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Taka Turmeric & BioPerine Capsules

Taka Turmeric & BioPerine Capsules

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Taka Turmeric & BioPerine Capsules
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  • 90 Capsules
  • 500mg
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Taka brings you Turmeric spice with its deep golden colour that has been known for hundreds of years for its extraordinary medicinal powers caused by beneficial compounds it contains called curcuminoids, the most well-known and studied being curcumin. It’s been found to reduce inflammation and pain, fight free radicals, boost the body’s immune system, support heart, liver & digestive health and even clear brain fog. These vegecaps from Taka contains certified organic Turmeric combined with a specialised Black Pepper extract called BioPerine® to enhance its bioavailability so you get the maximum benefit of this amazing super spice. Take the golden opportunity for better health!

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  • Manufactured in SA with certified organic turmeric
  • With BioPerine® Black pepper extract that enhances bioavailability by at least 30%
  •  Free from filler, binders, flowing agents
  • Vegan

Science is Confirming the Health Benefits of Turmeric:

  • Potent anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, antioxidant and immune booster
  • Treats colds, flu, arthritis and pain
  • Anti-diabetic
  • Anti-aging
  • Immune boosting, great for colds and flu
  • A brain tonic that improve concentration, slow down Alzheimer’s and treat depression
  • Reduces cholesterol, improves liver function and is a natural antibiotic
  • Healing for the digestion and helps heal stomach ulcers
  • To amplify the benefits of turmeric it's recommend you consume it on a daily basis.

More about BioPerine

Black pepper is yet another of the ‘royal family’ of spices. BioPerine® is a patented extract obtained from black pepper that has been standardised minimum to 95% Piperine and its been used as a bioavailability enhancer for over 20 years. In general, BioPerine® was found to enhance absorption of nutrients by at least 30%.


Take 1 - 4 Capsules daily with food. For best results TAKA recommends spreading the dosage throughout the day as turmeric being a food supplement stays in your system for up to 6 hours. If you are new to turmeric, it is advised to start with one capsule daily and to build up your dosage gradually.

Ingredients 90 vegecaps

Each vegecap contains: Organic Turmeric 500mg, 5mg Black Pepper extract (as BioPerine®), Cellulose vegecap

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Overall Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars from 70 reviews

