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Just Pure Natural Toothpaste

Just Pure Natural Toothpaste
Just Pure Natural Toothpaste
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Price From: R69.99

Just Pure Natural Toothpaste is made with all-natural totally non-toxic ingredients because you should be able to eat what you put in your mouth. This natural composition includes the powerful antibacterial healing power of colloidal silver and is enhanced with the potent antioxidant co-enzyme Q10 which has been found to help build healthy gums. Magnesium helps to whiten teeth, tighten gums and reduce plaque. Together with refreshing and deodorising and antibacterial essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint and clove, Just Pure Natural Toothpaste is a natural fluoride-free solution to clean, healthy teeth and gums.

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  • Fluoride-free
  • All natural
  • No parabens
  • No mineral oil
  • No animal testing
  • Sustainable wild harvest and certified organic Ingredients
  • Choose between 50ml option perfect for travel and take-on luggage or larger 100ml option from dropdown menu top right


Co-enzyme Q10, a powerful antioxidant shown to combat periodontal disease and promote healthy gums

Magnesium supports oral health, whiten teeth and reduce plaque

colloidal silver is a powerful antibacterial

Xylitol adds natural sweetness and also helps balance the pH in your mouth and stop bacteria from sticking to your teeth and causing tooth decay. By stimulating salvia and making it pH neutral it can help repair damage to tooth enamel too.

Essentials oils Eucalyptus, clove and Peppermint create a fresh, delicious taste and are also naturally antibacterial and protective


Distilled water, colloidal silver, Guar Gum, Sesame oil, Sorbitol, Sodium bicarbonate, Xylitol, Magnesium Sulphate, co-enzyme Q10, essential oils of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Clove

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Overall Rating
4.2 out of 5 stars from 47 reviews

41 out of 47 people would recommend this product

17/11/2021, By Rowena
I like the flavour and it cleans really well. Unfortunately because it contains bicarb it makes my teeth sensitive to cold
15/03/2021, By Neischa
I just do not give it 5 stars, because it is very hard to press and it did not come with a pump like the image shows.
07/02/2021, By Sheena
The actual toothpaste is great in terms of mouthful, and my teeth are not sensitive so it is doing a good job with that as well.
It does not leave a fresh taste in my mouth for too long.
The reason I wouldn't recommend it is because of the tube - it is too hard to press. It makes getting the toothpaste out a painful and challenging process - I would think this limits the customer vase as anyone with any arthritis or hand issues can't use it easily.
01/02/2021, By Micah
It doesn't come out of the nozzle firstly, you have to unscrew the cap and dip your toothbrush in. It tastes fine but I've noticed some stains on my teeth since using git, so it's either ineffective or there's an ingredient that doesn't agree with my tooth enamel or something.
19/12/2020, By Karabo
27/10/2020, By Aliyah
Great Product
02/10/2020, By Armin
Love it. Mild tasting toothpaste. Does the work.
16/08/2020, By Jeanine
I got used to this toothpaste. It's gentle and leaves my mouth feeling fresh. For some reason it doesn't always leave my teeth feeling smooth (as with traditional toothpastes).

