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Bee Natural Head to Toe Healing and Beauty Balm

Product Review (submitted on 27 April 2015):
I have tried about four different brands of natural ointments containing propolis, and this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. Applied to cuts, scars or rashes, this ointment significantly speeds up the healing process. I think with scars its results are better than tissue oils as well. I use it for chapped hands as well, every night.

It does have quite a thick, greasy texture, so I use it at night before bed on my hands, and not during the day when I would be touching a lot of surfaces. I don mind this, though: I think the texture is an important part of why it is so effective at moisturising, it isn gone within one second of application! Think of it as a natural and powerful alternative to vaseline.

I have used most of the Bee Natural range. I find all of the ointment/moisurizing creams they sell (burns, eczema, body butter, hand cream, cuticle oil, lips) might vary in one or two ingredients, and slightly with texture (body butter is harder, cuticle oil is an oil) but are interchangeable. The Head to Toe is so effective I would suggest just buying that and using it for hands, heels, rashes, cuticles and cuts - all applications except maybe face cream (too greasy). I do not think the eczema cream for example is better for rashes than Head to Toe cream is when used in the same way.

Its also worth noting that, as a natural product without preservatives, this will go rancid if left for more than a year, or faster if exposed to light and warmth. While its not disgusting (it has that musty smell of olive oil and other natural fats when they get old) and I would still use it for say my heels, I imagine that the active ingredients probably also would be less effective in an older batch. So Id recommend just getting Head to Toe and using it for different applications, and buy it more regularly, rather than getting each of the different burns, hands, etc. creams and use them less frequently.

I love this product, and recommend it widely. And its a great first time all-purpose product for those new to propolis and bee ointments, or Bee Natural.

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