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Sandveld Organic Growing Seeds - Vegetables , Chillies: Mix

Sandveld Organic Growing Seeds - Vegetables , Chillies: Mix

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Sandveld Organic Growing Seeds - Vegetables , Chillies: Mix
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Planting a herb and vegetable garden is an inexpensive way to ensure you eat healthier, safer & fresher food. The added bonus of a garden is that you get to control what goes on your vegetables, provide better nutrition to your family with fresh vegetables, and get some exercise while enjoying the warm sun and environment. All Sandveld seeds available from Faithful to Nature are certified organic, so you can grow the freshest, healthiest crops in your own backyard.

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  • All seeds listed are suitable for planting in autumn & winter
  • All seeds are certified organic

Use the drop down menu to choose which seeds you want to grow.

A little more about each veggie:

Artichoke - 25 seeds per packet 
Green Globe variety producing different shapes and sizes of Artichokes. Once established this hardy, decorative perennial plant stands for years. Globes are harvested in spring and early summer, thereafter plant apparently dies down to restart with new shoots during winter. Decorative use of flowers; medicinal use for gastric problems and cholestrol reduction. Starting late summer plant first in seed trays then transplant into wide spaced rows (at least 1,2mx1,2m).

Beetroot - 5g per packet
Detroit Dark Red is a traditional variety grown widely in South Africa. Plant 2cm deep direct into rows spaced 10x40cm. Thin out emerging plants leaving only one single, strong shoot. Harvest when root well developed but not yet stringy. Leaves can be prepared and eaten like Spinach.

Broccoli - 2g per packet
Broccoli is planted in trays in a cool place from December to March and planted out into rows of 60cmx60cm. Feed and water well and keep on the lookout for pests like lice or worms.

  • Green Sprouting Calabrese is a good local variety
  • Coastal is of Swiss organic origin

Brinjal - 25 seeds per packet
Without heavy frost plants may stand two to three years, mainly producing during warmer months. Start seedlings in trays in warm, humid place August & September, transplant out into full sun (60cmx60cm).

  • Violette Aubergine of organic Swiss origin produces a fast growing smallish plant with dark red leaves and small fruits
  • Night Shadow produces a strong growing plant with large fruit

Cabbage - 30 seeds per packet
Rodynda is a large slow growing variety that produces pointed heads. Imported variety.
Topaz is a faster, smaller plant producing roundish heads. Imported variety. Start seedlings in trays in cool place January to March, transplant out (60cmx60cm).

Carrot - 2g per packet
Nantes is a traditional variety of carrots producing cylindrical carrots. Imported seeds, winter planting recommended. Loosen soil deeply in preparation but do not work compost into ground immediately prior to planting. Feed for first months of growing season. Deep water irregularly to encourage strong root growth. Sow thinly and directly into rows 2cmx30cm, if necessary thin out once established.

Cauliflower - 2g per packet
Start seedlings in trays in cool place January to March, transplant out (60cmx60cm). 
Heavy feeder. Watch out for lice and worms.

Chilli - 25 seeds per packet
- Jalapenos grow into strong plants producing fleshy medium hot chillies that can be used green or red ripe.
- Birds Eye chillies grow small, pretty plants with very hot but tiny fruit, upright like candles, that change colours as it matures.
- Habanero chillies perform well in protected, hot-moist climate, else difficult to grow. Extremely hot, pretty yellow fruit.
- Long Slim Cheyenne produces longish, medium hot chillis.
- Pepperdews are mild small roundish and decorative chillies that are often pickled.
Chillies vary greatly in appearance, so do the plants. The fruit may be from mild to prohibitively hot, and planting a mixture of seeds ensures a range of plants with varying characteristics. Most mature red chillies are well suited fro drying. Without frost plants may stand two to three years, mainly producing during warmer months. Start seedlings in trays in warm, humid place August & September, transplant out into full sun (60cmx60cm).

Chinese Cabbage
Granat is a quick growing cabbage variety of organic Swiss origin that can be used as salad or as vegetable. Start seedlings in trays in cool place December to March, transplant out (60cmx60cm). Prone to go into seed if stressed.

Fennel, Bulb
Perfection is an imported variety of organic Swiss origin that produces heavy bulbs with mild sweet Fennel taste. Bulb Fennel originates from Italy and is used for salads or cooking. Plant in trays in cool place January to March and transplant out (60x60cm)

Curly Dwarf is a small vegetable kale of Swiss organic origin that grows strong and produces an abundance of bushy leaves. Harvesting regularly encourages plant to produce more leaves. Start seedlings in trays in cool place December to March, transplant out (60cmx60cm).

- Azur Star (imported) Red Kohlrabi
- Lanro (imported) White kohlrabi
This unknown cabbage family vegetable produces a solid round, apple size plant centrepiece that eats deliciously raw, or cooked as vegetable. Start seedlings in trays in cool place January to March, transplant out (60cmx60cm).

