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Pure Simple Castile Liquid Cleaner

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Pure Simple Castile Liquid Cleaner
Pure Simple Castile Liquid Cleaner
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Price From: R82.99

A versatile liquid cleaning solution that can be used "as is" for washing babies' clothing, wool, silk and other delicate fabrics, or as an ingredient in homemade household cleaners. Formulated to clean thoroughly, this castile cleaner is not suitable for use as a face, hand or body wash. If you are looking for one for your body, try Pure Simple Fragrance-Free Castile Body Wash (also available in naturally fragranced variations).

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Did you know?
Caustic potash (also called lye or potassium hydroxide) is used to turn oil into liquid soap but once it has been thoroughly mixed with the oils (4 - 6 hours) the caustic potash is neutralised - no more oil - no more caustic potash - just pure mild safe-to-use liquid soap. All PURESIMPLE liquid soaps are sequestered for 2 - 3 weeks before being sold.


Water, Olive Oil, caustic Potash.

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Overall Rating
4.6 out of 5 stars from 176 reviews

172 out of 176 people would recommend this product

18/10/2021, By Leandra
This is great. I use it as an addition to my natural pesticide for my veggies and herbs and it works like a bomb.
21/05/2021, By Zelda
Love it. Use it for all sorts. Does a great job of cleaning.
30/04/2021, By Alexandra
I use this straight up for cleaning and washing dishes and diluted as a hand and body soap, often with essential oils added. I love it - it feels pure and clean.
29/04/2021, By Jo
I have used this soap for so many applications. Very diverse and gentle. Can be used to clean almost anything. And a little bit goes a long way. Good choice.
15/04/2021, By Elizabeth
I expected this to be a concentrated liquid soap. Unfortunately, it is already fully diluted, which makes it far too expensive to buy. It is a pity because it's otherwise good.
11/04/2021, By Tatum
Love it. I add tea tree oil to the bit I've mixed with water, and use it to clean the floors. It cleans really well and gives the old laminated floors such a nice shine, it looks almost new again. I will definitely purchase it again. It also seems gentler on the skin that other detergents.
30/03/2021, By J
Good quality. I use it to make liquid hand soap and it works well.
15/03/2021, By Wendy
I use castile soap to wash my low porosity hair, its not invasive and little goes a long way, my hair has grown a lot since substituting shampoo for castile soap.
10/03/2021, By Claudia
I love this product. It is pure with no unnecessary ingredients and it cleans really well. Good for stains, floors, surfaces - anything.
27/02/2021, By Shakira C
I've been using this product for a month and its gentle on my skin. It has a fair amount of lather, just what I like. I'm half way through my 1L - used by 2 pax in the house daily.
12/02/2021, By Mint
This product works well for all its applications and is good value.

