The Silk Lady Silk Pillowcase

The Silk Lady Silk Pillowcase

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The Silk Lady Silk Pillowcase
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Price From: R315.00
  • Available in Travel, Standard or King size

Not only is it the softest pillowcase you’ll ever touch, a 100% organic Silk Lady pillowcase will also renew your skin while you sleep. Silk has very similar properties to human skin – it contains a natural protein that speeds up the metabolism of skin cells, decreases ageing, and calms the nervous system. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will help keep your skin-care products on your face and reduce the loss of hair oils and moisture through the night. You’ll wake up with glossy hair and younger-looking skin that feels soft, refreshed, and free of creases.

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Price From: R315.00

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Silk used in SilkLady pillowcases comes from the moth Bombyx Mori, which produces the finest and purest silk. It is fed only chopped mulberry leaves and lives in an area free of pollution for 3 kilometers. SilkLady silk is strictly chemical-free, from the raw material, through the entire production process.

To get the highest quality, many different silks were tested. Eventually a unique formulation, free of chemicals was settled on. The result is an incredibly smooth and soft fabric, which is 100% free of any artificial softeners, bleaches and dyes. SilkLady finish off their silk pillowcases with traditional French seams, sewn by  professional seamstresses to ensure cases do not fray.

This is a luxury product of exceptional quality, not a mass-produced item. SilkLady pillowcases are stunning to look at, blissful to sleep on and will make a worthy, long-term contribution to your skincare regime. SilkLady is a proudly South African company - their silk is exclusively imported and locally manufactured and packaged.

  • Momme19

​Momme weight is the way silk quality is measured, as silk is so fine that thread count is not a good way to judge. Momme measures the weight of 100 yards of silk that is 45 inches wide. Momme weight can vary from 6 up to 30 and silk with a momme of 19 is considered the best for bedding as it provides the best balance of strength and aesthetics.

Available in three sizes:

  • Travel - 30cm x 40cm
  • Standard - 45cm x 70cm
  • King - 50cm x 90cm


  • Prevents facial skin from creasing
  • Maintains hydration
  • Keeps your skin-care product on your skin
  • Eliminates sleep wrinkles
  • Prevents hair from frizzing and split ends
  • Reduces the loss of natural hair oils and moisture
  • Minimizes damage to thinning of hair
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Repels dust-mites

Care instructions

  • Always take off your make-up and mascara before you go to bed. Not only would your skin benefit by being able to breath, rest and recover, but your white silk pillowcase would not stain. Do not bleach.
  • For best results, hand wash your pillowcase inside out in a normal temperature of cold water, using a mild neutral detergent.
  • Most modern washing machines have a gentle silk or wool cycle, so you can confidently wash it at 30°C. Place the pillowcase in a laundry bag before placing it in the washing machine. Wash separately from colours.
  • Avoid tumble-drying and direct sunlight. When 80-90% dry, iron inside out using a low or silk setting.
  • Do not use cotton cycle on your washing machine at 40°C. This will cause the loss of softness.
  • When rinsing, add a small spoon of vinegar, it will prevent the silk from stiffening, and it will keep it soft and bright in colour.
Overall Rating
4.4 out of 5 stars from 61 reviews