- Carentan, popular local variety
- Italian Giant
Leek is planted almost throughout year (February to October), start with seedlings in trays and plant out as straight and deeply into ground as possible (10x50cm) for long, tender white leeks. Prone to flowering if planted late into summer or in hot and dry conditions.

- Spanspek Sweet Melon, produces round, small to medium size fruit.
- Outydse produce a strong, ground covering plant and much larger, oval shaped fruit.
Plant August to October directly - three pips in a small circle - thereafter wide spacing (100x120cm) as plants rank widely. Watch out for fruit fly that like to sting fruit as they develop.

Clemson Spineless is a traditionally grown variety in South Africa. This Middle Eastern vegetable produces robust plant, decorative flowers and edible fruit of high starch content. Okra needs quite high temperatures to germinate and is planted direct in September/October spaced 45cmx60cm. The finger long young pods are picked before turning stringy and can be continually harvested for months.

- Gold Nugget type brown Onion are medium day Onion of traditional South African origin. Vigorous grower with good resistance against pests and diseases. Good storage performance if cured & stored properly.
- Onion of Florence produce red longish Onion suited for fresh use in salads and cooking; poor storage life
- TG red Onion have been developed out of local red Onion varieties especially for vigour, size and disease resistance.
Sow in seed beds - thin rows 10cm apart - for seedlings March to May, plant seedlings out spacing 10x20cm July to September, harvest December & January.

- Mange-tout Oregon Sugar Pod This bush type of mange-tout produces flat longish pods that are harvested just as the peas begin to show. Delicious in salads and stir fried vegetables
- Sugar Snaps are climber type of mange-tout peas that prefer to grow against support. They produce fleshy oval shaped pods that are harvested once the peas are well developed but before fully round.
- Green Arrow is a climber type of traditional pea that is harvested once peas have fully developed in pods.
Peas are sown into winter (March to June) directly in single rows per bed, 10cm in-row spacing. Wide spacing between the rows allows ventilation and sufficient room for harvesting without troubling plants. Peas are prone to mildew if disturbed and grown in very humid conditions. Watch out for insects & worms once flowering and harvest using scissors

- Oro is a green pepper of Swiss organic origin that produces first green then golden yellow peppers
- Jumbo is a green pepper of Swiss organic origin producing heavy fruit that turns from green to bright red
- Californian Wonder is a traditional green pepper (in this case seed imported from USA)
Grow seedlings first in warm protected place in spring (August to October) and plant out later (60x60cm). Smallish, strong plants. If possible protect from excessive sun to avoid burning, and from excessive wind.

- Boerpampoen ia an old favourite in South Africa that produces a few large and heavy light green pumpkins.
- Etampes is a bright Orange, large pumpkin very similar to boerpampoen.
- Queensland Blue produces compact greyish fruit of medium size.
Pumpkins are planted August to October, three pods in a small circle, then allow good spacing as plant spread widely in all directions . Watch out for insects once flowering. Harvest when stem starts separating from pumpkin. Generally pumpkins store well if left on the plants until mature and kept outside, dry and in the sun thereafter.

- Zucchetti is a bush type marrow that can be harvested as baby marrows or left to grow into full size, large marrows. Plant directly into wide spacing (90cmx100cm). Fairly resistant to fruit fly.
- Waltham butternuts grow into wide ranking plants . Sow from August to October, three pods in a small circle, then wide spacing (100cmx120cm). Watch out for fruit flies that like to sting small fruits. Butternuts store well when harvested well ripe, i.e. when green lines on nek of fruit have almost disappeared.
- Rolet Gem is a favourite South African vegetable producing small, round squashes.
- Hubbart produces heavy, pear shaped squashes that are best harvested when green still.
Squashes are like pumpkins best planted August to October, three pods in a small circle, then allow good spacing as plants spread widely in all directions (with the exception of Zucchetti). Watch out for insects once flowering. Harvest as baby, green or ripe.

Spinach (Swiss Chard)
- Gruener Schnittmangold is of Swiss organic origin with green leaves and stems.
- Fordhoek Giant is a well established local variety with large dark green leaves and white stems.
Spinach of the Swiss Chard type grows throughout the year but thrives especially if well watered during summer. Is can be continuously harvested throughout the year. Sow in trays first and plant out, or directly into rows (25x50cm). Breaking of the leaves, not cutting, when harvesting stimulates growth, so start breaking leaves off plants as soon as possible.

- Red Bella Rosa produces small cherry-type tomatos of slightly elongated shape.
- Yellow Bella Rosa is as a small cherry-type tomato of yellow colour and elongated shape.
- Coeur de Boeuf is an oxheart type of tomato of Swiss organic origin. Strong, resistant plants with red medium size fruits.
- Vleistamatie of the old fashioned type with very sweet fruit.
Start seedlings in trays in warm, humid place August & September, transplant out into full sun (60cmx60cm). Plants do not like wind and must be supported / tied up to grow to full size and to carry well.

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