It is not what I would describe as fragrance-free, as the product has a natural soapy/greasy smell to it. I find this smell unpleasant. If you have a sensitive nose, I recommend purchasing some favourite essential oils to use with this product. I'm using citronella to convert the greasy smell into a fresher one.
15/01/2021, By Kelly
Absolutely love this to use as a booster for my laundry, and mostly for refilling my foaming hand soap dispensers. Much more affordable, and way kinder to skin as it has no nasty chemicals. My only gripe is that it is out of stock so often - must be because it is so popular!
31/12/2020, By Mari
Using to mix laundry detergent, so far so good
03/12/2020, By Kerry
Cleans well and has a great fragrance. It's also such a big bottle and stretches far! I use it in my homemade household cleaners as it's natural and good for sensitive skin. The bottle says that it is not for use on face or skin though. So will have to buy a different Castille soap for DIY body products. I have not attempted using this one as a body / facial soap
27/11/2020, By Nicole
First time trying castile soap and I'm happy! Feels like my 1L bottle is stretching much further than what I estimated :D Happy to see in the reviews that it gets rid of aphids, too. Very versatile product!
29/10/2020, By im not a robot
Great fragrance
19/10/2020, By Georgiana
It's not wow, it's not bad. It's natural and that for me it's important, as I have sensitive skin.
07/10/2020, By nicole
love it ! use it for all my household cleaning
04/10/2020, By Sherele
This is a great product to use all around the house! Put it into homemade cleaners and even diluted some for plant spray to het rid of aphids.
06/08/2020, By Desiree
Amazing. Cleans stainless steal better than anything else I have ever used
29/07/2020, By Ocean
17/07/2020, By Yolo
15/07/2020, By Marie
I can see what people mean about the product being "watery". Somehow one feels a good soap should be gel-like. But it cleans just fine.
09/06/2020, By Goodness
Cleans well
08/06/2020, By Angelique
Great budget friendly non-toxic product to make some great DIYs for cleaning at home!
01/06/2020, By Aarti
This time, the received castile soap was a lot more runny than previously, which makes it rather difficult to use and is leaking everywhere when trying to pour.
Could it be that there's additional water added?
28/05/2020, By Rock
Good one
21/05/2020, By Astra
Use it all over the house. Cleaning floors, washing clothes, dishes and surfaces everywhere. Versatile and a definite must have
20/05/2020, By Tayla
The only body wash I use. It foams up really well - but only if you use the pump bottle. I suggest purchasing the 250ml first and then buying the 1l or 5l as refills.
05/05/2020, By Samantha
Am satisfied, but did imagine it would be more Concentrate. Perhaps I did not understand the description
04/05/2020, By Irma
SO thankful to Faithful to Nature for stocking this product. I’m using it in my own blends. Some of my pepper and lemon trees were eaten by bugs, and some of the pepper trees had mildew on the leaves, used this in an organic and natural insecticide, 2-3 weeks later and the trees are starting to get new healthy leaves. Yay, so thankful for this great product.
27/04/2020, By Candy
04/04/2020, By Blue
Good for those allergic to citrus
30/03/2020, By Buz
I use it as a base product for hand soaps, dish washing liquid & surface cleaner. A little goes a long way.
29/03/2020, By Leandra
Good base product for homemade soaps and detergents.
10/03/2020, By Carol
Is this Dr Bronner’s Castille Soap?
26/02/2020, By Stevette
Was skeptical but it really did clean my son's messy baby grow.
16/02/2020, By Liz
Great for making your own hand wash.
14/01/2020, By Support
05/01/2020, By Andrea
Good, it is quite liquid, you can mix it as you wish. Good base to experiment with natural healthier cleaning products options.
31/12/2019, By Tracy
Great base product for homemade soaps and detergents.
18/12/2019, By Linden
Great stuff. I use it to create other things with.
18/12/2019, By Leanda
It was great around the house...a little goes a long way for general cleaning or doing the dishes...BUT won't use it for laundry again...left a waxy residue in the machine, even when using warm cycles and vinegar rinse
01/12/2019, By Bells
It’s a great body wash, but be careful if it gets into your eyes and especially that of babies and small children. It is an irritant that lasts for days.
21/11/2019, By Zonelle
Another all purpose all rounder I can't go without.
18/11/2019, By Jessica
This is a great product for homemade cleaning products (hand soap, dish soap, etc). I like that it's unscented so I can add my own scents with essential oils.
