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Pure Beginnings Gentle Baby Wipes with Organic Aloe

Pure Beginnings Gentle Baby Wipes with Organic Aloe
Pure Beginnings Gentle Baby Wipes with Organic Aloe
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Price From: R59.99

Let’s face it, you probably use more baby wipes for your little one than any other product (besides nappies of course). So it’s wonderful to note that these are safe and non-toxic, made to nourish and care for your baby’s skin with natural ingredients. These wet wipes are 100% biodegradable, made from pure organic plant viscose fibre - you can throw them directly onto the compost heap when you’re done!

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  • Made from 100% organic plant viscose fibre
  • Readily biodegradable
  • No fertilisers, pesticides or irrigation used to farm bamboo
  • Fairtrade accredited through Phytotrade Africa
  • The variety of bamboo used is not the diet of the panda
  • Contains no parabens, petrochemicals, or synthetic fragrances
  • Endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty South Africa
  • Package includes resealable label to maintain freshness and keep wet wipes moist

Here’s how those naturally nourishing plant extracts care for baby’s skin:

  • Baobab extract is packed with essential nutrients like vitamin C
  • Aloe vera soothes the skin and is a natural antiseptic
  • Lavender has anti-inflammatory powers
  • Tea tree has miraculous healing abilities when it comes to skin irritations and minor wounds
  • Plant viscose fibre has antimicrobial properties


These wet wipes are gentle and safe enough to use as often as you like on your newborn baby or toddler. But no need to stop there! You can use these wet wipes to get spots and stains out of everything, from perspiration stains on your blouse to marks on your carpet, cushions and even your couch. They’re also handy for quick bathroom or kitchen wipe downs. Keep a pack in your car to clean up any spills or even to wipe down a dusty dashboard!

Water (aqua), Decyl Glucoside, helianthus annus (sunflower) seed oil*, Adansonia digitata (Baobab) fruit extract, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) leaf extract, Lavandula officinalis (Lavender) Oil*, Potassium sorbate, tocopheryl acetate, Sodium Benzoate**, Citric Acid, Maltodextrin, Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil*, Pelargonium graveolens (Rose Geranium) Oil
*Certified organic ingredient


**Ingredient Notice: Sodium Benzoate is listed as a nasty in our pocket guide when used for food, so why do we allow it in some of our cosmetics and cleaning products? Firstly, the amount of Sodium Benzoate used in cosmetics or cleaning products is much smaller than that used in food as a preservative. Furthermore, the Sodium Benzoate molecules are too large to be absorbed by your skin. This preservative has been allowed by ECOCERT, the Soil Association and BDIH; it has been ranked by the EWG as having a low risk of 1. However, there are reports circulating online that warn against usage of Sodium Benzoate even in cosmetics. We believe it is still one of the safer preservatives, but as always, we wanted you to fully informed and empowered. The choice is yours to make.

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Overall Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars from 146 reviews

