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Neroli Oil

Essential Oil

Neroli Oil

Other Name(s):

Citrus aurantium dulcis; Orange Flower Oil

Citrus aurantium is native to Southeast Asia but has found great success all around the globe, being planted and cultivated worldwide. It enjoys slightly acidic, well-draining soil and thrives on a regular, moderate amount of water. Drip irrigation yields very good results on orange orchards.

Is Neroli Oil Faithful to Nature?


Neroli Essential Oil is a natural ingredient with a beautifully floral fragrance bouquet. It can be manufactured safely and farmed sustainably without harming the environment. It is, however, a powerful ingredient and should be used wisely.

Benefits: Why is Neroli Oil Used?

Distinctive Fragrance

Neroli Essential Oil is beautifully fragrant, with a floral bouquet.

Effective Odour Masking

Neroli Essential Oil is an effective odour masking ingredient

Regulates Anxiety

Neroli Essential Oil has been scientifically demonstrated to lower stress levels, treat insomnia and stress.

Regenerative Properties

Neroli Oil is said to help rejuvenate the skin.

Neroli Essential Oil is available on store shelves as a single ingredient essential oil but enjoys extensive use as a fragrance in premium natural and organic cosmetics and skincare formulations.

Neroli Essential Oil is made by steam distillation of freshly harvested orange blossoms.

EU regulations specify that certain fragrance oils commonly found in natural essential oils must be labelled separately on ingredient lists on cosmetic product labels. The EU governing bodies specify this because they are recognised as potential allergens which can irritate sensitive skin. Linalool, limonene, farnesol, geraniol and citral are all potential allergens found in neroli oil.

The scent of Neroli Essential Oil is often described as ‘honeyed’ with delicate undertones of citrus.

Notice: The information provided here is not intended as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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