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Soaring Free Potent Plants - Ashwagandha Capsules

Soaring Free Potent Plants - Ashwagandha Capsules

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Soaring Free Potent Plants - Ashwagandha Capsules
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  • 90 Capsules
  • 500mg
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Soaring Free Ashwagandha is a certified organic adaptogenic herb revered in Ayurvedic practise. It is a trusted nerve tonic which soothes stress, reduces anxiety, enhances endurance and much more. With 500 mg of ashwagandha per capsule, this is a potent supplement providing great value for money. Care for your physical and mental well-being with Soaring Free Potent Plants - Ashwagandha.

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  • Certified organic Ayurvedic adaptogen
  • May be useful for symptoms of stress and anxiety
  • May help provide relief from adrenal fatigue
  • May improve memory and cognitive function
  • Non-GMO
  • Non-Irradiated
  • No fillers, binders or anti-caking agents
  • Biodegradable packaging
  • Sustainably grown in India
  • Suitable for vegans and strict vegetarians


  • Take 1-4 capsules daily, for at least a month or as otherwise directed by your trusted healthcare practitioner.
  • Always consult with your trusted healthcare practitioner before adding a new supplement to your daily regimen.

Care Instructions:

  • Store in a cool (<25°C), dry place out of direct sunlight.


  • Capsules: 90 vegetable capsules.

Ingredients: per Capsule.

Country of Origin:

  • Product of India.
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Overall Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars from 58 reviews

54 out of 58 people would recommend this product

11/02/2024, By Landi
I've been taking this supplement twice a day for about a month now, and I do feel that it has helped me with my energy levels. I will definitely order another bottle
10/01/2024, By Carrie
A few days on it but already sleeping much better. I have high blood pressure so I’m hoping this will lower my stress and improve my BP readings with time
31/10/2023, By Sharon
I have a very stressful job, and I have noticed a positive difference in the way in which I am coping with the stress.
05/09/2023, By Donna
It's the only thing that keeps me calm and collected under the pressures of work and life... been using this particular product for 3 months, daily, and it's the first time in years I've been able to notably reduce the stress on my adrenals.
02/09/2023, By Kim
Great product
01/09/2023, By Shanice
I love this product, I use this daily and cannot imagine life without it
21/08/2023, By Michelle
My daughter told me to buy this because of my stressful life and I’m really feeling the benefits.
18/08/2023, By D
Really helps me with sleep and not feeling overwhelmed. I take it at night.
14/08/2023, By Michelle
I take 2 of these a day, and it helps me feel a bit calmer and able to focus better during the day. I don't take it on weekends as it is seldom required. Ashwagandha seems to me to be one of the most noticeably effective supplements for my low-level anxiety and general mental health wellbeing.

