Naturone Natural Progesterone

Naturone Natural Progesterone
Naturone Natural Progesterone
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  • 50ml or 3 x 50ml

Naturone is a natural progesterone cream that will help you balance your body's hormonal levels, and prevent an oestrogen dominance. It is a vegetable-based aqueous cream, supplied in jars made of phthalate-free plastic. 

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Price From: R399.00

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Naturone has a pH of 5.5, which is in balance with that of the skin. The ingredients in this natural progesterone remedy combat the symptoms of oestrogen dominance.

  • Progesterone pH. Eur. USP JP: Derived principally from diosgenin, a steroidal sapogenin, found either in the soya-bean or the yam.
  • Extra-virgin cold-pressed macadamia oil: An excellent natural emollient, and very stable (like olive oil). High in natural vitamin E, a potent antioxidant. (Note: Many other creams use mineral oils, which are petrochemicals and have an oestrogenic effect, or refined oils, which can be carcinogenic.) 
  • Marula oil an excellent antioxidant
  • Ceto Stearyl alcohol: A vegetable emulsifier
  • Glycerine: Also of vegetable origin
  • Grapefruit seed extract: A natural preservative

Please Note: This product no longer comes with an applicator spoon, please be advised that any 1ml kitchen spoon will do.

Naturone Natural Progesterone is safe for pregnancy; recommended for the first 4-5 months of pregnancy, and safe for use again straight after delivery. Please always speak you your obstetrician/ gynaecologist about what's best for you and your baby.

Naturone is packaged in pthalate-free plastics; avoid progesterone creams packaged in soft plastic containers, as these contain petrochemicals that can leach into the cream and have an oestrogenic effect on the body. 

Symptons of Oestrogen Dominance

  • Increase in allergies
  • Auto-immune disease
  • Mastitis, breast tenderness and fibrocystic breasts
  • Breast cancer and an increase in other oestrogen dominant cancers such as cervical cancer, endometrial cancer and prostate cancer
  • Cervical dysplasia
  • Early onset of annovulatory cycles
  • Polycyctic ovaries
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Infertility due to luteal phase failure, leading to early miscarriage
  • Sperm counts are down over 50% in the last 50 years
  • Depression, anxiety & panic attacks
  • Mood swings, agitation, irritability
  • PMS
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Skin problems, teenage acne
  • Memory loss and foggy thinking, lacking power of concentration
  • Decreased libido
  • Early onset of menstruation, irregular periods
  • Prememopausal bone loss
  • Osteoporosis
  • Thyroid problems, sluggish metabolism
  • Weight gain & water retention
  • High blood pressure
  • Increase risk of blood clots and therefore strokes
  • Migraine headaches
  • Gall bladder disease
  • Zinc/ copper imbalance, magnesium deficiency
  • Hair loss

Naturone is completely natural and has no animal derivatives, nor is it tested on animals. It can therefore be used by all, irrespective of dietary, environmental or religious concerns. For more information on how to use Naturone, and for real testimonials, please click here.

Please Note: When you start on natural progesterone therapy please be aware that it can cause a very necessary detox process in your body. When first going onto progesterone therapy,you may go through this detox for the first month or two; this is normal and necessary as you need to get the xeno-oestrogens out of your body. If you experience any oestrogen dominant symptoms, such as bloating, weight gain, depression, tiredness etc, then it may help to double your daily dose for a week. This will release the oestrogens faster and you will experience hormonal balance much sooner. In all cases, balance does return within a 3-month period. When you achieve that, you will feel the health and vitality you had before puberty!


Please note that the way you use Naturone Natural Progesterone will depend on your own specific condition or needs. For detailed information on the use and correct dosage of Naturone, please see the enclosed pamphlet or click here to visit the Naturone website.

Please Note: This product no longer comes with an applicator spoon, please be advised that any 1ml kitchen spoon will do.


