Pure Beginnings Toothpaste Fresh Mint

Pure Beginnings Toothpaste Fresh Mint
Pure Beginnings Toothpaste Fresh Mint
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The natural and healthy way to care for your teeth and gums.

Pure Beginnings toothpaste contains xylitol, which has been shown to effectively reduce tooth decay by preventing the growth of the bacteria Streptococcus mutans - a "nasty" that causes dental cavities.

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Price From: R49.00

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  • Apply a small amount to the tooth brush.
  • Brush teeth morning and night, preferably after meal times.
  • Spit and rinse.


Glycerin, aqua (water), calcium carbonate, xylitol, titanium dioxide, kaolin, hydroxyethylcellulose,  sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, peppermint flavour, adansonia digitata (baobab) fruit extract*, eupatorium rebaudianum bertoni (stevia) leaf extract, menthol, mentha piperita (peppermint) oil*, potassium sorbate, guar gum, citric acid, mentha spicata (spearmint) leaf oil* 
*Ingredients from organic farming 

99% of the total ingredients are from natural origin  

A note about Sodium Lauroyl SarcosinateInformation on ingredients change all the time and for this reason we sometimes have ingredients permitted in products that are starting to attract negative attention – this does not mean however, that they are a problem, just that there are data gaps. Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate is one of those ingredients. This is what we know about it – to use it or not to use is your call. Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate is approved by Ecocert, and is also approved in the new COSMOS organic standard. The ingredient is sulphate free, it is not processed with ethylene oxide or 1,4dioxane, and has a good sensitivity rating. The Cosmetics Database finds Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate to be a moderate hazard ingredient, primarily because of its potential to be contaminated with nitrosamine (a known carcinogen) and because of its classification as a penetration enhancer. Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate should not be used in cosmetics and personal care products in which N-nitroso compounds may be formed (CosmeticsInfo.org). Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate is not expected to be potentially toxic or harmful, and has a low oral toxicity. It is not found to be mutagenic, irritating orsensitizing, although as stated above, it may enhance the penetration of other ingredients through the skin which is a good or a bad thing depending on what other ingredients it is mixed with. It has an EWG rating – the rating is 3/10, primarily due to data gaps.

Overall Rating
4.5 out of 5 stars from 84 reviews

78 out of 84 people would recommend this product

17/10/2017, By Tracey
Very pleasant soft, sweet, minty taste
13/10/2017, By Melissa
Best natural toothpast i've tried, buying it again. Does however not leave you with a fresh feel afterwards.
07/10/2017, By fullfatkat
After trying a good number of fluoride-free toothpastes, running them by quality control in my family (my daughter!), THIS IS THE ONE we landed up using as our regular...
06/10/2017, By Emma
This is a really nice toothpaste, did not foam up for me but I made it last for a good couple of weeks, alternating with bicarb and coconut oil.
03/10/2017, By Presha
this is by far the best tasting natural toothpaste i have tried
02/10/2017, By Carla
Unfortunately this left my baby with a rash. Will use again when she is older.
30/09/2017, By Amber
Its not the greatest natural toothpaste, but its tolerable. Tastes a bit like marshmallow and good for someone who can't handle anything too herbal
23/09/2017, By Merry
Love this toothpaste! Great taste and great value!
20/09/2017, By Gillian
A good alternative to normal toothpaste without the harmful chemicals!
20/09/2017, By Gillian
A good alternative to normal toothpaste without the harmful chemicals!
18/09/2017, By Maureen
Been using for a while and no issues. Even have non vegan husband using it. Nice minty taste.
18/09/2017, By Hayley
Amazing, used this for years now and highly recommend. My dentist always compliments me on no plaque build-up! Great for a gift also.
11/09/2017, By Hanlie
The only toothpaste for me and my family!!
31/08/2017, By Curious Buyer
Best toothpaste without fluoride. Minty taste. Good foam. Good consistancy. Nice big tub
31/08/2017, By Marinda
Our top brand of natural toothpaste for sure.
19/08/2017, By Cindy
LOVE this product!!! Have been using it for years and will probably continue to use it for many more!
18/08/2017, By Anel
I absolutely LOVE this toothpaste and will never buy another brand again!!!
01/08/2017, By Linda
Pricey, but it does the job. My daughter prefers the 3 pack to save a few pennies.
24/07/2017, By Leilani
Definitely the best organic toothpaste I have used so far. Gives a fresh feel and knowing it doesn't contain the dreaded F-word makes it all the better! And please people - check your non-organic toothpaste for sodium saccharin - ESPECIALLY if you're pregnant as it crosses the placenta!!!
05/07/2017, By Missy
Going from shop bought toothpastes to trying out Pure Beginnings' toothpaste is a bit of an adjustment, as it doesn't foam up or leave your breath smelling extra minty fresh but it is a good change in the right direction. It is definitely worth the change, as I enjoy using it everyday!
30/06/2017, By Sanet
In terms of price and mouth feel, this is the least objectionable natural toothpaste I've tried. The texture is fine and my entire mouth feels clean afterwards. It could be the cold weather, but it does requires some hulk hand squeezing to get the toothpaste out of the tube, and it's annoying that it gets stuck in my toothbrush, especially in water-saving times. I do like it enough to keep using it.
27/06/2017, By Janet
Love it! I usually make my own toothpaste, but after trying this (my husband was using it), I've gotten much more 'lazy' to make my own. It's fresh and sweet.
22/06/2017, By Meeresbriese
The toothpaste was too sweet in taste and I only realized afterwards that it contains xylitol, which to me is a relative of sugar. It is created in a lab, which I don't like, tastes too much like the old Canderel (artificial sweetener) to me. But if you don't have aproblem with xylitol, then the product is very nice.
20/06/2017, By Roxanne
Nice texture and flavour.
09/06/2017, By Lizette

