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Bee Natural Honey & Rose Absolute Facial Scrub

Bee Natural Honey & Rose Absolute Facial Scrub

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Bee Natural Honey & Rose Absolute Facial Scrub
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  • 200ml
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This feather light facial scrub gently exfoliates and balances out the pH level of the skin, thus maintaining an even, radiant skin tone.

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It is gentle enough to use 2-3 times a week. Apply with the assistance of a little water.

Beeswax, non-irradiated raw Honey, Pollen, Propolis, cold-pressed Avocado Oil and Sunflower Oil, Sugar and rose absolute essential oil

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Overall Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars from 95 reviews

93 out of 95 people would recommend this product

12/04/2021, By vdv
Smells nice and gentle scrub
23/02/2021, By Kay
Sugar too harsh on skin, be careful to not rub too hard
17/02/2021, By Honest
I had such expectations for this scrub considering it says for sensitive skin. Unfortunately I had a bad skin reaction. Fine pimples developed after second use.
05/02/2021, By Maureen
Absolutely fantastic product.
Will not use anything else.
29/12/2020, By Kayleigh
Smells heavenly, exfoliates gently, and moisturizes without making skin too oily. Very pleased with purchase.
20/10/2020, By FRANCIS
19/10/2020, By Susan
Great product, lovely smell and works well on my sensitive skin! My only concern is that my last tub went rancid way before the use by date!
14/10/2020, By Tlego
Great scrub for the face. It’s lovely for my oily skin and leaves the skin leaving smooth and refreshed. It also smell great.

The only problem is the packaging. Even though it comes with a little spoon, it’s a dry powder and it makes it easier to get water in the tub if you want to add a little more or put the spoon back.

I would recommend something like a bottle, to allow you to just pour it into your hand
12/06/2020, By Christina
I have always been absolutely in LOVE with this scrub. The smell is absolutely incredible, and the best part for me is the moisturised feeling afterwards, rather than making my skin feel dry. I also have very sensitive skin and this worked like a dream for me. I have been using it for years.
21/04/2020, By Karen
Sugar scrub is harsh on the skin
20/04/2020, By panner
i like the gentle feeling on my sensitive skin
04/12/2019, By Pixie
What a wonderful find. It melts into the skin and leaves my skin feeling soft and pampered.
07/11/2019, By E
Smells lovely and makes my skin feel pampered and soft. :)
Mix it with a bit of face wash which curbs the requirement for working quickly as the sugar melts very fast if you use only water.
14/10/2019, By Fiona
Love this product it is not too abrasive but you do feel like you have used an exfoliant. Smells awesome. Reuse the bottles as well.
18/09/2019, By Samantha
Skin feels smoother immediately after use. Blackheads decreasing. Has a nice taste - can use on lips to exfoliate them too
16/09/2019, By Joy
Works well
25/07/2019, By Dayle
So nice and all natural; works amazingly at helping get off the dead skin.
09/07/2019, By Lily
Makes skin feel so soft and smells divine
10/02/2019, By Ezandri
Ticks all the boxes, but dissolves too quickly for my liking. Also need to be careful not to get water get into the jar.
06/02/2019, By Dani
I absolutely LOVE this product! I often forget that I should only use it up to 3 times a week simply because it really is so gentle on my skin and works like a charm.
19/01/2019, By Sonto
This product is so good, I could not believe it, within 10 days my face was glowing like a baby's skin, it removes all the unwanted and it leaves your skin clear and very smooth!! It also smells so good!
10/01/2019, By Shirley
Lovely, gentle scrub that leaves skin feeling soft.
30/12/2018, By Nikki B
Does the job really well. One just needs to be quick, as the sugar particles dissolve completely while scrubbing. Otherwise smells amazing and leaves skin feeling smooth
17/12/2018, By Claire
My favourite scrub so far! The smell and texture is great.. love that I can make it as coarse or fine as I want. I sometimes scrub my face and leave it on for a while. The texture of my skin feels great after and it lasts for ages.
06/12/2018, By Candice
It's a very gentle exfoliator. Just don't mix it with much water, or else the sugar dissolves quickly. Best to just wet your face and then use the scrub without adding more water.
06/12/2018, By Corrine
My skin felt awesome after using this!