145 out of 146 people would recommend this product

15/09/2021, By Nicole
Lovely product. So soft and gentle for babas
22/06/2021, By Jessica
Lovely product
21/06/2021, By Tina
Love the texture, moisture and efficacy of these wipes. Also love the smell of aloe that they have .... and most of all I trust the brand as FtN sells and recommends them and I totally trust FtN to only sell products that they believe in
20/06/2021, By Natasha
Great eco swop. We are all trying to do our best, this product works well & has no harsh chemicals. Would definitely recommend. This is a must for every baby shower I attend (the value pack makes a great gift)
22/05/2021, By Sarah
Really like this product, but I'm not to sure about the biodegrade-abilty of it even though it says it is...most of these kinds of products need very specific light, moisture, microbe combinations to even though this maybe has a better potential than other products to degrade I still don't think it's the answer that someone who is concious about the environment is looking for...
22/05/2021, By Jenine
Lovely wipes, packaging could be upgraded by Pure beginnings
18/05/2021, By Marionel
I use baby wipes for everything I swear! And these are just amazing! They're soft, effective, and biodegradable. 100% recommend
14/04/2021, By Andrea
Apart from my reusable cloth wipes, have used nothing else on my baby's bum and he is thanking me for it!
22/03/2021, By Lonwabo
Other organic brands for wipes either dry out or stick together when trying to remove a wipe and this gets tricky when wiping baby’s dirty bum. These wipes are so amazing and come out so nicely
14/02/2021, By Jibril
Have been buying this since my baby was born, he is 2 now, love them, they smell amazing and are super soft, feels good knowing they are also biodegradable.
08/09/2020, By Chanel
I’m am so chuffed with these. I have super sensitive skin and they were recommended to me as face wipes (I know they are for baby bums) and they have soothed my skin! Will keep buying them
07/09/2020, By Deborah
I'm so glad I tried these wipes. Non-sticky and mild on the skin. Very happy with the product.
28/08/2020, By Donna
Gorgeous smell and my preferred wipes. Only minor gripe is that they clump when pulling one out so it’s a two hand job which is not always practical. Would be great if they folded them differently so they pull out easily.
22/08/2020, By Teresa
Smells great and gentle on the skim
18/08/2020, By Bianka
Biodegradable, smell divine and are not soapy like other wipes - highly recommended!
04/08/2020, By Mountain
Comes in handy
29/07/2020, By Andri
Only wipes I use. Just wish it wouldn't tear open so easily & not get stuck together (first few wipes). Most affordable "clean" wipes
27/07/2020, By Candice
love the smell of these! I use them for general use and it is lovely having a product that doesn't have that typical baby smell.
24/07/2020, By Kirsty
Only product I use on my son. He's allergic to every other type of wipe but these don't even make him red!
06/07/2020, By Lauren
Quite a heavy essential oil scent (which I like). Sturdy wipe. Does the job. No issues on my sensitive skin.
21/06/2020, By Mimi
If ever I would use baby wipes on my face, it would be these
22/05/2020, By Brooke
great wipes and smell nice too
09/05/2020, By Real
Works much better than other ones
28/04/2020, By Debby
No chemical issues
26/04/2020, By Jess
25/04/2020, By Roseanne
These wipes smell so amazing, they are so soft and gentle as well, definitely will carry on using.
24/04/2020, By Sue
Love all Pure Beginnings products - and that these wipes can safely be flushed down the toilet if needs be.
19/04/2020, By Mianca
A really good gentle wipe that smells so clean and natural. It doesn't harm the babies skin at all
16/04/2020, By Laurie
I don't know that I can add much more to my other reviews! These are fantastic. I use them for myself as i have very little colon and my tummy works often so toilet paper becomes rough and sore. I've been using these for years now
09/04/2020, By Candice
We have been using these for more than a year now and I have to say it's great, my baby no longer wears nappies but he's 2 so there's always a mess and these are absolutely great. They aren't too thin and when he was on the nappy poop didn't come right through like with some other brands. I even use it for myself too. I just wish the packaging didn't contain so much plastic but we compost our scraps and at least these are biodegradable and they don't take that long to degrade when composted.
06/04/2020, By S
Cut above the rest! I have used a number of other brands and ingredients of wipes and the Pure Beginnings are truly everything. They mask odors quickly and the natural agents have sooo many soothing and healing benefits. The only thing I don't like is when you TRY to pull one out then 3 or 5 comes along but so worth it :)
05/04/2020, By Nicolene
I always have an extra one :)
04/04/2020, By Lauren
My favourite baby wipes. We don't have a baby, but we use these in the bathroom for a touch of extra "freshness" ;) They smell great and I love that they're eco-friendly! They do what they need to do!
04/04/2020, By Blue
So nice and soft
03/04/2020, By Sarah-Leigh
