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The Apothecary Toothpaste Rosemary & Peppermint

Product Review (submitted on 7 September 2018):
I have not tried this product as I make my own "earthpaste". I am alarmed to see that this range of natural toothpaste recipes contain glycerin. Glycerin coats the teeth thus blocking any minerals from getting to the enamel. It is said that it takes up to 30 times of brushing without glycerin to remove the glycerin buildup on the tooth enamel. It is really worth researching individual ingredients...thus allowing one to make an informed decision.

***Reply from The Apothecary***
"At The Apothecary we take tremendous care in the choice of each ingredient we use. We only include those we believe to be truly useful and benign. The glycerin in our toothpaste is both of these.

The theory that glycerin coats teeth in a layer that is difficult to remove and prevents remineralisation is mentioned in several places on the internet; however, like much online information, it is without substance according to our extensive research into the scientific literature as well as by our own careful observations. Glycerin is highly water soluble and dissolves readily in both water and saliva, and so it is easily washed away after brushing.

The very reason we use glycerin in out toothpaste is to aid mineralisation. The many minerals we add to our toothpaste (calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc etc.) are in a dry powdered form. As glycerin is an excellent solvent, much like our natural saliva, it allows these minerals to be made more readily available to our teeth. As the toothpaste mingles with saliva during brushing, the pre-dissolved minerals bathe the teeth and gums, giving them a better chance of being absorbed right where they are most useful for tooth repair.

Furthermore, glycerin has a pleasant, sweet taste and smooth texture which adds to the enjoyment of brushing. It also prevents the paste from drying out. At the same time, glycerin stops bacteria from reproducing, helping to preserve the integrity of the toothpaste while still in the jar, as well as inhibiting bacterial growth in the mouth.

Glycerin is present in all plant and animal cells and is non-toxic. It is a natural by-product derived from all fats during soap-making. Much glycerin is derived from petroleum oil and factory farmed animal tallow; however, we use only plant derived glycerin from non-GM rapeseed.

You can read more about our toothpaste and what makes it special, including our reasons for choosing each ingredient, here:

Warm regards
The Apothecary"

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