I was a bit confused with the texture at first, but a little bit of water, and it works perfectly. I have very sensitive skin, and this didn't affect my skin at all. My skin was incredibly smooth after just the first use.

I love Bee natural products
30/11/2018, By Amanda
Very gentle on skin-suitable for everyday use.
Not wowed in any way.-It's just an ordinary sugar scrub you can make at home.
23/11/2018, By Kate
Smells great, is definitely gentle, but I have acne prone skin and it didn’t do anything to help that, I noticed a breakout the next day and following day but that might be to do with my diet or lack of sleep so I would have to try the product a few more times before deciding on that.
31/10/2018, By Anonymous
What a gentle yet supper effective scrub. It's smell delicious. It's so refreshing and makes your skin feel soft like a babies bum.
25/10/2018, By Candice
This scrub is probably the best Ive ever used. The scrub dissolves into your skin making it feel super soft. Love it!
22/10/2018, By Lynn
18/10/2018, By Taz
So as we know all natural products are not what we are used to. I expected a scrub with a base. I am SO glad it is not. I can mix this scrub with whatever I desire. I mix it with my face cleanser from Bee Natural and it’s not harsh and the rose moisturises which is fantastic. It helps my adult acne. Love this stuff!
17/10/2018, By Zohra
a nice smelling, easy to use facial scrub that does not leave my skin feeling dried out.
17/10/2018, By Tammy
I love this facial scrub! It smells incredible and lasts me a long time. Will definitely buy it again. x
16/10/2018, By Robyn
I really love this product! It has a long lasting smell which is gorgeous, fresh and clean. It leaves my skin soft and glowing.
15/10/2018, By Lee
Yay! A facial scrub that doesn't remove your top epidermis layer! It is so gentle and I LOVE the very gentle rose fragrance. It really leaves your skin glowing and soft.
Lucky me... I purchased this during the buy-one-get-one-free birthday promo!
15/10/2018, By KAREN
LOVE this product- It is so gentle and I love the way it dissolves leaving skin radiant and soooo soft! And the smell....lovely! Best exfoliator I have EVER used!!!
14/10/2018, By Laurie
Soft on skin. That's the main thing for sensitive, mature skin
12/10/2018, By ann
Smells nice, not to rough and disolves easily leaving behind soft moisturized skin
03/10/2018, By Amelia
I love this scrub! It smells so good and it's all natural. Nice to use with their hydrating balm.. My skin is so happy :)
27/09/2018, By Thaveshnee
Great product
19/09/2018, By Bridget
Love this product which works really well. Slightly more fiddly, but its great the way it slowly dissolves.
31/08/2018, By Ncami
Love the container it comes in, I scrub every second day and my skin feels so soft and nourished. I normally use while the face is damp so there's no need to add water, it's so gentle on the skin and smells divine.
31/08/2018, By Tracy
I have found that for best results, slightly moisten product with water and gentle massage onto face and neck until the granules dissolve. I use this twice a week. I have sensitive skin with rosacea. With regular use, my skin looks radiant, smooth and glows. I absolutely love this product. Tip: use when washing hair as it can make hair around your face sticky.
26/08/2018, By Kelsey
Smells divine and is surprisingly gentle
18/07/2018, By Xx
Lovely smell
17/07/2018, By Ncami
When I opened the bottle I fell in love with the lovely smell! This is definitely the best exfoliator I've ever tried my whole life, it's gentle and does not leave my skin dry.
04/06/2018, By Natalie
i was pleasantly surprised! it exfoliates well and does not leave the skin feeling dry. and the smell is divine.
30/05/2018, By Misst
I love this scrub. Not brasive at all. And even my make up sat beautifully on my skin after using it.
25/05/2018, By Thaveshnee
Softens your skin
25/05/2018, By MsJay
This scrub is simply delightful and a skin treat I literally look forward to using each week. Using the included wooden scoop, simply measure the amount of product you need, add a little water to it, and ta-da: A scrub so effective yet gentle which leaves your skin radiant, soft as a baby's bottom, super moisturised, and thankful for this sheer pleasure you have bestowed upon it. Not to mention the intoxicating smell, which adds the cherry on top to this divine product. I am in love!
21/05/2018, By Carien
Best scrub ever. Gets the job done, even though it is gentle on your skin. I have very dry and sensitive skin, and this works wonders to remove the dead cells!
10/05/2018, By Julie
I tried this and loved it. Then had to keep rebuying it, as my boyfriend seems to love it too, and keeps stealing it from me :-)
