Livingseeds Asian

Livingseeds Asian
Livingseeds Asian
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Livingseeds Asian collection brings the exotic savour of Asia to your veggie patch. Traditional Asian greens such as Tatsoi, Chinese cabbage and Mizuna - whip up those stir fries fresh from the garden, perhaps with the added distinctive Asian flair of a spot of lemongrass. Or steep the lemongrass in hot water for a yum, relaxing tea. These seeds are Heirlooms that have not been genetically modified, for a fresh and authentic Asian culinary adventure right on your doorstep. Grow your cuisine the old fashioned way with Heirloom Seeds from Livingseeds and share the joy of caring and sharing for the earth naturally.

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Price From: R24.00
  • Natural
  • Proudly South African


  • Are Heirloom Seeds that have not been genetically modified
  • Have a history of being passed down and shared through generations
  • Are open pollinated
  • Are not patented: a precious resource to grow and share
  • Are packaged in biodegradable wormfarm-safe packets with water based inks.

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Lemongrass has a citrus flavour that is so distinctive in Thai cuisine and is used extensively in Asia in teas, soups and even curries. It pairs well with poultry, fish, beef and seafood and also has many medicinal properties that make it wonderful for use in cosmetics and soaps too. Lemongrass is frost sensitive and cannot tolerate cold, bring indoors if you are in a cold area.

Growing Season: Aug to Nov

Seeds: 50

Black Knight Tatsoi

An exceptionally dark green tatsoi with a mild flavour, Black Knight Tatsoi is high in anti-cancer brassicasterols as well as iron and B vitamins. This tatsoi has a sublime flavour that is not like the strong cabbage flavour that normal tatsoi's have.

Growing Season: August to May

Seeds: 100

Michihili Chinese Cabbage

This cabbage has dense and narrow leaves, a deep green exterior colour and white/green interior leaves with wide flat ribs. It’s a very quick grower that can be harvested in 55-100 days. Use it in soups, stews, salads, stir-frys and pasta dishes. The leaves are also often used like a lettuce.

Growing Season: August to October, February to May

Seeds: 100

Mizuna Lime Streaks

A wonderful Asian green with bright green, flat, wide and serrated leaves that can be harvested from day 25 for a baby leaf, and day 45 for mature leaves. They are a low maintenance crop and very easy to grow and like the cooler weather to grow in. A wonderful tangy addition to any salad.

Growing Season: August to May

Seeds: 100

Osaka Purple Mustard

A real beauty. Deep red/purple leaves that start out mild when young and develop a stronger flavour as they get older. Fast growing in the warmer months and can tolerate the cold quite well.

Growing Season: August to May

Seeds: 100


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