67 out of 70 people would recommend this product

02/10/2023, By Catherine
Definitely helps with inflammation - I use it regularly
20/09/2023, By Catherine
Part of my daily supplements - very happy that it's organic
11/09/2023, By T
It is still early days but I'm sure I feel more clarity and less brain fog for sure
10/11/2022, By Binta
I'm trying this out for joint pain, but it's too early to tell if it's working. I was happy to find Turmeric already mixed with pepper to help with the uptake of curcumin, so that's a bonus.
20/08/2022, By Veganschmegan
This helps so much with inflammation, gut health and skin issues. Will keep taking daily
08/12/2021, By Jared
Discovered the benefits of curcumin for joint pain in my wrists many years ago and tried many international suppliers. Since buying Taka for many years I will now continue to purchase and recommend.
22/10/2021, By Shaun
I have noticed the boost in a energy and lack of brain fog. The other benefits are a bonus. Definitely with a try.
21/08/2021, By Zest
I am so amazed by this product! I knew about the anti-cancer benefits of turmeric, but the boost in my energy and my mental clarity took me completely by surprise. Noticeable within the first few days. Much simpler and more effective than trying to incorporate turmeric in my cooking. Only downside: if I take this later in the day instead of first thing with breakfast, I struggle to sleep that night. Otherwise one capsule per day provides a sustained, natural energy boost from dawn to dusk. Economical and highly recommended!
28/07/2021, By Jacqui
Within less than a week after I started taking these capsules, there was a marked improvement in my asthma. I rely on the inhaler a lot less now. Brilliant product.
01/07/2021, By Petra
Really feel more energized and protected will use this for ever
10/06/2021, By Verena
So far so good...cannot really say what difference it has made as only used it for about 3 weeks now
07/05/2021, By Ocean
I would definitely repurchase this!
08/04/2021, By Jade
I've been taking this turmeric supplement for about 2 years now. Its brilliant, got my mum taking it too. highly recommend!
20/02/2021, By Stefan
Regular part of the 3 supplements I take
19/01/2021, By Catherine
Part of our regular supplements
29/12/2020, By Morgan
A very strong medicine the way Mother Nature intended. Thank you for this product.
09/12/2020, By Jacqueline
Love this product. Can feel and see the difference in my body.
13/11/2020, By Lorraine
Fantastic for Arthritis. Tried many different medications but this is tops
26/10/2020, By Diane
Would repurchase
21/10/2020, By Daniso
Works well
15/09/2020, By Corrine
Ever since I started taking this, my digestion has improved. Now everyone in my family uses it.
10/09/2020, By Jackie
It's very handy to have all these products in one capsule and to know that each is acting in its own way to protect my system from inflammation.
23/08/2020, By T
Something I would recommend my parents to use
21/07/2020, By Marelize
Love this product. Feel and see the difference in my body. Will definitely recommend this product.
18/07/2020, By Jane
Great product, good price
15/07/2020, By Taryn
I'm only having 1 capsule a day and it is assisting with my leg spasms.
15/07/2020, By Lisha
So glad I can across this product, especially at a time like this when you need a good immune booster!
14/07/2020, By Sheetal
Quality product.Works well
22/05/2020, By Lauren
Excellent turmeric supplement. Will buy again.
11/05/2020, By mwise
amazing combo
18/04/2020, By Mandisa
good comb peperine helps body absorb turmeric better
26/02/2020, By Salona
Been taking this for more than three months and do not suffer from joint pain at all
08/02/2020, By Vanessa
Good for inflammation
27/01/2020, By Famy
Been taking this for a year and have not been sick with the flu or tummy bug. Excellent product, keeps illness away. Best purchase and will continue with this product.

Turmeric is a plant scientifically known as Curcuma longa. It’s the roots, or “rhizomes” of this plant that is used in culinary spice powders and herbal tonics. Curcumin is a naturally occurring compound within the turmeric plant’s roots. It's a carotenoid pigment that has strong antioxidant activity and gives turmeric its flashy yellow color. There are two other compounds in turmeric that are related – demethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin.1 Collectively, they are all three known as curcuminoids.
02/01/2020, By Helper
26/12/2019, By Desiree
I don't see any cur cumin added in it? So only turmeric and black pepper is useless without curcumin!!
Have you not got this product with curcumin added in?
18/12/2019, By Rowena
I use this product every day and can feel the difference it makes
22/11/2019, By Rowena
I take it every day for inflammation. It's the only one I recommend.
15/11/2019, By Rochelle
Been taking this product for 6 months now and have absolutely no joint pain .I used to suffer from arthritis in the Spine . Not sure if its just this product or a combination with other supplements.
04/06/2019, By Neo
i use it for cooking. it adds colour to cabbage and white rice and make food look more appealing.
06/05/2019, By zandritheoneandonly
I had flu and was taking 2 capsules 3 times a day along with cumin seed oil capsules and i have to say, along with fresh ginger and lemon rooibos tea, its a mean combo. I prefer taking these rather than putting turmeric directly into my tea. not so lekker. I was better within a day.
04/05/2019, By Aphaphia
Third time ordered .Wonderful product .Taken conjunction with other supplements has kept severe arthritic pain at bay.Also helped with hormonal problems , not sure if combined with other products but significant difference .
15/04/2019, By Christina
2nd round .Works well with elixinol cbd oil .Have no pain .I used to suffer from arthritis of the spine and always had aching hip and joint pain .
17/03/2019, By Ronel
Excellent product
13/03/2019, By Zet
Not sure if it does everything it claims, but I'm willing to give it a try! I'm not mad about the taste of Turmeric, so this is a great alternative.
16/02/2019, By Rochelle
I took this (3 caps daily) for a month and experienced no discernible differences with headaches, inflammation, joint pain - or anything really.
15/02/2019, By Shelly
Excellent product.More energy less joint pain.
23/01/2019, By Rods
If I take one 50mg Voltaren tablet for Facet Joint inflammation, I get 24 hour relief.

