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Natural Yogi Deodorant Julip

Natural Yogi Deodorant Julip

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Natural Yogi Deodorant Julip
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Price From: R51.99

Natural Yogi Deodorants were conceived of and created by yoga teacher, Nadia Rosenthal. Made from the most simple and natural ingredients Natural Yogi products are about soaking in the powers and different qualities of nature. They are also about finding truly innovativeno-waste solutions to packaging. With this Natural Yogi Deodorant comes in a biodegradable refill pack with labels included, so that it can be used with any pre-existing  container. Julip is Natural Yogi’s signature scent, a light, heady, slightly off-beat and not too sweet, floral combination of juniper berry, neroli, ylang ylang and geranium.

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  • Eliminates odour without blocking pores or interfering with natural detoxification 
  • Has healing and soothing properties 
  • Coconut oil is antibacterial, moisturising and generally good for skin
  • Vitamin E comes from a natural source, and is soothing and healing 
  • Bicarbonate of soda offers powerful PH-altering benefits 
  • Corn starch (non-GMO) helps to absorb excess moisture
  • Works by creating an environment that is not conducive to the odour-causing microbes to grow
  • Natural Yogi seeks sustainable solutions to packaging - keep your containers for re-use

How to use the refill pack:

  • If the contents are hard (as happens when it is cold), first dip packaging into piping hot water till the contents soften
  • Dry
  • Snip open the first layer of the biodegradable sleeve, and remove the label
  • Snip off a tiny corner from the remaining packaging and squeeze the contents into a clean and dry container (either the original jar, or a reused container of your choice)
  • Stick the label onto your chosen container


  • Take a bit of the frosty gel-like paste with your finger and smear it under your armpit – and you are good to go for 24 hours or so – or till your next bath or shower


28ml glass jar, or 28ml biodegradable refill sachet

Care Instructions
When travelling with the jar, twist the lid on tight to avoid spills

Coconut Oil, Bicarbonate of Soda (food grade), corn starch (non GMO), raw Cape Beeswax, Vitamin E (natural source), essential oils of juniper berry, Neroli, Ylang Ylang and Geranium

Country of Origin:

Made in Cape Town

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Overall Rating
4.4 out of 5 stars from 51 reviews

49 out of 51 people would recommend this product

22/07/2021, By Keen
I prefer the one with less bicarb, but this one works well if I can't get that one as it is out of stock. I do love the smell of this one, the best of all the range.
07/06/2021, By Melissa
I am new to the ethical and organic lifestyle, but I can truly say I am absolutely converted. I can recommend this product. Try it, you might be surprised.
07/03/2021, By Jayne
Great smell and easy to use. So happy to be using this deo!
19/02/2021, By Zeenat
I love this. I think I’ve found my new type of deodorant. At first I thought it’s weird that deodorant is in a tub, but I must say that after using it, I also find my underarms are a lot smoother, probably because it’s a bit grainy so it kind of exfoliates at the same time. I definitely want to try the other options in this range.
28/01/2021, By Georgia
Wow, at first I thought I would just try this product out to be more eco0friendly and sustainable, but I never thought it would entirely replace my old, terrible deodorant habits. This product smells amazing and lasts forever, comes as a refill and is just simply divine.
16/01/2021, By Kay
This was the first deodorant I tried from Natural Yogi. Smells lovely and definitely works. Absolutely going to be using this deodorant from now on; lasts very well and so much easier to travel with than a roll on or spray deodorant.
I've applied this after waxing under my arms and it's fine for sensitive skin; moisturises and soothes well.
27/11/2020, By Megan
I love this product! Worth going on the Natural Yogi website and reading about the health benefits (I had initially only purchased this for environmental reasons, but the benefits go beyond that!). It works really well and lasts about 20 hrs for me. I only wish that Faithful would also stock the 50ml refills as that is more economical and eco-friendly.
22/11/2020, By Ellen
Both my husband and I use Natural Yogi Deodorant.A little goes a long way and it really works. My husband has very sensitive skin and this poses no problem.
09/11/2020, By Sarah
Works well
26/10/2020, By Karien
Only deodorant, natural or not, that actually works for me!!! Not a very strong fragrance but keeps you feeling fresh.
30/09/2020, By Maria
Works well.
09/09/2020, By Nadine
Having struggled with smelling less fresh at the end of a day, I was skeptical about trying a natural deodorant. As promised on the packaging, this WORKS! Also so re-assuring to know I am not using deo that contains hormone disrupting chemicals. The refill option is great-- but a lot of plastic is involved in the packaging...
22/07/2020, By Nikki
The jar is very small. It is not overpowering, and it spreads and absorbs nicely under the arms....but if I get even a little sweaty, the smell is terrible. Not my cup of tea this one
21/07/2020, By Meg
This was the first natural deo that I bought to try out. I'm loving it. It works for me and I enjoy the fragrance. The refill is cute and eco-friendly.
09/07/2020, By Michela
This was the first natural deodorant I have tried, not a bad place to begin, easy to apply and smells lovely although as a very busy and active person by the end of the day I smell musky which is not what I'm use to compared to non-natural deodorants. Would like to try others but would be happy to come back.
14/06/2020, By Stash
14/06/2020, By Claudia
I was not familiar with any brands of natural deodorant before trying Natural Yogi but I knew I wanted to make the switch. And after prepping & detoxing my under arm area, I couldn't be more happier with this product.