I put my mother on it for 2 months after a major trauma when she came out of the hospital. With in 2 days, we saw her mood get better and her anxiety and stress lessen.
23/07/2023, By Colleen
Ashwagandha is a great way to slide into sleep gently and not worry about harmful side effects or feeling dopey the next morning. Definitely a win!
14/06/2023, By D
I take it in the evening for a peaceful sleep
17/02/2023, By Dale
I don't review often but this is a life saver supplement! I honestly feel so relaxed in the most stressful times. Will always buy this product! Thank you !
08/02/2023, By Dale
Never did I ever think such a natural ingredient (and obviously with no side effects) could be so effective ... highly recommend this product, well done guys! Not only does it put me in a good mood, but certainly helps me with my sleep and anxiety
18/01/2023, By Rentia
My husband has been using this Ashwagandha for 5 months. He definitely notices a difference in his health. I also notice a difference in the manner he handles stress. Will definitely recommend this high quality product.
23/08/2022, By Soa
Bought it for my husband. He loves it & is impressed with how well it work for him. He has a very high stress job.
28/07/2022, By Aniqah
Bought this for my mom who was prescribed hypertension medication. She started taking it three times a day as suggested by her doctor. Within a week she noticed better sleep, appetite improvement and overall less anxiety. So happy to have something natural that helps.
11/05/2022, By Mohammad
Good quality Ashwaganda at a great price. Packaged in a unique container that can be reused.
19/04/2022, By Refilwe
I have been using the product for two weeks now, and I have noticed an improvement with some of the muscle pain I had been complaining about, due to inflammation.
07/01/2022, By Carly
Great value for money and SO good for your brain.
20/09/2021, By Ayesha
Started by taking one capsule at night after supper. I noticed stress and anxiety management improved after a 4 days to a week; (family member was in hospital and household was sick= high stress). My sleep improved but I still woke up during the night. I then increased to 2 capsules (recommended dosage). Sleeping through the night, anxiety levels are much lower, handling stressful situations better (not overwhelmed). Seems to be aiding hormonal balance too. Overall; beneficial to mental health and wellbeing.
27/08/2021, By Veganschmegan
Excellent product! Sleep has improved so much from taking this and also eases anxiety. Never without it.
09/08/2021, By Gretna
It feels if it puts my body in balance when it comes to stress management
07/08/2021, By Naz
Amazing product
24/05/2021, By Dominic
Very well priced
18/03/2021, By Chane
I definitely feel less stressed since I started taking Ashwaghanda 6 weeks ago.
15/03/2021, By B
I have found Ashwagandha to be a wonderful natural aid to reducing anxiety. I wouldn’t say that it is a cute but I definitely notice a difference when taking it. I love that this brand uses organic and sustainably sourced Ashwagandha!
28/01/2021, By Jane
I highly recommend this product !
18/01/2021, By Meaghan
The best dose of ashwagandha I've tried so far. Worked like a dream.
14/01/2021, By Louise
Excellent product! Definitely the best Ashwagandha on the market. Love the packing too :-)
26/10/2020, By Sherele
Take two of these (in the evening because I know it's been known to make people super relaxed and somewhat unproductive) find its improved my sleep and I feel more level.
26/10/2020, By Robin
high potency supplements
30/09/2020, By Merlind
The packaging is beautiful. I take two every day and have feel much better waking up in the morning, usualy even before my alarm which is verry new to me. There was a mixup with the product where i was initially sent the powder form, however the faithfull team was instantly on it and ensured i receive the correct product within a few days. Definitely recommend.
28/09/2020, By Barbara
I use this to help with my sleep, which works well, but it has the added bonus that it also helps to settle my restless legs.
28/09/2020, By Ann
This product is extremely bitter. I purchased it as it was advertised as a product in capsule form, which it is not. I wanted the product in capsules not loose powder. I cannot recommend this product as I will not know it's effects. It was by no means an affordable product and I am very disappointed.
11/09/2020, By Shawn
Just received my order and this is false advertising on this product. It is not capsules but a powder. Not very impressed
11/09/2020, By Pauli
By far the BEST ASHWAGANDHA !!!!
10/09/2020, By Robin
Just received this product and it is not capsules as stated on the website.
Label on the packaging states capsules and then there is another stuck on label which states it's a powder which needs to mixed with water or juice, it's pretty gross.. Probably won't buy this again when I can rather get it in capsule form from someone else.
Whether it works remains to be seen.
10/09/2020, By Ginny
Great product. I can feel the difference.
20/07/2020, By Jane
Soaring Free... what can I say... just love their products. Very happy with the Ashwagandha so far. Absolutely love the container
14/07/2020, By Simoné
I am a big fan of adaptogens knowing thay my body gets what it needs
01/07/2020, By Leebee
I believe Soaring Free only uses the best ingredients. I do feel like my stress is more manageable from taking this product - which is definitely needed during these uncertain times
15/06/2020, By Illyan
I've read so many good things about Ashwagandha, and 2 months in I'm happy to report feeling far more in control with my anxiety - and a better recovery when I do have those I'm-not-feeling-too-great spirals.
14/06/2020, By Stash
Both my partner and I drink this every day. Works like a bomb! Mood neutralizes. Partner says he feels more focused throughout the day! Less stress.
26/05/2020, By Jessica
Always loved my adaptogens. Makes the best sleepy tonic x
23/05/2020, By Amori
Well well well.....
I am very excited about this product.
I felt the difference in my mood instantly.
After a week I felt less tired and I sleep through the nights now.
I am definitely buying this again.
20/05/2020, By O.
Be very careful with this product. It did not help me at all. After few days of taking this pills I became very irritative, felt restless. And I stoped. Then I read, that this herbs is good for men, helps to produce testosterone. So I believe it is very good product, but my body reacted badly.
10/05/2020, By Caroline
love this product
29/04/2020, By Happy
Healthy food
01/04/2020, By Jade
27/03/2020, By Deana
Noticed a difference in stress levels after 4 days, worth every cent.
22/03/2020, By Shannon
This is NOT safe to take for people suffering from HYPERTHYROID ISSUES, GRAVES DISEASE AND AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES and may make symptoms worse, it is irresponsible to advertise this as a general cure for thyroid issues when it can be dangerous for some depending on their specific situation.
18/03/2020, By paulderdash
High quality product.
07/03/2020, By Go
Real product
21/02/2020, By Ashwaggie
I love that there is NO plastic in this product at all! It's totally recyclable... that's IF you want to throw away such a beautiful tub. And you can feel the quality of this ashwagandha plus no other weird 'inert' ingredients. Everyone should be on it!!!
20/02/2020, By Patrick
What an amazing product! I've only been using it for 2 weeks now but am blown away by it. Don't know what makes this one so much better but it def is!
19/02/2020, By dienks
I'm so grateful to finally have found organic ( non tainted ) ashwagandha in capsules that don't actually cause me to feel nauseous. I found out that most capsules that are non-veggie capsules actually cause this because it contains micro-plastics! Generally I'll use ashwagandha when I'm quite moody or having PMS and it helps so much to ease out my mood. Highly recommend it for women!

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