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The Apothecary Dishwasher Salts

The Apothecary Dishwasher Salts
The Apothecary Dishwasher Salts
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Price From: R57.00

Ditch the toxin-packed detergents and make the safer, greener choice for your family’s kitchen. The Apothecary’s all-natural powdered dishwasher salts will leave your crockery and cutlery sparkling – with no nasty chemical residue. Simple but strong, this dishwashing formula is made with oxygen bleach, natural salt, and baking soda. This safe, effective cleaning solution means you’ll know exactly what’s going ending up on your family’s plates, and in your planet’s water system. Like all products in The Apothecary’s cleaning range, the dishwasher salts are free of harsh, unnecessary ingredients and synthetic additives.A green housekeeping essential.

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  • Part of The Apothecary’s Spotless cleaning range
  • Cleans dishes effectively with no residue 
  • A non-toxic cleaning agent, safe for the water system
  • Safe for use on your family’s plates, bowls, glasses etc.

How does this clever cleaner work it’s magic?

  • Oxygen bleach releases potent oxygen bubbles when it comes into contact with water. These bubbles break down dirt, wipe out stains and banish bad smells.
  • Sodium chloride (salt) is a gentle scouring agent, and has a great deodorising action.
  • Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is slightly alkaline, and reacts with the acids in the cooking residues, releasing carbon dioxide bubbles. Like the oxygen bubbles, these help to lift off the remaining residue and grime.

How To Prepare Your Machine:

  • When changing over from conventional dishwasher detergents and rinse aids, it is really important to first prepare your machine.
  • This is done by clearing away deposits that are likely to have built up in the pipes, nooks and crannies of your machine.
  • Otherwise, these deposits will be loosened by the cleaning action of the natural dishwasher salts and citric acid rinse aid, and redeposited on your dishes!
  • To prepare your machine, put 1/4 - 1/2 cup of citric acid in the bottom of your empty dishwasher and start a normal wash cycle.
  • After a few minutes (3-5), interrupt the cycle and allow the solution to soak in the machine for a couple of hours.
  • Then resume the cycle and allow it to finish and drain the solution away.
  • If your machine does not allow you to interrupt the cycle, instead run the longest cycle available with the citric acid in the bottom of the machine as above.


  • Use 1-2Tbsp in dishwasher dispenser.
  • Use 1Tbsp for hand washing dishes.
  • Sprinkle over stubborn grime on pots and pans, cover with warm water and leave to soak for 15 minutes before washing as normal.


  • Available in: 500g & 2kg


  • Soda ash fortified with oxygen, sodium bicarbonate, non-iodated sodium chloride
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Overall Rating
3.9 out of 5 stars from 55 reviews