I wasn't too familiar with Julip, but I'm gladI chose this scent. It's very subtle and you can't even tell you're wearing deodorant. No stickiness or any crustiness and you need the tiniest amount. This little jar will probably last me a good couple of months.
08/06/2020, By Ilse
I have been using this for over a year, works very well. The fragrance is very subtle and not overpowering.
09/05/2020, By joelene
Exceptional quality and lovely scent
04/05/2020, By Annette
I am giving this two stars not because it didn't work for me or that it was not effective in any way. I thought the amount you receive for the price is a little steep. I used it up in a very short amount of time. The fragrance is great and it's easy to apply but just because of the price and the amount I would rather look at another product.
14/03/2020, By Nicky
I am surprised at how such a small tub can last so long. A little really does go a long way with this product.

It works well and I only have to apply it twice if it is a VERY hot day or I am exercising.

I am on the fence about the fragrance and would like to try the other fragrance to compare. I don't mind it but it's not a fragrance I would have chosen. I bought this fragrance based on reviews which mentioned the other fragrance was a bit more masculine.
14/03/2020, By Nicky
I am surprised at how such a small tub can last so long. A little really does go a long way with this product.

It works well and I only have to apply it twice if it is a VERY hot day or I am exercising.

I am on the fence about the fragrance and would like to try the other fragrance to compare. I don't mind it but it's not a fragrance I would have chosen. I bought this fragrance based on reviews which mentioned the other fragrance was a bit more masculine.
06/03/2020, By Annette
It holds up in cooler weather, I don't mind sweating. I don't like to smell the sweat so this is a good product for me. Also I find I don't get rashes or breakouts on my skin due to this product which I have found with others. It's just because my skin is sensitive.
04/03/2020, By Sarah
First natural deodorant that actually works for me!
08/02/2020, By Gill
I have tried every product on the market but this is the only one that works for me. Firstly it is natural which I like as I've had breast cancer.
It also helps with the sweating from menopause. So a really worth-it product
31/01/2020, By Michelle
Really love the smell and just a little lasts the whole day. Its very oily though so you have to be careful not to mess any on your clothes. Wondering if the coconut oil will go hard in the winter? But a little goes a long way and the price is good so I am very happy
24/01/2020, By Lize
I have sensitive skin and this product doesn't irritate my skin, and it smells okay, but for me personally it doesn't last all day. At the end of the day I end up with slightly smelly pits, even if I've been sitting at my desk most of the day
10/01/2020, By Iman
Works wonders for sensitive skin. Lovely smell. Lasting power may differ from person to person. Also the amount one sweats naturally will also dictate the amount of underarm needed.
18/12/2019, By Jill
Great product and works well, but in summer, it does need to be reapplied
02/11/2019, By Sarah
First natural deodorant that I’ve used that works! I can even use for when I do boxing, where nothing else has managed to last the session (and I actually turned to back to conventional deo for a long time). Glad I gave this a go.
30/10/2019, By Lee
It took me a little while to get used to it, but it left me smelling great all day!
18/09/2019, By N
Works amazingly to prevent odour and smells good! You only need a tiny amount per use and just that can last more than a day - tried and tested on camping trips with no showers. And the jar may seem small but it lasts me several months.
17/09/2019, By Ashley