Leaves the skin soft and moisturized. And smells lovely.
01/05/2018, By Simone
Really great scrub with a nice scent, and seems to have improved since my last purchase too.
10/04/2018, By Sue
This scrub is really great! I swore off scrubs after finally getting my perioral dermatitis under control...every scrub I try (there have been plenty of store bought and home-made) just freaks my skin out. This one, however is so different. It's not harsh at all and the granules dissolve into a balmy layer that leaves your skin comforted and soft (if you are someone that oil-cleanses then you will be familiar with the after-feel). You can make the scrub as gentle or vigorous as you want by varying how much scrub and water you use. The rose scent is lovely and not overpowering. Handy little scoop and packaged in glass - no plastic for the win! Definitely recommend :)
28/03/2018, By Christina
I have always loved the Bee Natural Face Scrub - my top product of theirs. I seem to have sensitive skin when it comes to scrubs, they often give me rashes on my face, no doubt because of the chemicals. Plus, after use, your skin feels dry - not with this one! I love using it because I know what is in it (I have seen these products being made as it is my aunt's company), and what you see on the bottle is what is in it. Nothing artificial, no chemicals, only the good stuff! I can use it every day and it works GREAT! Plus, it smells wonderful, is gentle on your skin, AND leaves you skin feeling moisturised because of the beeswax and oils in it! I absolutely love it!
26/03/2018, By Taryn Elise
Lovely product, gentle but effective.
04/03/2018, By MARGUERITE
I love this product - it's so gentle but so effective and leaves a soft film on your skin that makes it feel so smooth. My sensitive skin doesn't react at all to it. I like that you can add more water to make it gentler or use it almost dry to get a deeper scrub effect.
30/01/2018, By Sine
This is the best face scrub I’ve used. My skin looks brighter and less blemishes appear on my face. This does work. It also doesn’t make my skin so oily and I have acne-prone skin and this helps with that as well.
26/01/2018, By DM
I love the way this makes my skin. Very soft and clean. Smells great and has a very sweet taste to it.
25/01/2018, By Sonji
Magnificent product. Leaving the skin feel beautifully soft, yet it's gentle and does not cause skin irritation. And smells de---vine!!!
15/01/2018, By Carlyn
I love this exfoliator.
It's gentle, works well and it has a beautiful scent.
26/12/2017, By Jenmin
Really average facial scrub. There isn’t enough moisture/oil in the jar to make this easy to use. It is very sweet, which while tasty make assist in causing some breakouts (especially people who struggle with breakouts around the mouth). I have used oilier coarser facial scrubs that I prefer - if you have used the Hey Gorgeous facial scrubs and liked them, this is not for you.
06/12/2017, By Lindie
Great product. Nice and coarse and smells great.
06/12/2017, By Lauren
This works really well and is great value. I love the simple ingredients and it's very effective.
05/12/2017, By Alice
I have tried other facial scrubs, and as much as I liked the Victorian Garden one, I think I will stick with this one. It it is a bit coarser, but does not dry the face. My skin looks great.
04/12/2017, By Lorna
Very happy with this - so many good reviews, I don't think I can add anything new.
04/12/2017, By Bridget
I love everything about this. Good for dry skins, scent is great
03/12/2017, By Kim
This product smells and feels fantastic. I have rosacea and extremely sensitive skin, and this product is gentle enough for me to use. If you have very oily skin, though, the wax can make you more oily.
13/11/2017, By Sinethemba
I am so obsessed with this scrub. It makes my skin feels so smooth and it honestly does help with blemishes. Best scrub hands down and I've tried quiet a few. But this is one is my fav.
13/10/2017, By Zelda
Lovely scrub. My skin feels soft after using this.
14/09/2017, By Meagen
Gentle and effective, lovely smell and definitely great for self pampering!
08/09/2017, By coralie
Fantastic face scrub ! it smells so nice and is gentle but effective even on sensitive skin. A little is enough for each scrub so 250g will go a long way !
04/09/2017, By Tess
Definitely a winner! Scrubs beautifully, healed eczema, resulted from previous scrub used, leaves the skin well prepared for moisturising.
05/08/2017, By Tiffany
This scrub exfoliates in a gentle way , leaves your skin smooth and polished .
31/07/2017, By Tamlyn
