Raw Love Diatomaceous Earth

Raw Love Diatomaceous Earth
Raw Love Diatomaceous Earth
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  • for animals, 350g

The ultimate natural pest repellent for your furry friends. Raw Love Diatomaceous Earth is 100% safe for dogs and cats, but deadly to ticks, fleas, bed bugs and all sorts of other nasty parasites. Brush this powder into your pet’s coat to get rid of ticks and fleas, or sprinkle it over their food as a gentle but effective deworming treatment. Diatomaceous Earth is completely natural and non-toxic – the safest way to rid your household of pests and keep your four-legged family members happy and healthy.

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Price From: R75.00

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Please Note: Our supplier of Raw Love DE has changed, so the product is now being manufactured in a more natural, eco-friendly way. The new supplier sun-dries the product by hand, and then again by air, instead of using machines for the drying process.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a fine rock powder made up of tiny fossilised marine organisms known as diatoms. These tiny fossils are made of silica, which is safe for mammals but kills pests like ticks and fleas within 72 hours; DE does this by breaking down the insects’ exoskeletons and drying them out.

Many commercial tick and flea treatments can actually do more harm than good; packed with harsh synthetics, they can be toxic to you and your pets. Raw Love Diatomaceous Earth on the other hand, simply dries out fleas and ticks without affecting your beloved animals. The product is OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute) listed, and 100% safe.

You’ll find no harmful synthetic ingredients in Diatomaceous Earth; it can even be sprinkled around your home and garden to get rid of bed bugs, slugs and all sorts of unwelcome critters. This is multi-purpose natural pest control at its best.

Please Note: Our Diatomaceous Earth is food grade and non-calcined.



Helps eliminate most intestinal worms, including roundworms, pinworms and tapeworms.

Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth over your pet’s food once daily for 30 days, then continue treatment only as needed.

  • Kittens: ½ tsp
  • Cats: 1tsp
  • Puppies: ½ - 1tsp
  • Dogs under 15kg: 1tsp
  • Dogs over 15kg : 1 tbsp

Tick & Flea Powder:

For best results, treat all affected areas of the home (bedding, furniture, carpets etc.) at the same time you treat your pet for fleas. That way, you can ensure you’ll be eliminating larvae and eggs as well as the adult fleas and ticks.

  • Apply to your pet’s coat once a week for a month, and then as needed.
  • Use a brush or comb to gently work the powder into your pet’s fur, concentrating on problem areas.
  • Be careful to avoid your pet’s eye area. Gloves are recommended.
  • Dust your pet’s bedding and sleeping areas with Diatomaceous Earth as well.
  • Dust any bedding, furniture, carpeting or other areas of the home. Leave for 24 hours before vacuuming.
  • Kills adult fleas and ticks within 72 hours of contact.


Diatomaceous Earth powder.

