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Nautica Organic Jojoba Oil

Nautica Organic Jojoba Oil
Nautica Organic Jojoba Oil
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100% Organic Jojoba Oil

Also known as liquid gold because of its fantastic beauty benefits, jojoba oil, has been a prized cosmetic for women across the globe and throughout the ages.

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Jojoba Oil Can be used in all the following ways:

  • Cuticle Oil – rub a drop on your hands and cuticles at least once per day.
  • Body Lotion – easy enough… just remember that a little goes a long way. You won’t need the dollop size you normally use with a traditional lotion. Jojoba sinks in super quickly and spreads across your skin easily. 
  • Face Moisturizer – 1 to 2 drops is perfect for your face. Use after moisturizing. And… it’s PERFECT to apply under mineral makeup. You’ll look radiant and your minerals will perform so much better!
  • Lip Oil – it’s light, natural and absorbs quickly removing all traces of flakes and the anti-oxidants will help keep aging at bay. 
  • Tame Flyaways – When you finish rubbing the jojoba into your nails and cuticles, rub your palms across the top of your hair to tame hair frizz!
  • Makeup Remover – Mix half water and half jojoba in a small container (your free sample shampoo bottles will work perfectly for this). Shake before use, squeeze a bit onto a cotton pad and use to quickly and gently remove your eye makeup. As a bonus, the jojoba conditions eye lashes! 
  • Scalp Massage – or scalp treatment. Rub the oil into your scalp before bedtime and wash out in the morning.
  • Quick Hot Oil Hair Treatment – Rub about 1 teaspoon of warmed oil through your hair when you first get into the shower. Let it sit while you shower. Rinse at the end of your shower, shampoo and condition as usual.
  • Deep Hot Oil Treatment – Rub 1 tsp to 1 tablespoon of jojoba through your hair. Cover your head with a plastic shower cap or saran wrap. Let sit for 1-2 hours. Shampoo out and condition normally.
  • Carrier Oil – White jojoba oil has anti-oxidant properties on its own; but it can also be applied overtop your other skin care treatments to ‘carry’ their active ingredients deep into your pores and skin.
  • Split End Treatment – Add a drop or two of oil on ends of your hair as a split end treatment. Apply before blow drying or heat styling for protection.
  • Added Moisture – Need more moisture during the winter or in a dry climate? Mix a few drops of jojoba to your normal body or face lotion application.
  • Quick Hair Condition – Add 2-3 drops to your normal dose of hair conditioner. Mix in the palm of your hand, apply, and leave in while your shower. Rinse and you’ll have moisturized, shiny hair!
  • Before Sunless Tanner – Apply lightly to elbows, knees, soles of feet, heels and palms to prevent extra sunless tanner from soaking into these porous areas. 
  • Before Swimming – Run 3-4 drops through your hair before diving in the pool or ocean. The oil will help close your hair cuticle and prevent harmful chemicals from stripping your color, and drying your locks.

Country of Origin:
Product of Israel.

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Overall Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars from 56 reviews

55 out of 56 people would recommend this product

05/04/2021, By Tash
I don't even use a face moisturizer anymore. My skin & hair loves jojoba oil!
28/03/2021, By Caroline
I recently had facial needling, and I also suffer from excema and redness on my face. I have tried so many serums and face creams, to no avail. This oil has made my skin soft and silky, and I no longer get black heads. Love it!
20/01/2021, By Patricia
Good value for money
17/12/2020, By Lise
Very good quality (natural, unrefined) I can tell by the smell, as other jojoba oils I bought it the past smelled of nothing and weren't as hydrating.
25/10/2020, By Aaminah
Love using this oil after taking a bath or shower. Leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised.
25/05/2020, By Sanam
I loved using it as a carrier oil when I oil cleanse as well as a moisturizer afterward.
22/05/2020, By sandy
good quality
20/05/2020, By Suzan
Love it
18/05/2020, By Sandesh Elaine
15/05/2020, By Wilbert
good product
07/05/2020, By Jen
Always struggled with dry skin, i apply this before going to bed and the next morning its so soft i will definitely come back for more when my bottle is finished
02/11/2019, By Hellizma
Amazing for sealing kinky hair after moisturizing
27/09/2019, By Jesica
Love this product! It literally helped with my daughter's skin problems.
17/09/2019, By Viviana
I've already bought like 3 times this product. It's one of my favorites. I use it to prepare my own cleansing oil mix.
29/07/2019, By Maxime
This oil is a miracle for my skin - saved me this winter and will definitely buy again
30/06/2019, By May
Love it.
05/05/2019, By ZayKay
While this essential oil company does great work making oils affordable, we have to start questioning the social and political aspects that most plants and products carry. It would be great if FTN could specify product origin so we can fully know how the value of our expense travels.
23/04/2019, By Anu
Makes my dry frizzy hair feel wonderfully soft and shiny!
14/04/2019, By Jesica
I love this product. I actually wish it came in a bigger bottle.