14/11/2019, By Angela
Very vetsatile product - I use it in many of my natural cleaning products. I haven't tried any different brands as this one is very cost effective (and locally made) but do find I need to add more than what online recipes suggest otherwise it is not soapy enough.
10/11/2019, By Leandra
Very versatile. I used it as a spot treatment, in my dishwashing and in body wash recipe.
10/11/2019, By Leandra
Very versatile. I used it as a spot treatment, in my dishwashing and in body wash recipe.
21/10/2019, By Luc
I have honestly not noticed a difference between this and named brands store cleaning products. It works just as well, is easy to use, is much easier as I now need to buy and store way less products. Just try it!
20/10/2019, By Cindy
Works well, but is veeeery liquidy. It does have a soapy smell unlike the bar of the soap. But still found it useful.
29/09/2019, By Pink
I’m using it currently as a dishwashing liquid. Works really well. It is very thin in consistency but does soap up nicely.
21/09/2019, By Gill
This products works well, I just find it very thin. I've used it to make my own homemade liquid laundry soap
13/09/2019, By H
More Liquid than others, but doing its job.
Use it washing machine
Will see to it when making a shower gel with it
08/09/2019, By Rox
So gentle and versatile!
02/09/2019, By Cheryl
For exterior windows mix a little with water, clean and follow with a wipe of vinegar for sparkle. Cleans tile floors easily..I add some lemon essential for fragrance. Great value
30/08/2019, By Marita
My favorite soap
19/08/2019, By Hayley L
My cat peed on my pillows whilst traveling... Decided to use this product, the result... Clean pillow, no, cat pee smell pillows was so fluffy I washed all my pillows... So it's a yes from me.
06/08/2019, By Minette
Use it in most of my cleaning products. So versatile and great value.
16/07/2019, By Fredericca
I love this product,especially because it is not drying. It has replaced almost all soaps in my house. I use it for homemade cleaning and washing solutions.
15/07/2019, By Nomvula
The consistency and lack of lather just didn't cut it for us, it is a weak soap whether used as a hand wash or a dishwashing liquid. A little lack lustre
09/07/2019, By Amori
What a lovely product. I use it for everything in my home. From washing dishes and clothes to making handwash and floor cleaner. I just add a few drops of essential oils for fragrance.
27/06/2019, By Irmina
Good cleaner, would buy again. Add in some lemon essential oils to give it a really nice smell.
27/06/2019, By Naledi
So good for people with sensitiv skin that cannot clean with gloves on. Even now in winter I don’t need hand cream cause of strong chemical cleaners
22/06/2019, By Marcelle
This exact same bottle is marketed on Pure Simples website as being suitable for the body. I'm a little peeved Faithful to Nature claims it isn't, when the manufacturer says it is. ANYWAYS! Its a lovely effective multiple purpose natural cleaner, and I use it for lots of DIY products around the home, body & surfaces.
14/06/2019, By Lilly
Works well. A little goes a long way.
12/06/2019, By Kristen
Such a versatile product. I have used it for my hair products, skin products, my baby wash, dishwashing Tablets and washing powder.
06/06/2019, By Eve
Absolutely awesome product. We use it’s it watered down to wash our hands as well as to spray counter tops.
01/06/2019, By Claudia
Wonderful product. Very versatile and cleans really well.
30/05/2019, By Zimkita
Its more watery than i would like but does do the job.I'm a bit underwhelmed by it to be honest.
15/05/2019, By Elizabeth
Love this product so much! However, I don’t understand why it can’t be used on body. As a base, I LOVE IT! And don’t get me started on our clean tiles, bath, sink...
25/04/2019, By Elisca
I love this product! I use it to make all our home cleaning supplies. Foaming hand soap, laundry detergent and all-purpose cleaner. Will definitely keep ordering.
06/04/2019, By Nicole
Very good quality product! And a good price too! I add my essential oils and use it as a hand soap... it lasts a long time too!
05/02/2019, By Ayesha
very gentle on my hands, i love this to wash dishes and clean floors, i add a few drops of peppermint or sweet orange essential oil when i wash dishes and tea-tree when i do the floors.
05/02/2019, By Elizabeth
I use this product to clean our home and I make all sorts of washes for us
22/01/2019, By Jianine
Bought this a while ago, works well. Nice that it's a liquid, so it dissolves easily / does not leave any residue on one's clothes.
10/01/2019, By Larisa
I use this to make my own household cleaners and body washes. Great product.