Great vegan and Beauty without Cruelty approved toothpaste that's also affordable!
09/06/2017, By Amy
So far I'm on my second tube and I love it enough to keep buying it. Now, when I occasionally use conventional toothpaste it tastes incredibly artificial. I am keeping up with my dentist to see if my teeth stay as healthy when using this toothpaste.
09/06/2017, By Cindy
Leaves your mouth feeling clean without that slimy feel that some of the natural toothpastes leave. We buy it for family too.
02/06/2017, By Elsabe
Tried quite a few of the natural toothpastes in the past and no other product beats this one in taste, foaminess and price. Really for an affordable and tasty toothpaste without the nasties. Buying bulk is not necessarily cheaper.
24/05/2017, By Arline
All and all great product- the best natural toothpaste i have used
Bonus it seems children love it too
30/04/2017, By Steph
This is the best natural toothpaste I have used. It lathers surprisingly well and cleans my teeth nicely. Tastes nice too.
04/04/2017, By Jenna
Tastes great, leaves breath fresh. No after-taste.
24/03/2017, By Marcelle
90 Percent of the time this toothpaste lands in the basin or on the floor. It is a thick consistency that does not dissolve quickly in your mouth.
02/12/2016, By Robbie
I decided to try this after using the Earthsap toothpaste for a few months. This one has a much stronger taste which is very pleasant and smells amazing. Glad I got enough to last a while.
16/11/2016, By Liz
Amazing taste, amazing results. It even removes stains from a night of drinking cheap red wine ;)
09/11/2016, By Gina
I have been using this toothpaste for years and it is one of my favorite products. I LOVE the taste of this toothpaste!
05/11/2016, By Tania
We all use this toothpaste, it is great! It tastes a bit like the old Stimirol original gum, with some mint added, really a nice taste and cleans well too. We love it.
20/10/2016, By Arline
Really a great product - feels like conventional toothpaste
18/10/2016, By Jeane
Great, not an overpowering taste, cleans well, lasts long, but still feel the need to use a rinse for freshness.
05/10/2016, By Verena
This toothpaste is nice and minty and fresh and by far the best toothpaste that I have tried so far.
Will definitely buy again
03/10/2016, By Sharmla
This toothpaste worked really well, it was very gentle on our gums and teeth. No harsh chemicals are used and its made from such pure ingredients that you can even swallow this toothpaste but best of all no animals were harmed in the making of it
28/09/2016, By Caitlin
I am so very pleased with this product - it is so much better than I was expecting. Lovely, refreshing taste and my toddler loves it too.
22/09/2016, By VanessaL
Its so comforting to know that no dangerous chemicals are being absorbed through my mouths mucus membranes and the occasional, accidental swallow. The tube has also lasted me very very long!! Not much lather, but thats not a big issue. Allows you to brush as long as you want without foam overflowing.
12/09/2016, By Lily
Absolutely the best toothpaste ever!
10/09/2016, By Nicole
I have tried another organic toothpaste and in comparison this toothpaste is awesome! My husband and myself love it. After using this toothpaste of a while, we had to use conventional toothpaste and couldn believe how terrible it was. I highly recommend this toothpaste.
11/08/2016, By Tracey
My whole family uses this toothpaste. When we first switched from conventional, chemical products, we tried another product which the family really didn like - too soapy and a weird texture. However, this toothpaste is much more like
ormal toothpaste, and the whole family likes it. I could be imagining it, but I think it has a slight whitening effect too. Recommended!
08/08/2016, By Candice
Leaves your mouth feeling fresh and teeth clean without any burn...and of course no cruelty :)
07/07/2016, By Sarah
Have tried a few brands and flavours and this is my favourite. Its light, clean and fresh!
27/06/2016, By Shamira
This toothpaste has become a regular feature in my beauty arsenal, it has a good texture, subtle and refreshing minty taste and effectively cleans my teeth . I would have given it 5 stars, but it is a bit pricey.
13/06/2016, By Bianca
This is the best organic toothpaste I have tried so far. It has a delicate minty taste, leaves teeth feeling clean and best of all - no fluoride, carrageenan or parabens. Will buy again.
03/06/2016, By MarkD
No Fluoride, no animal cruelty and minty fresh breathe. great product
