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Nautica Organic Tamanu Oil

Nautica Organic Tamanu Oil
Nautica Organic Tamanu Oil
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Tamanu oil, also known as foraha oil, is an active healing plant oil that deeply nourishes your skin and hair. Tamanu can be used daily to heal and rejuvenate the skin, prevent blemishes, and fade scars or stretchmarks. The oil also makes a great treatment for frizzy or tangled hair. No wonder it’s also known as “beauty leaf oil”! Nautica tamanu oil is cold pressed from tamanu seeds and is certified organic, so you get all the health and beauty benefits in their purest form. Discover the beauty benefits of tamanu, and add a powerful ally to your daily health and beauty regime.

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Tamanu oil has a unique fatty acid profile, making it ultra-nourishing; a powerful health and beauty remedy for your skin and hair.

Benefits of tamaru oil for skin:

  • Promotes the formation of new tissue; assists with skin rejuvenation
  • Promotes wound healing, from cuts & scrapes to skin ulcers
  • Stimulates micro-circulation, helping to prevent blemishes & ingrown hairs
  • Reduces stretchmarks & scarring
  • Naturally antibacterial; helps to prevent breakouts
  • Naturally antifungal, an effective treatment for athlete’s foot
  • Great anti-inflammatory; helps to soothe eczema & psoriasis
  • Contains SC Glucan, which has natural protective properties against UV radiation
  • Cold pressed to preserve precious antioxidants and bio-compuounds
  • The oil is a brownish dark colour
  • Nautica tamanu oil is sourced from India

Benefits of tamanu oil for hair:

  • Adds body & shine to limp hair
  • Reduces frizz & dryness
  • Helps to prevent tangles

Nautica’s organic tamanu oil is BCS certified. Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Fatty acid profile of tamanu:

  • Linoleic acid 38%
  • Oleic acid 34%
  • Stearic acid 13%
  • Palmitic acid 12%


  • For skincare, smooth directly onto your skin once or twice daily.
  • For a nourishing hair treatment, massage a small amount into your scalp & leave overnight.


Certified organic tamanu oil

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Overall Rating
4.4 out of 5 stars from 46 reviews

45 out of 46 people would recommend this product

06/09/2020, By Mandy
Amazing oil. Have been using it for three says and my skin is so soft and it helps my hormonal acne. Smell is strong but I love what it's doing to my skin.
21/07/2020, By Nazeera
Great oil!
15/06/2020, By candace
Overall a great product .This works better than a vitamin c serum to lighten of acne scars however Please be careful with putting it close to your eyes because it irritated my eyes. Use it only on the acne scars or scars you need to be lightened but overall and amazing product
06/06/2020, By Raè
This oil is simply the best. It works well for acne, the smell isn't of putting and it lasts a very long time. Definitely worth the money.
18/05/2020, By Farzana
31/03/2020, By Jarel
really good product. but it smell funny
17/09/2019, By Viviana
I use this oil to prepare my own cleansing oil mix and I use it every evening as my skincare routine. I also use it purely on my face when it's dull or dry and next morning my skin is completely hydrated. It's fantastic. For the ones over there that have acne prone skin, do not be afraid of using this oil, it does wonders.
25/07/2019, By Annegret
I have been using this Tamanu oil as a moisturizer for three weeks. It does not clog my pores, and shortens wound healing time. Its viscosity increases in the cold, so on a warm day I poured a bit into a tiny jar for scooping. It burns the eyeballs, so keep it out of them.
19/06/2019, By sandra
maizing product, I keep buying this as it works so well
03/06/2019, By Botle
This is indeed Magic in a bottle, the smell isn't that pleasant but medication never tasted nice *tongue out*
I have been using this product for a week now, and already, my skin feels and looks healthy. I had Acne on my cheeks and forehead, and my skin was very dry - this product not only moisturizes my skin but it also clears my acne and my skin is gradually getting even toned. I LOVE IT!
16/05/2019, By Pixie~K
Wonderful nourishing oil for skin hydration and using for skin disorders, like dry, flaky or inflamed skin. Highly recommended.
17/01/2019, By Shihaam
The bottle is not quite user-friendly. However, the product works wonders. I suffer from exceptionally dry skin. I use it nightly and upon waking up in the morning my skin feels supple and has a velvety glow to it. It also appears more smooth. It have loads of scars as a result from acne....but this oil has helped reduce the scarring. Will definitely recommend it.
17/01/2019, By Shihaam
The bottle is not quite user-friendly. However, the product works wonders. I suffer from exceptionally dry skin. I use it nightly and upon waking up in the morning my skin feels supple and has a velvety glow to it. It also appears more smooth. It have loads of scars as a result from acne....but this oil has helped reduce the scarring. Will definately recommend it.
04/01/2019, By Sandesh Elaine
Really nice oil. Don't like the smell
17/12/2018, By Fiona
Helps with dark marks and stretch marks
12/11/2018, By Kara
Works well on hair and skin
08/11/2018, By Thandi
This is as close to a magical elixir as I have ever got. Scars, blemishes, spots, dry skin and hair, this Tamanu oil does it all. I use it for everything. I love it so much that I've stopped using commercial skincare products. I just use my tamanu. It has a very strong scent, but if you love the smell of currybush in the hot sun, then you'll love this too.
02/11/2018, By Leoni
Keeps my scalp healthy
23/10/2018, By Ann
Works well and absorbs easily
04/10/2018, By Arline
I went through a weird thing with my skin- pimples, red and dry and getting real mad at me even if I watched my diet- I stopped everything and just used this and aloe- and it seems to be back to normal
Still occasionally use on the odd blemish- heals real quick
Weird smell though
05/05/2018, By Madelein
This oil is absolutely wonderful if you have very dry skin, my skin feels amazing the next morning after using it.
The oil has a bit of a nutty smell but it's not unbearably strong.
The bottle however is not that user friendly, I battle to get the oil out of the bottle.
23/04/2018, By Noxolo
I love how this oil quickly absorbs into the skin and its non-greasy.
06/04/2018, By Jayne
On my second bottle. Quite a strong smelling oil but daughter likes it for eczema prone skin and can tolerate the smell.
24/03/2018, By Mosa
The best oil I've used on my hair. I tried to use it on my face but the consistency is too thick and the smell was all over my bed and pillowcases. It is quite a strong smell. I use as little as possible, and my hair is softest it's ever been.
02/03/2018, By Thati
Great oil, even for hair, but the smell takes some getting used to.
13/12/2017, By Saloshni
The smell takes some getting used to, but definitely something I will continue using. Quite a thick oil so a little goes a long way. Just started using this oil on hair and skin so will review again later
15/11/2017, By Genna
A little miracle in a bottle.
When I fell pregnant I could hardly use any facial products as everything gave me a breakout. Except for this tamanu oil. Which seems strange as it's an oil, but it absorbs quickly and makes your skin soft and radiant.
30/10/2017, By Tam
This product is great!! It reduces the pigmentation and redness in my skin and heal it. I love this product!
13/09/2017, By Cam
I have been using the oil for 4 months and I must say, it is wonderful. I had to deduct a point for the smell which is quite overwhelming and lingers. It did not work on my active hormonal acne as a moisturiser, but is amazing for old acne scarring and pigmentation. I also love it for oil cleansing, mixed with hemp oil. Love it for my naturally kinky hair too. The bottle I bought has lasted 6 months thus far.
18/08/2017, By Cornel
I use it n my hands and face for sun damage and it has made the pigmentation a lot lighter within a month.
06/07/2017, By Mia
I find it to be a great moisturizer for the face and lips
27/06/2017, By Brenda
Such a good quality oil for an affordable price, was nice to find such an unusual oil.
30/05/2017, By Eline
Great for oily skin, reduce oily sebum production.
Fantastic for hair, moisturise and eliminates frizz.
I stopped using it on my hair however, as I don't like walking around with my hair smelling like curry!
19/03/2017, By Vivien N
On my stomach I have two different sets of stretch marks. One is very old the other is quite new. I started using it about 4 months ago. I see some improvement in the appearance of the marks. The old ones are no longer shiny. and the new ones are not as dark as they were though they are still raised. I also have not gotten any new ones. I massage the oil in once a day after bathing when my skin is still damp.
Its no miracle serum, Id say its about as effective as Bio Oil.
11/01/2017, By Michelle
I have been using this oil for almost 2 months and the difference in my skin is astonishing - I don even wear base anymore. The deep lines around my mouth have faded and my skin looks nourished. I have exceptionally dry skin. I absolutely love this oil.
10/11/2016, By Lerato
I wanted this to work so much - have used it for 1 month and it broke me out badly after having 0-very little break outs.

