Stefani Flex Water Filter 6L

Stefani Flex Water Filter 6L

6 Litres
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The Stefani Flex water purifier is a light weight solution to crystal clear drinking water. With a modern, clear design from BPA free materials that is durable and easily portable - ideal for anyone who needs clean and safe drinking water on the go. Developed to be very light weight but still be just as efficient and easy to maintain, Stefani Flex utilizes a 3 phase filtration system that removes particles, impurities and bacteria.

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Inside the purifier is a purifying candle of advanced design. It has a micro-porous ceramic outer wall, lined with colloidal silver, and holding an inner core of Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) made from coconut shells.

The water passes through this filter to be made pure and safe in three ways:

  • The outer micro-porous ceramic pre-filter removes up to 99.9% of bacteria and 99% of suspended solids, by screening down to one micron.
  • The water then passes through the inner core of activated charcoal, which removes ad taste and odours, This core is protected by a bactericidal agent to maintain the purity of the water.
  • A small (and necessary) amount of dissolved minerals and active biocides are left in the water to prevent any possibility of re-contamination.

Stefani Flex Water Purifiers are available in 6 Liter Capacity - BPA Free

The Stefani Flex is a light and durable water purifier which is very portable and very easy to use.

Each Stefani Flex purifier is equipped with the Stefani water filter candle cartridge and also with a float valve to duplicate the reservoir water capacity, offering adequate great tasting and refreshing drinking water whenever needed.

The Stefani Filter candle replacement can last up to 6 months or 500 litres of filtered water. Please note that depending on the water quality in your area, you may need to replace the water filter candle sooner than the 6 months timeframe noted above.

The Stefani filter candles offer superior filtration of 0.5 microns which is a fraction of a sand particle. This high level of purification ensures the removal of most impurities from the purified water and reults in the most naturally fresh healthy drinking water.

Various local and international water quality laboratories have certified that Stefani water filters consistently remove and reduce the water impurities and contaminants listed below:

  • 99.9% Bacteria
  • 99.9% Amoeba
  • 99.7% Copper
  • 99.6% Lead
  • 98.5% Chlorine
  • 99.4% Iron
  • 99.4% Zinc
  • 97.0% Bromoform
  • 95.0% Dichlorobromomethane
  • 94.5% Aluminum
  • 93.0% Chloroform
  • 93.0% Dibromochloromethane
  • 92.0% Dieldrine
  • 87.0% Lindane


Stefani Dechlorinating Candle Filter Features:

  • Triple Safe Filtration System.
  • Removes up to 99.9% of Amoebas and Bacteria
  • Removes up to 99% of Suspended Solids
  • Filters 0.5 micros
  • Materials- the outer layer is made of ceramic porcelain.  The interior of the filter contains granular activated carbon ATC media.
  • Performance factors- the filter removes chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals including lead, aluminium, iron, giardia, cryptosporidium, e-coli and sediment.
  • Flow rate: ¼ gallon per hour per filter
  • Water sources: tap, well, river, lake, stream can be used. Not for use with salt water.


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  • Smaak van water is nie lekker
    21 Oct, 2016, By Gerda Ek het die filter ongeveer 3 weke gelede gekoop om by my huis te gebruik omrede gebottelde water so duur is. Ek het die eerste 12 liter gebruik om plante mee nat te gooi soos die instruksies ges het. Daar was ook genoem dat die water die eerste paar dae
    effense keramieksmaak sal h, wat wel so was. Ons gebruik die filter nou al vir 3 weke op
    aanhoudende basis, maar die water het regtig nie
    lekker smaak nie. Ek is regtig spyt ek het die aangekoop.

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