I have tried a huge number of the natural deodorant's - unfortunately without a lot of success. But the Natural Yogi ones work really well for me.
Lasts all day and a I don't smell - even when outdoors and working in the sun. Application is unusual - considering we've been raised to use aroll-on or spray - but it takes a minute to rub into your armpits and is a bit granular. The smell is a bit like tabard on application, but fades quickly into a mild
innocuous floral scent.
04/09/2019, By Be
As with natural deodorants, does not stop sweating but eliminates the bad odour of sweat. Works brilliantly - I had a problem finding any normal deodorant that would work for me.
03/09/2019, By Lucy
Best deodorant I have ever had. I love the smell and the effectiveness
28/08/2019, By Isobella
Love love love. Smell is lovely and even lasts through exercise.
05/06/2019, By Jess
I got a little sample of this in one of my FTN orders and it is amazing! Coming back to order some more!
16/05/2019, By Blue
I'm so happy to have found this great product
15/05/2019, By Caryn
Love this product and fragrance
05/03/2019, By Varsha
A great buy in the move to plastic free deo that is natural . I like the scent- but the jar is a little hard to get the deo out of . this can be solved by using a small spoon for this. Great find - the texture is not an issue for me - and the scent lasts for the day
11/02/2019, By Bene
I love the smell! It has a bit of a strange, sandy texture but I actually don't mind that very much. The only thing that I have found is that it doesn't totally prevent the smelliness of sweat and I am not a particularly sweaty person (other than after a run). I am hoping this improves but thinking I might try another product next time.
27/09/2018, By Lucinda
This product is simply AMAZING!!! I have been using it for about a week and so far its been great! Easy to apply, smells great and I feel happy putting something natural and safe on my skin that won't affect my hormones and put chemicals into my body. Never going back to commercial deodorant again. Thank you Natural Yogi!
18/06/2018, By Nicole
This natural deo smells delicate and floral and works perfectly! I shall definitely recommend this to friends.
Note: if you’ve just shaved your underarms rather dab it on than rub it on.
14/03/2018, By Claire
This stuff definitely works. The course texture takes some getting used to, but the smell is fantastic and I stay fresh all day. Even if I am already a bit sweaty and then only put it on it seems to eliminate odors, not just keep them away. I do however, avoid putting it on just after shaving as I find the course texture a bit rough on the freshly shaven skin... although I do have to add that I have particularly sensitive skin and suffer from all kinds of skin conditions and this is the only negative about it... so full steam ahead and 5 stars for Natural Yogi Deo!
16/02/2018, By Ash
Lovely smell. Texture is a bit course but not so harsh to irritate your skin.
07/02/2018, By Vanice
Finally a natural deo that works!
I'm so impressed with this deodorant... the first time I used it, I went to a music festival. Imagine, 3 days of dancing under a 40*C sun and it holded brilliantly.
Making the refill available is also a super bonus :-)
05/02/2018, By Anneen
I like this product. The first time I used it the very rough feeling surprised me. I realised it was the bicarb. It doesn't irritate my skin though and it smells fresh and works
30/11/2017, By Nikki
I have sensitive skin and been using Natural Yogi since its been on the market, and I love it! Eco friendly, healthy for your skin.... but most importantly, it works! Leaves you smelling fresh all day.
06/11/2017, By Janine
Love the exfoliation feeling and the scent but unfortunately my underarms started burning after a week of use. For me probably a dash less bicarb and more corn starch would work.

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