Earth Probiotic Starter Kit

Earth Probiotic Starter Kit

20L + 2.5L + 700g
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Earth Probiotic has put together the perfect composting solution for greenies wondering how to get started. This fab eco-friendly starter kit includes a food collection container to store your food scraps, plus a composting bin and Bokashi bran to start the fermentation process. Bokashi bran is magic stuff that turns just about any food waste into nutrient-rich compost for your plants. The odour-free bin creates the perfect environment for this transformation to take place. This smart composting set will help you cut right down on household waste and enjoy a greener home and garden, with minimal effort, zero fuss and zero smell!

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Proudly South African

20L Bokashi Recycling Bin for Food Waste
No more smelly old compost heap at the bottom of the garden – this airtight food recycling bin makes recycling simpler and cleaner, with no nasty odours. The bin is made from recycled plastics, with an internal strainer and a built-in tap for extracting nutrient-loaded compost tea. This tea is a real treat for plants and will give your garden a natural boost. The odour-free bin is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

2.5L Food Collection Container
The Food Waste Digester uses an anaerobic (“no air”) fermentation process, which means it’s important not to open it up frequently while the food scraps ferment. The handy collection container fits neatly on your kitchen counter and saves you so much hassle by giving you a place to toss your food scraps in the meantime; once you’ve filled up the container you can add a whole batch of scraps to your food bin, instead of adding them bit by bit.

700g Bokashi Bran
The food collection container comes with 700g of Earth Probiotic Bokashi bran; a fermented bran full of beneficial microorganisms that “digests” food waste, so you can use it to compost your garden. Bokashi can ferment all sorts of waste, including fruit and veggies, bread, bones, seafood and even meat scraps!


  • For each layer of food waste you add to your 20L bin, sprinkle a light layer of Bokashi bran over it, and seal completely.
  • Open the bin as seldom as possible during the fermentation process.
  • Once your bin is full, leave it to stand for 2 weeks to complete the fermentation process. (Ideally we’d recommend purchasing a second one at this point, so you can use one while the other is left to stand.)
  • Add the fermented waste to your garden soil or your worm farm. 

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  • Composting solution a winner
    01 Mar, 2016, By Willemien I am very happy that my search for eco-friendly snail repellent led me to this wonderful website. The composting solutions on offer immediately caught my eye as I was fighting a losing battle with a smelly kitchen bin. I am now recycling nearly all my food scraps, no longer have a smelly bin and can wait to see how much the garden will benefit from the compost and compost tea.

  • Composter
    28 Aug, 2015, By Carmen I just received my Earth Probiotic Starter Kit two days ago, but Id been collecting kitchen scraps for it since the week before when I planned to order it, so its nearly full. The kitchen scraps were starting to smell, but after placing them in the composter with the bokashi bran there is no smell. Hubby says the bokashi bran smells good. The little collection container will come in useful especially when preparing meals as you can just leave it on the counter and transfer it to the larger bin later on. Definitely planning to order another 20L bin so I can rotate them. And how cool is it reducing waste and fertilizing the garden at the same time :)

  • Reply to Susan
    08 Jun, 2015, By Earth Probiotic Hi there Susan

    We hope your bin is ready to be composted! Fermented food waste works wonders for any size garden. We hope that yo are the envy of all the other gardeners!

    Thank you very much for choosing Earth Probiotic Recycling Solutions for your food waste recycling needs! Continue feeding the soil and not landfills.

  • Great product
    04 Feb, 2015, By Susan Theres really no smell whatsoever, really awesome! Still waiting it to fill up so I can leave it for 2 weeks and use it in my little garden.

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