Love these, love the smell, just wish wasn't so expensive. Also, I don't think they biodegrade soo easily because I put them in washing machine a number of times and reuse them :p . So I don't recommend flushing them! They will cause plumbing issues.
03/04/2020, By Laurie
Still love them!!!!!!!!!!
20/03/2020, By Laurie
Love them. And that they're biodegaradable. Just wish they wouldn't come out as a clump of wipes.
04/03/2020, By Ruth
Super soft and gentle. I still use them even now that I do not have babies any more. These make for great baby shower gifts as well.
27/02/2020, By Amanda
Great wipes- love using them on my baby!
19/02/2020, By Kirsty
Only product I use on my baby!
14/02/2020, By Concerned
Not harmful
05/02/2020, By Leigh
These wipes smell amazing.
02/02/2020, By Tamsyn
Enjoy the smell and they were nice and gentle when my boy struggled with eczema rashes.
01/02/2020, By Meraai
My grand daughter is very sensitive to any kind of Wipes except these they are fabulous
31/01/2020, By Clouds
Best baby wipes out there - soft, moist, gentle - the only ones that don't give baba nappy rash. And they smell delicious!
They don't always come out of the package individually, but still a fantastic product
20/01/2020, By Quest
Seems super soft
18/12/2019, By Kerneki
These gentle organic wipes are not only environmentally friendly and non-toxic simply make parenting so much easier! Thank you ????
14/12/2019, By Lyn
This is the best wipe on the market.
13/12/2019, By Carin
The only wipes that stay moist ... a must for the car
08/12/2019, By Jo
A strong wipe but gentle and mild on the skin.
28/11/2019, By Laurie
Great product. Have been using them for years! My only gripe as as you near the bottom of the packet, they tend to clump up and not easy to pull out
18/11/2019, By Maz
Like the smell and they feel nice. I have had no reaction to them and I have sensitive skin.
16/10/2019, By Kirsty
Fantastic product. I've used these with both my babies and will not use another brand. No reactions, redness, burning or rashes after using them.
12/10/2019, By Esté
Best natural wipes. Thick, strong, not too wet.
18/09/2019, By Christelle
It's gentle on the skin and smells so nice! My family and I used it on a week-long trek where there was no opportunity to shower - served us well.
04/09/2019, By Jamie-lee
Gentle and not too fragrant.
27/08/2019, By Laurie
Love the thickness of these wipes. They are also gentle. I think I have about 20 packets in my cupboard!
07/08/2019, By Marina
Best wipes you can buy.
29/07/2019, By Laurie
Great product. Nice and thick.
20/07/2019, By Tarryn
These wipes are amazing - soft and gentle with a great smell. Very well priced too!
24/06/2019, By Sue
Have been using these for a while now are definitely the best available. They are soft, very moist and smell great.
18/06/2019, By Georgia
They smell really amazing. Also is a great bargain.
17/06/2019, By Twanne
Soft and gentle. Lovely smell as well.
13/06/2019, By Sam
Gentle yet effective
13/06/2019, By Susan
Allows me to use great quality wipes knowing they're biodegradeable.
12/06/2019, By Shelby
Effective and smells wonderful, great for cleaning up
08/06/2019, By gillian
Soft and gentle - love the bulk pack
25/05/2019, By Rae
Excellent product and I don't have young children. Soft and gentle for everything requiring a wipe.
22/05/2019, By Patch
A must for any household with young kids - and Biodegradable which is also a must...
20/05/2019, By Roz
LOVE the smell. Works well for my newborn’s bum, but need a lot more wipes for my 2yr old. Wipes are not as moist as I would like it to be, but will continue to buy it. It’s a strong wipe.
14/05/2019, By Su
Definitely the best available. Not even just from an organic perspective but the fact that they're really moist and do the job they're required to do.
10/05/2019, By Kristin
Absolutely hands down the best on the market. They are so soft and gentle on the skin, yet great at cleaning up any mess.
22/04/2019, By Tiana
What a winner. Eco friendly and easy to use
10/04/2019, By Lindsey
Best wipes and biodegradable which is a big plus!
11/03/2019, By Nelia
This is an essential in our home throughout all three my kids.
28/02/2019, By Nokhanyo
Ticks all the right boxes and smells really good too without being overpowering.
28/02/2019, By BERG
Very Good bum wipe. Packaging needs Work!
08/02/2019, By Lyn
A great product
06/02/2019, By Dani
Effective and gentle on skin.
30/01/2019, By Caitlin
I love these, biodegradable and no harsh chemicals. I use them for myself.
17/01/2019, By Kelly
Only wet wipes I will use on my babe. Gently and cleans so well. Safe and amazing.
01/12/2018, By Lee
These are the only wet wipes you will ever need!
18/11/2018, By Lisa
I got these because it's always good to have a pack or two of wipes handy and I was looking for a biodegradable alternative. Needless to say they are amazing and if I ever have kids, I will only use this range!
16/11/2018, By Barbara
Just love these wipes. Great smell, nice strong wipes.
11/11/2018, By Robyn
Such lovely wipes, great quality! Well worth it to buy the triple value pack!
06/11/2018, By Joette
I started using these as a way to save water. I use as make-up remover wipes and they work fairly good. They work even better to quickly wash a make-up free face in the morning, and for a quick wipe down in between showers.