Progesterone 2000 mg, extra virgin cold-pressed macadamia oil, avocado oil, marula oil, vitamin E (antioxidant), Ceto Stearyl alcohol (a vegetable emulsifier), glycerine, grapefruit seed extract (natural preservative), deionised water

Overall Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars from 42 reviews

42 out of 42 people would recommend this product

08/10/2017, By K
I believe you have to give it time to do it's thing
22/09/2017, By Tania
I have been using this for some years now and it has helped tremendously with everything hormonal. I have a lot less premenstrual breast tenderness and fewer period pains. It has really made a huge difference to my life.
19/09/2017, By Charmaine
Third jar and it has made such a difference, all round, in my life, I cannot say thank you enough! I believe I should have started this many years ago! Thank you!
19/09/2017, By Krystal
15/09/2017, By Gracie
It took me time to decide to write this review, but finally...
This product has completely turned my life around for the better. I was suffering from endometriosis stage 4 and all the oestrogens dominance symptoms. I was unhappy in my body and flesh but after 10 months of treatment I'm not only healed but I'm happier than I ever been in my life . I thank God every single day of my life for coming across this product.
Thank you FTN for having this product in your store. You guys are the best!!! Much love to you
07/09/2017, By Charmaine
I am on my second jar, going for third! I wish I knew about this product years ago. It has really made such a difference all round! I feel so much better, feeling of being over whelmed has gone, my skin is looking younger, more plump but the biggest difference is that it has help so much with UTI infections! I have had nine this year but since I have started using Naturone, not one! Thank you!
05/09/2017, By Sam
After using the pill for years this has been a life saver, every time I tried to stop I would get terrible acne breakouts. This has help me to control the breakouts so that they are greatly reduced to a small breakout once a month, would recommend this to anyone who was having problems after trying to stop a oestrogen pill.
25/08/2017, By cherry
The problem relates to the fact that progesterone is highly fat soluble and once applied to the skin will store itself in a woman’s fat tissue. When one first uses the cream, there is no problem here as the fat stores are very low. But as time goes on, the cream accumulates and contributes to disruptions in the adrenal hormones such as DHEA, cortisol, and testosterone. I have learned that although progesterone cream is an enormously useful tool, it needs to be used very cautiously.
16/08/2017, By Nikki
Took me months to decide if I was going to try this product, I am now so thankful I have given it a try. Finally just feel normal again.
07/08/2017, By Dee
Absolutely brilliant and I'm the world's biggest sceptic. Highly recommended and thrilled I found it as completely life changing.
01/08/2017, By Charmaine
I am so happy I found this product! Thank you FTN! I started with what I thought full menopause this year and the hot flushes, specially at night, irritability, thinning of skin, urinary tract infections..... gone! but, also my cycle has returned after being away for a long time so this tells me this amazing product is regulating everything, just as it promises! And my skin.... looking beautiful.... maybe its my imagination... but my wrinkle lines seem to be magically disappearing! I cannot be without this product, thank you! And the doctor told me nothing but HRT will work, so glad I was adamant and refused to put myself at risk. :-):-)
01/08/2017, By Linda
Can't be without this, and so glad I found it. My hot flushes started last year December, and it does make a difference using this product.
01/08/2017, By Linda
My daughter suggested I purchase this to help with the hot flushes. I split the 1ml dose per day into 2 x [1/2 ml] doses, and find this works wonders, as every 12 hours my body gets another little dose that it needs. I find this works much better for me.
27/07/2017, By Jeni
I have been using this for 6 months. I was told to go on estrogen patches by a gynecologist, but researched alternative approaches and am happier to rather use this route. I am still suffering a lot from night sweats/hot flushes and cannot find a solution.
15/07/2017, By Danica
It helps tremendously!
10/07/2017, By Marina
Love this product, I know it works.
18/06/2017, By CATH
great product, I've tried other progesterone creams and this one is the best
03/06/2017, By Anne
Great product, very well priced compared to other brands with same quality. It really helped me to get rid of water retention and normalize my period. You have to use it for a while because it might worsen symptoms initially.
29/05/2017, By Phat
This is the best product for any woman who wants to feel and look good!! Does wonders for your skin as well as balancing your hormones. If you don't have it, your loss.. Definitely worth every cent.
20/05/2017, By Sue
Great product
20/05/2017, By Sue
Great product
02/03/2017, By Bronwen
I started using this about two years ago at aged 36 due to hormonal imbalance. It took a few months to regulate but It has changed my life drastically. Before taking this, I was often depressed, negative, suffered a lot with PMS symptoms-moody, aggressive; swollen and tender breasts, and severe cramps as well as a heavy second day bleed.

