Karkade Loose Hibiscus Flowers

Karkade Loose Hibiscus Flowers

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With Karkade Loose Hibiscus Flowers you can benefit from steeping your own delicious natural remedy as many ancient cultures across the world have done for millennia. Karkade is the middle eastern name for a health tea made from dried Hibiscus sabdariffa flowers that makes an excellent daily health tonic packed with amazing phytochemicals that have a myriad of health benefits, helping to balance blood pressure and blood sugar, control cholesterol, boost immunity and cleanse the entire system, as well as support weight loss and soothe the nervous system. Make either a herbal tea or a healthy cool drink with Karkade Loose Hibiscus Flowers.

  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • Proudly South African

  • 100% Natural health tonic
  • Dried Hibiscus sabdariffa flowers for infusing in water
  • Organically grown
  • No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives
  • Biodegradable/compostable packaging
  • Made in SA

The Health Benefits of Hibiscus sabdariffa flowers

Blood Tonic:

  • Helps control proper blood viscosity
  • Anthocyanins help lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Strengthens the walls of blood vessels

Digestive Aid:

  • Enhances intestinal peristalsis
  • Helps alleviate heartburn
  • Assists with chronic constipation

Antioxidant & Immune Booster

  • High in antioxidants and immune boosting phytochemicals, bioflavonoids, polyphenols, vitamin C, anthocyanins
  • Kills pathogens and protects against infections such as colds and flu, chest congestion, and sore throats

Weight loss & Blood sugar control

  • Helps slow down the metabolism of sugar
  • Helps shed undesirable weight


  • Natural flavonoids fight free radicals
  • Antioxidants cleanse the system of toxic wastes
  • Protects the liver


  • Drains excess liquid via the urine and prevents fluid retention and the risk of developing edema
  • Contains no oxalic acid so is safe for renal patients


  • Calms the nerves
  • Relieves fatigue

The Health Tonic known the world over

The health drink made with Hibiscus sabdariffa flowers is known across the world. In West Africa the drink is called Bissap. In Egypt, Sudan, Iran and Saudi Arabia it is called Karkadé. In the Caribbean and in Latin America (Panama and Mexico) it is called Agua de Jamaica.

Healing Hibiscus Herbal Tea

  • Place 1 tsp of flowers per cup in a teapot
  • Pour in boiling water
  • Brew for 5 minutes
  • Strain and sweeten to taste

Healthy Cool Drink

  • Bring 1 litre of purified water to the boil
  • Add one heaped tablespoon flowers
  • Boil vigorously for 5 minutes
  • Sweeten to taste
  • Cool down and strain
  • Serve chilled


Store in a cool, dry place


Dried Hibiscus sabdariffa

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