06/11/2018, By Nuraan
Since i started using these wipes my baba has been diaper rash free! I've tried every wipe possible and couldn't find one that didnt react with his skin until I found these. I would highly recommend them to any mom whom has a baby with sensitive skin. And best part is its biodegradable which truly makes it one amazing product.
02/11/2018, By Jessica
These wipes are awesome, the only reason I gave it four stars and not five is I wish they were just a little bit more moist. But all in all a great product. I use them to remove make-up, wipe down my surfaces at work and keep handy in my handbag. I now have the peace of mind knowing that they are 100% bio-degradable which is awesome since I couldn't survive without wet wipes.
25/10/2018, By Henny
Love this
14/10/2018, By Natalia
Excellent product. I use it for my baby and myself. I wipes everything with it and it cleans well and still leaves the skin moisturized. This is the best make-up remover wipes! And good to know that it is natural.
21/09/2018, By Tammy
These are great to clean sticky hands and gentle enough to wipe faces too. I keep them in the car for freshening up whenever the need arises. Love that they're kind to the earth and biodegradable. Wonderful product.
17/09/2018, By Tania
These are the only wipes I'll use on my son. They smell great, they're biodegradable and my son has never once had a nappy rash or any other skin issues.
11/09/2018, By Freya
Definitely the best baby wipes available! These wipes have a great smell, are very soft on baby's skin and biodegradable! They also leave mommy's skin feeling soft after using them.
10/09/2018, By LEE
Fabulous wipes. Can use for anything. I now only buy these, as they are biodegradable and you can use them even if they dry out, as you just wet slightly.
09/09/2018, By ALF
I’d never be without these: perfect for travel: multiple uses- even use them to remove makeup
22/08/2018, By Heather
I use clothes for dirty bums when I'm at home but when I always have a pack of these in our bag and my car when we're out and about and I love them. Soft, thick and they smell great plus I can compost them!
06/08/2018, By Love a tree
Incredible product at an excellent price :)
05/08/2018, By Alexandra
Always available in my home! I use them for spring cleaning- and fine to dispose in compost because it’s biodegradable
29/07/2018, By Bronwyn
Great smelling wipe, leaves my skin feeling cleansed not dried out and irritated.
Will buy again in bulk!
21/07/2018, By Lana
Won't and haven't used anything else!! They smell amazing, are the perfect size and dampness super gentle and I use less wipes than friends that use other brands, this doesn't leave the skin burning or dry, I've been using it since my little one was born and I will continue to do so!0 Oh and friends always comment on the great smell:)
17/07/2018, By Judith
I bought these for my 11 yr old daughter and I to use for the "in-between" non-shower nights in water restricted Cape Town! I feel safe using them for intimate use and have been very happy with them so dry skin etc.
16/07/2018, By Bianka
Smells divine - cleans beautifully with no soapy residue.
11/07/2018, By Marli
I have tried a lot of different baby wipe brands, but this one is by far the best one! It smells wonderful, it's very soft on baby's skin, and most important there are no harsh chemicals in it. I love this product, I wish I knew about it sooner!
30/06/2018, By Ron
This range is the most wonderful value for money - my friends purchased this for their little one and I'm now recommending it to everyone with babies (I even use the range targeted at adults - the deodorant works a charm!)
25/06/2018, By Danu
Smells absolutely define! And super soft on skin
22/06/2018, By Natalie
gentle on baby's skin , refreshing smell!! a great product.. I use these every month
06/06/2018, By Titania
Great product, pure, the only one you'd want to use on your baba, ... if it wasn't for the price!
29/05/2018, By Kelly
Love the smell, and the fact that they are eco friendly...
29/05/2018, By Kelly
Love the smell, and the fact that they are eco friendly...
14/05/2018, By Kristi-Jade
Super happy with this products! Really surprised at how the wipes work just as effectively as other commercial wipes. They smell amazing and so happy they biodegradable and that there aren't any harmful chemicals!
23/04/2018, By Vicky Ann
The scent is wonderful, these wipes are so useful
17/03/2018, By Leona
Gentle baby wipe with an amazing scent- not too dry and not too wet. Only fallback is that it tends to pull out more than one wipe at a time but this was fixed once we placed the wipes in a wipe dispenser.
12/03/2018, By Jah
I use a lot of baby wipes and was unhappy with the fact that most of the products on the market were not biodegradable. I also have very sensitive skin that does not agree well with lots of synthetic products and scents. Discovered the pure beginnings baby wipes in Feb 2017 and have been using them since. A bit pricier than the others but totally worth it!
05/03/2018, By Olivia
these wipes are so so lovely! I'm a bit of a germaphobe, so I always have a pack in my bag and people always compliment the smell whenever I use them. They work so well and I much prefer them to mainstream wipes that usually leave a slightly soapy residue and a strong smell; both of which this product doesn't do :)
