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Yoni Eggs Medium Clear Quartz Yoni Egg

Yoni Eggs Medium Clear Quartz Yoni Egg
Yoni Eggs Medium Clear Quartz Yoni Egg
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Why Faithful to Nature loves it:
Yoni Eggs – or “Jade Eggs” as they are traditionally known - have been used in ancient China for thousands of years. The Jade Egg Practice offers a a feminine aid for self-discovery, sexual health and potential pelvic floor strengthening. Yoni eggs are egg-shaped crystals that may be used to stimulate the areas around or inserted within the vagina. Use Yoni Eggs Medium Clear Quartz Yoni Egg as a natural way to exercise and tone female pelvic muscles, enjoy an array of sexual health benefits such as enhancing your libido and sexual pleasure and stimulating reflexology points that restore harmony and balance in your body.

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  • Clear quartz yoni egg
  • Medium size (4.5 x 3 cm)
  • Use to tone your pelvic floor muscles
  • Includes a cleaning brush, dental floss for stringing the egg & a silk pouch
  • A hole drilled sideways through narrow end of each egg to thread, dental floss
  • Full instruction booklet included
  • Woman-founded company

The Yoni Egg Practice has been used for thousands of years as they are believed to help with the following uses:

  • Tone the pelvic floor which may help to prevent organ prolapse & incontinence
  • Tone muscles pre- & post-childbirth
  • Help you in your journey of healing sexual trauma
  • Increase orgasmic pleasure for both partners
  • Increase vaginal lubrication
  • Relieve PMS & symptoms of menopause
  • Restore hormonal balance
  • Reduce heavy bleeding, cramping & fatigue during menstruation
  • Assist in cases of infertility
  • Stimulate vaginal reflexology points
  • Beautifully calming & therefore grounds nervous energy
  • Activate increase creativity, passion & libido
  • Awaken & cultivate divine & wild feminine sexual energy

The Rich History of Yoni Eggs:

  • The use of Jade Eggs used to be a Taoist secret known only to royalty & the highest echelons of society in ancient China. By carrying out the practice of exercising with the Jade Egg, the Empress, wives & concubines of the noblemen of the day were able to connect fully with their sensual selves & experience full orgasmic bliss during sex – and ensure the same for their partners. It is also believed to yoni eggs ensured that they remained youthful, radiant and vital as well as powerfully sexually-active well into old age.

Properties of Clear Quartz:

  • Clear Quartz yoni eggs are believed to help connect and interweave the mind, body, and soul. Clear Quartz absorbs, balances, releases and unblocks stagnant energy. It’s also believed to help you connect with your spiritual purpose.Clear Quartz is also the most “programmable” of all stones – so it is important that you set your intentions clearly when working with this egg.
  • Note: These Yoni eggs are available in 3 sizes and it is recommended to start with the largest one first, then work your way down to the smallest as your vaginal walls tone and tighten. Many women gain just as much benefit from just using one size egg though– mainly the medium one. If you wish to experiment with sizes, we recommend you try the Yoni Egg set of 3.


  • Wash your egg before and after use in hot water and a few drops of tea tree oil.
  • DO NOT boil your Yoni Egg.
  • Affix a new length of unflavoured dental floss to your egg each time you use it.
  • After a while you may feel happy using your egg without floss and this is perfectly possible and easy to do. Listen to your body and do whatever feels right to you.
  • Your stone cannot get lost inside of you -simply sit in a squat position, push gently and it will come out.
  • Once a month cleanse your egg in a salt bath (Himalayan/Oryx/good sea salt) to give it a good clean and remove any build-up of negative energy that the stone may have absorbed.

Care Instructions:

  • Never boil your yoni egg.
  • Never use your yoni egg if it has a crack in it.


  • 4.5 x 3 cm


  • Clear quartz stone & unwaxed, unflavoured dental floss.


  • Held in a presentation pouch & a beautiful silk carrying pouch

Country of Origin:

  • Made in South Africa
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