54 out of 61 people would recommend this product

05/01/2020, By Dawn
Excellent product and excellent service. I was very impressed with Jesse she was an absolute super star. Pillows arrived and is absolutely divine. Best ever. I can really highly recommend your company.
01/01/2020, By Melanie
Feels divine, can’t wait I to sleep on it!
19/12/2019, By Elaine
I love this pillowcase, just glad I bought 2. I dont know about the wrinkles etc, but I like the softness on my skin. I fall asleep and feel comfy
19/12/2019, By Chantel
Absolutely lovely to sleep on and makes a definite difference to waking up with no wrinkles!
18/10/2019, By Gerda
Baie duur vir 'n kussingsloop, maar uit en uit die moeite werd. Ek het nog net 3 aande op die kussingsloop geslaap en ek sien al klaar 'n merkbare verskil aan die slaapplooie wat ek elke oggend op my vel gehad het. Dit het feitlik oornag begin verdwyn. Die sloop is ook heerlik sag op die vel.
02/09/2019, By Carrie
I Bought this pillowcase because my skin developed a major sensitivity to my normal pillow cases and I couldn’t sleep at night because my face would itch and burn. Haven’t had that problem since I switched pillow cases and my skin is also a lot less dry now! Love this pillow case!
26/08/2019, By Andy
It is an amazing product and I can’t wait to put my head on it every night! Soft silky and deliciously comfortable
24/08/2019, By Bianca
This is a lovely pillowcase - I mainly bought it because my hair is dyed and super dry so I thought I'd give it a shot. Can't really say that it has made as big a difference as some of the other reviewers say... but it sure is nice and soft ;)
13/08/2019, By Mary
I bought my own pillowcase a few years ago. I never sleep with anything else and it still looks and feels brand new. What I love the most is how the silk feels cool in summer and warm in winter. It has definitely improved the condition of my hair as well.
11/08/2019, By Elizma
It is so soft and my skin is softer as normal
02/07/2019, By Mau
My new hairdresser advised buying a silk pillowcase because I was complaining that my hair is all over the place and unmanageable in the morning . I bought this pillow from Faithful to Nature and got excellent service . It is remarkable ! I wake up with my hair looking like it did when I left the salon - can’t recommend enough
14/06/2019, By Melanie
Have 6 of these amazing pillowcases as the whole family uses them and we take it on holiday as can’t sleep without it. Worth every cent!!
16/05/2019, By Pixie~K
The best pillowcase to own in my opinion.
Can't and won't sleep without it and I buy it for friends too to share the bliss!
08/04/2019, By Nadya
It's good and I do enjoy sleeping on it. I think the claims are a bit outrageous and I do still find hair on my pillow, but I don't have any more sleep wrinkles, and I like sleeping on it.
07/04/2019, By MvdM
Excellent service. Stunning product. Expensive but absolutely worth it. Would purchase more if they cost less!