I have been taking these capsules for 2 months now and it has no effect on my inflammation.

So I don't know how it can be described as "reducing inflammation"
13/01/2019, By Maureen
I take one every day. I have no idea if I feel better for taking them to be honest but... they are a great way for me to get some turmeric every day and I have read that the pepper aids the bio availability of the turmeric.. and this is the only brand I have found containing both, in SA as well as the USA (vegan ones).
08/11/2018, By Tamsin
Take one a day and havnt been sick since, feel like it helps inflamation too
31/10/2018, By Melissa
Great product! Will definitely continue to use
06/10/2018, By Nadia
I ordered these before and didn't think they made a difference...until I ran out. I went 2 weeks without using it and my joints and muscles ached. This time I got 2 bottles! Feeling a lot better now I've started taking them again.
02/10/2018, By Thaveshnee
17/09/2018, By Melanie
I used to have migraines daily but since I started taking these tablets I haven't had even the smallest of headaches. I used to spend a lot of money on headache and pain tablets but now I can save on that expense. My husband says he hasn't noticed any difference since he's been taking them but it's just a matter of time
07/09/2018, By eugene
Excellent product, reduces the need for chronic medication of the colon.
15/08/2018, By Lorraine
A must have and a permanent purchase in my basket.
My skin is amazing and feel much more energised. Hubby is also a great fan as he has rosacea and it is helping with the redness of his skin. Also headaches have become far less frequent in that our headache tablets are lasting for months now.
07/08/2018, By Birgit
Ordered this for broken knee and face operation to help with the swelling. Seems to work well
25/06/2018, By Marilise
This is an amazing product! Would continue to use!
25/06/2018, By Natascha
This took care of leg pain that no doctor could diagnose for years. Clears up inflammation and muscle pain with no problem and also seems to have a very good effect on my skin and general mood. This is now a permanent item in my cart!
29/05/2018, By Kelsey
First time using this product and I am very impressed!
18/05/2018, By NIkky
This morning while I was busy doing my make-up I was thinking to myself “Wow! My skin is looking so good for the first time is ages!” and then I realised that the only thing that I am doing differently or changed about my daily routine is by taking these capsules daily.

So, it’s definitely a yes from me. I’ve been using it for about a month now and my skin looks so much better, it helped with my acne and eczema. Great for helping to recover from a flu as well. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this. Good quality and price!
30/04/2018, By Tandy
Amazing product, I felt the difference in energy within 3days of starting to use the product
30/03/2018, By Ria
Great for inflammation and pain
16/03/2018, By Sam
Helped clear my brain fog
14/02/2018, By Fatima
I have recently began working in a hospital and was in need of something to give my immune system a boost. Ever since using this supplement my immune system seems much stronger.
20/01/2018, By Shooter
An excellent supplement to take if you suffer from ulcerative colitis.
12/10/2017, By Maureen
Very happy to have found this vegan product. Am a fairly healthy individual in general so I can't say wow.. by using this XXX has happened. I like to take supplements that I feel will help me as I get older and this is one of them. Third time of ordering.
06/08/2017, By Gareth
I'm happy I took a chance on these. Being a really busy person, these make me feel human again.
25/07/2017, By Tess
Happy to have found this supplement.
15/09/2016, By Nina
So happy that I found this brand of turmeric capsules here in SA, as I had been getting them from the UK Amazon site when I was living over seas. Now that I am back here its a fantastic surprise to see them available on Faithful to Nature cause they really do work, great for a headache relief. Do highly recommended, no nasty stuff added!

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