09/01/2019, By Michelle
We like that we can use this to clean just about anything, floors, counters, sinks, tub etc. The best benefit is there are no harmful ingredients
29/12/2018, By Christie
Versatile cleaner, you can add essential oil for fragrance and anti bacterial properties
04/12/2018, By Anette
This natural product is really handy to make your own soap. Love it!
21/11/2018, By Mike
It is amazing that people use this product on their body when it is not recommended for this.
14/11/2018, By Naledi
Am exited to finnaly do my own home care products according to dr E.Z. Recipe book. Just finished shampooing all the mats.
09/11/2018, By Marina
Versatile product. Use it for floors, surfaces and laundry.
07/11/2018, By Bonita
I love the smell of the product. I bought it to try a lavender shampoo recipe for my dry scalp and it works perfectly! I'm going to try using it around the house next (starting with laundry this weekend).
02/11/2018, By Raffaella
We add it in our washing machine and it has been quite effective.
22/10/2018, By Sonja
Have been using this for quite some time, and it cleans floors the best.
16/10/2018, By reu
is ja!
16/10/2018, By Susie
Tough on stains for sure. Use it on stains on clothing before the wash, and it will remove. Quite amazing. Use it wherever, it works!
14/10/2018, By Rosella
Great versatile product.
05/10/2018, By Claire
I use this to make my own laundry powder a s it works really well
04/10/2018, By Arline
First try using this to make own mulitpurpose cleaner and dish soap- no complaints, works rather well ad conscience feels clean
03/09/2018, By Caroline
Versitile product. Use it for a wide variety of cleaning aids from dish soap to tile cleaner, clothes wash, handwash and more. Highly recommended
30/08/2018, By Bronwyn
I use this to make my own laundry detergent and works well with the recipe I use. Happy with this product.
21/08/2018, By Karen
Versatile cleaner for home use
21/08/2018, By Karen
Versatile cleaner for home use
09/08/2018, By Mary
This is the best natural alternative so far for Woolite. I use it to (machine) wash all my woollens. I am not crazy about the smel, but it is not offensive. I simply add bicarb mixed with a few drops of essential oil to the final rinse.
23/07/2018, By Alex
I cant understand why this product gets great reviews as a cleanser. I used it as a liquid hand wash, but it leaves skin feeling tacky and leaves an unsightly film in the basin, both of which I really hate. Adding essential oils is a waste of time as it does nothing to improve the smell or efficacy. I also got a terrible rash at the same time that I started using this, it may be coincidence, but I think the castile soap contributed. Maybe one just needs to find the right application for this stuff, but I wont be buying again.
19/07/2018, By Mari
So versatile. Perfect face wash. Yes, face wash.
27/06/2018, By Priscilla
It is a absolute pleasure to use this liquid soup as it is soft on the skin. It was really well priced.
15/06/2018, By Zonelle
Super versatile
02/06/2018, By Viv
A very gentle soap that can be used anywhere in the home. Very happy so far.
25/05/2018, By Claire
I use this to make my own washing powder and it works really well
Haven't for anything else yet
16/05/2018, By Ayesha
Best soap ever!
mild natural scent. Helps my 91 year old grandmother's dry skin (diaper rash). Soothes my eczema and leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized.
Can be used as is, or add some essential oils and coconut oil to make a body wash. Also cleaned the floors really well.
02/05/2018, By J
I have been looking for liquid castile soap for ages in South Africa, and this product is cheap and perfect! Cleans very well, and I will definitely buy this again when I am finished with this bottle.
30/04/2018, By Minette
Only been using for a short while. But very happy so far
27/04/2018, By WBK
Apart from loving the naturalness of the leaves my skin extremely dry. But it's good for the environment will have to over look the dry skin.
25/04/2018, By Machel
This soap is so versatile and I have been having fun making recipes to replace my body wash, shampoo, counter cleaner etc. My husband doesn’t care for it much as a body wash as he feels it’s a “gentle” and non-lathering cleanser but it’s good knowing we don’t have to spend on multiple products, personal and household, and by being environmentally friendly.
12/04/2018, By Rita
I am so grateful that I happened to stumble upon this product. We have parquet flooring and this with a few drops of Soil is a dream! We've used it to wash towels and we're constant;y exploring more ways to use this successfully.