My daughter suffers from dry skin. I've seen such an impeccable transformation in just after 2 days of applying Jojoba oil.
07/04/2019, By Lorraine
Great option for those looking at buying Jojoba oil. I bought this to combat some pimples and ageing all at the same time, and it does just that. It is by no means a miracle oil, but pretty close! Jojoba oil mimics human sebum, which does effectively help prevent acne breakouts. It did however worsen my dermatitis after using too much of it. If you do not have an issue with dermatitis, and would love a natural product to assist with aging and acne, this is the simple yet effective option for you!
01/02/2019, By Marce
Hierdie produk is wonderlike. Ek sal dit oor en oor bestel.
22/01/2019, By Nass
Love this oil because it has many uses and this particular one is affordable.
04/12/2018, By Amanda
I just LOVE jojoba oil,because it is so versatile!!
12/11/2018, By hilda
lovely oil for hair and skin
18/09/2018, By Tania
Love how easily this product is absorbed, leaving your skin soft and supple. One just struggles to get the oil out of the bottle, so this makes it frustrating to use.
31/08/2018, By Mari
Jojoba oil is a wonderful product. Acne prone skin - Yes. Dry, young skin - yes. Combination ageing skin- Yes.
26/08/2018, By Anita
Good value for money compared to many other stores. The product arrived quickly and was packaged well so it arrived in perfect condition. Love how it feels and after just a few days of use I can already see a difference in my nails.
05/06/2018, By Thandi
Yesterday I recieved my second bottle of this oil, my whole body loves jojoba oil,you just have to use a drop of oil, therefore the product will last a long time. I'm just disappointed as this bottle has the same expiring date as the one I bought in Dec which is July 2018. The worse part is that, the date is hidden by black marker which shows that FTN is aware of soon expiring product but package it for my loss.
15/05/2018, By Retha
I bought this product to use around my eyes and I love it. It makes my skin glow and you just have to use a drop of oil. This product will last a long time, therefore its is really cost effective.
16/04/2018, By Daun
I bought this for my face, thinking it'd help with my acne. But using this product, I had more breakouts so I had to stop using it on my face. Maybe this type of oil (jojoba) didn't fit my skin because Healing oil from Victoria Garden didn't give me any problems. I heard every individual skin reacts to different types of oil differently.

