant links in brackets, both in your bio and in your blog post – eg: [http://facebook.com/FaithfulToNature]. Please DO NOT hyperlink.

Please send all of the above to [email protected] with a relevant subject line.

We look forward to working with you!