Our wooden floors are looking great. Our house smells like a dream and I can choose non-toxic oils (we have kitties) to add some fragrance.

If I could have a refill station near me to limit the amount of packaging, I would be a happy camper :)
11/04/2018, By Raaziqa
It works great in hoemade shampoo and on dishes. Cleans really well in that sense. But it's not that effective for washing clothes though. It doesn't remove stains and dirt.
03/04/2018, By Larisa
Oh I love this brand! I have bought all their homecare products and I just love the effect it has had on my own itchiness, my dogs' skin conditions and my sinuses. Easy on nature and easy on the senses!
02/04/2018, By Jsdrjsdr
The perfect multi-tasker. Gentle, non - toxic, multi-purpose, exactly what I've been looking for. Been using it for anything from baby laundry, our laundry, dishwasher, floors etc. Doesn't really smell like anything but you can add your own scent with some essential oils. We'll try that once baby's a bit bigger.
31/03/2018, By Zonelle
Very versatile and earth friendly to boot
22/02/2018, By Sonja
Really cleans tiled floors without any nasty artificial smell.
20/02/2018, By Aida
Great for washing clothes and all purpose cleaning. As I cannot stand the smell of commercial detergents, pure simple castile liquid soap has been a life saver.
31/01/2018, By Caroline
Amazing base for cleaning products. I use to clean dishes as well as tiles and have used the soap bar in my laundry detergant. Cleans fantastically!
15/01/2018, By Charissa
I used it to make shower gels and liquid hand soap and it is very gentle on the skin. My kids usually struggle with very dry skin, now not anymore.
14/01/2018, By Monique
I don't really like how it smells, but it doesn't make your laundry smell that way. It's ok as a general cleaner (floors, diluted on counters), but i don't like it for doing laundry... i prefer something with some more cleaning umf behind it. I wanted to make my own handwash and stuff as well but even after adding essential oils, you don't get rid of that castile soap smell...i don't like it.
11/01/2018, By Sharon
I bought thisproduct inthe hope that it would compliment my desire to go all natural with our new little baby. Using it as a laundry detergent as per instructions for a couple of months unfortunately failed to be strong enough for the cloth nappies. It also left my whites & light colours with a yellowish tinge and a slightly waxy/sticky feel on some of the garments.
29/12/2017, By Sonja
This is a great versatile product that you can use as a base to make any cleaner you need, shampoo and even face wash. You don't use it as is on your body but it works great as a base for body products. Thank you for the awesome service you give! My packet arrived in good time and there was free goodies in that I really appreciated.
27/12/2017, By Kirsten
It is my first time purchasing it. I have so far used to it to make a face wash and it was pretty good. Will definitely purchases it again.
07/12/2017, By Lucy
This product is an amazing base for any cleaning product. Just having this, I am able to make my own beauty products and soaps, as well as household cleaning products. It is an essential base for natural DIY products!!
30/11/2017, By ameera
I'm using this product for the 1st time and i just absolutely fell in love with it:-)Thank you!
Thank you so much for the small little surprise and inspiring words you guys made me smile and best of all you made my day:-)
Much appreciate it:-)
14/11/2017, By Maryllia
I’m using this product as 1 of the ingredients to make my own shampoo but it can be used for so many things.
23/10/2017, By Alicia
First time I have tried coconut butter. It certainly has a brilliant coconut taste and i am excited to try mixing it with some other butters like macadamia and almond.
19/10/2017, By Sharon
I bought this product to try out on my washing, as we are expecting our first little one and I wanted an eco-friendly, unscented product for all our clothing. It does a good job on the clothes, doens't leave streaks or marks like one of the powders I tried. I'll add some oils in the future once baby has grown used to fragrances, because I love my washing to smell nice :)
10/10/2017, By Tilly
A simple versatile soap. I use it to make an all purpose cleaner with vinegar and essential oils in a stainless steel spray bottle. Love the subtle scent and non abrasive and non-toxic cleaning potential.
01/10/2017, By Clova
Love using this as the base for all my household products. Great to be able to buy in bulk too. Would love it if FTN could offer some kind of waste free facility where customers could return packaging to be refilled. Obviously tricky with different brands but maybe an option for the future?
17/09/2017, By Patricia
Happy to use this product as a detergent because we live on a farm and our water outflow is a French drain, and I know it's environmentally friendly. I do add some essential oil for a better scent.
15/09/2017, By Jolene
This is the best type of soap. I cant believe it took me this long to discover the most versatile product on the market. I am a minimalist at heart and love that I can finally use ONE product for a whole list of things in my house. This is a must-have for all families. My 3 kids love it too as they no longer have dry skin issues.
11/09/2017, By Shan
I've been looking for pure castile soap for ages. Safer, friendlier than any commercial cleaners and should be a standard for household products. Glad to buy in bulk
07/09/2017, By Terry
I use this as a base for a multitude of home products and cannot be without it.
22/08/2017, By Candice
I love this product! period!
I use it on literally everything!