Except for my face, I love this product! I use it instead for my hair and body (feet and elbows). It's hydrating and the scent is not heavy.
13/04/2018, By Gcins
I love using it on my home made cosmetics
04/01/2018, By Thandi
I recently bought this oil after reading reviews, it really works wonders to my acne prone skin, hands, even my feet loves this oil. Hopefully it's going to help regrow my hairline too, I'm about to order another bottle just to have enough!!!
10/12/2017, By Lin
Bought it for my daughter and loves how good her skin feels!
22/09/2017, By JF
I use it for around my my eyes wich is very sensitive and it's doing a great job
15/09/2017, By Sindy
Absolutely love this product. It completely cleared my breakouts and leaves my skin glowing and absorbs completely without being greasy.
24/08/2017, By Mpho
I use Nautica Jojoba oil in the morning and at night as a moisturiser and my skin is glowing. I love it. It lasts, been using it for 2 -3 months and the bottle is not even half way through.
29/07/2017, By Valentina
I call this the glow oil. Its an amazing moisturizer which do not cause break outs and can be used day or night as its not greasy on the skin. Love this oil.
16/07/2017, By Kerry
I use this as a face cream and it is amazing! Very cheap when compared to expensive face creams. I also find it works better than Rosehip and Argan oil, and it absorbs completely into my skin without making it oily.
20/06/2017, By Janine
Use it every day! Have bought my mom and my daughter some and they love it.
08/06/2017, By Mich
I mix this with peppermint oil and yay!! my hairline is slowly recovering.
05/06/2017, By J
Great product that does not cause breakouts
15/11/2016, By Stefni
I use this on my face before applying my makeup. Absorbs quickly and prevents my skin from becoming too oily during a days work. I have combination skin but this does work very well for me. great for hair too, leaves my hair looking glossy without weighing it down or making it look greasy, just a little bit stroked along the hairs length does wonder. a little goes a long way!!
03/10/2016, By Sharmla
this product works like a gem.
04/09/2016, By Jenny Sarah
Ive recently started using this as a moisturiser at night (with nothing else) and its lovely. The oil sinks right in and I feel like I wake up glowing. I do prefer the scent of Argan oil (also a great moisturiser on its own) but have gotten used to the gentle fragrance of this product. Definitely a must-try!
29/04/2016, By C Joyce
Use it everyday as a makeup remover, moisturiser, mixed with my foundation... Did wonders for my sensitive acne-prone skin. Im 40 and not one wrinkle...
29/03/2016, By Sasha
Jojoba oil is a staple product to my daily face regime. In 2 days there was an immediate change in the way my skin looked - but better than that this miracle oil is an efficient decongestant of pores! And with a good exfoliator you will see great results...Then for the rest of my body I mix organic virgin coconut oil with jojoba oil - skin feels well nourished for the rest of the day...
18/02/2016, By Maryann
I use the jojoba oil to remove eye make-up including mascara. It does the job so efficiently and I love using this natural product on the delicate eye area. Would highly recommend it
08/02/2016, By Noxolo
Great product, for the past 2 weeks I have seen a notable difference, I use it as a cuticle oil, my body, skin and hair. Great for removing excess from skin after toning
02/02/2016, By Adrienne
I have thick, wavy, frizzy hair. This helped from the first application. I applied a few drops while my hair was still wet after washing. This left my hair neat and shiny and the effects lasted two days till the next wash.
26/01/2016, By ashleigh
I have acne prone skin, and I find if I use this to clean my make up off I tend to break out less than if I use a soap.
29/08/2015, By Tammy
It is a wonderful make up remover, I rub it gently onto my face and eye make up and then wipe off with a warm damp face cloth. Job done! I also use it after washing my hair to tame frizzies and add moisture to dry ends, a drop or 2 goes a very long way!
11/08/2015, By Jan
I use to have a lot of acne as a teenager and still sometimes as an adult but have been using this oil for the last two weeks in the evening and no breakouts and does not make my skin very oily either.
14/05/2015, By Mariam
Absorbs into the skin without leaving any traces of oiliness. It is more effective though when combined with other essential oils. Feels very light on the skin.
04/09/2014, By Chantal
This product is WONDERFUL! Absorbs quickly leaving skin non greasy. I am even able to wear in during the day as a moisturiser under my make up without it being too slick. Leaves skin super soft and radiant. You can definitely notice a change after a few days of use, will buy again!
10/03/2014, By Nirvana
I use this on my face at night and I have really seen an improvement. I also use a few drops in my conditioner or directly on my hair after washing. Was just disappointing that the price increased so much so I have found another company that produces it for cheaper
28/08/2011, By Lana
Soo glad we can order Nautica proucts from FtN! Used to order from them directly. I LOVE all their oils I have purchased, worth every cent. And the Jojoba oil works brilliantly on everybodys skin and hair in my family.

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