Nautica Unrefined Shea Butter

Nautica Unrefined Shea Butter
Nautica Unrefined Shea Butter
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Nautica’s unrefined Shea butter (250g) is pure, organic and incredibly beneficial for your skin and hair. Extracted without using harmful chemicals, and packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids, this is one natural product you’ll want to keep in your cupboard at all times. Use it to moisturise your face and body, heal small cuts and burns, plump up your lips, condition dry hair and even to whiten your teeth!

  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • Made Overseas

Pamper yourself with this natural butter to enjoy soft skin and beautifully nourished hair:

  • Made from the nut of the West African karite tree
  • Unrefined Shea butter is extracted without using harmful chemicals
  • Rich in minerals, vitamins A, E and F, proteins and essential fatty acids
  • 100% natural (colour of butter will vary depending on what season it was farmed)
  • A wonderful natural antioxidant, it helps reduce the signs of ageing
  • A truly superior moisturiser
  • Restores cells and elasticity of your skin
  • Minimises stretch marks
  • Helps heal cuts and burns
  • Can be used on razor bumps and rashes
  • Ideal for cracked, dry skin
  • Mix with conditioner for a nourishing hair treatment
  • Has a shelf life of 2 years

Working closely with organic and conventional farms, Nautica distributes locally grown and indigenous products all over the world. They’re committed to doing business the green way, which is an important step in keeping the natural product life cycle earth-friendly.


Not suitable for those with allergies to nuts or latex.


100% shea butter

Overall Rating
4.5 out of 5 stars from 32 reviews

28 out of 32 people would recommend this product

25/04/2017, By Faithful
Good, pure, unrefined Shea Butter has a natural nutty and smokey smell. That is due to the shea nuts being roasted to get the butter out. Every brand of unrefined shea butter that I have ever purchased, even from my travels in West Africa has this smell. If shea butter contains no smell and looks whitish, then it has been chemically refined to remove the smell and colour. I think this the nutrients are also less.
21/04/2017, By Zee
I used this to make homemade suncreen and it is amazing! I have also been using it on it's own as a moisturiser and lip balm. It does take a little longer to melt but it's worth the wait!
19/04/2017, By Traci
This brand has a very unpleasant chemical smell! It smells so bad that I can't get myself to use it, it really smells awful. I prefer the PureSimple brand that I purchased last time, which had hardly any smell at all, but I thought I'd give this Nautica a try because the tub was bigger and more cost effective.
05/02/2017, By Naiema
Its too grainy.
14/12/2016, By Anneke
Bought this for my first attempt at a home made body butter, which turned out wonderfully. It does have a rather earthy (nutty) scent, but I don mind it at all and my skin has responded very well to it.
01/10/2016, By Ron
This is hands down my favourite moisturiser. I love using it for my face, body, hair masks, even massaging etc. I have VERY sensitive skin and this is devine. Itl become liquidy when rubbing it between your (warm) palms for a few seconds. Ive even used this to successfully heal scars. It needs a tiny bit more work than the refined, smooth kinds, but the benefits are endless in comparison.
02/09/2016, By Narissa
This is an amazing moisturizer. Its very grainy and hard, but well worth it especially if you suffer from dry skin conditions. I think it would work beautifully on eczema and psoriasis patients as it has no fragrance or additives. I mix it with pure argon oil to help with the consistency, and it’s amazing. My skin is moisturized without the greasy effect that you get with the usual stretchmarks/pregnancy tummy butters. It definitely something I would use on a long term basis.
10/08/2016, By Seriane
Shea butter moisturises my skin better than any creams I have used on the market. Highly recommended for those with dry skin, eczema, stretch marks and dry hair. Love it:)
02/08/2016, By Annelize
I found this butter much harder than the pure simple brand and it also has an unpleasant smell.
27/07/2016, By Jennifer
Although it takes a bit of work to get the butter to soften, the results makes the effort worth it. I suffer from dry, scaly skin on my legs during winter, and so far, this product has been the only one thats eradicated the problem altogether. I use Rosehip oil and sweet orange oil to help soften it. It also gives the butter a lovely scent.
30/05/2016, By Lita
I was utterly amazed at how soft and moisturized my hair was after using this product. I only need to use a small amount every other day. Definitely buying more.
31/03/2016, By Ikho
I mixed the shea butter with coconut oil and jojoba oil, and my hair and scalp thank me for it! Awesome!!
22/03/2016, By Kerry-Ann
I simply love shea butter, I literally use it head to toe and its excellent for eczema too.
02/02/2016, By Idah
I am keeping my hair natural and I tried the whipped shea butter. With my 4c I could finally comb through and left my hair moisturised. Loving it and going to buy more.
25/01/2016, By gontse
Natural stuff are good for my skin and scalp since I suffer from serious eczema... Im relieved of the itch and discomfort
24/01/2016, By Nicole
I bought this a year and a half ago and I will definitely re-purchase this product when I finish it. I use multiple times a day. Like, in my very curly, tangly hair and itchy scalp, my skin, when my tattoos were healing and on my dogs hair after a wash. It has left everything soft and retains moisture very well. I like that it doesn leave an oily residue and a little of the butter can stretch.
17/12/2015, By Nikki
I mix it with some coconut and almond oil and it is totally fantastic.
17/12/2015, By Catherine
I bought this to use as an ingredient in DIY body lotion- which turned out great! The Shea Butter makes my skin feel smooth, hydrated and not greasy... However, its smell is something to get used to. It smells very organic (but not in the greatest way possible) and almost a little sweet. When I make more body lotion, I will use a stronger essential oil!
27/11/2015, By Peter S Williamson
Interesting comparison to Virgin Coconut butter.
Shea butter is BRILLIANT as an after shower / shave face moisturizer. My skin does not feel urnt and, with time many of the natural features [wrinkles] have smoothed out.
On my hands it is far more
elaxing than coconut butter.
Although there is a feeling of oiliness, there is no deposit on fingers, or pillows.
Very good on grandsons delicate skin, and cradle cap.
01/11/2015, By Nokuzola
Im just so glad that you have this product. It is sooo great!
I use it on my and body , and apply on my kids face and body
Wonderful product
Thank you for providing these products for us Naturals!
28/08/2015, By Louise
I adore this Shea butter.