The only reason I won't buy it again is because of the packaging. You get just past halfway and have to start dipping your brush to get it out which doesn't seem hygienic to me & feels like a waste of plastic.
13/08/2020, By L
I'll admit that I was sceptical, but since I needed to try a no-fluoride toothpaste to help curb my perioral dermatitis, I gave it a try. And I was pleasantly surprised - it tastes really good and my mouth feels fresh and clean. My skin has even started to clear up - touch wood!
08/08/2020, By Diane
No nasties, just the good stuff. My mouth feels fresh , teeth feel clean and I like the packaging. A refill option would help offset the plastic bottle.
08/06/2020, By Nina Adela
Definitely a favorite!
01/06/2020, By Oksana
I used this toothpaste while having severe mouth burn, caused by using one of mass market toothpaste, its very gentle but nevertheless it cleans very well and teeth stay clean for longer. Its not sweet at all, mint taste is not too strong, but still gives nice clean feeling after.
09/05/2020, By Anastasia
Exceptional quality and lovely scent
05/05/2020, By Hanny
cant wait to try
26/04/2020, By Ashleigh
I bought this for my 10 year old, she loves the taste and texture.
We have tried others and she did not like them at all.
So glad we have found a natural toothpaste she loves.
16/04/2020, By alyx
very good ingredients. confirmed by my dental hygienist!
12/04/2020, By Elizabeth
My teeth feel cleaner than ever #lovethis
22/02/2020, By Anneke
Love the Colloidal silver and xylitol in here!
29/01/2020, By Michelle
I have been using natural toothpaste for well over 10 years, and up until now, I have never been entirely satisfied with the products. After just the first use of Just Pure, my teeth felt smooth, clean and even sparkled. Plastic-free is always first prize, other than that the bottle is great, and even though I’m pretty sure I’ll get a little frustrated when it comes to getting out the last bit of the product, the bottle can be repurposed, and that is well worth the minor hassle.
29/01/2020, By Lily
I quite like the taste of this product. It has a fresh, slightly acidic taste and a good consistency. I would order it again if it came in plastic-free packaging.
06/12/2019, By Ayesha
Bought the 50ml bottle as the unhappy reviews regarding 100ml made me skeptical. I am very impressed with this toothpaste. To me it is better than other natural toothpastes; in texture, taste, and cleansing.Wanted it specifically for the magnesium for enamel. It is similar in texture to lotion, pumps from the bottle very easily, I thought it would be too runny in heat or solid in cold due to coconut oil, but it is perfection. Cleans well, mild taste (similar to spry xylitol gum). Love this.
05/11/2019, By Kate
It was my first time using an organic toothpaste and I still need to come round to a number of factors but with my limited knowledge I can't fault the actual toothpaste. However, the container itself needs to be reevaluated.
11/10/2019, By Karen
I have used quite a few "organic " toothpastes and this one I have enjoyed -as with all naturally products at tge beginning you have to let go of the commercial tastes we have grown up with and embrace a product with has been made only out of good ingredients -once you get past that mindset you will find this to be a wonderful product
15/07/2019, By Nomvula
We enjoy the salty taste of the toothpaste as family and the fresh clean that it brings. Great alternative to many overwhelming natural toothpastes out there. Its just pure as the name says
30/06/2019, By Anastasia
One has to use such a large amount of toothpaste to taste anything. It gets more difficult to dispense the paste after a while.
27/05/2019, By Clari
a bit salty but does the job
08/04/2019, By Akhenatha
Best natural toothpaste. I have tried several. My teeth are stronger and it also combats sensitivity.
07/04/2019, By Lorraine
I love this toothpaste, I'm not concerned about the taste as some comments have mentioned, it's really not bad. I will not order this for the 2nd time around as the container is a bit of an issue. I have to turn it over, unscrew the cap and take time to find the toothpaste halfway through. You'll definitely need to put in some work trying to get to your toothpaste about halfway through, buying the 100ml option. For this reason I'm trying alternative options. Toothpaste itself is great though.
03/04/2019, By Lesy
I’ve tried a few organic toothpastes, I prefer the cream over the gel so this worked. The dispense bottle is nice and works, I was worried about that since ppl experienced problems with it. The taste is bland though, doesn’t have any of that fresh minty taste or feel after brushing. So that could definitely improve on. But otherwise, not a bad product at all. Might but again if I get used to the taste. Haha
17/03/2019, By Stefnie
my all time favourite toothpaste. love the taste, love the bottle
01/02/2019, By A
I absolutely love this stuff! I actually enjoy the slightly bitter to salty taste compared to the overtly sweet commercial stuff. This toothpaste left my teeth feeling squeaky clean, and the peppermint flavour was mild enough to not leave a burning sensation afterwards. I see some people in the reviews seemed to have trouble using their bottles, but mine worked perfectly well. If this stuff was cheaper, I would order two containers every month!
02/01/2019, By Lizette
This is a lovely toothpaste, but getting it out of the bottle is a huge battle. I've had to shake, rattle and roll to get it out. Not a pleasure first thing in the morning.
25/11/2018, By HL
Love the cointaner and the pump. Great toothpaste and it's natural! Only downside is the taste, it tastes quite bitter but otger than that it's great.
15/10/2018, By Gail
This toothpaste meets all my needs, it just needs a bit of a shake before using but it flows easily out of the pump. Love that its natural and has no nasty ingredients.
11/09/2018, By Jacqui
Out of four (or more) bottles that I have bought, only one bottle actually worked, i.e. I didn't have to scrape/spoon-out the toothpaste in order to use it. The toothpaste is lovely, but the schlep to extract it from the bottle is irritating.
08/09/2018, By Sian
One of the best toothpastes I've ever used - it makes your teeth feel so clean and fresh. It doesn't taste sweet like most conventional toothpastes, but once you're used to the taste it's very pleasant. I would recommend this!
24/08/2018, By Maggie
I love it.Love the dispense love the taste,Awesome stuff
11/08/2018, By Bern
Hands down best toothpaste I have tried ! Highly recommended especially if you have any tooth sensitivity . Top tip - if tooth sensitivity noted use a pea sized portion around the gum area twice daily.
21/06/2018, By Diane
I first loved the bottle but now near the end, i cannot get the last 1/4 out.Very frustrating.Love the toothpaste.But won't buy it again unfortunately
23/05/2018, By Didi
I ordered this toothpaste on my last order, but there is no way to get to the toothpaste. It is so thick and the bottle is so full, it is a waste.

What do I do now?
07/03/2018, By KomboKitten
Really grateful for toothpaste without fluoride in it! Tastes a tiny bit salty but overall a very nice minty taste and feels very much like toothpaste overall, will always buy this going forward!
08/02/2018, By Nick
I will not be going back to commercial toothpaste after trying this. My teeth feel as if they stay cleaner for longer during the day.
25/10/2017, By Maxine
strong taste, but great cleaning
22/09/2017, By Mietie
I am very happy with the taste and action of this toothpaste. The bottle with the easy dispensing spout works lovely and the lable is attractive and plain, it looks nice in my bathroom.
28/08/2017, By Val
I really like this toothpaste. I cant stand the taste of normal toothpaste so this is a refreshing change. A little goes a long way as well. Would buy again.
04/11/2016, By Nissa
Ive ordered this toothpaste before and was not very happy with the packaging. But I love the idea and the execution of the paste itself. I do NOT like the taste of commercial toothpastes - hopelessly too sweet. Unfortunately I have to use one for sensitive teeth as I had too much antibiotics and anaesthetic (8 operations!) a couple of years ago and my tooth enamel has been badly depleted. So I compromise - I use the commercial and the natural pastes half-and-half. Works for me.

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