Natura Alfalfa Tonic

Natura Alfalfa Tonic
Natura Alfalfa Tonic
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A natural vitality tonic from Natura, this Alfalfa Tonic is a homoeopathic synergy of healing botanicals, namely Alfalfa, with a host of quality ingredients. Together, these help your body to absorb and utilise nutrients optimally, which in turn aids your body to recover faster from illnesses and also is a great help for boosting lactation in nursing mothers. The homoeopathic actions aid debility, mental fatigue, physical weakness and nervous exhaustion to assist recovery from fatigue. It also regulates appetite, promotes healthy digestion and use of nutrients in the body, while also treating defective assimilation of nutrients from excessive salt intake.


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This is a homoeopathic medicine which acts as a vitality tonic and assists in promoting:

  • lactation in breastfeeding mothers
  • absorption and assimilation of nutrients
  • recovery from illness

Homoeopathic mode of action

  • Acidum phosphoricum is a remedy for debility, mental fatigue, physical weakness and nervous exhaustion. It is particularly useful in assisting the body to recover from fatigue.
  • Antimonium crudum helps normalise appetite and relieve symptoms of poor digestion. It also relieves excessive irritability.
  • Cinchona succiruba is indicated for debility following a loss of body fluids.
  • Cola acuminata helps build strength to endure prolonged activity without feeling fatigued.
  • Hydrastis canadensis is indicated for poor digestion, muscular weakness, prostration and mild depression.
  • Medicago sativa (Alfalfa) promotes healthy digestive function and assimilation of nutrients. It also increases the quantity and quality of milk in nursing mothers.
  • Natrum muriaticum helps treat defective assimilation of nutrients from excessive salt intake. It helps relieve weariness, general weakness, mild depression and irritability.
  • Strychnos nux vomica helps to relieve the effects of dietary overindulgence. It also relieves symptoms caused by prolonged mental work including headaches and irritability.


Take 5ml three times daily before meals. Shake before use.

There are no known side effects.


Each 5ml contains:

  • Acidum phosphoricum D3
  • Antimonium crudum D10
  • Cinchona succirubra D1
  • Cola acuminata D3
  • Hydrastis canadensis D1
  • Medicago sativa (Alfalfa) D1
  • Natrium muriaticum D6
  • Strychnos nux vomica D6
  • Alcohol 20%

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