My uncle and aunt use these wipes on their baba and they love them too!
07/02/2018, By Natalie
Gentle on babies skin and good at removing my makeup. I absolutely love the smell. too many wipes come out of the pack at a time
07/02/2018, By Janine
Ideal for this period of time saving water in Cape Town. Very gentle, no rashes or dryness and smells great.
06/02/2018, By Tandy
Smells fresh, gentle on skin
05/02/2018, By sue
love that these are bio degradable and smell good and also the seal on pack is good so they dont dry out - perfect for travelling
05/02/2018, By Tenille
Very happy with this product, however I was disappointed to discover that it is R15 more expensive on this site, than it is in Baby City
28/01/2018, By Alexandra
Wonderful product- can reduce water usage enormously, without harming the environment. I use it to save hand(and body)washing One of the few wet wipes on the market that’s biodegradable
26/01/2018, By Han
I don’t have kids but I use these wipes for myself. Have tried various brand for wipes (for sensitive skin, alcohol free etc) but these wipes are the only ones I can use which does not cause any sort of irritation on my skin! Also smells lovely! And love the natural texture of the wipes.
16/01/2018, By Maureen
Got these as a gift with my toothpaste order. I have no babies nor know anyone who does so I have them in the car to use to wipe our sandy feet after a beach walk. They seem fine as general natural wipes.
13/01/2018, By Tanith
We love these wipes for our baby, very moist and they smell great. They go well with the Pure Beginnings bum cream. Only gripe is that they are not packed nicely and you often end up pulling a whole clump at once instead of one at a time, would be great if they could change that!
09/01/2018, By Lindie
Great product. nice and soft wipes
03/01/2018, By Sydney's Mom
I previously used Bennett's and Pigeon wipes for my baby girl. She is now 14 months old and I've switched to Pure Beginnings Wipes and I'll never look back. It's more gentle on her gentle parts and has such a lovely delicate smell to it.
02/01/2018, By JW
These wipes are not just for babies. I use it to wipe off my make up before going on with my facial regime. Gentle on skin.
20/12/2017, By Nikita
They are great in their smell and wonderful in the way that they clean. But, if one of the products selling points is that it is 100% biodegradable it should start to decompose after a period of time. The one I left in my car after wiping my hands did nothing but dry up and stayed that way for a week until I took it out.
19/12/2017, By Aj
The best!
24/10/2017, By Nelia
Love these wipes!
17/10/2017, By Janine
Used these wipes over a festival camping weekend and they worked great. With 20 000 + people wanting to use the showers I was so glad that I ordered these.
13/10/2017, By Sherona
Gentle and strong at the same time
03/10/2017, By Presha
i don't even have a baby but i have a few packs of these strategically placed around the office, home and car. super useful when you spend the entire day out in the field and need to quickly wipe your hands before having lunch
02/10/2017, By Carla
Love these wipes. They are gentle and the fragrance is soft.
14/09/2017, By Indira
These wipes are the best... but can be purchased at a Baby City in a pack of 3 for R94. The price on this website is too expensive.
13/09/2017, By Samantha
They smell divine and work very well without harming the environment - what is not to like?
01/09/2017, By Mimi
These a the handiest lil things...i use them daily to remove makeup and for a quick wipe down after gym.
29/08/2017, By Alison
Love these wipes, especially the scent. Nice and moist and don't seem to dry out even after opened for a while.
21/08/2017, By Danielle
I love that these wipes are bio- degradable, helping the world waste issue. Not only this, but they work really well to wipe my face at the end of the day, to take off my Inthusiasm mascara and day cream. They are gentle and leave my skin feeling great!
09/08/2017, By Jennifer
Lovely wipes - the best on the market. Wish they weren't so pricey though.
13/07/2017, By Maryke
She has a baby, and she loves it.
07/07/2017, By Mommy
Such a soft wipe that smells great!
30/06/2017, By Zee
I have no children but use these almost everyday. Amazing at removing makeup and washing your face
29/06/2017, By Lauren
I love these wipes. They are gentle and smell amazing.
20/06/2017, By Roxanne
These are so gentle on babies bums. They smell great and are quite moist! Definitely better than regular brands.
05/06/2017, By nicki
Fabulous product, the only wet wipes I will use. Soft, pleasantly scented and guilt free
24/05/2017, By Candice
I don't have kids, but bought these to wash my face when camping or when it's too cold in winter to use water from the tap. I absolutely love them! The smell is great, and they really cleanse my face without leaving it feeling dry (and I tend to have dry skin). I LOVE that they are biodegradable, although I want to really test that claim by putting them in my compost heap and seeing what happens. I'll report back on that.

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