31/03/2019, By Elizma
Sooo soft and really helps with the redness of my skin
22/03/2019, By Melanie
This was a very expensive gift to myself. I can't say with certainty that it lives up to all it's claims. I have not had any sleep wrinkles since I used it, but I still find hairs on my pillow. I don't regret buying it, in case it does have some benefit, but since I can't proof the benefits, I would not recommend it.
21/03/2019, By Kirsten
It is more than just a pillow case. Thank you for the free gifts too. Now that's a service. A+
12/03/2019, By Lisa
feels great and natural.
08/03/2019, By zee
feels pretty great on my skin. my face and eyes are no longer puffy in the morning which might be attributed to this pillowcase. I also haven't seen any breakouts since I started using this a month ago.
22/02/2019, By Annie
Sleep in luxury while being in nature’s spa .....
19/02/2019, By Michaela
Honestly the best in its league. The texture is amazing. It is such a sensory experience. The spearmint oil in it is just divine
01/02/2019, By Stott
Although the use of a silk pillowcase has various claimed benefits, the process through which it is manufactured is cruel and painful as the worms are boiled whilst still alive in order to obtain the silk easily. Please do your research and instead opt for satin which is just as beneficial as sleeping on silk, in addition to being ethical and animal-friendly.
14/12/2018, By Kelly
Silky soft
05/12/2018, By Sole'
Great product for my 3 year old daughter with her curly hair. We can easily skip a day between brushing with minimal knotting. Definitely seems to cause less friction in her curls.
21/11/2018, By Kat
The pillow case is amazing, Heavenly against your skin...
01/11/2018, By Nandi
You should not be supporting this. These worms get boiled alive inside their cocoons in order for the workers to obtain the silk threads. About 6600 worms are killed to produce just 1kg of silk.
29/10/2018, By Lishha
The feel of this pillowcase is great!
25/10/2018, By Gil
Good buy
25/08/2018, By Heather
feels divine, pity it creases so much! helps with static in my hair, still early days to judge if there is any difference with my skin, holding thumbs .....
24/08/2018, By Allison
I bought this to test out the “loss” of skin care products at night to a cotton pillow slip. This makes a huge difference - you still able to feel your skincare products on your skin after snuggling into your pillow. This is also a good price compared to others seen on the market.
16/08/2018, By Jane
I love this silk pillow case. I suffer from eczema and this helps to control it.
12/08/2018, By Rav
Greatly helps for maintaining skin supple
23/07/2018, By Karen
Love it! My whole family want my pillow I plan on ordering more soon
25/06/2018, By Tarquin
Just bought my second one and am fully intent on carrying it in my bag when I travel. I struggle with sensitive skin and finally don't wake up each morning feeling like my face went through a sandblaster.
05/06/2018, By Lesley
Always wanted one and i have no regrets, love it!
27/05/2018, By Tanita
Best luxury buy ever! I have been wanting a silk pillowcase for awhile now and found this beautiful one. The pillowcase was delivered a day after purchase and I’ve been having silky sleepy dreams since. The pillowcase is good quality, easy to wash and super silky on my skin.
20/05/2018, By Caitlin
Silky smooth. Planning on purchasing another!
20/05/2018, By Cait
Silky smooth. Planning on purchasing another soon!
04/05/2018, By Danu
Not sure about the anti-wrinkle benefits, but I love this pillowcase. My face no longer feels like it is scrubbed raw in the morning - I thought my skin was just sensitive, but now I can feel the difference.
16/04/2018, By Zohra
The silk pillow case made a big difference to my hair. My curly hair is normally very dry. Since I have started sleeping on the silk pillow case I find that my hair is less dried out and less frizzy.
12/04/2018, By Liz
It is certainly soft and I think it's easier on my hair but as for the supposed anti-wrinkle benefits - afraid not. I still wake up looking like a crumpled piece of laundry. Going to have to teach myself to sleep on my back I guess ...
12/03/2018, By Silma
I bought this as a spoil for myself. It feels lovely and luxurious. I don't know if the anti-wrinkle benefits are really real, but I have definitely noticed that my face creams etc are still on my face when I wake up. This just made me realise that my previous pillows were probably absorbing my cream! Anyway, I love this pillow :)
20/02/2018, By WENDY
Wonderful, soft and silky pillowcases. Love sleeping on them
09/02/2018, By Maureen
Glad to hear the moths enjoy their chopped cranberry leaves and chemical free environment before they are killed for silk production. OK I guess if you don't care about how your products are produced. Not something I would ever use.
04/02/2018, By EK
I really love this! I mix it with my spf daycream and still get the glowy look and feel
19/01/2018, By Gabriella
I love these pillowcases. They are exactly as promised, super soft, luxurious, excellent quality and a dream to sleep on. I am now considering buying the travel one for my travel pillow as I don't think I can be without them now that I have experienced sleeping on them.
10/01/2018, By Simona
Divine. I love it!
24/11/2017, By Sue
Wonderfully soft
12/09/2017, By Delia
I have had my eye on these for a while and finally had enough points to bring the price down a bit! They are pure luxury and a girls best friend. Who doesn't want to sleep on silk pillowcases?! Money well spent and a little luxury at the end of each day!
06/09/2017, By Azeeza
It's a dream to sleep on. If you have oily hair/skin you have to wash it more often but it is worth it!
20/07/2017, By colleen
I'm comparing it to egyptian cotton and it's more of a luxury. Don't know if it has benefits for hair or skin. It's just a little luxury to me.
Just add a silk eye mask.
15/06/2017, By CATH
I bought this pillow case for the anti-wrinkle claims made by the supplier. Really a load of rubbish, it definitely doesn't reduce this at all. Its nice and soft but thats about it. If you feel like buying it to reduce sleep wrinkles don't waste your money. Havn't noticed any benefits to my hair or skin either.
10/06/2017, By M
I have never had worse sleep wrinkles
04/06/2017, By L
I'm guessing I need to give it more time - but these past two days I've been waking up with more sleep wrinkles. The pillowcase is soft and comfortable to sleep on.
16/03/2017, By Chantelle
I absolutely love my silk pillowcase . So luxurious to sleep on , and super soft ! Definately worth the indulgence.
24/10/2016, By Julia
Wow, I don know if Ill ever be able to sleep on a cotton pillowcase again! This silk pillow slip is just amazing. So soft and smooth. Ive only been using it for 2 weeks, but I find that the skin on my face is less red/irritated when I wake up in the morning.
13/09/2016, By Mary
26/05/2016, By Prue
Absolutely wonderful. I feel like a princess sleeping on that ultra soft pillowslip. All the claims which the manufacturers proudly make, are true. This is a wonderful product and I shall be ordering a second one to keep in my holiday house.
Thank you!
21/04/2016, By Yaksha
This is every girls dream . So softs and smooth. Its a treat !
31/03/2016, By Niloo
The feeling against my face is great and I have noticed theres less hair breakage during the night. No sweating either.
I have been using it for almost 3 months and they come out of wash nicely too.

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