I cannot explain how much I love his scrub, it leaves your skin silky soft and feeling so moisturizer at the same time. The smell is heavenly, just an awesome product- please never stop producing it!
20/07/2017, By Megan
This is a wonderful scrub that has a beautiful rose scent. It's a powder that you just add water too. Not too harsh but cleans well. Leaves your skin soft and moisturized.
07/07/2017, By Marguerite
This is great! My skin is shiny and clean, the smell is great and the oil leaves my shin glowing! I will never be without it!
21/06/2017, By Lori
The best scrub I have ever used!
11/11/2016, By Veruschka
This scrub is a little on the messy side, and can be a bit of a challenge in the shower, but it leaves my skin super silky, without drying it out. Great product :)
21/09/2016, By Susi
This product lives up to being gentle enough to use 3 times a week and effective enough that it keeps my skin clearer and calmer when it comes to any blemishes. I use this scrub on my decolletage as well and it leaves my skin gorgeously scented and smooth even before applying moisturiser or a body butter.
30/08/2016, By Rosemary
I am glad to have a product that doesn use those microbeads that are causing so much damage to the environment. And this product is just as effective as the one I previously used - my face feels lovely and smooth.
11/08/2016, By Simone
This scrub is really good especially with the mini wooden spoon that is included. Don think I will buy another scrub!
20/06/2016, By Marni
I bought this product based on all the positive reviews. Ive just ordered my second jar as this really works very well. It is sensitive enough to use every second night and leaves a lovely waxy layer on my skin. My face feels soft and clean after using this. It smells lovely as well.
28/04/2016, By Carla
This facial scrub is truly something special! As you start exfoliating, the sugary crystals releases the most heavenly scent that reminds me of spring blossoms and summer gardens in bloom. And should it accidentally get into your mouth, even the taste is delightful! Afterwards your skin feels moisturized and protected by a thin layer of waxy smoothness that acts as a barrier. For ease of application, try adding a few drops of warm water to the sugar before lathering unto the skin.
27/04/2016, By Cheri
I love this product! I took the advice from the other reviews and never dip my wet hands in to the jar - is very sugary (actually tastes delicious!) but the best part is your skin feels lovely and soft afterwards - Ive had redness and dryness after a lot of exfoliators - but this one really works well for sensitive skin. Recommend!
30/10/2015, By Robyn
Great price, good exfoliation, big jar, feels great on my skin. Dissolves nicely with warm water leaving skin supple.
19/07/2015, By Maria
This is the best facial scrub, it exfoliates gently and has the most beautiful smell! I will definitely buy this again.
30/06/2015, By Lynn
This is the most divine smelling scrub....and so gentle on my sensitive skin, love it!
15/05/2015, By Carol Anne
This is the first exfoliator that does not irritate or redden my sensitive skin. Does the job and is very gentle. Thanks for the tip about not allowing water to get into the jar or it will harden - I am being careful to close the lid before using decanted amount. Will buy again.
05/03/2015, By Nancy
It makes my skin soft and smooth. It gives a beautiful glow after use. I use it twice a week and it lasts for a long time.
27/01/2015, By Crystal
Such a lovely and delicate facial scrub that even came with a little wooden spoon inside. The rose smell is ever so relaxing.
09/11/2014, By Izabela
This feels and smells amazing, dissolves, and leaves a waxy type layer which I guess gets absorbed by (and moisturises) the skin. One tip: don get any water in the jar when scooping a tiny bit out to use or it will crystallize and scratch the **** out of your face next time ... :P
09/10/2014, By Janine
Used this exfoliator last night for the first time. Its like crushed sugar so the granuals desolve quite quickly so one isn left with granuals along the hairline etc. As I have very dry skin, I have found this to be the most gentlest exfoliator ever and I will have no problem using it more than once a week. Bonus that it smells delicious as well :-)
27/01/2014, By Justine
I absolutely love it - I use it about 3 times per week. This facial scrub in gentle and nourishing and the smell
is subtle and beautiful.

The sugar granules exfoliate beautifully and as one massages that in to your skin the honey, avocado oil
nourishes and moisturises while the rose absolute is a great toner and smells delicately beautiful. Economical -
You only use a small scoop each time.

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