What i simply do not understand (or maybe i do).. is why the following is being stated:
" this castile cleaner is not suitable for use as a face, hand or body wash"

It contains exactly the same ingredients as in the body wash.
Only difference, the one has "water" the other has "spring water"

Other than this, i will not change this product for anything :)

i use it as body wash, shampoo, pet shampoo (even on my cat that has hotspots and very sensitive allergy prone skin) laundry liquid, floor cleaner, you name it :)
22/08/2017, By Sanet
I bought 1 litre a few months ago and I've enjoyed using it. I've made a few body and face washes, and I've also used it for my ceramic floors. For the body washes, I dilute it with a saline solution (which also thickens it into a gel) and some oil (hemp seed is my favourite). I wish it was a little more foamy and it does have quite an oily smell, but it cleans well enough and it is cost effective.
18/08/2017, By Niki
Good product! Worked well for a natural cleaner. Bit runny and doesn't go that far, but the price point is good so I'll order again.
15/08/2017, By Kaeli
This is all I will use for laundry now. Any other scented powder or gel gives me headaches, but this has a completely neutral smell.
We use 200ml per wash, have never added the vinegar, and it works perfectly. The only time clothes are left with a residue has been when I overfilled the machine.
04/08/2017, By Noems
First try, and very happy with it!
Used it for laundry, machine and handwash. Simply add white vinegar and essential oil (in my case, lavender). Clothes went out great, and for hand wash, my skin not only was not irritated but was so soft!
Will definitely re-order!
01/08/2017, By E
This is the first time I ordered this product, was looking for something more earth friendly. Thank you for the quick delivery and the personal message on the invoice.
26/07/2017, By Carin
Super cleaning product without much effort. Don't have to use much elbow grease. Cleans dirty floors with ease. Also add a bit when washing our dog Axel's blankets, and it gets rid of the "doggy smell"
12/07/2017, By Joan
Wonderful as an alternative for washing powder when commercial washing powder was making my baby's eczema EXPLODE! First tried soap nuts and washing ball as alternatives, but those don't come close to the cleaning power of this castile soap, all the while still being kind to her sensitive skin.
09/07/2017, By Lizanne
I've made shower gel with this Castile soap, it's lovely. Just added some essential oils and it's the perfect, gentle toxin free shower gel that my whole family can use.
05/07/2017, By PS
Great castille soap, good price. We use it for everything from body wash to shampoo. Little bit goes a very long way!
22/06/2017, By Larissa
Love this product! I use it for everything around the house - floors, kitchen, bathroom. Love that it doesn't have that chemical smell of products like Handy Andy. Even though it is fragrance free, you can just add a few drops of essential oils (especially lemon tea tree).
20/06/2017, By Jessica
Great product! It's so easy to use as laundry detergent and as a body wash! There are several other uses as well which I plan to explore.
14/06/2017, By Louis3
Not that bad just do not like the smell! Wish it was a bit more concentrated though
11/06/2017, By Jacky
I love this soap! I use it for everything in my home - washing, floors, bathroom, dishwasher. It works really well.
05/06/2017, By Joanne
Great product to use - gentle on laundry and the garden (it runs into our grey water system).
05/06/2017, By Niki
cleans well and the 5l lasts me a month, we do a lot of washing with 2 small kids. its mild and cleans well, but you still need to use stain remover for very dirty items.
04/06/2017, By Dune
Great product to use since it is already in a usable state - no melting of castile soap bars. I used it for liquid handwash soap and flavoured it with sweet orange essential oil especially for winter. It works so well and smells great.
31/05/2017, By Des
I'm currently using this as a laundry detergent. I wouldn't say that it is the most affordable laundry detergent as you use quite a bit for one wash and you have to combine it with an equal amount of vinegar when you do a load.
29/05/2017, By Des
Good as a laundry detergent when combined with vinegar
01/05/2017, By No Muck
This is the most versatile product! I use it as bath soap, the base for my hand soap, a face cleanser, as a cleaner, and as a natural bug repellent with our organic farming. I love that it is fragrance free and if you desire a scent (for hand soaps, etc.) then add some essential oils. It is amazing!
11/10/2016, By Melanie Coetzee
I use this detergent on shirt collars. Normally I use a little brush and soap to scrub the collars and cuffs before putting them in the machine; so now I use a little of this to do the scrubbing, and the dirt comes off so quickly! Better than any other laundry detergent I used on those tiresome collars and cuffs!
10/02/2016, By Sunae
I like to make my own all purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, tile cleaner and so on. This castile soap is so concentrated, it really goes a long way and I dilute a lot when I make my cleaning products. Its fragrance free and I scent it with my own essential oils and it cleans perfectly good.
10/02/2016, By Grace
I use 60ml per load of washing + a drop of lavender EO and clothes come out fresh clean. Adding a bit to the nappy bucket helps a lot!
02/02/2016, By Christine
I am happy with this product as a washing liquid for my clothes. Tough stains need to be treated before the wash but I find that is the case with every washing liquid. A little goes a long way.
26/01/2016, By Lyn
Not bad, but didnt do any wonders for me.
15/10/2015, By Michelle
I bought this product to use as an ingredient in natural homemade beauty products, and found it works great for a lot of household purposes as well. As far as natural, chemical free goes, its near perfect!
09/10/2015, By Terry
That Castille soap is one of the best Ive ever used. I even used it (with some soil Lavender essential oil and coconut oil) as a doggy shampoo, and its wonderful. It has a multitude of other uses of course, but one of my German Shepherds has rather a sensitive skin, and this is the only product that has not left him itching for days after a bath!
01/09/2015, By Casper
No complaints from my wife or domestic worker so far. Just add some vinegar to the rinse cycle as a softer.
01/09/2015, By Amanda
I use cloth nappies on my toddler and have tried different brands of washing soap, being mindful of the different materials that are used in cloth nappies. This soap is fantastic. I don get a build up of soap on the nappies or too much foam in the machine and the nappies come out smelling and looking clean and fresh.
28/08/2015, By Carmen
I bought this product for use in making up my own natural cleaning products and liquid hand soap. Its a good versatile product. It has a faint olive oil smell.
13/08/2015, By lucinda
I was hoping to make this into many different cleansers, for dishes and laundry as well as house hold. The product is a bit on the oily side. This makes it perfect for cleaning the floors and i found the combination that works in the dishwasher . but terrible for dishwashing, and bathrooms.
14/06/2015, By Anton
Works perfectly in just 1 wash! Removes stains even locked in stains provided you follow the instructions.
29/04/2015, By Janine
I use this product to make my own household cleaning products. Works really well and goes a long way.
03/03/2015, By Suzanne
I think that this product would work very well for someone who has lightly soiled washing - Im afraid that ours was a bit too dirty for this soap to be effective in the amounts directed. It smells nice and clean.
25/02/2015, By Chantell
first time trying earth friendly product and it worked good.
I don like the smell and had to add few drops of ess oil.
I also find I have to pre treat stubborn stains. (Have a 9month old baby boy)
But leaves clothes lovely and soft, I don even need to add vinegar.