Overall Rating
4.5 out of 5 stars from 32 reviews

29 out of 32 people would recommend this product

08/10/2017, By Tracey
Wonderful non toxic option for mans best friend
18/08/2017, By Leoni
I've just started using this, hoping it will help with de-worming of my cats and dog. I've heard only good things, so my hopes are high :)
08/08/2017, By Carol
We have had such a problem with ants in and around our home and we have used this powder to put over the ants and what is so great is that it doesn't kill the ants but they just move away and also it is safe for our pets
31/05/2017, By Des
Great for adding to your pet's food. Not sure if I would use it for ticks and fleas on my huskies, but I can see it being useful for short-haired breeds. It dries everything out, so be wary of using it on sensitive skins.
23/03/2017, By Jennifer
I bought this product to use on my kitten who had bad fleas. The results were noticeable and definitely got the problem under control but it hasn eradicated the fleas completely. The product does not seem to be as strong as is suggested in the reviews.
28/10/2016, By Sonja
Please be careful when using this product. DE is a powerful dehydrating agent and dehydrates anything it comes into contact with. I have two dogs, one of them seems unaffected by this product but the other one has a sensitive skin and started itching something terrible after a few days I treated them and their bedding with DE. My eyes were also very dry at times from DE being in the air and possibly helped to developed a soar throat from breathing in DE. I believe DE can do good as it helped me with my battle with IBS. Even then I had to be careful not to dehydrate my body and only use it in small doses.
11/08/2016, By Tracey
Ive started using this product on my dogs. To be fair, they didn have fleas to start with (I was giving them a chemical anti-flea pill before), but so far so good.
30/06/2016, By Anne-Marie
I got this product as a sample together with my order and having 5 dogs, I am always sceptical about using any sort of pesticide where they can get to it. Ive used this product on 2 of our small dogs after having found a stray flea and where my dogs usually run away (they HATE flea spray/products), they didn even know I used it on them AND it worked!!! I also used it around their food and the ants were dead in a short time so now I use it around and on their food and have already ordered a container. It really works and as our dogs are our children, Ill never use anything which could maybe harm them but this product is SUPERB and Ill recommend it to anyone who puts their pets health and safety first!
29/04/2016, By Ingrid
have been using this on my Shih-tzus and it truly makes such a difference. although they aren covered in fleas at this stage, it has helped get rid of what they have, which also helps with the itching.
25/04/2016, By Karla
Pet food bowl and ants - who wants to use poison? Ive tried a saucer with water around the bowls, but the ants build boats and get across. And food drops into the water and starts to smell. The Siamese were a bit sceptic about the powder in the surrounding saucer, but only for half a day or so. And the ants have NEVER returned. I also put powder into their coats and bedding when we visited a tick zone and unlike other occasions,the ticks just didn stay on them. I could see the bite spots, but the ticks left sharpish. This is really important, because apparently for Lyme fever to be transmitted, the tick needs to feed for about a day - and Ive lost animals that way.
23/02/2016, By Grace
Not only is it safer for my cats, but works out to be a lot more affordable than the conventional flea worm medicated drops, especially considering there are 4 cats (2 of which love to groom one another).
01/02/2016, By Carma
I used it in my kitchen outside the window to keep the ants from coming in, and it works perfectly - no more ants in the house!
26/01/2016, By Lyn
Works well sprinkled in your pets food. Even chased away some nasty caterpillars in my garden.
08/12/2015, By Natasha
If you have trouble with maggots in your garbage bin during summer, sprinkle this to dry them out.
05/12/2015, By Talita
Im trying to grow my own veggies and herbs but those pesky snails keep munching down on everythimg before I can have any. Plus my beagle likes chomping the snails(YuK!) and then expects kisses from me! But with this stuff you just sprinkle the powder (you have repeat after heavy winds or any rain) and its bye bye snails, plus since most people seem to use it for pest controll on dogs - its compltely safe for the furbabies :) who alse like to sample the herbs and veggies sometimes.
05/11/2015, By Illyan
My cat isn too keen to eat it, but I mix it with soft food so eventually she chows it when she realises no other dinner is going to happen for her. Then it goes down no problem. I found a lone tick on her neck and promptly smeared a pinch of powder directly onto it; by the next evening the tick was hard (I presume dry and dead) and I could just pick it off with no hassles, and no worries about poisonous nasties aggravating her skin either. Will definitely recommend and buy again.
02/10/2015, By Adele
Very effective for ticks, fleas and as a dewormer. My cats don want to eat any food that has it mixed in, but I just sprinkle some extra on their coats, which they then promptly lick off... The dogs, however, have no problem ingesting and when I am diligent adding it to their food the flies are also less of a problem. We also sprinkle on areas where flies are a problem and it really does seem to keep the population in check. Great for repelling ants as well.
31/08/2015, By Chantelle
This is a great product, cats are comfortable with application and itching stopped, will definately buy again.
25/04/2015, By Retha
Use this for fleas on my cats and around my pets food bowls to keep ants away. Will order again :)
22/04/2015, By Mara
I don know if I like this product. I have had problems with my 14 year old furchild since I started with this product....and I only gave it to her for 7 days, not the 30 as stated. So much so that I am taking her to the vet as soon as I get the money from my daughter. So no! I am not happy with it at all.
15/04/2015, By Jeanne-Marie
Skeptic that I am, was blown away by the pest control uses of this product. I really wasn sure it would work for our ant infested house especially since we have six dogs... I was very wrong. This is the best thing ever and it even works as pest control for cockroaches.
15/04/2015, By Heleen
You never think it could happen to your family, but I found a couple of fleas on our furbaby a couple of weeks ago. I researched flea treatments but the poisonous products freaked me out completely. Its just not worth the risk. I bought a tub of Diatomaceous earth three weeks ago and immediately treated our cat. I have not seen a flea since.
Also started treating our severe ant problem and it works wonderfully.
I will never buy toxic insecticides again.
26/03/2015, By Erica
I purchased this product after researching natural cockroach and ant control. It turns out that it also works for ticks and fleas, though the only capacity that I have tried it in so far is ants, and it works brilliantly. Because it can also be used for internal parasites in pets I sprinkle it on the cat food and the ants don come near it, even though I feed my cats organic raw food which seems to be irresistible to ants. I have decanted the powder into a flour sprinkle jar and this works well for light dusting, which is all you need.
23/03/2015, By Lydia
I read about the benefits of diatomaceous earth and decided to give this product a go. Love that its totally safe to use around the house. Cat has stopped scratching and we have been able to keep the ant problem under control
30/05/2014, By TAMMY
Finally a non toxic flea remedy that works! Excellent for keeping ants away too. Great product that I will purchase again.
07/04/2014, By Gina
We don have any pets but the previous tenants of our home did whenever an extra hot day came along there would suddenly be fleas everywhere - particularly in our 2.5 year old daughters room. They bit her terribly while she slept. I tried a few other eco solutions which were unsuccessful then the Faithful-To-Nature team recommended that I use Raw Love Diatomaceous Earth. I used it only once (thats 6 months ago) - on the carpets I put some under the mattress, vaccumed it after a few days weve not seen a flea or had a bite since! .

I LOVE this product!!
19/11/2011, By Peggy
This stuff is truly great, and I have many uses. Sprinkle in the cat litter, their food and puppy's...no fly would ever come close to her poo...and they last forever....
18/11/2011, By Tracey
This stuff is truly awesome! It also works for ants! I sprinkled some in the cat food (my cat has kibble available 24/7) and on the counter around the dish and within 4 hours the ants were history!
06/08/2011, By Poppie
Baie dankie vir my produk! Die vlooie op die honde se rug het regtig verdroog soos julle sê. Dis net moeilik om dit op hulle pensies te kry! Ek is ook besig om te ontwurm met die een teelepel poeier per dag.
26/05/2011, By Tanja
I've been using the diatomaceous earth and had success with the slight flea issue we were experiencing. It has also worked remarkably well on some aphids and to keep ants away from certain areas!

08/05/2011, By Julie
It works wonderfully! Our dog and cat have both stopped scratching!
26/03/2011, By Sandra
I docter my dogs with the powder and put it their food. I must say that the flea are less and the worms we will see after a month.

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