Natural progesterone cream erased all of this. I never have swollen or tender breasts at all anymore and PMS symtoms are now only a day or so before and very mild-maybe slightly weepy but that is all.
My periods are much lighter and I no longer suffer with cramps and pain.

It has made me feel
ormal for the first time, I no longer have bouts of depression which was due to a hormonal imbalance.

Natural progesterone is not only for women going through change of life, but for any young women who has a lack of natural progesterone. The best way is to get your hormones checked to make sure first.

If you have more than the usual feelings of negativity, depression, aggressiveness, anger, moodiness, or have a lack of libido, energy, etc, all these could be potential symptoms of your body not producing enough progesterone.
10/02/2017, By Reshi
I am in my early 30s and I have been battling with PCOS for a few years now. This is the only product that has helped regulate my menstrual cycle. I have been off the pill for a year now.
11/01/2017, By Shari
Used this product to help get my hormonal levels back in balance but it caused severe break outs so stopped using it. Would recommend to older women for use though.
21/10/2016, By Kaeyla
I have been using this product for several years, before and through the onset of menopause and although I also use a herbal product called Vitex Agnus Castus (Chaste Berry) which is another hormone regulator, I am very sure that this cream has helped reduce all menopausal symptoms. I have the occasional very mild, short hot flush, the occasional mild headache, but otherwise have sailed through this period. I would definitely try it.
14/09/2016, By Danielle
Hi has any had oestragen release symptoms? I have been experiencing just want to know if anyone else had?
22/04/2016, By Gomotsegang
After i had a myomectomy operation for the 2nd time and only learned the second time around that high levels of oestrogen are the main cause of fibroids regrowing in the uterus, i recommend this product to all the women whether you have fibroids or not, it is the best thing to all the women out there. Even the acne that used to appear monthly on my skin has dissapeared. I love this product!!!
29/03/2016, By CHARLOTTE
I am in my menopause and had a full hysterectomy.
I followed the instructions, where it says apply 1ml/day, but it also said to use double the first 3 months, I used it for only 3 days, then happened to see my doctor, who ordered a progesterone test for me. My P levels were 28.9! (should be 0.3 - 2.5) now I am taking 20mg/day which is 1/2 ml.
So great product, works well, but rather start with less and do a blood test to see if your levels are normal!
11/03/2016, By Rosalyn
I cannot recommend this product highly enough! After years of hormonal issues, after years of trying every different Pill on the market, after surgery for PCOS and endometriosis I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have 3 week periods for the rest of my life! I have now been using the cream for 10 months, and it has changed my life! Even in the first month after stopping all artificial hormones and starting on this cream, my period lasted 3 days. Every single month now is the same! I was so impressed that I started my 18 yo daughter on it last month, her hormonal mastitis and back acne cleared up within 2 days after months of trying other options. BEST PRODUCT EVER!!
19/02/2016, By Mel
Had missed periods for over 6months. Ob/gyn wanted to go to theater to do many tests. I was very worried about the side effects as I wanted to have a second child in the future. Tried Naturone after researching and reading all reviews, to my amazement on the 3rd day after use my menstrual cycle started. Would def recommend product.
26/01/2016, By Kerry-Lee
Great product... great service!
21/01/2016, By Angie