46 out of 55 people would recommend this product

14/05/2021, By Dee
I have immense respect for the Apothecary company and its products, but unfortunately, I cannot review this product positively. It does not work at all as well as conventional dishwasher products - sadly.
14/05/2021, By Helen
My dishes are left with marks and I won't continue to use this product
23/02/2020, By Ellen
I really wanted this one to work, but unfortunately I just never got a good result. And I used dishwasher salts and rinse aid, and tried adjusting the combination of these three agents every which way, but it always left glasses and dishes with white smudges. I tried a different dishwasher powder recently, whilst keeping the salts and rinse aid settings the same, and suddenly everything was sparkling clean.
19/02/2020, By KatyJane
I actually use this product to loosen hard to remove grease or burnt bits (yes it happens :) ) from pots and glassware. Just sprinkle over the bottom of the pot and add some boiling water - it foams like a cauldron for a few seconds but leave for a few hours and wash and rinse easily. All grime gone! I love it and will definitely order again.
29/01/2020, By CT
Crystal clear dishes. Definitely buying it again.
15/01/2020, By Support
Try it
01/12/2019, By Adele
I tried my own mix without washing soda - did not work very well.. bought this and it works great!!
21/11/2019, By Bronwyn
It washes quite well but I found it sometimes left a bit of a milky residue on the glasses so I use it with a squirt of SoPure Dishwasher Gel and I prefer those results.
30/09/2019, By Rowena
The only product I use in my dishwasher. It really cleans well
19/09/2019, By Bev
Clean smelling. I don't have to worry about rushing my cats to the vet if the happen to get some on themselves. Wipe it with off ... no problem.
Dishes come out clean and sparkly. Amazing product. I use my dishwashing water to flush our toilet with and often find the water cleans the toilet bowl as well.
17/09/2019, By Shiney dishes
Love this environmentally friendly dishwasher salts. It really works, plus we use our grey water in the garden so I will definitely keep on using this product.
20/08/2019, By Rowena
We love the dishwasher salts. It's a natural product which doesn't harm the earth and the dishes are always clean
19/08/2019, By Jacqueline
I bought the small packet as a trial and have just ordered the larger packet. My dishes have come out of the dishwasher clean and bright, the packaging is plastic free, and the salts are not harmful to the environment. I can't see any reason to change back to the old, chemical powder I was using.
19/07/2019, By Carolyn
Love, love, love these salts. They are an amazing price and seem to last forever! A wonderful find - loving the eco friendly dishwasher salts find!
18/07/2019, By Nina Swart
Really great product!! Gets all our dishes clean, leaves no residue AND it doesn't leave a smell afterwards like the chemical stuff.
12/07/2019, By Ally
I honestly did not expect this to work very well, but we have done a few loads of dishes and it seems to do the job very well. I will continue to use this product.
27/06/2019, By Clarise
Good, almost there, just need a bit more cleaning power
04/06/2019, By Jasmine
After cleaning out my dishwasher as recommended, I added the vinegar as the rinse aid and the dishwasher salts. It left a residue on the glassware and I felt that the wash was not as powerful. After a couple more tries - adjusting the quantities and googling other methods to 'enhance' the effectiveness of dishwashing powders / salts - the best solution was to add 1/2 tsp dishwashing liquid to the powder, and that worked :) I might buy this product again if other natural alternatives do not work, but I will keep on adding a boost of the dishwashing liquid.
29/04/2019, By Rowena
It works very well. I love knowing that it is kind to the earth and that there are no nasty ingredients.
26/04/2019, By Veronica
This is the only dishwasher soap we use now and it works perfectly on all our dishes. Best of all my food doesn't taste like chemicals anymore! Love it.
02/03/2019, By Cindy
Works well
18/12/2018, By Deidre
Works for me :-)
14/12/2018, By Kelly
Great non chemical alternative for dishwasher
06/12/2018, By Sal
The best product. My dishes are extra shiny in comparison to when using the conventional products in the shop.
21/11/2018, By Kirsten
Recieved as a sample. Used both in dishwasher and in handwashing. Not completely convinced with handwashing but did the job in the dishwasher. Like that it's environmentally friendly
16/11/2018, By Nas
I love that it is environmentally friendly and doesnt leave that sythetic taste on the glasses. I use it in conjunction with citric acid. It doesn’t wash as well or leave glasses and cutlery as shiny; but it does the job.
14/11/2018, By Carolyn
This doesn’t work very well unfortunately especially in handwashing
03/09/2018, By Carmen
Good dishwasher soap that does the job well
06/08/2018, By Megz
I was a bit skeptical having read all the comments here but this product works very well for me. I use it with the citric acid and everything is clean and sparkling - glasses included! Great price too
09/07/2018, By Sean
Works great. Avoid cloudiness by using the citric acid as a rinse aid. All safe, all natural.
07/07/2018, By Trish
I find it has taken off the enamel on the plates and cups.
09/06/2018, By CM
The product i am liking. It however arrived in its biodegradable packet already biodegrading and so I had to rehouse it immediately
06/05/2018, By Cassandra
Works well. Different to what you'll be used to.
20/04/2018, By Melani
It does the job but my black plates always look a bit cloudy. Not fantastic but not terrible - very average
03/04/2018, By Natasja
Works well on pots and metal, but not on ceramics. Does the job though!
26/02/2018, By Christie
Very happy with the cleaning ability, I have tried both with vinegar as rinse aid and without. I was also very happy to find that the 'plastic' that the powder comes in inside the paper bag is a biodegradable plant based plastic
19/02/2018, By Marihan
Works well enough in dishwasher, just ensure the dishwasher remains clean and all the sieves are clean. Dishes should be rinsed or soaked beforehand for best results, I’ve found. Works really well on bottom of pots and pans that got burnt on, just sprinke and let it sit a while, comes right off..
24/01/2018, By Elisabeth B
A wonderful product that cleans well, even on stubborn dishes. Lovely fresh fragrance too. My dish washer has never smelt so good!
03/11/2017, By WS1
Fabulous product, all dishes came out sparkling clean & no harmful chemicals !!
09/10/2017, By Pieter J
Useless product. It does not clean. Wast of money
06/10/2017, By Sandra
Cleans well enough! No-guilt, convenient dish-washing!
28/08/2017, By Ruth
I am very disappointed with this product. It does not work. The dishes come out of the machine as dirty as they went in, plus then the grime is baked on due to the drying process and it is really difficult to get off! I was not impressed that I had to re-wash all the dishes by hand.
26/07/2017, By Carlyn
Not that great. With every something (s) come out still dirty
13/07/2017, By Maryke
It doesn't do any wonders in my dishwasher, but it's good for cleaning pots.
19/06/2017, By Caro
Works brilliantly! I add vinegar as a rinse. Love knowing that this is one more toxic-free area of my home! I mean to eat off dishes that one has cleaned with chemicals can harm makes no sense, at all!
06/06/2017, By SAMANTHA
Great compared to its competitors! Sometimes glasses & dishes aren't as sparkling as less eco-friendly counterparts, but agree with a previous review re: adding some vinegar to the salts.
30/05/2017, By James
Happy with this product!
30/05/2017, By Warren
Awesome product!
30/05/2017, By Khoska
Very pleased with natural alternative - cleans dishes as well as more toxic options and doesn't have the chemical smell. For those battling with results, try checking your appliance's manual as you may have an incorrect water hardness setting and may need to adjust salt to compensate.
30/05/2017, By Riva
really enjoyed the product. Just a note, on the product it recommended vinegar as rinse aid which worked very well. I lovely eco friendly, human friendly combination
29/05/2017, By Michelle
I have been using this for three months and I am very happy. I also rinse (roughly) or don't rinse but wash immediately. And I use white vinegar in my rinse aid dispenser and salts. Shiny dishes!
28/05/2017, By Maryna
I have just bought the salts for the first time, and have used it 3 times. I use two heaped table spoons per wash, after having rinsed and brushed all crovkery, pots and cutlery. My experience is that the salts are not nearly as effective as conventional d/w detergent, and the washed load of dishes does not smell clean after a wash
11/04/2017, By Lorna
I was very impressed the first time I used this in our dishwasher. The dishes are noticeably cleaner and they even, really sparkle!
And there isn that chemical smell associated with most dishwasher loads.
Will definitely continue to use this.
06/04/2017, By Lauren
We have recently switched all our household products to more natural alternatives and have been happy with our product choices so far. This unfortunately was a let down as for us it didn clean properly, and left a film on the dishes and glasses. I wouldn buy it again.
28/03/2017, By Michelle
I am very happy with this product. Even on lower temperature settings it works well, and even when I don rinse the dishes (but wash immediately) it works wonderfully. I use a tiny bit of vinegar (about 1 tbsp) as rinse aid, by placing it in a tot glass in the top draw.

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