Livingseeds Heirloom Sprouting Seeds - Wheat Grass

Livingseeds Heirloom Sprouting Seeds - Wheat Grass
Livingseeds Heirloom Sprouting Seeds - Wheat Grass
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Livingseeds Heirloom seeds are passionate about preserving traditonal seeds that have been passed down through generations, to protect our precious food resources from GMO take-over. Their wheatgrass seeds create great microgreens as well as sprouts, either way it’s a staple favourite for super raw nutrition oozing with live enzymes and antioxidants. When sprouted to the pin stage, these sprouts add a burst of sweetness and texture to your dishes. Add them to your cooked food such as rice to get the benefit of raw living enzymes, top your veggie patties with them, put them in your salads - wheat grass sprouts are a delish garnish anytime. As microgreens they grow in soil-based systems and once you have them going, you can harvest every 5 days. Add wheat grass to your smoothies, sandwiches and wraps for a dash of pure green living nourishment that contains all the minerals you need.

  • Natural
  • Proudly South African
  • Sprouts and microgreens have been found to be higher in beneficial enzymes and phytonutrients than their adult versions
  • Tender and delicate flavours you can add to your smoothies, salads, wraps and sandwiches
  • Once a sprout becomes a microgreen it has even more nutritional punch
  • Wheat grass microgreens have the full spectrum of every mineral you need
  • You can cut wheatgrass microgreens and let them regrow, so you can use the same tray/pot of greens for a few weeks before you need to move on to another one

When you support Living Seeds Heirloom Seeds, you are supporting the preservation of traditional varieties of seeds that have not been genetially modified, a crucial step in preserving the freedom and diversity of our food supply.

Sprouts are the fully germinated seeds

Microgreens are densely grown seedlings that have passed the sprout stage and are harvested at the four/six leaf stage before they’re taller than 6cm.

Growing Microgreens

  • They need plenty of bright light so they can photosynthesise and create all their superfood goodness
  • Grow them in small pots or shallow trays – you can recycle food containers as a great way to do this
  • Fill the tray or pot with a good seedling soil mix
  • Soak the seeds for 2 to 4 hours
  • Moisten your soil then sprinkle your microgreen seeds into it, covering them a little
  • Within 3 to 6 days they’ll start germinating
  • Within 10 to 14 days you’ll be able to start harvesting
  • They’re ready to cut when they are less than 6 cm tall and have more than 4 proper leaves
  • Keep a rotation of trays going so you’ll never be out of fresh microgreens

Companion products: check out our sprouting and microgreens kits to set yourself up with the hardware you need to get started, simply and quickly.


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