I am 52 years old and have been struggling with severe hot flushes and Night sweats. They were hitting me every hour during the day and night. It was embarrassing to go out or into meetings as the sweat would pour off me. I continually looked like I had just run a marathon. I slept on a towel at night time. I even had to cover my pillow with a towel as my entire body would sweat. I spent thousands of rand on various products that were guaranteed to relieve the HF NS but nothing worked. After a recommendation, I tried Naturone Natural Progesterone and after about 6 weeks, I started seeing a huge difference. Literally overnight my hot flushes and night sweats have disappeared. I may still feel hot a couple of times a day but I am living a normal life again. I can highly recommend Naturone Natural Progesterone to anyone going through menopause. If it helped me, it will help everyone.
06/11/2015, By Jean
I am regular for the first time ever, and my skin is looking great ;-)
02/09/2015, By Miss J Pillay
I am 31 years old and I have been plagued with adult hormonal acne and hyper pigmentation scars for 2 years until I tried Naturone, I have been using this for 4 months so far my acne has been reduced from full face breakouts every month to just around 5 or 6 pimples every month, my hyper pigmentation has a chance to clear and I feel much more confident than I used too. After trying everything on the market that claimed to free me of my Acne I have to say I saw visible results with Naturone, I just followed the instructions on the insert and used it internally Not on my skin, its working great and now I can wear less make up as my scars continue to clear up. Love it thank you :)
31/08/2015, By Petro
I get terrible PMS and Ovulation symptoms, everything from Migraines, to Ovulation pain to terrible anxiety and tension before menstuation, I also used this product when I struggled for 6 months to fall pregnant with my second child - I dont know if it was coincidental but I fell pregnant within a month and a half! I CAN NOT recommend this product enough! It has truly made my hormonal ups and downs literaly dissapear! IT IS AMAZING! And the results are just about immediate! Great, great, great product!
23/06/2015, By Nat
Well after doing much research and hesitating many times I bought a pot of this cream because it was on special and I had not found a solution to my early menopause. It has been wonderful to experience how good it has made me feel without all the horrid side effects added hormones can have. Problem solved; I will most certainly keep a pot of this with me for a long time to come!
26/05/2015, By Debbie
I have been using the cream for 2 weeks and my night sweats have reduced drastically!!!
25/04/2015, By Retha
I have tried this cream to treat hot flashes and night sweats. Within a few days I was completely cured from these discomforts. I have recommended this to my colleagues and they also had great results. Definitely will keep on recommending!
16/05/2014, By JK
I have not had my period for 11months and was diagnosed with pcos. I looked up this product and after a weeks usage i have my period back!! Wow!! It also helped a great deal with acne, bloatedness and water retention. Just Brilliant!! Wonder what my doctor would say now cause he told me NO natural product will help me with my PCOS!! Take THAT doc :P
06/01/2014, By Lindsey
Headaches/ mood swings/ sever period pains/ personality change!!/ anxiety/ sinus/ allergies/ pigmentation - all totally healed by this wonderful cream. I discovered I was estrogen dominant, and was advised to simply apply this cream after years of doctors and hours spent in dark rooms from my headaches. Within 2 weeks or so I was a completely different person. And with ABSOLUTELY no side effects! Really do recommend you give this a go.
25/08/2011, By Santie
I can recommend this product to any ladies out there suffering from polycistic ovarian syndrome! I have been using it for 6 months now, and my cycle has been restored after an absence of nearly two years. AMAZING product!!!!
31/01/2011, By Barbara
I can honestly recommend natural progesterone for psoriasis sufferers, I have suffered with psoriasis for the past 35 years I have tried everything medical & homeopathic. Apart from the very severe wheat free sugar free diet I went on for 6 months. My skin has never looked so good as it does now using Naturone Progesterone.

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