There are a couple comments below about it being a bit grainy and taking effort to melt into ones skin. Of course this is somewhat true in its original - but only an issue if one truly doesn have a minute or two to spare. Plus, comparing it to coconut oil is a little unfair on poor ol Shea.

That said, I will add that I use this as one of my four core body butter ingredients. Once whipped it is soft, smooth and truly divine. I started buying it a year ago and definitely no looking back for moi!

Highly recommend it.
26/07/2015, By Deborah
Used this as a base for my whipped body butter and it turned out great! Will definitely be buying more
24/06/2015, By Rita
It healed my Tattoo in a week and a half!
12/06/2015, By Heila
Thanks for this reliable , genuine product. Love this Shea Butter - truly amazing.
17/11/2014, By Nevashini
i use this in my homemade body butter,soap, lip balm and in hot oil treatments, it is ultra softening and is great on scars.its great, will be buying more soon
27/10/2014, By Glenys
It does take a little bit of work getting it into your skin - you have to soften it in your hands first and really massage it in. Its great for my dry and itchy skin so I give it a thumbs up!
08/08/2014, By Emily
That Shea Butter stuff has been amazing on the scars on my legs, results in a few weeks, compared to YEARS on Bio Oil
05/08/2014, By Busisiwe
The actual product was a surprised as I could not use it straight out the tub. It was too grainy. But it worked amazing well when I melted (in a mixing bowl in a pot of hot water) and added my own oils to the mixture. I use it for my hair and body, mixing almond, castor, coconut or avocado oil depending on my needs at the time. The mixture comes out smooth and very creamy.
06/07/2014, By Amanda
Im loving it! Ive used it on my hair, my face, feet, hands, everywhere. Living in Jhb our winters are so dry and my son always has dry chapped cheeks, this is the first year he hasn . The whole process of putting some in my hands, rubbing them together until it melts and then massaging it on, is so relaxing and soothing.
23/05/2014, By Viana
Im not too impressed. I don know if its because its winter, but this butter takes ages to melt on your skin (coconut oil melts much much faster). It also is very grainy and course and feels almost like you
e exfoliating. This might be nice occasionally, but not everyday... and it takes forever.
It does moisturize well though and is very nice on the hands or feet. Personally I think I prefer the refined shea butter I bought previously from FTN.
06/01/2014, By Racheal
My 2 year old son has very dry skin, I really struggle to find products that work. I wasted no time used it on him immediately. I like the way it feels on his skin. And a little goes a long way. I think Im going to love this product.
10/12/2013, By Rania
I find this Shea Butter to be wholesome and RAW. It doesn have any sorta special smell and that is what I particularly like as it ties in with PURE RAW SHEA BUTTER which is what I was after. It is like using coconut oil on your skin in the consistency - but it leaves your skin with that healthy shine.

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