19/05/2016, By Genevieve
The number 1 selling point for me is you can brush your teeth for a full 2 minutes (the general recommendation of dentists) without any burning sensations, which is all to common in commercial toothpastes thanks to the pesky ingredient known as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which they throw in.
It isn a foaming toothpaste which you might have to get use to. But it does the job and leaves a fresh taste! Id give it 5 out of 5 if the fresh taste was more powerful.
04/05/2016, By Barbara
I tried this one as my first natural tooth paste and I am absolutely happy with it: it cleanses gently and leaves a fresh, clean taste / feeling. 5*!
03/05/2016, By Gillian
Been using this toothpaste for over a year now and love it! You never get the hard plaque anymore which is obviously caused by fluoride? Will never buy anything different - its the best tasting natural toothpaste ive tried!
04/04/2016, By KERA
I love this toothpaste. Has a lovely taste and will be my new favourite. Even my husband loves it and does not want to use his usual toothpaste, as I am still convincing him to go all natural and eliminate nasty toxins where possible.
08/03/2016, By Sherryl
Love this toothpaste. Often toothpastes leave me with dry cracked lips or small pimples near my lips, so was keen to give this a try.
Am pleased to say none of the problems I had with other tooth pastes have recurred. It does have a fresh taste, is grainy enough to buff your teeth. Not as firm as regular toothpaste but I don find that an issue.
I reordered the bulk pack
17/02/2016, By Catherine
I gave this a 4 star as Im use to extremely strong and toxic oral pastes. Yest this subtle burst of freshness is doing the job really well. Clean fresh breath. I use it along with Spry Spearmint Oral Rinse. Perfect Match.
01/02/2016, By Joande
It took a while to get used to the toothpaste, being one who always used a strongly flavoured toothpaste. It leaves a light pepperment taste in the mouth. The fact that it doesn foam took me a while to get used to but, at the end of the day, my health comes first.
24/01/2016, By Nicole
Love this toothpaste. Does a great job for fresh breath and doesn give you that regular toothpastey taste in your mouth afterwards. Doesn sud up as much as regular toothpaste but I like that, still does a great job of cleaning and my teeth look slightly whiter as a smoker. I also notice less plague build up over time and think my next appointment will be a breeze! The xylitol makes it sweeter than regular toothpaste. I would recommend this to parents for that sweet reason and because its safe to swallow!
22/12/2015, By Jaco
The texture is a kinda grainy and it looks really weird, darkish grey in colour. The minty (after) taste isn as strong as normal toothpaste but not an issue for me, it does the job well.
15/12/2015, By Marieta
Pure beginnings toothpaste is peace of mind and a winner-I order regularly-the price may be a tad high but I guess that will change when the demand increase
People do not yet realize the damaging effect of fluoride in conventional toothpaste!
24/11/2015, By Carla
Happy with the ingredients, taste, feel and clean. Some toothpastes are very overpowering or lacking in minty-ness. But this is just right :)
28/08/2015, By Lucia
We really enjoy this toothpaste as we are bunny huggers and environmentally conscious. It has a great fresh minty taste works really well. We will definitely continue using it. The only complaint (an it is not even that) is that it is a bit pricey.
12/08/2015, By Liesa
Tastes good, cleans well, no flouride, bunny-friendly, has Xylitol (good against strep throat - Dr Amy Yasko), and reasonably priced. Very happy with the product
10/06/2015, By Nicolette
We have been using Toms of Maine natural toothpaste for years but how recently moved to South Africa we decided to try the local offerings. This toothpaste is great, very mild but minty fresh and does the job. May try a cheaper one for comparison - but definitely happy with this product.
15/04/2015, By Jeanne-Marie
We really enjoy this toothpaste, it has a earthy fresh taste and works really well. We will definitely continue using it although it is a bit pricey.
07/03/2015, By Jean
For the first time ever I actually enjoy brushing. The toothpaste leaves your mouth feeling fresh but does not burn. Kids also love it. Texture is something to get used to
03/01/2015, By Mika
Ive tried nearly all the toothpaste brands on this site and more from health shops, but this is the winner by far:

