Theonista Rooibos & Pomegranate Kombucha

Theonista Rooibos & Pomegranate Kombucha

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Kombucha is a slightly effervescent health elixir made from tea and living cultures. Theonista kombucha is a tangy & potent brew, much like the kind you’d find in North America or the UK . This is considerably less sweet and has a much stronger “kombucha-y” flavor than most other South African brands.

  • Organic Ingredients
  • Vegan
  • Proudly South African

Like other fermented foods, kombucha is extremely rich in probiotics and active enzymes. There are myriad purported health benefits of kombucha, from improved digestion and metabolism to boosted immunity, healthier skin and hair, and liver detoxification. Such anecdotal claims have been reported for thousands of years by kombucha enthusiasts, and there is a growing body of scientific evidence that supports the health properties of kombucha specifically (not to mention an abundance of existing evidence in favour of fermented foods).

Because of its potency, it is recommend that pregnant women and children under 12 seek guidance from a health professional before consuming kombucha. There is no established recommended daily intake amount; that said, it is suggested that 250-500ml (half a bottle to one full bottle) per day is a good start.

A NOTE ON SUGAR: Many people who are trying to reduce their sugar consumption have expressed concern over the fact that kombucha is made with sugar, but you simply can’t make kombucha without it. The sugar is added to feed the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), not you. Besides noting that Theonista uses raw unrefined evaporated cane juice, it is important to understand that that sugar is an essential component of the fermentation process and is converted from sucrose into a variety of other compounds which make kombucha what it is. Sugar serves as food for the SCOBY, the mother culture that is responsible for converting the starter liquid to the final product. The residual sugar left in kombucha after the scoby “digests” it varies from batch to batch but at the end of the fermentation process, only a trace of the initial sugar remains (less than orange or carrot juice, for comparison). A shorter fermentation time yields a much sweeter, higher sugar product.

Small clumps or sediment may form over time ; this is a sign of raw, living kombucha. Strain if desired or shake gently to mix but be very careful when opening the bottle as kombucha is naturally carbonated and vigorous shaking may cause leakage.


Theonista raw kombucha (filtered water, organic rooibos, non-GMO unbleached evaporated cane sugar, active cultures), organic hibiscus, pomegranate juice (no sugar added). Absolutely no added colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Please Note:

Faithful to Nature is an online retail store, specialising in a wide selection of natural supplements, vitamins, superfoods and health-related products. Our green team is all about helping you unlock your full potential to live a healthy life; however we are not medical professionals. Please do consult your health care practitioner when seeking medical advice.

Overall Rating
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  • Lovely rooibos drink
    26 Oct, 2016, By Johanna This drink is fermented but is still not too strong. Can definately taste the rooibos and subtle hint of pomegranite. Great for a hot day. Has a long shelf life.

  • My absolute fave
    12 May, 2016, By Carmen Out of all the Theonista kombuchas this one is my fave! The taste is amazing and so refreshing.

  • Yummy
    28 Jan, 2016, By Janine This and the mango green are my favourites. Yummy and healthy!

  • Best kombucha
    20 Nov, 2015, By Melanie Olhaus I would highly recommend Theonista Kombucha, all of the flavours are delicious. I have had amazing benefits from drinking it daily.

  • my 5 year old loves! plus its pink!
    20 Nov, 2015, By ali best kombucha in South Africa

  • Delicious
    18 Nov, 2015, By Molly M Fruity with a nice tartness. Very pretty colour and love that it doesn have any added sugars or dyes or caffeine.

  • This is a very tasty way to improve my health - "Happy Green Days" - as i think you Faithful people always put it ;)
    By Nel This is a very tasty way to improve my health - "Happy Green Days" - as i think you Faithful people always put it ;)

  • I am obsessed with my Kombucha - FTN you are going to bankrupt me, ha ha.
    By Rae I am obsessed with my Kombucha - FTN you are going to bankrupt me, ha ha. Seriously, I am impressed by the quality and consistency of the Theonista drinks.

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