Not going to buy it again.
07/07/2016, By Karishma
perfect night moisturizer - smell not so appealing. but love my skin the morning.
21/06/2016, By Kate
This does smell quite strong, but its an excellent moisture restoring treat for the skin.
10/02/2016, By Janine
I am using the oil cleansing method with this oil and it works wonderfully, my skin feels so soft and moisturised after. Yes it has a weird smell but as soon as I spritz on my toner its gone. Willl need to use it for longer to see whether there are any skin repairing effects etc.
01/02/2016, By Ruqaya
Great all round for problem is the smell is a bit unpleasant.
26/01/2016, By ashleigh
This oil has a musky smell but I actually like it. I use it for my kids dry hair and its very effective.
26/07/2015, By Sindy
Ive been using the oil for about a month and the difference to my face is unbelievable.
I use it daily on my face and the scarring from years of acne has been reduced sugnificantly.

I have natural etchnic hair - in dreadlocks - and the oil has definitely added life and shine to my hair.
My scalp is also cleaner-dandruff free.

I just ordered another bottle and Im only halfway through my first bottle.

Great value for money - and it lasts long.
27/05/2015, By Carol Anne
Tamanu has become my go-to oil for everything from eczema to skin regeneration and hydration for my face, hands and feet. It took some getting used to, as it is much thicker than other oils and has quite a strong peppery scent, but not unpleasant, just different. I cannot believe how fast and thoroughly this oil absorbs into the skin - without leaving any residue. I use it during the day instead of hand cream and my hands are more moisturised than ever. Great on my feet too. I use quite a lot on my face once or twice a week as a treatment and massage with it. Results with eczema and rashes has also been fantastic.
26/05/2015, By Nadia
This product worked wonders for my hair from the first use, smoother, sleeker, more manageable- works far better for me than the Argan, baobab and badger oil..
Only thing is the smell, like wash all your linen kinda smell, although benefits far outway this.
P.s. Product comes out very little at a time for a reason, no need to overdo it
13/02/2015, By Tamlyn
I read a ton of info online about this product. Could not find in SA and eventually found it here- Thank you! Much cheaper than anywhere else- and it has amazing healing properties. I suffer with flare ups of eczema quite regularly and this oil is healing and soothing. It has slight curry odor which comes from the cold pressed seeds - but the good properties far outweighs the smell.
15/11/2014, By Tanith-Lea
Ive heard many great reviews about this oil for facial skin care but this is the first time Ive seen it available in RSA. So thanks Nautica Organics and F-T-N for making it available. My experience so far has been... It has a slight nutty/spicy aroma. It truly is an excellent moisturizing oil (Ive tried many) which is soaked up quickly by the skin. I would say that its on a par, if not even better than Argan oil.

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