Will maybe try different product next time.
20/02/2015, By Cindy
Love this soap! It works really well for so many things - laundry, hand-soap, dish-wash, floor cleaner. Gentle and mild with a faint olive oil smell. Added drops of essential oil to the hand soap and laundry wash to add some fragrance. And really good value for money too! Great product!
19/02/2015, By Monique
I was sceptic at first but after 4 wash loads I must admit that I am impressed :) I use it with a tablespoon Londa bio bleach an the whites are nice and bright.
16/01/2015, By Samantha
Ive really enjoyed this pure and simple product as a laundry liquid. I haven tried adding apple cider vinegar yet but even by itself it cleans things really well with my washing machine and is so gentle on my hands when hand washing items. Only thing is that it has a very strange neutral smell and leaves laundry smelling of nothing which I suppose is a good thing.
10/12/2014, By Susan
I have used other earth friendly laundry soap etc before. This is one the best I have used so far. I also have these white uniforms that are very expensive and they get dull after a few washes. With this soap I am impressed with how much cleaner they look and even brighter!
02/10/2014, By Janice
Seems a little runny at first, but I use it for so many things from mixing up a recipe for hand soap to cleaning the floor. At this price, value for money
04/05/2014, By Sharon
Recently started using this for my Laundry and am impressed with it. Clothing is soft and if used on 40 degree wash cycle no residue.
15/04/2014, By Karen
I wash ALL my laundry with Pure Simple, after a long and diffucult battle to find a product compatible with my chronic allergy to perfume.
25/03/2014, By Megan
I have bought soap nuts before, they did not work as effective as the Liquid Castille soap. This is a better buy.
09/08/2013, By Bronwin
Awesome product! I make my own doggie shampoo and all purpose cleaner using this liquid soap and its the best ever. Cost effective and safe enough for my dog who now has the whitest coat ever.
21/10/2011, By Adele
I love my rented loft, but cleaning the expansive shiny tiled floor is no joke! With 10ml Pure Simple Castile Liquid Soap, a few drops of SOIL Tee Tree Oil and a micro fibre mop I have a streak free, fresh smelling, fly repelling end result! Happy cleaning at last!

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