Meditation CD Feeling Peace

Meditation CD Feeling Peace
Meditation CD Feeling Peace
  • 36 minutes
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Feeling Peace Mediation CD is guided in a friendly, informal way by counselling psychologist and hypnotherapist Linda Kantor and contains mindfulness meditations that can help you cope with stress and live a happier, fuller life. In today’s world we can often feel overwhelmed by anxiety and a fear of not measuring up, whether it be in our relationships, our jobs or abilities. Our society often shies away from acknowledging our fear and trauma and the Feeling Peace CD can be used as a daily tool to create a safe space that helps you manage stress.    

  • Proudly South African

3 tracks (36 min total, voice & music)


2. The Body Scan

3. Mindfulness

This meditation CD is designed to help you

  • Live a healthier, happier, fuller life
  • Cope with anxiety, fear, trauma, panic
  • Reduce anxiety and increase stress resilience

Studies have found that meditation:

  • Reduces stress
  • Improves well‐being
  • Promote calmness, clarity and creativity

Modern science is validating ancient wisdom

Neuroplasticity means our brain structures can change as a result of experiences. There has been growing scientific evidence that meditation practice can lead to significant changes in brain structures. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) revealed that experienced meditators had a thicker cortex than non‐meditators. This was particularly true for brain areas associated with attention, a sense of self and sensory processing. It has also been associated with long‐term increased grey matter density in brain areas that are associated with emotional regulation and response control. After only four weeks of meditation changes in white matter – which is strongly involved in interconnecting brain areas - were observed.


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