Mother Nature All In One Bamboo Nappy

Mother Nature All In One Bamboo Nappy
Mother Nature All In One Bamboo Nappy
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Price From: R296.00
  • One size fits All


  • Reduced health risks: Disposable nappies contain paper pulp, plastic, absorbent gels, chemical additives and perfumes. All these materials impact on the health of your child.
  • You can save almost R7000 over a 2.5 year period
  • Environmental Impact: One baby uses approximately 6935 nappies. Due to the plastic content, disposable nappies are not biodegradable.

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Price From: R296.00

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All In One Nappy Features

  • The inner booster is 2 layers of highly absorbent and 100% natural bamboo-cotton towelling. A patterned cotton flannel booster and 1 layer of bamboo is in the pink, blue and green colour nappies.  Breathable waterproofing is hidden between 2 soft polyester layers.  Leg gussets seal in moisture.
  • The nappies have stretchy side waist tabs for a snug fit and the inner pad is removable to allow for tumble-drying.
  • Easy Use. No need for separate parts, just pop your baby on top and fasten (even dad gets it). Removing the nappy is just as easy and one doesn’t have to worry about not having enough covers. All you need to do is add a Bio-degradable Flushable Liner to the inside and fasten the poppers according to your baby’s size.  As baby grows so does the nappy.

Directions for Use

  1. Fold the inner absorbing bamboo pad under to desired length. Also remember to target point of urine (boy/girl).
  2. FOR NEWBORNS: to about 6 months, reduce the outer cover by folding down and pressing poppers to desired size (there are two sizes down).
  3. Place a Bio-degradable Flushable Liner or a Fleece Liner flat on top of the inner absorbing bamboo pad.
  4. Place baby on top and fasten with the poppers for a snug fit.


  • Use either a Bio-degradable Flushable Liner or a Fleece Liner inside the nappy. The liners allow urine to pass through thus keeping delicate bottoms drier for longer as well as protecting the nappy from becoming heavily soiled. The solids are then disposed by flushing down the toilet, either with the bio liner or by shaking off the solids then putting the liner in the bin.
  • Use a Booster Pad for extra absorbency for example at night.
  • Change your baby's nappy on average 5 times per day or whenever you are aware they are wet.
  • Do not leave the wet nappy as this will cause skin irritation from prolonged exposure to the uric acid in urine and faeces.
  • We recommend the Mother & Baby Barrier Balm for effective prevention of nappy rash.

FULL TIME USE 15 - 24 Bamboo All-in-one nappies
PART TIME USE 10 - 12 Bamboo All-in-one nappies

Washing Instructions

  1. Wash the bamboo inner pad once before use to increase the absorbency.
  2. If using a flushable liner, flush soiled liner in the loo.
  3. Rinse off all excess solid matter from the nappy very well (eg. hold under the flush of the toilet or with a hose into a bucket and wear gloves if necessary).
  4. Stain removing tip: rub laundry bar (Netted Stain Stick) onto the stain, then make a bucket of warm soapy water and pre-soak.
  5. TWO BUCKET SYSTEM: Once used, store wet only nappies in a dry lidded bucket until washed (not recommended to leave for more than two days). Add 5 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil to scent the bucket. Pre-soak soiled nappies in a second wet bucket (see one bucket system).
  6. ONE BUCKET SYSTEM: Pre-soak all your nappies prior to washing in a non-chlorine based solution. We suggest 5 drops of tea tree oil to a bucket of water as a natural antiseptic soak solution or a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).
  7. Separate bamboo inner pad and laminated cover.
  8. Warm wash Bamboo Inner Pad at 50-60°C
  9. Cool wash Cover at 30°C.
  10. Wash using a non-chlorine based product (no bleach). Always ensure that the washing powder/ cleaning agents used are safe on your baby’s skin to avoid irritation and are safe on the nappies.We recommend the Triple Orange Bio-Detergent.
  11. Line dry (preferable) or tumble dry Bamboo inner pad.
  12. Cool wash Cover at 30°C.
  13. Do not tumble-dry the outer cover.
  14. Do not iron or dry-clean.


  • Use a nappy liner to avoid badly staining the nappies.
  • Wash in the evening, hang up to dry overnight and then line dry the next day.
  • Try a second spin cycle to squeeze out the excess water.
  • In winter, use a local laundrette for drying the Bamboo inner pad.
Overall Rating
4.4 out of 5 stars from 10 reviews

9 out of 10 people would recommend this product

19/07/2017, By Kelly
By far the most practical, the most beautiful, the most leak proof and the most user friendly nappies on the market. I had friends over recently who had imported their reusable nappies from the States and were quite dismayed after that huge effort to see how great our local options actually are!
18/07/2017, By Shandee
These are our favourite cloth nappies. Easy to use not too chunky and very absorbent. The fit is perfect for my little girl. She is very slight though.
09/07/2017, By Leilani
These nappies aren't bad BUT they are definitely too small.. They're great when your baby is under 10kg but after that they are too tight around the legs and tummy (watch out for tummy pains with too tight clothes/nappies). If you're looking for something that will last up to potty training, try the Fancy Pants brand (also available from Faithful to Nature), they are a bit more expensive but they will last longer. That being said, the Mother Nature liners are by far the best! I use the FP with the MN liners, very good combo ;)
30/12/2016, By Jessica
My daughter fit into this beautifully at first but now as a 10kg, 6 month old chubba baba, it is too tight to fasten over her thighs (they are big!)- so definitely better suited to normal or slim babies ;)
28/11/2016, By Joyce
Ive tried a few reusable nappies and this is by far the best! At first try, I thought the nappy pant is a little small for my 8 month old baby...however, after using it, I can see how snug it fits and it holds urine and all the poo very well! No leakage at all! I must say though the pad is very thick and absorbent! If you want to try one, this is your choice for sure! Pant can be reused by placing a new nappy inside while you wash the pad. Mother Nature really makes very good products with good designs in mind, very happy with my purchase!
11/02/2016, By Grace
It seems every cloth nappy has its pros and cons. These are wonderful for their lovely soft inserts that are super absorbent, although very thick and bunchy at Babys back. The covers aren the softest but work well at keeping moisture in. I use the covers with 2 Fancy Pants bamboo inserts at night (folded with 1 layer at the back and 3 at the middle to front) so that I don worry about screwing up my childs spine.
27/01/2016, By Bronwyn
These nappies work really well during the day for my toddler, but cannot use them at night (even with the booster pad they leak). I have to add though that even the highly absorbant disposable nappies also sometimes leak due to overfilling.
19/11/2015, By Elsa
Awesome nappy for a baby or toddler that weighs less than 12 kg if I had to guess . Insert are very nice and big and very absorbent . Nappy cover looks amazing . Only down side for me was that this nappy did not fit my 14 kg toddler and I could not tell that just by looking at the information given on this website or the packaging that came with the nappy .
27/09/2013, By FULUFHELO
i bought this trial pack of eight.i love them is made in RSA is highly absorbent leaking 5.the colours are so adorable. but the thing is they are a bit bulky maybe because my DS is only 2months .but i love it. i also take the inners and put them in other pockets diapers and they still work wonders.
24/04/2011, By Tabby
I would just like to add that Mother Nature All In One Bamboo Nappies are the absolute best. They last all night long with no leakage and are so absorbent that it still feels dry in the morning. If customers are looking for recommendations I would highly rate this nappy (better than the ordinary bamboo cotton ones as it has the built in cover.)

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