-Awesome packaging easy to open close cap.
-Super texture.
-Great minty taste that is not too weak or overpowering.
-Doesn break the bank (can bring myself to pay R80+ for toothpaste)!!!

Finally! Thank you :)
20/11/2014, By Terri
It tastes great, works well and is free of all the bad stuff. Ive tried quite a few natural toothpastes and this one is by far the best. My whole family uses it and I will continue to use it as long as its available. Its a little expensive but totally worth it!
27/10/2014, By Jo
Definitely my favourite natural toothpaste that Ive tried. You don need to use a lot at all and it leaves a slightly sweet, refreshed taste in your mouth. I recommend it!
25/09/2014, By Zoe
I really like this toothpaste. Some of the other EF toothpastes have an unpleasant taste but this one works well and has a fresh minty taste, although a slightly heavier texture. One tube also goes quite far, which is great.
09/10/2013, By Astrid
Die tandepasta, maak wel skoon, maar geen vars asem nie. Nogal terleurgesteld in die produk.
31/10/2011, By Masadi
I've tried all the organic toothpastes, but all of them seem to clog the drain in my bathroom! Anyone else have this problem?
27/10/2011, By Liesl
Delicate minty taste, but a little too bland for my liking. The consistency is too runny and messy.
17/10/2011, By Natasha
This is a great toothpaste. I was worried that it might have a strange texture or taste, but it tastes and feels great. It might be my imagination, but I think my teeth feel smoother after using this than with my old toothpaste.
03/10/2011, By Roane
This is an excellent toothpaste. It foams well and the taste lasts through your entire brushing session, while your teeth also feel clean and your breath stays fresh! It also rinses easier off the brush, unlike other eco-friendly toothpastes.
01/10/2011, By Alena
We've been using this toothpaste for almost a year. Our toddler loves it and I don't worry about her swallowing the contents of her toothbrush. It is very mild and even though I sometimes wish for a kick, this toothpaste does a good job cleaning teeth, so I'll stick to it.
18/09/2011, By Leigh-Anne
Really nice and minty - better than the Enchantrix one.
06/09/2011, By Heidi
Great toothpaste and like the minty freshness
04/07/2011, By Diane
My 5 yr old said it reminds him of choc mint ice-cream :) This is our favourite one by far.
22/06/2011, By Nadine
This will be our brand of toothpaste for the home from now on. It has a nice delicate minty taste. Lovely creamy consistency. The packaging is very user friendly (easy to squeeze and control the amount needed) - better than the competition available.
26/05/2011, By Sands
I love this one! It is my favorite by far!
24/02/2011, By Izzy
This is a very mild toothpaste so it takes a while to get used to (especially if you've been using Colgate / Aquafresh in the past which really give you a 'freshness punch'). My family likes to alternate between organic and Aquafresh and at least our cumulative fluoride consumption is reduced that way!
05/02/2011, By Julie
I was completely diappointed with this organic toothpaste. It totally lacks freshening power and also tends to leave a residue between teeth that does not rinse off easily.
01/02/2011, By Busisiwe
I agree with Nadine above, this will be my brand of toothpaste from now on. I had stopped using aquafresh/colgate some time before using this so I did not miss the zing. This does an excellent job.

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